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Hubzilla Support Forum. Toggle System Apps. General This is the home page of a channel. Create a Post If you have permission to create posts on the channel page, then you will see the post editor at the top.

Problems following users on librem. View Profile. Hans van Zijst. I hope someone can shed some light on it. Does purism librem. I can follow Mastodon users on other hubs without problems. Link to Source. Mike Macgirvin. Try lunduke social. Actually, they are doing some weird domain routing stuff. Thanks, including the "social" works! Images post not shared. Hubzilla Support Forum!

Hubzilla Users Support! Harald Eilertsen. Tested with friendica , pleroma , misskey and mastodon. Mario Vavti. IIRC this is not yet implemented. Embeding photos in a normal post should work though Mario Vavti : could you please point us the issue to track it.

ActivityPub delivery is processed in this case but there is no handler function for formatting Hubzilla photo objects for ActivityPub and this causes the delivery to fail. There is however such a handler for zot6 which uses the same object schema. A merge request is pending. This should make it work. What you need to know is that even if it is a valid activity, other projects might not have ever seen one of these activity types before and may not have any code to turn them into displayable stream items.

Thanks for the information. Could it be a Hubzilla issue? Same issue with Socialhome : no activity displayed there. Max Kostikov. This typically results in "empty" audience fields for valid objects and activities which still need to be delivered to their "envelope recipients" - which are implied recipients based on whatever delivery endpoint was used.

Thank you and sorry for my poor English. Disroot Community Fellow Hubzillans, I apologize in advance for combining so many questions into one post. Yesterday, I wanted to test hubzilla notifications of "mentions" from multiple platforms. So, I created posts mentioning this Hubzilla account from my diaspora , mastodon , friendica , and osada accounts. In case it matters, note that my Hubzilla account has a two-way connection with each of these other accounts.

Skip to the bottom for my questions. The comment I made on it from my Friendica account alysonsee Fca also appeared in my Hubzilla feed and I got a notification of the mention the Fca account made of the Hz account.

In fact, a number of Hubzilla users have reported seeing some Friendica comments twice in threads lately. But it eventually did, along with the reply from my Osada account, which strangely came in over ActivityPub rather than Zot.

However, I got no notifications for the mentions in the original Mastodon post or the Osada comment. Mike Macgirvin has recently added a fix for "mention" notifications from ActivityPub events which will likely go out in Hubzilla v4. So, the only real frustration here is that it took so fracking long for the post to arrive on hub. In fact, if I look from my Hubzilla account at the "Recent Activity" on that connection over the last couple of months, the content is very spotty.

Some "likes" are there but not all. Some "comments" are there but not all. The last post that came through was 2 months ago, shortly after I connected the two accounts, which means that it has missed 5 other posts.

My Hubzilla clone account on hub. Strangely, boet received my Friendica test post in his Hubzilla feed straight away--in fact, faster than he gets my hub. Even my Mastodon and Osada accounts received the post and were able to comment on it. Also, I have received posts from other libranet. So, why are the posts from my Fca account missing in my Hz feed? My Friendica account saw it and was able to comment on it. One last tidbit: After a couple of hours of trying these different combos, hub.

I went to bed and so stopped trying until morning. So, to recap: 1 Why do comments from Friendica show up twice in threads delivered once via Friendica and once via ActivityPub? Is that a hub. Problem baby. The question of comment has always existed. The problem of synchronization has always existed. Delays are probably related to that I wonder if this is the issue that Mike Macgirvin fixed last month; it was also related to comments on posts that had been edited which this post was as well.

Вышел релиз Hubzilla 3. Он включил в себя множество изменений и исправлений в Hubzilla. В частности, к наиболее важным следует отнести изменение порядка сортировки активности в потоке пользователя. Помимо традиционной сортировки в хронологическом порядке "по комментариям" и "по публикациям" добавлен также и раздельное отображение публикаций и комментариев по порядку в стиле, который принят, в частности, в Mastodon.

Также переработан виджет фильтрации активности, который теперь включает сортировку по отметкам, группам безопасности и форумам.

К другим важным изменениям можно отнести: меню веб-страниц теперь могут редактироваться пользователями с соответствующими правами; улучшение процедуры создания нового канала; добавлена кнопка очистки формы создания новой публикации; добавлены условия использования для соответствия требованиям GDPR; добавлен фильтр для публичного потока и общедоступных комментариев; в siteinfo теперь отображается информация о поддерживаемых federated-протоколах; появилась возможность удаления администратором публикаций, комментариев и фотографий пользователей.

Также почти полностью завершен перевод интерфейса на русский язык. Полный список доступен по ссылке. Hubzilla 3. The most notable change in the Hubzilla 3. The selected order is saved in the config and thus persistent. The new filter widget displays all enabled filter options privacy groups, personal posts, starred posts, forums etc. A new filter by contactname feature has been added and the notifications for unseen forum posts are now displayed in the notification widget.

The privacy group management has been moved to the the panel chanel menu your profile photo in the panel and the management tool has been refactored.

The cart addon has received major updates and has now support for paypal payments with automated fulfillment options add buyer as contact, add buyer to privacy group and for admins only - change service class. A new gallery addon has been introduced to provide visitors of your channel a possibility to comfortably browse through your photo albums.

Other notable changes: Webpage menus are now editable by visitors with webpage write permissions Improve new channel creation workflow Implement reset button for the post editor Provide a general purpose GDPR document Implement messagefilter for pubstream and sourced messages Add supported federation protocols to siteinfo Implement admin delete of files, photos and posts A big THANK YOU! Please note that the source code has moved from github.

See this announcement for how to point your git repository to the new location if you have not done so yet. If you participated in the RC testing, remember to git checkout master your core, addon and widget repositories before the update. Hubzilla Announcements! Workshop RU Barefoot Runner. Workshop RU Herbert Thielen. Problems with connection to Mastodon.

Stephan Maus. Do you have any idea what happened? Best, Stephan. On Hubzilla? Thank you, Mike Macgirvin! Works now! I still have this problem with some, not all mastodon instances.

At least I can connect with users over there, when they conntact me. I activated the Plug-In "PubCrawl. Is there perhaps any other PlugIn to activate?

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is there some kind of special forum only account? i can't make a new Iirc the reply box is a separate script to be accepted for it to show up. #5.


Nov 18, , AM. Hi Kay, Thanks for the build and such a nicely detailed guide. If I use a 6-link helmet minion damage and concentrated effect and link my raise spectre on this helt, what skill can i use other than zombies on my chest armor? Thanks lots. Nov 18, , PM. When I reach maps, I switch to the standard regular filter and eventually strict and uber strict. Thank you very much for the help and congrats this is an amazing build! Projectiles does not have AOE, or they have? It depends on the spells the spectres use.

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Forum iirc

Galacticraft Forum. Krysinski Member. Joined: Mar 15, Messages: 9 Likes Received: 2. Please, add config option for select default overworld dimention. We need to landing on additional multiverse world where is primary gameplay for all players.

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IIRC и CIPFA выпустили руководство по “интегрированному мышлению”

Теперь я заинтересован в том, чтобы прочитать 1, так или иначе, потому что callgrind, часть valgrind, показывает, что они деформированы, в то время как в сборке они отображаются искаженными, поэтому я хотел бы либо манипулировать выводом функции valgrind, либо деманглировать имена сборок функций. Кто-нибудь когда-нибудь пробовал что-то подобное? Тем не менее, снижение производительности, вероятно, не будет иметь большого значения - я обычно использую это только для отладочной печати, в отличие от любого типа приложения, критичного к скорости. В любом случае, мы надеемся, что этого достаточно, чтобы кто-то мог настроить функцию под свои нужды. Добавить комментарий.

It doesn't look like a new event to me - just an extension of the current one. It's been done before, most recently with Titanic IIRC. 0; Reply.

By msilveira , November 8, in Protection for Business. Not sure if previous versions have the same problem. Please take a look at this guide pg. You can create feature request at the CompanyAccount.

Главная Обсуждения Мастерская Торговая площадка Трансляции. Изменить язык. Установить Steam. Felix Argyle Открыть профиль Показать все сообщения. Сообщения 1 — 8 из 8.

Would be nice if they could really just disable the basement from spawning in a map as long as this bug persists. The new texts slipped in.

Используемая вами версия браузера не рекомендована для просмотра этого сайта. Установите последнюю версию браузера, перейдя по одной из следующих ссылок. Altera Forum Intel задал вопрос. As a lot of users here I have problems with the DE1 control panel. It exits with the error message "Please make sure Quartus is installed". The DE1 manual states that it has to be Quartus

Jump to content. Dominatus, on Feb 11 - , said:. NGUX, on Feb 11 - , said:. Redwing6, on Feb 10 - , said:.

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