Amex upgrades rewards program with hyperledger blockchain

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Amex upgrades rewards program with hyperledger blockchain

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Despite probable skepticism, blockchain technology continues to build a reputation as an innovation that improves banking, finance, supply chain, and many other areas. Hyperledger Fabric ensures a smooth transition for enterprises into this emerging technology. These two platforms are well known in the DTL community.

Their success and popularity have in some ways influenced the fact that many people associate blockchain with crypto transactions. The Hyperledger project in general, and Hyperledger Fabric in particular, completely break this stereotype. They provide enterprises with all the necessary tools to build their own blockchain network with high security, performance, and confidentiality.

But why do you even need enterprise blockchain, and what exactly can Hyperledger do for your business? Get ready to dive into this technology and have all your questions answered. This knowledge will help you understand their core differences and decide which one is best for your business. Ideally, anyone can enter it, and no authority controls the entire system. Bitcoin and Ethereum are probably the most popular examples of permissionless blockchain. However, what is good for some may not always work for others.

It is up to them to decide who to grant access to. The second type is obviously more suitable for enterprises, as only a limited number of entities should have access to internal information. This blockchain model has already become popular with logistics companies, supply chain managers, banks, retailers, telecom firms, and many other businesses.

Permissioned enterprise blockchains are aimed to ensure higher energy efficiency, increased privacy, and better data security. Compared to public blockchains , they guarantee reduced network volatility and a reliable workflow organization.

By implementing them, companies also lower their maintenance costs, minimize transaction commissions, and protect themselves from hacker attacks. What else? Most financial institutions have to perform thousands of transactions per second. To meet the requirements of banks, telecom companies, and a wide range of other businesses, blockchain implements an architectural approach that ensures high performance and efficient separation of the various tasks. A robust enterprise blockchain solution implements asynchronous flows, fast consensus protocols and parallelization, deploys clustered ordering services, and executes itself in optimized environments.

The company, with its 30 founding corporate members, was aiming to improve blockchain technology and make it much more available to businesses. Morgan, and others. Today, this umbrella project of open-source blockchains and related tools is set to transform blockchain technology and make it more powerful and high performing.

One of the most notable and popular frameworks for blockchain-based enterprise solutions development is Hyperledger Fabric. The platform was first released in and has had several updates since then. Basically, Fabric is an open-source framework that can be used to create a permissioned blockchain. According to survey , Hyperledger fabric is the most useful and effective blockchain framework for various industries in comparison with similar ones e.

Ethereum, R3 Corda, Quorum. There are several good reasons why we refer to Fabric as a key enterprise blockchain. It allows businesses to build high-performance and scalable blockchain solutions with high levels of confidentiality and trust. Being a major enterprise blockchain, Hyperledger Fabric has numerous pros and a few cons.

The first advantage of the platform is its modular architecture that is extremely helpful for developers who work on blockchain network implementation. Public blockchains often show slow transaction processing. For example, Bitcoin performs an average of 7 transactions per second tps.

Hyperledger Fabric, by contrast, delivers over 3, tps, a key measure for companies dealing with an immense number of financial operations. The core of Hyperledger Fabric is represented by smart contracts and the ledger. In general, smart contracts allow community members to automate their transactions, make their network a more secure place, and eliminate costs associated with contracting. Company information and its transactions are commonly strictly confidential, so security comes first when choosing an enterprise solution.

How does it work with Fabric? The platform offers to create private channels for specific network members who can then handle their transactions and exchange sensitive information. This functioning model is undoubtedly a big advantage for highly regulated industries.

HSM provides additional hardware-based security for digital signatures and can be utilized for identity management as well. Also, a growing developer community constantly strives to improve the platform. Thus, despite some problems that need to be fixed over time, Hyperledger Fabric continues to refine itself. However, there are still a few little flies in the ointment. What can tell you more about the technology than the fact that a number of world-renowned companies are already using it?

Hyperledger Fabric has become the foundation for applications and solutions that are currently utilized by many business giants. American Express has developed a blockchain solution using Hyperledger Fabric to upgrade its customer reward program.

When a merchant makes a purchase, the blockchain stores the associated transaction details and tokenizes the data. Smart contracts generate and award points that are later added to the loyalty system.

Confidentiality was the only concern before the solution was implemented. So the American Express workers had no need to worry. Honeywell, a global provider of avionics, engines, systems, and services was eager to open up a modern B2B Amazon-like market for used aircraft parts, as the existing systems were quite outdated. Walmart was looking for ways to update their supply chain system to enhance transparency and trust between participants. Their objective was to handle the problem of foodborne disease outbreaks.

Through completing two pilot projects, Walmart made sure that blockchain could cater perfectly to the food industry. The Hyperledger Fabric based system made it possible to track foods within seconds and thus streamline food recall processes. MineHub in collaboration with KrypC utilizes Hyperledger Fabric to make it possible for large companies to exchange data in a private and secure way.

MineHub is a blockchain-run platform providing mining and metals supply chain participants access to the information about the origin of the materials and real-time transportation details thus enhancing the shipment and strengthening trust between the parties involved. Visa uses Hyperledger Fabric for bank-to-bank transactions. Thus, global transactions are conducted securely with a significantly decreased possibility of fraud and a much higher speed.

Blockchain also makes the transaction process smoother and more transparent. These are paper-based and hand-signed agreements that contain excessive text written in an official manner.

Not that we loved reading them in the 21st century. The idea of smart contracts was originally proposed by the American computer scientist Nick Szabo back in But it only became a reality much later, after blockchain technology had continued evolving. Smart contracts are embedded in a distributed blockchain network. Once a transaction proceeds and smart contracts are deployed, the code becomes immutable. Consequently, transactions become irreversible, as well as the information about them.

Hyperledger Fabric is one of four Hyperledger platforms that support smart contracts. The network participants usually agree upon some specific business logic, and then a chaincode handles it.

Anyone ever made serious purchases with loans? All these procedures are time-consuming and often result in additional financial costs. Why does it have to be so complicated? Hence, the involvement of intermediaries is no longer required, and the parties save time and money when handling transactions.

To sum it up, smart contracts transform transaction procedures into a direct peer-to-peer process that is also more secure, tamper-resistant, cost-effective, and time-efficient. Multiple industries can streamline their workflows by implementing smart contracts. The first and most obvious sphere of adoption is banking where smart contracts can save costs processing loans and conducting other financial operations. Smart contracts are intended to increase trust in the insurance industry.

Insurance companies obtain a tool that can verify whether claims from their clients are true or false. Meanwhile, customers can make sure that firms will pay the right amount of money when an insured event occurs. We need to talk about health insurance as well. The health insurance system causes headaches for many, right? You may have experienced wasting your time filling in bulky insurance claim forms and even faced fraud cases, so smart contracts are very helpful here.

Wondering how it works? First, the patient acquires insurance backed by smart contracts. In this case, all data is automatically protected in their profile and stored on the blockchain.

If a patient seeks medical help, the smart contract is triggered automatically, and money from the insurance company goes directly to the hospital. So there are no delays, and you can pay effortlessly for medical services. Smart contracts also apply to medical records. Conventional databases can be outdated, not to mention hospitals that still keep records on paper.

The data, again, can be stored in a digital ledger and viewed by patients and doctors. The use of smart contracts allows you to move from one hospital to another without filling out forms. It will also become much easier for you to visit any clinic in the world.

You give the doctor your private key and they will see your medical history, allergies, lab tests, and so on. Energy is another area where smart contracts can bring innovation. Based on blockchain, they create an opportunity for decentralized energy management and trading, making these processes easier and more efficient.

WO2017136956A1 - Methods and systems for digital reward processing - Google Patents

By bringing together insights obtained from various sources, the report offers a unique perspective on blockchain technology and the sectors in the economy where it has the most chances to create breakthroughs and to bring real-world impact. The project is funded by the European Commission through the Horizon instrument. The opinions expressed in this publication are those of the authors. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of the European Commission.

Blockchain delivers efficiency improvements for loyalty programs both American Express announced that it is leveraging Hyperledger to.

Blockchain Glossary of Terms: 128 Blockchain Terms and Their Definitions

Joined November Active 3 years ago. Progress oriented. Love to hear opposing views. Blog Posts Replies Social Notifications. Fasco-Communist America is now officially a giant debtors prison; a free-range tax farm the human cattle cannot escape. They say national borders are designed, in theory, to…. The electric grids where distribution of power changed from light bulbs to mass transit….

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amex upgrades rewards program with hyperledger blockchain

Today, Poste Italiane is not just mail delivery but an online marketplace. The Poste Italiane website offers financial products, logistics and insurance services as well as online payments to facilitate track and trace throughout Italy. With years of history, a network of more than 12, post offices, a workforce of ,, total financial assets of billion and 35 million customers, Poste Italiane is at the center of Italian commerce. To keep its central place in an ever-changing world, Poste Italiane prioritizes innovation to support new products, processes and customer experiences.

Hyperledger Member companies are hiring. After four years of co-leading the Hyperledger project alongside Brian Behlendorf, I am pleased to be taking the reins as Executive Director as part of my new role as General Manager of Blockchain, Healthcare and Identity at the Linux Foundation.


Integrating nascent technologies such as the Internet of Things IoT and artificial intelligence AI with blockchain, Oracle aims to provide increased transparency and improved traceability to supply chain management systems. Enterprise blockchain firm Hacera, together with founding member IBM launch a blockchain directory with the aim of expediting the growth of blockchain networks, by making it easier for companies to discover and join blockchain projects. The registry is able to interoperate…. Entitled Insurance Data Link openIDL , it aims to simplify regulatory reporting for insurance carriers, which currently requires time-consuming data calls across various parties. In a major contract with oil rich Saudi Arabia, IBM have been selected to develop blockchain for the Municipality of its capital city Riyadh, integrating both government and commercial services for its 7 million citizens and residents. Delaware aims to utilise blockchain technology to assist business registration, and allow corporations to take advantage of smart contracts to automatically track stocks and collateral assets in real time.

Customer Loyalty Blockchain: Ecommerce Shops Take Advantage of Blockchain Rewards Programs

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In recent years, it has worked on integrating blockchain into its popular Membership Rewards program. Working with the company Hyperledger.

Amex & Blockchain: The Company Files a Patent for a Decentralized Customer Rewards System

It's taking the world by storm and, while the technology is rapidly growing, so is the vocabulary surrounding it. It can be difficult to keep up. In the blockchain industry, any entity that is capable of participating in an action or a network. In the blockchain industry, the public address of a private key.

Blockchain in SMEs Maturity Report 2020

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The IWA indicated that startups presently working on tokenized ecosystems are mostly focusing on their individual solutions and marketing their platforms to other businesses. Setting global standards, it said, will help focus this wide-scale innovation to make a collective impact on businesses. InterWork Alliance plans to work on three different frameworks of global standards for tokenized ecosystems. First, the Token Taxonomy Framework will provide a common language and toolset so that multiple parties can agree on the same terms that define a token and its use. The InterWork Framework will help businesses compose multiparty contracts from standard, globally recognized clauses set by the IWA. Lastly, the Analytics Framework will help businesses analyze multiparty contracts and utilize artificial intelligence services and market-driven data reporting.

Customer Loyalty. Tired of scrolling?

American Express

With the increasing demand of blockchain, everyone has started to experience the potential of this technology. Initially, blockchain brought disruption in the financial industry, but now its uses have been investigated across various industries including software development. Since the businesses have started to explore the capability of blockchain by building blockchain applications, the demand for the blockchain development platform is also off the charts. The growth of dApp development is also another reason that the number of blockchain platforms is increasing day by day. Blockchain platforms allow the development of blockchain-based applications. They can either be permissioned or permissionless. Ethereum, Hyperledger, R3, Ripple, and EOS are a few names that have built blockchain frameworks, allowing people to develop and host applications on the blockchain.

Podcast Safety Tips. You have likely heard that blockchain will disrupt everything from banking to retail to identity management and more. You may have seen commercials for IBM touting the supply chain tracking benefits of blockchain. Someone has probably told you that blockchain can completely transform your business!

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