Attores smart contracts and blockchain

Attores is a Smart Contracts as a Service platform. We make it easy for you to write, submit and execute Smart Contracts on the blockchain. Attores enables secure data and document sharing using smart contracts and blockchain. Secure and fast digital signature on blockchain. We want to make sure you get the most out of our platform. To access all the content for free, please sign up by entering your email.

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Fintech: Singapore

Singapore Business Review website works best with Javascript enabled. Please enable your javascript and reload the page. Its user base also grew to a solid 1, users helping the blockchain-powered professional network attract cryptocurrency users who would form its initial user base. Indorse is a blockchain-based social network for professionals. By utilizing blockchain technology, Indorse aims to build a social network where the user is in charge of their own data.

In return, the Indorse platform ensures that users are rewarded for their role in growing the network with a portion of the advertising revenue going back to the user base. Unlike traditional social media platforms, where users can make any claim about themselves which are often taken as the truth, Indorse verifies and validates the claim, and rewards users for endorsing the skill sets of others - a process the startup has coined as 'indorsing.

To do this, a user has to attach a proof for other members to verify every claim they make on Indorse. Based on the consensus, the claim is either 'indorsed' or flagged. Indorse uses internal rewards, called Indorse Rewards, and a reputation system, coined as a user's Indorse Score, to incentivise members to add their own skills and accomplishments, as well as 'indorse' the skills and accomplishments of others.

The full Indorse platform is scheduled to go live by mid, and the incentive of earning tokens through the platform should help with user retention.

Turning to tokens "Token sales allow ventures to reach out to and directly build their community. The people who purchase the tokens will also be our users of the platform, so we wanted an incentive mechanism for the people who are purchasing tokens to actually be users of the platform," said Moskowitz. He said the token sale was a key initiative to bootstrap the Indorse professional network, whose minimum viable product, or MVP, was recently launched. The MVP allows users to to build professional profiles on the platform, import their existing LinkedIn profile, and view a skills visualizer to track specialties and accomplishments.

The token sale also creates an incentive for people to keep using the platform, said Moskowitz, since they can earn token rewards for performing certain actions in the network. Currently, Indorse has attracted over 1, users who have registered and created accounts, and the co-founder projects this to rise to 3, users by the end of the year, and to , to , users within the next two years.

The idea is to give more control, transparency and personal reward to users joining a network. With the explosion in online activity and social networking comes a very real need for authentic, credible and transparent interactions," said Moskowitz.

Decentralised network At the heart of Indorse are the decentralised application and professional network that Singapore-headquartered startup is building through the funds raised in its token sale. Moskowitz said Indorse not only solves the issues linked to using traditional professional networks, but also adds a new dimension of greater ownership and personal reward.

We saw a real opportunity for blockchain technology to give people a financial reward in this professional system," he added. Using the funds raised from the recent token sale, Indorse's team of developers is building out the platform in two different parts: The first is an protocol layer that allows for a a decentralised application to be built and upon which the team can create rewards and reputation mechanisms. The second is an application layer which allows the team to build the decentralised professional network that allows people to post their skills and get rewarded for their activities on the platform.

Moskowitz said a portion of these IND tokens are shared with the members who created the content. Blockchain technology brings a host of other benefits to the Indorse platform, according to Moskowitz, including a more secure management of the data. The co-founder said Indorse chose to use Ethereum as its compute engine, since provides the infrastructure of native Smart Contracts and the token economy.

The idea for Indorse arose when Moskowitz, and fellow co-founder and CTO Gaurang Torvekar were working together at Attores, a company which enables data and documents to be shared securely using smart contracts and blockchain technology. A pilot project with Ngee Ann Polytechnic to put diplomas on the blockchain led the pair to envision a future skills developed outside of the classroom to be validated in a new way. Moskowitz foresees the mainstream acceptance of blockchain technology as a key driver for the Indorse platform.

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Please enable your javascript! Information Technology. The initial token sales drew 1, users. Join Singapore Business Review community. Your e-mail address. Yes, contact me. I want to download the media kit. In Focus More News. It is the first college in Singapore dedicated to differently-abled young adults. Singapore employment up Unemployment, meanwhile, dropped to 75, in December Frasers Property secures first sustainability-linked loan.

Commercial Property. What boosted private resale transactions in ? The private resale volume hit 19, in , the highest in 14 years. Residential Property. The NPI was marginally lower than the previous year.

As a result, Keppel proposed a final cash dividend of 21 cents per share. Occupancy rate stands at This was unchanged compared to the previous quarter. DBS appoints Helge Muenkel as chief sustainability officer. In , price and rent indices increased by 4. A total of 3t was recorded in Q4 View More.

Frasers Property secures first sustainability-linked loan 1 day ago. DBS appoints Helge Muenkel as chief sustainability officer 1 day ago. Contact me about the awards. This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. Contact Me. Thought Leadership Center. In Association with. Print Issue. Read Here. Sign Up. Awards Mar. Malaysia International Business Awards.

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Implementing Blockchains in Business

Ethereum Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for users of Ethereum, the decentralized application platform and smart contract enabled blockchain. It only takes a minute to sign up. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. Please Edit Me to help keep this an up-to-date easily accessible resource. This is a community wiki post. From How to verify Mist's standard multisig wallet using Etherscan tool?

Co-founded by digital currency veteran and CEO David Moskowitz and CTO Gaurang Torvekar, the company is building smart e-contracts on the.

Mist (blockchain)

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Blockchain-powered social media start up Indorse raises $10m in recent ICO

attores smart contracts and blockchain

Blockchain is the building blocks to bitcoin, but its applications stretch far beyond the currency market. Now, practically every fintech accelerator includes multiple blockchain companies, resulting in the appearance of startups that use the technology, but stay away from the digital currency vertical. It leverages a tool that can be compared to a de-centralised Dropbox called IPFS , so clients can both look at the blockchain version of the smart contract or download its contents to their computer. This means Attores uses the security of the blockchain to enable digital signing while creating a hyper-specific transaction history and database. Its applications range from the finance and logistics industry which could seriously speed up the contract process to proof-of-completion certificates and asset tracking.

This new testnet will be using Parity an Ethereum client developed by Parity Technologies, FKA Ethcore to provide a stable, secure testnet environment for Ethereum developers, due to the instability of the existing Ropsten testnet. Average block propagation time has since slowed to a crawl as a large miner has decided to deploy several zero-value high-gas transactions to spam the test network continually.


Unlike traditional platforms, we aim to give back ownership of the data to the member, and to reward them for sharing their skills and using the platform. Through participation in the platform, members are able to earn Indorse Rewards for sharing more about themselves and for indorsing the claims of others. A portion of these IND tokens are shared with the members who created the content. In a nutshell, members are finally able to receive rewards due to their data, instead of watching passively as the revenue goes to companies holding their data. We envision a serverless, decentralized future, where the members will build their profiles and benefit from their reputation. Indorse is being developed by the team at Indorse Pte.

The disruptive power of Blockchain technology

I haven't checked out the other solutions. I know some of our team are looking into blockchain technology and building some connectors, but i don't know their progress yet. The core value of a blockchain technology is that it enables a database to be directly shared without a central administrator. Rather than having some centralized application logic, blockchain transactions have their own proof of validity and authorization to enforce the constraints. Hence, with the blockchain acting as a consensus mechanism to ensure the nodes stay in sync, transactions can be verified and processed independently.

A new company in Singapore called Attores is working on a PoC for a blockchain that handles smart e-contracts. Company CEO and co-founder.

Couple uploads their prenup as an Ethereum blockchain smart contract

Blockchain Technology is something so vast and amazing that is is being seen as the next big thing. It is analogous to the Internet, wherein people connect over a network and all their data is worked with, online and everything is stored on the web servers, cloud of other companies Third parties, ofcourse! In a blockchain technology, several nodes or computers are connected in a decentralized, distributed network. Every transaction that takes place between two or more parties is validated by all the nodes present in the network.

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By Shiwen Yap. With major IT corporations such as IBM seeking to develop and entrench a presence in the blockchain technology space , one application of the blockchain that is gaining increasing attention is smart contracts. Smart contracts are computer protocols that facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract, automatically executing them. In addition, they also have a user interface UI and often emulate the logic of contractual clauses.

It also collects large amounts of data at seminars and conferences, and analyzes and organizes data.

The Ether Review

Developer of a Smart Contract as a Service platform designed to share data and documents. The company's platform is based on blockchain technology that helps users to digitally sign, share and store documents and contracts using blockchain data encryption facility, enabling users to facilitate the secure customization of their contracts with full traceability and auditability. What you see here scratches the surface. Growth Rate. Size Multiple. Key Data Points.

Smart Contracts — A Time Saving Primer

You must have cookies enabled to login Refresh When Cookies Enabled. Cambridge Blockchain's proprietary software stack is designed for the real-world requirements shared by many "enterprise blockchain" applications. Our target industries have strong needs for identity verification tools, driven by stringent regulatory and commercial requirements. In addition, any blockchain solution must interface with a complex set of legal obligations across multiple jurisdictions where such institutions transact.

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