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COVID has disrupted the film festival circuit like no other global event before, yet despite these challenges, a handful of fests are soldiering on virtually, connecting filmmakers with audiences far beyond their physical screening venues. The Tribeca Film Festival in New York City is one such event still providing a platform to new works from filmmakers who have seen their premiere dates pushed or their plans to tour their films canceled. In the lineup of dozens of features and shorts, here are some works from Latin American and U. She is a lifeline, a parental figure both to the kids she cares for and the moms who turn to her for help and advice.

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United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. How to Trim Your Beard at Home. Great Classic Films to Stream on Netflix. We sent our editor to downtown New York in search of what's new, what's overlooked, and what's just damn good. Here, snap judgments of some titles you may want to remember. By Julian Sancton. New York's biggest film festival is entering its adolescence. It doesn't yet have the snooty prestige of the major European festivals, or Sundance's indie cred, but there are more and more gems in its lineup every year, probably even some Oscar winners.

The trick is finding them, since star power is rarely an indicator of quality. In the interest of brevity, we're reviewing each film in exactly one sentence as we see them. Revenge of the Electric Car. This follow-up to 's Who Killed the Electric Car?

The Assault. The true story of the French special forces who raided a passenger jet hijacked by Algerian terrorists on Christmas Eve, — which transfixed the news networks at the time — is so cinematic, it's a wonder no one made this movie before.

Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame. If Arthur Conan Doyle, a noted martial-arts enthusiast, had lived today and been a fan of pseudo-historical fantasy wire-fu, he might have made a similar action mystery — and promptly regretted it. The Trip. Big, Bad Pharma refuses to endorse a new, life-saving syringe, so the hotshot upstart legal team of Weiss and Danziger one's straight-laced!

One's a drug-addicted, fast-talking misfit! Catching Hell. Documentarian Alex Gibney does a heroic job of fleshing out the split second during which hapless Cubs fan turned reviled scapegoat Steve Bartman robbed left-fielder Moises Alou of an easy but crucial out during Game 6 of the NLCS when he reached for a foul ball — but Bartman also ultimately robs Gibney of a home run by refusing to be interviewed. Twenty years after we freeze-framed on him in a Bolivian shootout, we find Butch Cassidy Sam Shepard miraculously still alive, setting off for one last adventure in which the youthful vigor of the original gives way to something more weathered and dark meaning: no Burt Bacharach.

The Guard. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano. More From Entertainment.

Here’s Your Guide to the Latino Films That Played the 2020 Tribeca Film Festival

In , Patrick began producing episodes of the acclaimed MTV documentary series, True Life, and created more than 25 episodes over the course of 15 years. His subjects included drug addiction, pregnancy, Muay Thai fighters in Thailand, jockeys, elopers, mixed martial artists, bodybuilders, professional gamers, high school football stars and competitive eaters in Japan, to name a few. Other career highlights include a trip to the Brazilian Amazon, where Patrick was one of the first-ever journalists to live with and film the Panara Indians. Patrick has filmed in the pace car at the Daytona and on tour with Nine Inch Nails.

This documentary looks at the people who are famous for being famous — Paris Hilton, The Fat Jew, Emily Ratajkowski, among others — and.

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin – Documentary

Post a Comment. Some fundamentals are established early on including analogies to get the average layman thinking about its most significant features. Bitcoin holders could go about transactions instantly and without the extra costs or restrictions usually associated with international transactions. In the opening scene of the movie, Dan is our physical proxy to the world of Bitcoin. We are taken through his backyard in a typical suburban sprawl of Pittsburg and into the basement where he introduces us to an ordinary looking computer, but one whose intricate wiring marks it as a Bitcoin miner. This also generates new Bitcoins into circulation with miners being compensated for their recording efforts. Think a bit more on how this works and there are complex layers that probably need to be studied elsewhere to more fully understand. And yes the film is fast paced, filled with sharp colors and animations moving briskly about the screen.

Bitcoin Documentary Film 'The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin' To Debut at Tribeca Film Festival

bitcoin documentary tribeca

Localised in 21 languages, audiences will be able to watch the feature-length production through content platforms including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Comcast. Dish Network , which recently became the second biggest merchant to accept the digital currency, will also show the movie on demand. According to the company, it has released more than 2, titles since it began in The film itself has been in the pipeline for a number of years. The resulting documentary functions as a notably bullish primer on the basics, with year-old programmer and early mining enthusiast Daniel playing the role of both teacher and tour guide.

Braid, a horror flick at the Tribeca Film Festival, is brought to you by blockchain.

Documentary Film “The Rise And Rise Of Bitcoin” Was An Early Sign Of Things To Come

It shows Bitcoin through lens of the different people involved with it. The documentary explores the origins of Bitcoin, the Bitcoin mining market, the culture of the Bitcoin community, the elusive founder of Bitcoin, and many more things. In the unofficial trailer, various Bitcoin subjects were approached. Some of them included: the maker of Bitcoin, Bitcoin awareness, the volatility of Bitcoin, IRS taxation, regulation, explanation of Bitcoin, and many more topics. The purpose behind the documentary is to raise awareness of Bitcoin and to make others realize its potential as a digital currency.

tribeca film festival Latest News

An all-female factory floor that manufactures made-to-order sex dolls which seems every bit as titillating as crafting car parts. An instructor in a class on business etiquette quizzing the Stepford Wive s-creepy assemblage on how many teeth should be displayed when smiling at a client. The correct answer? Which seems to be precisely what Kingdon is intending to show. One that feels not faraway at all, but far too close to home. Filmmaker: So how exactly did you get access to all these different spaces? And why were you even permitted to film or were you? Kingdon: We shot in 51 locations in China, and each location has a different story as far as how we attained access.

'The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin' debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival on Wednesday to a packed crowd.

'The English Teacher' follows footsteps of 'Weeds,' 'Nurse Jackie'

Brody , the true story of an extraordinary financial giveaway and its consequences from director Keith Maitland. Please see the full slate with more information and screening times below. The son of a Russian Jewish immigrant who arrived in New York and rose to become Conductor of the New York Philharmonic, and eventually a household name, Leonard Bernstein was also a vulnerable and conflicted artist who struggled to balance his ambitions, religion, sexuality, and the family he deeply loved.

Ron Howard, Michael Douglas, Bryan Cranston to Speak at Tribeca 2014

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The documentary is about the revolutionary new technology known as Bitcoin and the manner in which it modifies how money functions. It features the various persons engaged with Bitcoin and also explores Bitcoin's origins, its mysterious founder, its mining market, culture and other important facts about the controversial crypto-currency. The documentary's trailer presents several subjects relating to Bitcoin including its creator, volatility , awareness, regulation, explanation, IRS taxation, etc. It was made to increase people's awareness of Bitcoin and to let them understand how it can be used as a digital currency.

The legendary pioneer of LSD, cyberspace, futurism, and modern environmentalism now urges people to use our god-like powers to fight extinction by reviving lost species.

Tribeca Film Fest 2011: The One-Sentence Reviews

Norway — World Premiere, Documentary. Memorized moves and calculated probability can only carry a chess player so far; Magnus exploits this weakness in his opponents on his way to becoming the World Chess Champion. In English, Norwegian with subtitles. We are thrilled to screen it at the Tribeca Film Festival this year. Dutch top chess player and World No. World No. Chess, chess online and cryptocurrencies.

Many at the screening were bitcoiners, but the events portrayed were such that more mainstream viewers would have been familiar with most of the content. The narrative grows slowly, and then suddenly and tremendously, in a way that reflects the real-world rise of the bitcoin phenomenon. More important are the smaller and increasingly frequent events that lead to wider bitcoin adoption — businesses beginning to accept bitcoin and regulators becoming open to learning about it.

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