Blockchain and the future of accounting pennsylvania cpa journal

The purpose of this study is to explore how to apply blockchain technology to intelligent transportation, create a hierarchical theoretical framework of intelligent transportation, and explore a sustainable application system of intelligent transportation under the blockchain. However, not only this hierarchical theoretical framework must consider unnecessary attributes and the interrelationships between the aspects and the criteria, but also the sustainable application system must be in consideration in multiple stakeholders. Hence, fuzzy set theory is used for screening out the unnecessary attributes, a decision-making trial and evaluation laboratory DEMATEL is proposed to manage the complex interrelationships among the aspects and attributes, and interpretive structural modeling ISM is used to divide the hierarchy and construct a hierarchical theoretical framework. Finally, the research develops a sustainable GCU application system for intelligent transportation under the blockchain. The results show that 1 solving social problems is the primary link, 2 economic tasks are mainly focused on smart contracts and affected by the social problems, 3 the continuous improvement of environmental issues requires a solution to social problems, and 4 the application system of blockchain in intelligent transportation needs to be built from three levels including the government layer, the company layer, and the user layer.

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Blockchain and the future of accounting pennsylvania cpa journal

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Blockchain-Based Intelligent Transportation: A Sustainable GCU Application System

In the two decades we have been compiling this list, accounting has grown into new areas, attracted new regulators, come to use new tools, and developed new skills. All of that means new areas of influence, and new influencers. Every year we need to balance them all, measure their current levels of influence and make difficult, often unfair choices. Moving off the list does not necessarily mean someone is no longer a player; and in fact, many members return.

The changes currently under way in the profession are so significant that the decisions they make now and in the coming years and months will have repercussions that will be felt for decades to come. With that sobering but also hopeful thought, welcome the Class of the Most Influential People in Accounting! Alan Anderson President, Accountability Plus A long-time leader in the audit space, Anderson has his fingerprints all over the future of this core service, from leading programs on incorporating big data and analytical tools, to helping design CPA.

August Aquila President and CEO, Aquila Global Advisors Through the sort of practice management wisdom that can only come from long years of experience, Aquila is dedicated to helping his many accounting firm clients move to the next level. Ron Baker Founder, VeraSage Institute; chief value officer, Armanino Whether you call him the godfather of value pricing or its inventor, there can be no doubt that Baker laid down its philosophical underpinnings long ago, and is finally seeing his hard work pay off as his ideas bear fruit across the profession.

Senior accountant, KPMG, Heritage Foundation American Enterprise Institute. Assistant director of public information and publications editor, Hackensack Medical Center, President and co-founder, Micro Vision Software Inc. Manager, Perkin Elmer, World Spiritual Awareness Forum. Indian Institute of Science, , MS Personal: Born , Jodhpur, India Married to Sharada co-founder of AccountantsWorld Two children. Ken Bishop President and CEO, NASBA Even as he works on a day-to-day basis to strengthen his association and its ability to serve its constituents, Bishop is also asking the big questions about the shape of the profession going forward, and what it needs to do maintain the CPA credential as a going concern.

Heading one of the top consulting teams in the profession, Boomer brings his own deep experience to helping firms improve in a range of areas, starting in technology but extending to practice management, new service areas, HR issues and more. Technology Council. Career Highlights: Chief accountant, Securities and Exchange Commission, present; deputy chief accountant, ; professional accounting fellow, Office of the Chief Accountant, … Partner, PwC, ; to senior manager, Dawn Brolin CEO, Powerful Accounting Brolin is a role model for the firm leader of the future: tech-forward, innovative, flexible, and passionate about her practice, her people and the profession.

Paul Caron Publisher and editor-in-chief, TaxProf Blog Even after his elevation to dean, Caron remains one of the most trusted voices on tax in the blogosphere, helping direct the conversation on multiple fronts. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit, Cornell Law School, , JD Georgetown University, , AB.

Richard Chambers President and CEO, Institute of Internal Auditors A prolific writer and speaker, Chambers not only brings leadership to internal auditors — he also brings visibility, a higher profile, and a strong sense of the value they offer businesses and markets.

Postal Service, … Chief of internal review, U. McPherson, Ga. David Cieslak Chief cloud officer, RKL eSolutions He may have merged his old practice into a Top Firm, but Cieslak remains a voice accountants trust when it comes to learning about what new tools and new technologies will really mean for their day-to-day work. Financial analyst, Associated Financial Corp. Senior accountant, PwC, Past board member, Information Technology Alliance Associate instructor, K2 Enterprises. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, Lauren Clemmer Executive director, AAM As ever-fiercer competition makes marketing more important for firms than ever, Clemmer has been ceaseless in her efforts to professionalize the function — from an expanding roster of resources and education, to salary surveys for marketing directors.

Few consultants chart the shifting pathways to accounting firm growth as well as Crosley, who continually hones the advice she gives to practices across the country to help them thrive in uncertain times. Founder and president, Synchrony Networks, VP of marketing, VoiceCom Systems, Director of marketing and senior director of sales, MCI, To marketing manager, IBM, Staff auditor, Price Waterhouse, Staff auditor, Arthur Andersen, Georgia Society of CPAs Ohio Society of CPAs Associate executive director, California Teachers Association, Career Highlights: Chairman and CEO, KPMG, present; vice chair of advisory, ; national managing partner, Advisory, ; professional practice partner, Mid-Atlantic, ; information risk management partner-in-charge, Mid-Atlantic, ; partner, ; assistant accountant, Phil Drake Founder and CEO, Drake Software Besides supporting over 50, tax practices in filing tens of millions of returns, Drake is now also helping them branch out, having partnered with broker-dealer HD Vest to introduce them to the possibilities of financial planning.

William Duhnke Chair, PCAOB With an entirely new board, Duhnke has a clean slate on which to write his version of accounting oversight — and the profession is watching him carefully to see what it looks like.

Navy, Jina Etienne Director of diversity and inclusion, Grant Thornton As head of the National Association of Black Accountants, Etienne was a strong voice for diversity — and now she gets a chance to make a difference on the ground, pursuing that agenda at one of the biggest firms in the country.

Other Affiliations: Member, U. George Farrah Editorial director, Bloomberg Tax The twin bombshells of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and the Wayfair decision have accountants scrambling to understand these once-in-a-generation tax changes, and many of them are turning to Farrah and his crack team for guidance and explanations. Cindy Fornelli Executive director, CAQ The classic audit is in the midst of a rare makeover, and both statement users and accountants will be looking to Fornelli to see what the ramifications are, and to make sure that audits maintain their credibility with the markets.

Other Affiliations: Washington, D. Advisory Board, Ira M. Weinberg Center for Corporate Governance. Brian Fox Founder and president, Confirmation. Career Highlights: Founder and president, Confirmation.

Inspector general, Corporation for National and Community Service, Assistant general counsel, Office of Management and Budget Career Highlights: President, Xero Americas, present … Executive vice president and general manager, Spark Business, Capitol One, ; to senior VP, … Director, sales and support, Intuit, ; director of global professional services business, To senior leadership roles, GE Financial Assurance, Russell Golden Chairman, FASB Standing at the forefront of the huge changes in accounting standards that are coming into place right now — from revenue recognition to lease accounting and CECL — Golden has an impact not just on the profession, but on businesses everywhere.

Michelle Golden River Owner, Fore LLC Having honed her message about advanced pricing inside a Top Firm, Golden River has now hung out her own shingle to share the word with firms everywhere, training them in the billing philosophy of the future.

Louis Tax Assistance Program. Kelly Grier U. Career Highlights: U. Department of Commerce. Career Highlights: President, The Rainmaker Companies, present; executive vice president, chief operating officer and owner, The Rainmaker Consulting Group, ; vice president and director of consulting, Rainmaker Consulting, ; trainer and facilitator, The Rainmaker Academy, present; senior consultant, Enterprise Network, Career Highlights: Chief operating officer, BKD, present; managing partner, Oklahoma office, ; partner, ; joined, Career Highlights: President and chief operating officer, Padgett Business Services, present; franchise president and chairman, ; staff accountant, Tom Hood CEO and executive director, MACPA Hood uniquely combines three vital traits: He sees the future of the profession clearly; he discovers or creates supremely practical ways to move the profession toward that future; and he generates tremendous enthusiasm for the move in everyone he meets.

Staff accountant, Finance Co. Hans Hoogervorst Chairman, IASB Convergence may be slowly receding, but the direction taken by international standards remains of significant interest for the U. Sarah Johnson Dobek President and founder, Inovautus Consulting Johnson Dobek has expanded her consulting expertise well beyond growth and marketing, bringing valuable advice on a wide range of subjects to her many clients, and simultaneously to the members of the firm organization she heads.

Department chair; professor; adjunct, Hutchinson Community College, Programmer and system designer, Professional Data Services, Programmer and system designer, Farmland Industries, David Kautter Acting IRS commissioner While he should soon be stepping aside for Trump nominee Charles Rettig, Kautter will remain an undersecretary for tax policy, and his work so far getting the IRS up to speed on the changes wrought by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act — from creating new forms to issuing needed guidance — guarantees his influence going forward.

John Danforth, Rita Keller President, Keller Advisors A veteran of the rise of the professional firm administrator, Keller is a respected voice on practice management and administration issues, and she keeps the important conversations going with a strong social media presence. Roman Kepczyk Director of consulting, Xcentric As a speaker, a writer, a consultant and a leader, Kepczyk is one of the elite cadre of technology-savvy sherpas who are guiding the profession as it grapples with disruptive changes in its tools, workflows and services.

Kless is one of them, because his thinking is constructive, innovative, principled — and interesting. Personal: Born , Brooklyn, N. Art Kuesel President and owner, Kuesel Consulting Kuesel built his influence as a consultant one firm at a time — working with a growing roster of very happy clients to bring them up to speed on 21st century marketing, business development, practice management and more. Career Highlights: Senior vice president of channels, Sage Intacct, present; vice president of channels, Intacct, … Vice president of channels, Promethean, … Vice president of worldwide channels and sales alliances, Deltek Inc.

President and founder, Macdonald Consulting Group, VP of finance, Resort Storage Management, Manager, Policy Management Systems, Stephen Mankowski President, NCCPAP Mankowski may be approaching the end of his stint bringing invaluable information, leadership and resources to his organization, but he will remain a font of knowledge, particularly with tax issues so critical as the provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act roll out.

Career Highlights: Owner, Stephen F. Mitch McConnell R-Ky. McConnell played a critical role in shepherding the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act through, so his influence on the profession is ensured, no matter what happens during the midterm elections. Career Highlights: Majority leader, U. Senate, present; majority whip, ; chair, Senate Rules Committee, ; elected, … Judge-executive, Jefferson County, … U.

The CPA Journal 2018

Mysource deloitte. Website information. Maritz Holdings, Inc. My Online Help Desk. Deloitte is an applicable large employer subject to the employer shared responsibility requirements in the Affordable Care Act.

Implications and Applications for Finance and Accounting Professionals Sean Stein Smith Pennsylvania CPA Journal, 6–9. Drew, J. ().

PICPA - Spring 2019

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blockchain and the future of accounting pennsylvania cpa journal

Technological advances have a profound effect on business, and ultimately on the accounting systems that record business transactions. Consider just a few examples of the impact of computer technology:. As technology facilitates business transactions, the flow of financial information increases and also changes character. For example, today a business may receive thousands of customer orders per day from its website, simultaneously with credit card payments, whereas in the past these transactions were handled with phone calls and a series of paper documents sent by mail. The impact on the accounting system is that many records are digital, and paper documents are only printed on an as-needed basis.

The blockchain cannot be described just as a revolution.

Blockchain and the future of accountancy

Provided by James R. Martin, Ph. Ackerman, J. Client satisfaction: The only metric worth measuring. Ten trends that CPAs will see in When and when not to acquire another firm.

Training of Accounting Professionals Following the Introduction of Block Chain Technology

Abstract: There are powerful emerging technologies that are influencing both businesses and the accounting field. The findings of the research will show that implementation of technology by business will result in cost savings, increased productivity, and an increased ability to expand into new markets. However, as with all technologies, there are risks, and each company must evaluate if the benefits they will receive from implementation of a technology will outweigh the potential costs of any risks involved. The research also shows that the impact of these powerful technologies will make the accountant of tomorrow vastly different than the accountant of today. An accountant must become knowledgeable about emerging technologies and learn to work with them, or they will soon find their jobs eliminated by automation. Technology is changing how people do business, this requires the field of accounting to also continue to evolve. There was once a time when no one envisioned the internet, spreadsheets, or automated software. Now newer innovations are impacting the field of accounting.

For over 20 years, he practiced as a CPA in Texas and California and also qualified as a chartered accountant and registered company auditor.

Blockchain and the Future of Accounting

January 26, Published: Journal of Accountancy The question of how to account for digital assets has emerged as a challenging one for accountants as use of these assets becomes increasingly common. And as. January 24, Published: The Accountant Cryptocurrency regulations are evolving quickly around the globe with authorities responding to developing risks professed by criminals exploiting the latest payment methods to mask and launder the profits from their crimes.

The following article provides a preliminary overview to blockchain technology. Additional information regarding this technology and its potential will be presented in subsequent articles. This information was presented in the Journal of Accountancy by Lou Carlozo :. Blockchain is one of the most popular—and controversial—topics of conversation among technology leaders in finance today. Many have called it revolutionary—a game-changing factor in the world of finance. Essentially, as the Journal notes, blockchain is a digital ledger of economic transactions that is fully public, continually updated by countless users, and considered by many impossible to corrupt.

Based in Boston, MA, Cambridge Associates is a key player in the Cambridge Associates Alumni Network About Us We are a global investment firm that works with premier institutional investors and family offices to manage custom investment portfolios that aim to generate outperformance so they can maximize their impact on the world.

The historical evolution and popularity of activity-based thinking in management accounting. El Refae, Alexander J. Stacey R. Kaden, Jeff W. Lingwall, Trevor T.

TCA acts as a peroxisome proliferator, and the neoplasm in the liver of mice may arise through this mechanism. If so, you may be eligible to join a class-action lawsuit seeking reimbursement for certain school fees. Hence, traders often try to capture these cyclical performances at their best by allocating capital to the specific asset classes showing most potential for gains. Last year saw positive movements in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands to better promote the use of arbitration in the region.

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