Blockchain associations in canada

Mondaq uses cookies on this website. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies as set out in our Privacy Policy. On February 5, , The Chamber of Digital Commerce announced unification with the Blockchain Association of Canada signaling the first merger of its kind in the blockchain industry globally. The Chamber of Digital Commerce is the world's largest trade association representing the crypto and blockchain industry. The BAC was Canada's longest serving non-profit dedicated to raising awareness and providing support for further adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies among Canadian consumers, merchants, businesses, regulators and policy makers.

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Blockchain associations in canada

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Blockchain associations form new lobby group

Canadians have been proactive in exploring various technological and entrepreneurial possibilities with blockchain technology right from the word Bitcoin. We will be exploring who they are, what great things they accomplished in the blockchain space and why they are on this list.

Based in Toronto, Canada, Ageesen is a tech entrepreneur and early Bitcoin adopter who has been actively involved in the Bitcoin and blockchain space since His earliest involvement in the blockchain space was building awareness about bitcoin and the emerging cryptocurrency market and founding Locksbit , a cryptocurrency research institute, in Ageesen has worked with several public and private organizations, especially those in the financial services industry.

More precisely, after Lockbit, he launched Bitcoin. Emal Safi is currently the lead at Aircoins, a telecom company located in Toronto. Emal has a remarkable track record in the crypto space. Emal Safi is the brains behind eFace , a robust facial recognition technology that enables an easy and secure method of verification. He was an instrumental part of the advancement of Blockchain technology and artificial intelligence during his tenure as VP at Smartficial.

With over 30 years of experience working in several industries, Muktar ranks as one of the brightest minds in the Canadian crypto space. Over the years, Mukhtar has worked with several financial institutions. His big blockchain break was the launch of Genesis Block, where he is both the CEO and founding member. Mukhtar has contributed immensely to the growth in the crypto space through working as an advisory member for investors and startups, and serving as part of the administration for popular crypto networks.

At the moment, he is more focused on the intersection of blockchain, fintech, and DeFi economy. Currently based in Manitoba, Bogdan Fiedur started his first technology company from his basement over 20 years ago. Bogdan serves as the lead blockchain engineer for Auditchain Labs.

He has worked as a smart contract architect, blockchain architecture advisor, blockchain expert, Initial Coin Offering ICO technical advisor, and all-around IT professional. Bogdan now offers consulting services for blockchain companies. Paresh Khatri is the founder of Cannabanc, a startup founded in It is a blockchain-based banking solution for Cannabis businesses in Toronto. He is also the CEO at Budd Holding Ltd, where they are working towards different strategies for integrating blockchain technology into the cannabis industry.

What is remarkable about Cannabanc is that the system creates job opportunities while making transactions almost seamless in the cannabis market. Paresh, with over 25k followers, contributes to discourses around Crypto, Cannabis, and Health forums. He is also open to working as a consultant. Jean-Philippe Beaudet launched his career at UbiSoft as a game developer in He worked in many non-technology related roles until when he worked as an administrator at a tech startup.

He worked at the Bitcoin Embassy as a consultant. He also worked as an independent researcher for natural language processing for Luminary. This launched his career in decentralized technology. Jean-Phillipe Beaudet co-founded many startups that contributed to blockchain development. He initially served as Chief Marketing Officer and as a business development professional in different e-commerce, digital solutions, cryptocurrency, and blockchain companies before launching his blockchain companies.

He supported the companies through various public relations strategies, campaigns, sales, and investments. He has attended over 85 major crypto conferences worldwide. Steve is well versed and has a proven track record in cryptocurrency, blockchain protocol, crypto art, NFT minting tools, and virtual reality VR.

He supports various artists globally. He has over 20 years of experience in marketing, branding, management, and strategy for diverse brands. They specialize in assisting government entities and sovereign wealth funds in acquiring and managing a diverse portfolio , especially cryptocurrency. Terrance has experience in being a bridge between financial institutions and tech through his earlier career roles. He started affiliating with cryptocurrency through his roles as a sales and marketing manager for Peertrade X, a revolutionary exchange created by crypto-traders.

Tariq Ali Asghar has over 20 years of experience, working in the fintech industry in Canada, the United States, and across the globe. He has delivered powerful presentations at many global blockchain events. Tariq has served as an advisor to many organizations throughout his career, such as Net-zero enterprises. He is presently the CEO of Emerging Star Investment, which curates services that increase financial education, investments, financial planning, and its fusion with tech.

Tariq is also a digital innovation champion and is passionate about digital transformation. He is always ready to assist brands and organizations in need of advice in the space. Tariq also shares his inspiring experiences through his LinkedIn posts. Brane is a digital asset custodian, which caters mainly for institutional grade investors, looking to gain exposure into the cryptocurrency market, in and outside Canada.

Ashton Addison has an impressive resume and his works in the crypto space speaks volumes. He is the brain behind EventChain; a superb platform that provides a robust solution for verifying counterfeit event tickets using the blockchain. Also, Adam founded the online fintech news broadcasting network Crypto Coin Show. He has crypto communities on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

He is also an advisor at Pundi X, Syscoin and investment pitch media, all of which are cryptocurrency based companies. Michael has also been a CEO of three companies. The combination of deep capital markets experience, institutional exchange and trading experience, Digital Asset project management, combined with transaction heavy operations experience led Michael to Bitbuy , a company located in downtown Toronto, with over 75 employees all focussed on offering Clients the best crypto experience.

Open an account at Bitbuy today and treat your crypto portfolio like an investment, not a game. His interest in crypto spiked in and spurred him to start a mining operation in his basement where he mined various cryptocurrencies.

He and his team built BlockBank; a powerful AI assistant application that syncs smart contracts, blockchain networks, asset management, and trading platforms into a robust voice-controlled application. Before blockchain was a thing, Keghe had successfully founded, built, and grown companies within the healthcare, education, training, and software sectors, in and out of Canada.

She founded InnovFin Consulting, a firm that is changing the fortunes of many finance companies using innovative technology like blockchain. She is also an executive at BlockchainHub, a non-governmental organization NGO within York University, providing awareness for startups.

During her time there, she was able to grow the community to over 6, members. She has spoken about blockchain adoption in many media platforms and financial events. He is a blockchain developer, consultant, and trainer. His passion for distributed ledger technologies and blockchain has pushed him into the big leagues in the crypto space. In the past four years, he has been working on different areas of blockchain and web development like DeFi applications, smart contracts, chain codes, permissioned blockchain solutions, full-stack web development using React, NodeJS, and several others.

Besides organizing workshops on blockchain and related technologies, Raghu is lauded by many for his contributions to the crypto space.

He trained over working professionals and students on blockchain technologies. He worked as an investment banking analyst for about four years prior to starting his own startup, CelebratON. Manie is the Chief Executive Officer CEO of digital futures, a consulting firm that focuses on innovations in rapid technology and convergence.

His record of accomplishment in the cryptocurrency space includes being the founder and chairman of the Blockchain Association of Canada. He was once a contributing author of an Amazon bestselling fintech book. His wealth of experience has enabled him to speak at many conferences on digital economy. He is an inventor and likes creating innovative solutions that create easy, fast, and reliable transactions.

His many businesses have provided easy to use payment solutions that could only be imagined several years ago. Before getting into the cryptocurrency space, Colin Bhimsen has worked in many tech fields.

He is experienced in cyber security, fintech inventor, ecommerce, AI and more. She is at the forefront of the tech sector in Canada, particularly through her work on blockchain and cryptocurrency projects.

She is regarded as a female pioneer in the blockchain space. Her company, Magic Vs. Machine, has worked with a large list of A-list companies and brands like The Grammys, Tesla, and others.

Alexandra Moxin is an executive leader and entrepreneur. She is the founder of Advance Tech Media and host of the Advance Tech Podcast, a platform that has allowed her to interview tons of personalities, including developers, founders, and leaders of different companies globally in the blockchain space.

She was formerly media evangelist for F2Pool, where she created new and compelling ways for the company to tell its stories. She currently sits on the Open Crypto Alliance advisory board, which is a tapestry community effort aimed at addressing the negative effects of patent assertion. She has a wealth of experience in digital transformation and understands emerging technologies like Bitcoin. Giuseppe Gori is a blockchain technology architect, communications specialist, and speaker.

He is the owner of Gorybyte Inc, a blockchain crypto-network that is unpermissioned and uses a cooperative consensus. Giuseppe has won many awards and is recognized globally for his work around making crypto platforms scalable, improving various network throughput, minimizing volatile, and reducing network fee. Jon Matonis is one of the founding directors of the Bitcoin Foundation. He currently works with Cypherpunk Holdings, a privacy protocol investment company, where he works as the Chief Economist.

He is a monetary economist that contributes to the nonpolitical digital economy. Outside his role at Cyberpunk Holding, Jon Matonis also served as an independent board director to top companies in the crypto space, especially brands interested in Bitcoin, Blockchain, mobile payments, and gaming sectors.

He is a fintech columnist with prominent publications on platforms like Coindesk and Forbes. He is currently the CEO of an e-commerce marketing agency and a Shopify certified expert. He has been involved in the e-commerce market for over ten years, where he builds campaigns for businesses. He is also an interviewer and the host of the podcast Crypto and Things. He has also interviewed 70 executives and founders of blockchain companies.

He is building Data Economy 3.

Women Leaders in Blockchain Unite for Alberta’s Digital Transformation

Blockchain Canada is a not-for-profit organization that connects entrepreneurs, researchers, regulators, and the public to help make Canada a global leader in Blockchain technologies. Such transformations, however, will affect all Canadians and its important to ensure that all classes of stakeholders private, public regulatory, academic, and more are connected in open conversations about how use this science to benefit Canadians and build Canada as leader in blockchain technology. Conversations about blockchains and their role in Canada are happening, but they often occur in silos and disconnected communities. What are the business, social and political ramifications of blockchain applications? Which academic institutions are doing research on blockchain and decentralized technologies?

The Chamber of Digital Commerce and the Blockchain Association of Canada (BAC) are joining forces in a new trade association that will be known.

Adding Value

The merger was announced in a press release posted on the Chamber of Digital Commerce website on Feb 5. Woods said in the press release:. The Chamber of Digital Commerce was established in July and is comprised of companies that are looking to invest in blockchain technology. A blockchain implemented system would purportedly allow for the automation of distribution and trade processes, in addition to decreasing costs and margin for error. Canada has become a leading nation in the crypto and blockchain spaces due to its favorable regulatory regime, low energy costs, innovation and high internet speed. A retired Venezuelan army general says U. The Teamsters Local and Hollywood Basic Crafts have reached a new three-year tentative agreement with employers after negotiations began in early December The Local announced that the deal — which covers film and television workers working across 13 Western states and under the umbrella of Local as well as IBEW Local 40, […]. Darius Bazley passed up an open layup — an open go-ahead layup in overtime — and the Thunder passed up a golden opportunity to end its dreadful start to Frederick Gaudreau scored the tiebreaking goal early in the third period and the Minnesota WIld beat the New York Rangers Friday night following the jersey retirement ceremony for Henrik Lundqvist.

Conducting Fair Investigations

blockchain associations in canada

Through education, advocacy, and working closely with policy makers, regulatory agencies and industry, our goal is to develop an environment that fosters innovation, jobs and investment in Canada. Today, the Canada blockchain ecosystem is not well mapped or understood by government. Regulatory, legal and market uncertainties create risk. Email : tanya digitalchamber. Blog: Blockchain Has a Champion in Ontario.

Founding Partner, Delta Strategy Group.

Banking Is Only The Beginning: 58 Big Industries Blockchain Could Transform

Blockchain technology is starting to take off in Canada, with some of the biggest names in the industry moving to the country. Various blockchain agencies and groups have been forming all around Europe, and this marks the first step towards a powerful north American blockchain group. Various countries are vying to become blockchain hubs in their regions, and Canada has now joined the fray. The merger of these two organizations will help to create a regulatory environment designed to promote the growth of blockchain firms in the country. Canada is already home to a number of firms operating in the blockchain and distributed ledger technology DLT space, and by creating a blockchain hub, it hopes to attract many more to the country. Recently, Ohio in America launched its own blockchain group in a bid to turn the state into a blockchain hub.

Record Breaking Turn Out For The Biggest Blockchain Meetup In Canadian History

Presentation by Mr. About the speaker: Mr. Prior to co-founding bitFlyer in January , he worked at Goldman Sachs developing settlement systems, and later as an Equities Derivatives and Convertible Bonds Trader at Goldman Sachs, focusing on market making for institutional investors as well as principal trading and financing for corporations. Co-developed miyabi, bitFlyer's original blockchain technology. A patent has been acquired for a part of miyabi's technology; patents for other parts are currently pending.

Build next-generation apps, launch blockchain-based financial infrastructure, and access the decentralized web with ConsenSys' Ethereum product suite.

Break through with blockchain

When people hear the term blockchain, they may think of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. But while blockchain helps make cryptocurrencies possible, the potential of blockchain is much wider. The technology is already being used in finance, information systems, food supply chains and more. As Canada has emerged as a global hub for blockchain, the City of Ottawa and local entrepreneurs and companies are getting on board.

Distributed ledger technologies including blockchain and other digital assets are reshaping the global business landscape and the potential of cryptoassets is being felt across many sectors, ranging from financial services, capital markets, real estate, intellectual property, corporate transactions and much more. Investor interest in digital assets has also risen dramatically as Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies have emerged as an alternative asset class delivering extraordinary returns over the last decade. Recent developments, such as increased institutional participation, approval of the first publicly-traded ETFs by Canadian securities regulators, and the popularity of stablecoins and non-fungible tokens NFTs signals continued positive momentum for the sector. Participants must navigate complex and evolving rules and regulations in Canada, which can be particularly challenging as the fast-paced nature of the digital asset landscape is outpacing the corresponding regulatory frameworks.

How will blockchain and crypto-assets impact CPAs and their future roles? Explore our resources to find out more.

Thank you to all those who submitted nominations. We have already started planning for the edition. It featured short video profiles of the women named to the honour roll, lessons from leaders, and two panel discussions exploring both blockchain and leadership challenges in the sector. Why not check it out on demand? Women are underrepresented in Fintech, have a tougher time finding leadership roles, and are more likely to leave or to experience job losses at times of crisis — like a pandemic. This panel will discuss how to create a culture where the next generation of women can thrive more easily.

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