Blockchain banking puebla mexico

It is no secret that Cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, had an incredible Bitcoin is by far the most popular cryptocurrency in the market right now with an estimated 14 million users, according to Coindesk. The interest in Bitcoin is growing as analysts predict an even bigger One of the countries that has most to gain with the mainstream adoption and growth of Bitcoin is Mexico. The transparency of Bitcoin could solve this problem.

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ESMT Berlin Becomes First German University to Accept Bitcoin

Catalina is an IBM Quantum Ambassador and cognitive infrastructure specialist, who is passionate about innovation and sustainability. She has experience as a cross-brand architect at IBM, as a project manager for energy efficiency projects, and research on algorithm design for autonomous vehicles and smart farming.

Catalina is a mechanical and electronics engineer, and MSc in electronics and control systems. She has been researching in quantum computing for over 2 years, having studied quantum decoherence in the past but now mainly working in developing hybrid machine learning algorithms for quantum problems. In her spare time she is a science communication advocate who tries to bring quantum computing to general audience, as well as participating in workshops for girls in electronics, which try to narrow the gender gap.

At the same time, Marcos works as IT Specialist at the Inter-American Development Bank, where he leads a team of experts in blockchain, quantum technologies and self-sovereign digital identity. A quantum physicist by training, he has specialised in the use of emerging technologies for development. Carlos J. Researcher in advanced and disruptive computing, he works on different issues related with non-Von Neumann computer architectures, from performance evaluation to parallelism and applications.

Precisely, the interest in quantum computing is from computer science vision searching for real implementation of real applications in the face of quantum parallelism.

Entrepreneur by conviction, passionate about disruptive technologies and exact sciences, applying them to solve needs and opportunities in business models. He currently has 20 years of experience in artificial intelligence solutions and more than 7 years researching quantum computing algorithms. Rodolfo is a Machine Learning published author, speaker, and technology expert, starting in building Convolutional Neural Networks running in the GPU, and then building Machine Learning solutions during the later Deep Learning era.

During the last years, Rodolfo has been applying Quantum algorithms and frameworks for the solution of logistic and fraud detection problems while acting as IT Manager at Mercadolibre, the largest marketplace in Latin America, and is currently expanding the studies to a broader range of problems in the field, including Quantum Annealing for route optimizations.

Tech event. In the past four years she acted as a postdoc researcher in quantum information theory. She is also interested in creating educational material to disseminate knowledge of the quantum world to everyone, regardless of academic background. He is currently studying for a doctorate in physics at the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology in Moscow, where he focuses on the study of variational quantum algorithms. David Cardona is a lawyer with a history of working in the computer software industry as a Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel.

He is currently a co-founder and the Chief Operating Officer of Strangeworks, a quantum computing startup in Austin, Texas. He came to Goldman Sachs via the acquisition of Honest Dollar, a financial services startup where he served as General Counsel. He managed several innovation projects through partnership between academia and industry.

Tom has spent the last seven years working for international corporations in Business Development teams around the UK and Ireland. Andrea obtained her Ph. During her Ph. During this time, Andrea spent time at two of the largest laboratories for experimental high-energy physics globally, Fermilab and CERN. After finishing her Ph. Shortly after, Andrea was awarded the prestigious Eugene P.

Wigner Fellowship to investigate quantum computing applications to high-energy physics. Andrea has also organized several workshops on quantum computing, including a workshop on Applied Artificial Intelligence at the IEEE Quantum Week in and and the first workshop on quantum computing applications to high-energy physics. In addition, Andrea collaborates with scientists at MIT, Caltech, and CERN to develop quantum algorithms and software tools with applications limited to physics and climate change, and material science.

Andrea is also interested in promoting an inclusive research environment and representation of minorities in STEM. From Argentina, he has active research projects with collaborators at Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, Paraguay and France, funded by these countries.

He has experience in Physics, with an emphasis on Quantum Physics; acting mainly in the following subjects: quantum optics, quantum computing, and quantum information. Since , he is following his postdoctoral studies at Center of New Technologies affiliated with Warsaw University in Poland. He is also interested in phase space methods in quantum optics and modular variables. Rodrigo Ferreira co-founded Brazil Quantum in June PhD candidate from the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

She is the co-founder of Quantum-South, a quantum computing spin-off of University of Montevideo founded in in Uruguay. Quantum-South develops quantum software for cargo solutions. Laura is also interested in development and technological change and is trying to figure out how quantum computing could be an open door to the future for developing countries. Antonio Tadeu A. He received his Ph. His main research areas are in computer networks, distributed systems, high-performance computing, and software architecture.

He has more than 10 years of professional experience in Information Technology and 6 years in the field of advanced data management and analysis. He is currently the CEO of Plenumsoft, the organization with the most patent applications in the Mexican southeast, specialized in innovation mainly by embedding knowledge in software.

He has participated in multiple events both in Mexico and abroad promoting the development and growth of the ICT sector, among which the consultations to the preparation of the National Development Plan, its participation in the Information Technologies Advisory Council of the Ministry of Economy, and in the Intersectoral Committee for Innovation of the same agency.

Her research topics include the development of state-of-the-art computational approaches to understand the physics of quantum matter and nanoscopic systems. She is actively committed to reducing the gender gap and increasing awareness of ethical considerations in science.

He received his B. He then spent 10 years researching superstring theory and cosmology, co-authoring almost 40 technical articles. To promote the public understanding of science, he founded the science crowdfunding platform Fiat Physica and non-profit Science Partnership Fund.

He holds a PhD in Mathematics from Imperial College London and has published more than 50 research papers as well as one book. His research expertise focuses on volatility modelling in Mathematical Finance, asymptotic analysis and recently on applications of Quantum Computing in Finance. He is the Director of the MSc in Mathematics and Finance at Imperial College London, where interactions between academic research and applications are at work on a daily basis.

Her research centres around translating the rapidly expanding capabilities of quantum hardware into measurable advantages for end users of quantum computing. She has co-authored several publications involving cutting-edge quantum algorithm demonstrations in the areas of generative and discriminative machine learning, condensed matter physics, quantum chemistry, and optimization, across a variety of quantum hardware platforms.

Her work emphasizes the co-design of quantum algorithms, software, control, and hardware in order to come up with practical and scalable solutions that are aimed at making quantum technologies highly impactful as soon as possible. Prior to IonQ, she worked as a quantum algorithms researcher at Intel Corporation. She has a PhD in theoretical condensed matter physics from Princeton University. Christophe Jurczak Founding Partner — Quantonation. Christophe is a founding partner at Quantonation, the first Venture Capital Fund dedicated to Quantum Technologies and Deep Physics with 13 companies in the portfolio as of June He is chairman of not for profit Le Lab Quantique that is supporting the emergence of a quantum industry in France, in association with quantum ecosystems worldwide.

He speaks English, German and French, and has competed in national small boat sailing championships. A recent Forbes 30 under 30 honoree in the category of science, she also serves on the advisory board of the AI Ethics Journal, is a member of the Newsweek Expert Forum, acts as an advisor to SheQuantum, and is a frequent speaker on quantum computing and technology ethics.

During this time, he has focused on solving complex operational problems applying technologies he has been involved with. At D-Wave Daniel is leading the Go To Market efforts and technology adoption of the practical application of quantum computing.

Prior to joining D-Wave, Daniel was Vice President of Global Sales for the Routing Optimization and Assurance product line at Ciena, and Senior Vice President of Global Sales at Packet Design Acquired by Ciena , in this capacity he spent 8 years working with large telecommunications companies on the use advanced routing analytics to solve complex operational problems. Daniel began his career in avionics engineering at the Hughes Aircraft Company. Professor at the University of Vic. Professor of Finance, UAB.

IT Specialist. Medical doctor. More than 20 years in the financial industry. Quantitative analyst. Founder of startups in Blockchain and International Health. Mechatronics Engineering Professor. He holds over patents and has presented various workshops, lectures, and articles covering; artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, and quantum computing. He devotes much of his free time to philanthropy — contributing and volunteering to his community. Maximiliano leads the team in charge of identifying and evaluating emerging technologies, developing use cases, and generating recommendations for their application in the digital government strategies of the Uruguayan State.

Before occupying this position, he was in charge of the design and implementation of the private cloud of the Presidency of the Republic, as a reference solution for the central administration. Prior to AGESIC, he worked as a consultant for technology companies, in the area of infrastructure and virtualization. Emily is a Physicist by training, and is passionately supporting Deep Tech companies, the Deep Tech ecosystem, and the commercialisation of academically inclined start-ups.

Quantum Technologies have been a personal and professional focus of hers over the past couple of years, and within this space she strives to provide scientific credibility to the VC side of the table, in order to best support founders on their journey to create key enabling technologies. Beyond the creation of companies in the space, she keeps close tabs on public and private funding in Quantum, the development of a suitable workforce in the ecosystem, the creation of communities in the sector, and continues her quantum learning journey every day.

She received her PhD from Georgia Institute of Technology in electrical and computer engineering in He has many years of experience working on everything a classical computer can do: from high-performance compilers to large scale systems.

Carlos A. Perez-Delgado was born in Puebla, Mexico. Juan Pino has been experimentally investigating, manipulating and leveraging quantum mechanics for twenty years.

After graduation he focused on quantum applications, performing contract research and development of robust, next-generation laser systems for quantum sensors at a Vescent Photonics.

He has a degree in physics from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. He worked as a researcher in the Free University of Brussels in and , and in the Paris Diderot University in and He has a Ph. His 20 years of experience in quantum computation makes him affirms that the universe is made of quantum information. The puertorican natural dreams of quantum technologies changing the world.

Jorge Arturo Rojas Santana is a Ph. Denise is responsible for all customer engagements and customer strategy. In her free time, she is President of Women in Quantum, a rapidly growing organization dedicated to highlighting and creating a community for women.

BlocPal and Tortooga to Launch a Digital Wallet Serving Grupo Movil Mexico’s 40 Million Users

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The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank said in a release that it signed a MOU with Barbados-based fintech Bitt to conduct a pilot using.

Taekwondo worlds opens in Mexico's Puebla

More Videos How Trump's tariffs on Mexico could hurt Americans. Get an exclusive look at how Bud Light's zero-carb beer is brewed. Grocery stores are struggling to stock their shelves. Here's why. There is a candy cane shortage in US this year. This is how Coca-Cola comes up with new flavors. Starbucks employees at New York store vote to unionize.

Volkswagen Mexico plans bank to boost car sales

blockchain banking puebla mexico

Mexico is a large country home to more than million people. COVID worsens these issues, exacerbating concerns of food security and availability. Researchers are now studying the effects of vertical farming as new companies attempt to introduce vertical farming in Mexico. Vertical farming is a method of production in which crops are grown within stacked layers on top of one another. In contrast to traditional methods, where food grows across a singular plane such as a field, the vertical method enables fruits and vegetables to grow in more confined spaces, such as skyscrapers, multi-level warehouses and even shipping containers.

It was reported by Reuters yesterday that disruptive ride-hailing giant Uber Technologies is partnering with payment solutions provider Mastercard and Spanish banking group BBVA to launch a new debit card.

101 Mexico Based Fintech Companies | The Most Innovative Fintech Companies

Lvna is a leading digital asset investment manager that focuses on institutional and professional individual investors. We believe in an open and borderless economy, in which society functions with open-sourced and decentralized programmable money and applications. An economy that is available to everyone in the world open , regardless of nationality borderless , through verifiable code and contracts open-sourced and without the need of trusted intermediaries decentralized. Our world-class team of investors, engineers and risk managers understand both financial markets and cryptonetworks. Blockchains are a nascent technology with exponential growth prospects as their understanding and development increases worldwide.

Lvna Capital

The Mexican experience is steeped in compelling architecture, memorable food and endless artistic discovery. The arrival of the Spanish began around over a period of several months at the end of which the Spanish commander Hernan Cortes invited himself to the capital city of the Aztec empire, Tenochtitlan, at the court of what could only have been a reluctant host: Emperor Moctezuma the second. To the Aztecs he was Motecuhzoma Xocoyotzin, the ninth Aztec emperor. He would not remain emperor for long. What seems to have worked against the Aztec king was the Spanish joining hands with rival indigenous tribes seething with discontent over tributes payable to the Aztec Empire, and being unwilling fodder for mass sacrifices, often running up to , or more at a time.

Facing bank‟s reluctance to finance the economy, a new source of funds for companies regulate all elements of the Fintech, including blockchain and.

Crypto, DeFi, and Money Transmitter Laws: Navigating the Maze

Close panel. Press Enter. Gender equality.

Companies Using Golang in Ciudad De Atlixco, Mexico

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Mexico now has the support and development and programming services in Mexico by MiT Software , the software development company that will help your brand, product or company, to achieve success in the development projects that they have planned to gain recognition within the local and international market. En MiT Software We have services aimed at improving the positioning of your company in the digital market, since we have the support of recognized development tools, as well as a multidisciplinary team available to achieve the objectives outlined in the plan of marketing. Our developers are specialized in offering development techniques for custom tokens with an innovative platform as required by your business, which will help you build your own non-fungible token in the world of video games. MiT Software will be your perfect ally , we have a solid foundation in terms of tokenization of both fungible and non-fungible assets. We believe that NFT They are emerging superheroes of the gaming industry and they deserve the experience in the development of Blockchain technology. We help gaming companies design and mint NFT assets that have a high value proposition for players.

A report released the last week of April showed that interest in cryptocurrencies is on the rise in Mexico. The adoption of cryptocurrencies in Mexico has been increasing since

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Stay tuned with CashEssentials news! By subscribing, you accept our Privacy Policy. Worldwide, Uber accepts cash payments in more than cities; however, some governments have restricted cash payments, eliminating the option for many riders. New research based on a number of experiments in Mexico, reveals that cash payments for Uber rides account for a consumer surplus of 50 percent. Manuel A. Cash continues to dominate retail payments. A survey by the Mexican central bank shows that transactional demand for cash declined during the pandemic.

International Institute of. Fowler James A. Ballistrea; Kerry E. Allen; Aaron M.

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