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CoinGecko Cryptocurrency Prices

Please change the wallet network. Change the wallet network in the MetaMask Application to add this contract. Axie Infinity. United States Dollar. Axie Infinity is down 0. It has a circulating supply of 60,, AXS coins and a max. You can find others listed on our crypto exchanges page. Axie Infinity is a blockchain-based trading and battling game that is partially owned and operated by its players.

To learn more about this project, check out our deep dive of Axie Infinity. These Axies can take various forms, and there are more than different body parts available, including aquatic, beast, bird, bug, plant and reptile parts. Parts from each type class come in four different rarity scales: common, rare, ultra rare and legendary — and Axies can have any combination of body parts, making them highly variable and often rare and unique.

Each Axie is a non-fungible token NFT with different attributes and strengths and can be entered into 3v3 battles, with the winning team earning more experience exp points that are used to level up an Axie's stats or evolve their body parts. These Axies can be bred together to produce new and unique offspring, which can be used or sold on the Axie marketplace.

These are used to participate in key governance votes and will give holders a say in how funds in the Axie Community Treasury are spent. Axie Infinity was created in by Sky Mavis — a technology-focused game developer with a team primarily based in Vietnam. It was co-founded by Trung Nguyen and Aleksander Larsen. Trung Nguyen is the current CEO of the platform.

Nguyen graduated with a BS in computer software engineering, and worked as a software engineer at Anduin Transactions prior to founding Axie Infinity. Larsen has been working in blockchain gaming since He previously worked as the executive security officer for the Norwegian Government Security Organization and still sits as Secretary of the Board of Directors at the Blockchain Game Alliance.

In total, the Axie Infinity team consists of 25 full-time employees — many of whom have experience with game development. Each Axie possesses six out of the hundreds of different potential body parts — each of which has its own battle move.

This produces essentially endless variety among Axies, with most Axies having relatively weak statistics, while those with the strongest combination of body parts can have incredible stats. Unlike some other blockchain-based battling and breeding games, each Axie can only be bred a total of seven times to help control the population of Axies.

Axie Infinity has its own mating hub to help players find a suitable match to breed their Axie with to stand the best chance at producing a rare or powerful offspring. It costs 0.

AXS token holders will soon be able to stake their tokens to receive regular rewards. But unlike some other stakeable assets, AXS holders will also need to vote and play to claim their rewards. Want to keep track of Axie Infinity prices live? Download the CoinMarketCap mobile app! Want to convert the Axie Infinity price today to your desired fiat currency? Check out CoinMarketCap exchange rate calculator.

Discover the latest crypto insights, news and trading analysis with CoinMarketCap Alexandria. Axie Infinity AXS tokens have a total supply of million tokens. Out of this, around Ronin is an application-specific sidechain built just for Axie Infinity. It is being developed by Sky Mavis — the development firm behind the Axie Infinity game, and is designed to support almost instant transaction confirmations, reduced gas fees and be capable of helping Axie Infinity scale. Cryptocurrencies Tokens Axie Infinity.

This can be done from Axieinfinity. The swap can be initiated immediately by interacting directly with the smart contract. Axie Infinity AXS. Rank Market Cap.

Fully Diluted Market Cap. Volume 24h. Circulating Supply. Max Supply. Total Supply. Buy Exchange Gaming Earn Crypto. Axie Infinity Links. Ethereum 0xbb0e Axie Infinity Contracts. Harmony 0x14a Solana HysWcb Ronin 0x97a Please change the wallet network Change the wallet network in the MetaMask Application to add this contract. I understand. Axie Infinity Tags. Industry Gaming. Earn Now! Who Are the Founders of Axie Infinity?

What Makes Axie Infinity Unique? People Also Watch.

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They also provide some unique API endpoints like most-searched coins. If you want to skip the details, you can jump right to the end to grab your own copy of the CoinGecko crypto tracking template. You can also check out our YouTube tutorial video here. Experiment with endpoints and query strings as described in the documentation to see other types of currency and crypto data from the API. For example, you can try the following URLs, one at a time substitute in other coin IDs or currencies, if you like. CoinMarketCap or CryptoCompare. You can jump right to a copy of the template here.

The CoinGecko API allows us to retrieve cryptocurrency data such as price, volume, safe-crypto.me_price(ids='bitcoin,litecoin,ethereum', vs_currencies='usd').

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A representation of virtual currency Ethereum is seen in front of a stock graph in this illustration taken February 19, NEW YORK, May 7 Reuters - Ethereum has outperformed major digital currency rivals this year, bolstered by the surge in decentralized finance DeFi and the anticipation of a technical adjustment this summer, but it faces hurdles that could stall its rise. In the crypto world, the terms "ethereum" and "ether" have become synonymous. Technically, ethereum is the blockchain network in which decentralized applications are embedded, while ether is the token or currency that enables or drives the use of these applications. A rise in institutional interest has increased ethereum demand, but supply has been limited. It's a whole ecosystem that allows other applications to be built," said Bradley Kam, chief executive officer of blockchain domain provider, Unstoppable Domains. At the heart of ethereum's ascendancy is DeFi, which refers to peer-to-peer cryptocurrency platforms that facilitate lending outside traditional banking institutions. Many sites run on the ethereum network, using an open-source code with algorithms that set rates in real time based on supply and demand. DeFi, however, has its problems. Between April 15 and April 21, for instance, roughly 1.

CoinGecko: Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Market

ethereum price gecko

The Merchant Protocol and Merchant Blockchain is the first DeFi crypto project that brings the missing piece for global mainstream crypto payment adoption; the consumer protection. Can I use CoinGecko data and screenshots for my website, book, etc? What is the historical data availability or granularity? The data is provided by CoinSRC and is gathered through official coin sources.

Please change the wallet network. Change the wallet network in the MetaMask Application to add this contract.

Live Crypto Prices and Cryptocurrency Market Cap

Robodoge twitter. I focus mainly on the psychology that fosters affirmative decision making in investments strategies related to Currencies, Stocks, indices and Crypto trading. The token tracker page also shows the analytics and historical data. Pretty soon the community will be able to use their RoboDoge Coins to mint, buy, sell, and auction their very own NFT's. Learn how we count contributions.

Ethereum - Euro Realtime Chart Indikation

The CoinGecko API allows us to retrieve cryptocurrency data such as price, volume, market cap, and exchange data from CoinGecko using code. CoinGecko is a data provider and crypto tracking website for live pricings, tickers, historical data, exchanges, events, trading volumes, global markets, coin info, and more. CoinGecko can be replaced with other websites that can be more suitable for you needs. Here are some of them:. In order to get started with CoinGecko we will go over to their website that is found on the following link:. A confirmation email will be sent that will take us straight to the CoinGecko website when confirmed. If you want to play with it some more you can freely use the CoinGecko API tester that is found on the following link:. CoinGecko allows us many ways to obtain price data and we will cover most of them.

ethereum price prediction.

The native token for OMG Network has more than doubled in the past week as record Ethereum fees lead some investors to look to layer 2 solutions. OMG price has doubled in the past seven days. Ethereum transaction fees are at record highs. This has since been corrected.

Who better to ask about the surge in bitcoin and those funky digital crypto art projects everyone's talking about than the folks who wrote the book on "How to Bitcoin"? The firm tracks price, market capitalization and other metrics on a dizzying number of crypto projects -- some you've heard of and others with space-age names you likely haven't. Fantom and Voyager Token, anyone? Based in Kuala Lumpur, the service was launched seven years ago to provide fundamental analysis of the crypto market. After years of hard work and "hustle," CoinGecko is now one of the top most visited websites globally, scoring million page views in February, said Ong. Following is a lightly edited version of the exchange, which was conducted over email.

Market experts believe that the cryptocurrency market would not go lower from the current stage and discard the theory that the market is dead. Trading was light as investors looked for signs that Bitcoin's downward spiral has reached an endpoint and that the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization is ready to enter a new bull cycle.

We've just launched our Discord chat server. Join the conversation! Last week, we saw how Ethereum prices have been pushed lower due to negative sentiment around Chinese regulations and concerns over a new Covid variant. Last week, we discussed ongoing adoption in the Ethereum network. Last week, we discussed bearish sentiment emerging in the marketplace. Accessible Ethereum insight for investors, users and passers-by. ETH price last updated at 29 Jan

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