Chia coin buy vinyl ru

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Chia coin buy vinyl ru

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Several weeks ago a new cryptocurrency fever began to circulate on the network , especially one that had ecological promise, the cryptocurrency Chia, but that has been harshly criticized in recent months and its value has fallen dramatically in recent weeks as miners have started to abandon the cryptocurrency. And is that during the last weeks several miners have started reselling their hardware , mostly refurbished SSD hard drives.

They pass their used SSDs for new ones and they sell them, since Chia tends to destroy SSDs, it's only a matter of time before those "new" drives start to fail. Chia is the basis of the bitcoin-type cryptocurrency chia coin.

It is based on a linked blockchain of mathematical constructs based on the test of having disk space over a period of time. It is said to be less demanding on the power supply than bitcoin, which is based on proof of work and requires large amounts of CPU processing.

Chia's principle is simple: when a block is forged in the blockchain, it is propagated to the nodes of the network. When a miner finds one of the blocks, they publish it to the rest of the network and the others provide the best proof of space. That is, the storage that they can make available to the network, the best three are transmitted to the network, and one of the "time servers" it contains confirms the time the test was provided and, therefore, validate the new block.

The idea is that everyone has free storage space that can be used to validate these transactions without generating additional consumption costs. Since Chia's launch, the new cryptocurrency has induced some changes in the hard drive market. According to research firm Context, it started out incredibly strong, leading to an overwhelming hard drive shortage.

In June, it was reported that just under At the same time, consumer-grade NAS hard drives sold about Using the test-of-space or test-of-capacity PoC technique it requires massive storage space, and Chia's trace can destroy modern SSDs in a matter of weeks. According to a report from VNExpress, use an SSD to mine cryptocurrencies it is extremely taxing on the drive as in one example a 1TB SSD used to extract Chia only it would last about 80 days compared to 10 years of disk use in other cases.

Also, Chia's ecological motifs have been widely questioned lately, and Chia's piece is no longer considered such an ecological alternative. This means that the material they used to extract chia will have to be sold. In some cases, Chia's old miners sell their used SSDs pretending they're brand new. This could cause disappointment, as one would expect a new record to last for years rather than months. This means that they will sell them below market value, as Chia tracking can destroy average SSDs within two months, plus it is claimed that used drives that are bought in bulk are subsequently refurbished.

So it's probably only a matter of time before these revamped SSDs are released to other markets like the rest of Asia, Europe, and the United States. The content of the article adheres to our principles of editorial ethics. To report an error click here!

Full path to article: From Linux » News » Chia miners jump overboard and they're selling everything. Your email address will not be published. Be the first to comment Leave a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Legitimation: Your consent Communication of the data: The data will not be communicated to third parties except by legal obligation. I want to receive the newsletter. Google Chrome wants to remove controls on cookies and site data. Purism promises a unique experience with PureOS on your Librem 5 mobile.


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Chia fast sync node

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chia coin buy vinyl ru

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Worries worsen that Chia, a storage-based cryptocurrency, with the situation likely to worsen as Chia miners buy up more supply.

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Chia 2 full nodes.

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