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Peter Krebs. Institute of Urban and Industrial Water Management. Show map of this location. Reviewer of various scientific journals, conference series and for various research fonds and foundations. In: MDPI

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Vitalik Devcon 4 Keynote: Ethereum 2.0 “Not So Far Away”

Greg Colvin lives in a mountain valley in the Colorado Rockies, and outside his window is a snow-filled vista, which he shared with us briefly via a recent video link. It was an unprecedented move in the history of the famously transparent coding process behind the best known of the decentralized blockchains. Like much in the dev world aside from code , the specifics are hazy. But closed-door core developers meetings were first said to have taken place in Prague at the fourth annual conference of Ethereum developers in early November.

A subsequent conference call last week was by invitation only. I do think that we need to respect that desire and create a safe space for these discussions. Colvin also revealed he had refused to attend the followup closed-door event. The rapid growth of startups based on radical decentralization into multi-billion-dollar enterprises is unique to the 21st century. Among these, Ethereum is famed for developing its technology in an open and transparent manner.

Like many an open source Internet project, the till-now accepted order of business is that the developers must publicly reach consensus about every step they take to maintain a technology which now supports some million smart contracts. Until November, those decisions were supposed to be agreed upon at open meetings, which are usually live-streamed. The technology they discuss is difficult for outsiders to understand, and little is known about them as individuals. And yet Ethereum developers make decisions which can affect billions of dollars in holdings.

That community is distributed across the globe and come from a variety of backgrounds. Whatever their background, by last month some portion of them had decided they were through with real-time public scrutiny. Colvin for his part dismissed the suggestion that the move to close off meeting access indicated the heretofore close-knit Ethereum developer community was now splintering.

Colvin, who holds a Ph. D in psychology, first came to the Ethereum community two years ago as a contractor for the Foundation, after 30 years of working for a variety of companies large and small, from Oracle to barely staffed startups. At Ethereum, Colvin has been charged with improving the performance of the EVM, incrementally supplementing the current version and developing ideas for successive implementations. He argues that by the time the new technology is ready, there will simply be too many smart contracts already written for the current EVM.

I figured that was—all-in-all—an easier path than a complete replacement. Load More.


Fifteen speakers from eight countries participants in total discussed the development of cryptocurrencies, blockchain projects in fintech and govtech, and legislative challenges. The presented service is designed for digital values emission, assets trading using blockchain, and crowdfunding. The speaker covered such issues as network scaling, optimization of a block size and improvement of the whole system efficiency. Ronny Boesing Denmark , the CEO at decentralized conglomerate Openledger, talked about trading, investment and crowdfunding on the basis of this platform. He reported about the formation of a professional community and blockchain ecosystem. The issues related to the development of digital currencies in the banking sector and regulatory policy of the European Union were revealed by the independent expert Ugo Bechis, a specialist in e-payments in the Single Europe Payment Area who is based in Italy. The company is the international service for searching remote work and employees that also allows employers to pay salaries in bitcoins without complex technological innovations.

6th International Conference, TAP , Prague, Czech Republic, The first TAP conference (held at ETH Zurich in February ) was an effort to provide.

Christoph Burkhardt

The main aim is to support the conversation beyond ETH to other schools, the profession and other disciplines. The main issues addressed include gender balance, representation, inclusion and harassment. The Parity Group is a fluid group of students, assistants and professors from the Department of Architecture at the ETH Zurich who meet to discuss issues around gender and diversity, organizing the yearly Parity Talks in March. Womxn in Design WiD is a student run organization at Harvard Graduate School of Design committed to advancing gender equity in and through design. Led by womxn, but open to all, WiD works to make the design field more equitable and open in light of the historic under-representation of womxn in recognized leadership roles as well as design's critical need for diversity, collaboration, care, and re-centering marginalized voices. It is to jointly develop goals and strategies for an equal-opportunities working environment at the TUM Department of Architecture. The Parity Board is made up of members of the student body, junior staff, administration and faculty staff.

Ethereum Devcon 4

ethereum conference prague

On March 22, , Smile-Expo organized the fifth annual blockchain conference in Prague. We focused on the Czech and foreign projects implementing Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Experts shared their experience of integrating Blockchain into governmental institutions Govtech , banking systems, trading, media, healthcare, and other spheres. We discussed all the aspects of creating innovative IT products, from the emergence of idea to entering the market.

Its purpose is to bring together both specialists and newcomers to share their knowledge about ultrasonic Doppler methods and to present the numerous studies using such methods.

The European Summit Prague 2018

IUCr 25 Highlights related to aperiodic crystallography: Magnetic structures Aperiodic structures Satellite workshop on aperiodic and magnetic structures. A48 , p. The mission of both SIG3 and CAC is promotion of experimental and theoretical research on aperiodic crystals, including quasicrystals, modulated crystals, composite crystals, magnetic systems, and polytypes. Conferences Aperiodic. The triannual flagship conferences Aperiodic are organized by CAC since

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin says his creation can’t succeed unless he takes a step back

When you ask him about the challenges facing the blockchain system he founded five years ago, Vitalik Buterin often launches into a rapid-fire lecture full of Ethereum-specific jargon. This piece first appeared in our twice-weekly newsletter, Chain Letter, which covers the world of blockchains and crypto-assets. The transition comes at a critical juncture for Ethereum, whose developers are struggling to overcome a number of complicated technical obstacles they believe to be standing in the way of its more widespread adoption. Topping the to-do list is an ambitious plan to transition away from proof of work— the energy-intensive process that Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other similar blockchain systems use to achieve agreement among network participants that the information they stored in their blockchains is valid. For years, Buterin has spearheaded a research project aimed at developing an energy-efficient alternative to proof of work, based on a different algorithm called proof of stake. Ethereum can process only about 15 transactions per second, whereas Visa handles an average of 2, transactions per second and has the capacity to handle tens of thousands. All these improvements are meant to be featured in Ethereum 2.

SBE19 Graz SUSTAINABLE BUILT ENVIRONMENT D-A-CH CONFERENCE Angélil, Marc, ETH Zürich, Switzerland Hajek, Petr, CTU Prague, Czech Republic.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague 2019

Ackee Blockchain is a team of auditors and white hat hackers who perform security audits and assessments. Our mission is to contribute to a stronger blockchain ecosystem by sharing our knowledge. Our team of engineers will perform a security audit including tool analysis, manual code review, automated tests and bug bounty contest. We offer both one time audits and continuous auditing as a service.

Key Blockchain Scaling Talking Points at the Ethereum Developer Conference in Prague

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The ten main scientific sections, each hosting several symposia, provided a comprehensive overview of the current state of chemistry, with chemistry for a sustainable world as the unifying theme. Special symposia on topics such as Chemistry and Ethics and Funding Chemistry in Europe were well received and much discussed. Throughout the conference, marvelous views across Prague could be enjoyed. The Congress opened on the afternoon of Sunday August 26th, with a ceremony and welcome address. The opening ceremony was commenced by Professor Pavel Drasar , chair of the local organising committee.

My work is in the intersection of 3D computer vision and machine learning, with the goal of making 3D computer vision algorithms such as 3D reconstruction and visual localization more robust and reliable through scene understanding while using 3D computer vision methods to train machine learning models.

In live discussions:

Or go to publications list for Publications prior to In: Braegelmann, T; Kaulartz, M. Rechtshandbuch Smart Contracts, C. BECK, In Business Transformation through Blockchain pp.

Over the last few years, I've spoken on the principles of high-impact philanthropy and longtermism at several universities and public events. These include:. Stanford Existential Risks Conference , one of the first major academic conferences dedicated to the study of existential risks at Stanford.

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