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ChainLink Capital Targets $100M in Assets for 2 Crypto Funds

June 27, AMA , Community. The pair also addressed numerous questions from curious participants regarding the differences between MyCrypto and MyEtherWallet, which include a MyCrypto Desktop App for increased security, and a focus on supplying educational resources about crypto and how to manage it for anyone wishing to learn or get involved.

Highlights can be found below, with a link to the full AMA at the bottom of this post. What took you down that road or was it just the time that was ? Jordan: insomniasexx may give you a better answer to this later, but I think that it was just a super necessary thing to become heavily involved in education and security best practices. We Taylor were really in the trenches dealing with hundreds of support tickets a day, hearing about people losing their funds, etc, and it was pretty heavy to know that improper education and security was a major factor in people losing those funds.

As a result, we just kinda made education and security into little moons that revolve around MyCrypto at all times and factor into everything we do. Taylor: Yeah, Jordan pretty much captured it but everything we did in the early days was really in direct response to issues people were having and things we were seeing.

It wasn't just the ICO stuff, it was the phishing sites that started cropping up in , the people who couldn't access their presale wallets, people who hand-typed addresses, etc. It was also due to our limited resources.

A lot of deep product improvements require development effort which is our limited resource. I however could always write articles, answer support tickets, make UI improvements, add warnings, etc.

In the past I have really wanted to try out ads on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc, but all of those platforms reject our attempts. So in terms of that, I'd say that the Brave advertising campaign is definitely favorable. It's hard to give real numbers or comparisons since it's our only ad campaign thus far, but we've had a great experience.

It's a small stream, but a stream nonetheless and we're very thankful for those who have tipped us, like yourself. IamMeeoh: I have been using myEtherWallet for years. It's a great product and I trust it. I discovered the existence of MyCrypto from the Brave ads. At first I thought it was a scammy clone, but then, reading a bit here and there I discovered it's a serious product. Could you please tell us where MyCrypto is going to be different from myEtherWallet? The key aspects. And why you think people like me should move to MyCrypto.

Jordan: Hey IamMeeoh, thanks for the question. I'm glad to hear that you learned about MyCrypto thanks to our Brave ads. When we first split off from MyEtherWallet and started MyCrypto, the two products were very similar read: almost identical.

It's been almost 18 months since that split though, and over time our two products have started to go in unique directions. Still similar, but the differences are showing a lot more. At MyCrypto we've opted to do things low and slow like a good pulled pork.

We've made updates here and there to our designs, flows, etc, but are really taking our time on releasing major updates because we're doing things like user research, testing, etc. You can see a sneak peek of what we're working on here. One of the big things we've done is launching a fully-fledged desktop app. The MyCrypto Desktop App is basically the entire MyCrypto experience but away from the browser and in a much safer environment.

When it comes down to it, a lot of the offerings are still similar between our platform and MEW, but over time you're going to see more and more differentiating factors coming out. Scoobytwo: First off, thank you so much Taylor for all the work you've done. A true pioneer in the Ethsphere! My question: Given what we've all witnessed in the past couple of years, what are your thoughts on utility tokens?

So I tend to be turned off by the word "utility token" because of everything that happened with ICO-mania, etc. There were so many projects touting around a "utility token" when there wasn't even a token in existence yet That said, true utility tokens and NFTs are super exciting, especially in the long term.

I think in years, looking back at where we are now in terms of tokens and how we are utilizing them lol will be such a tiny blip on the radar. Tokens are so much more than something to speculate on, buy, sell, etc.

They have the ability to represent real-world assets, ownership, and who knows what else. The experience of giving, receiving, obtaining, selling, tokens will be invisible in some cases and "just happen". Or, in other cases, transferring a token will take a lot of work and effort and checks before it can happen especially if the token represents ownership of a real-world asset.

I think where we are right now is similar to where we were in the early 90's with cell phones. Back then, you could sorta see the potential of having a mobile phone instead of being tied to a landline, but people were stuck in that mentality and context. The next years are going to be very exciting as tokens evolve and become a fundamental part of this ecosystem and the larger world. Do you or have you seen any challenges that Mycrypto. Jordan: Heya streetride! That's a great question.

There's compliance to be mindful of in normal terms privacy policies, disclaimers, etc. I don't mean "which project is going to the moon and what tokens should I buy??? Not NFTs for like random digital art or things like that, but NFT's that enable something within a larger piece of the ecosystem. For example, holding an NFT that represents a loan or other position you have or can take.

Would love to see better dApp representation on my iPhone. Taylor: Not at this time. It's not impossible to do, but I believe the winning dapp browser will have to focus solely on being a dapp browser rather than anything else. It can't also be a wallet or an interface or hold personal information—it has to just be a connector layer and focus on keeping the user educated and safe about what they are doing.

It won't hold people's funds or even give people access to their funds directly. In the same vein, I think we need to see the dapps themselves removing reliance on a user's personal information address, etc.

If you think about the current system you have apps that have access to your credit card number or paypal info or whatever. That's all they get. Then you have your bank that has all your information. You don't give Uber your entire transaction history and you don't ask your bank to call you a car. The crypto-future will probably operate similarly in order to reduce the amount of information any single party has and keep people's information, and assets, safe.

Dapp browser—access the dapps, send necessary info to the wallet and send necessary info to the dapp. Wallet—final check on what the user is actually doing, holder of money. DaveSchweinsteiger: Do you believe in the success of Libra?

Jordan: Only time will tell where and if Libra shines and where and if it fails. Razzashi: What is the most exciting thing you are currently working towards achieving with MyCrypto? Jordan: Hey Razzashi, thanks for asking. There are a LOT of exciting things going on with MyCrypto and the overarching blockchain space right now. The tweets were my intro to MyCrypto.

Jordan: Great question, abcoathup. I started tweeting more and more and taking that responsibility off Taylor's plate and felt like we should retain her voice and personality because people had gotten used to it and it was working pretty well. It's one of the core aspects of our messaging voice and I don't see that changing, aside from me toning down the language sometimes. Taylor: Just a little addition I just used MyEtherWallet as both the company account, my personal interactions with people in the ecosystem, providing support, and to stay abreast of news.

One small example: whenever there was one of those "women on crypto twitter list" people would shout out the MyEtherWallet account. I never sat there with some grand marketing plan to "have personality".

I just did my thing and there was no one around to tell me that it may not be a good idea to make the identities so intertwined and brand accounts probably should rant and rave and curse about ICOs. Read the full AMA here. Study finds that three in four people find privacy protected ads and the option to control the number of ads they see daily appealing.

Brave is built by a team of privacy focused, performance oriented pioneers of the web. Help us fix browsing together. Jordan: Heya tripper21, great question. Taylor: Hey! Thanks for the question. Basically I imagine a future might look like… Dapps—just the dapp Dapp browser—access the dapps, send necessary info to the wallet and send necessary info to the dapp Wallet—final check on what the user is actually doing, holder of money Where we fit into this It's a big next step for the MyCrypto product in terms of the features and functions we offer.

It's a next step for what the industry needs, in our opinion—considering how easy it is to make wallets, there's no reason not to have multiple wallets for various uses—and now one place to manage all of them.

This will be something we constantly iterate and reiterate on to make it better over time, and we feel like we're helping forge a path through the forest of confusion in this space.

Ready to Brave the new internet? Download Brave. Apple Chip Nov and later. How to find my chip At the top left, Open the Apple menu. Brave Wallet for mobile! The secure crypto wallet.

CryptoZoon AMA with Binance Smart Chain Community — Recap

Looking ahead to SHIB in After some technical delays created by an influx of listeners, it did not disappoint. Here's everything we learned about SHIB during the event. Eric also revealed that the DAO release will be staggered into phases. These will be the following:. Touching on its importance, Queenie said: "It puts the future in the holders' hands. While this was initially cryptic, Queenie expanded on what this means.

#Altcoin News #CRYPTOCURRENCY NEWS #EDITORS PEAK #HOT #ICO #IEO #Midgard Research #POSTS. Tagged: AMA Blockchain CryptoCurrency ICO Recap.

ChainWars AMA Recap

Dive Into Decentralized Finance. Monday Market Recap. Are you a journalist or an editor? Project Insight. In-depth project research displaying the core features of the latest DeFi protocols. Ask Me Anything. Transcripts of the latest DeFi protocols opening up to questions regarding their DApps. Sponsored Articles.

Cryptorank News

ama crypto news

AMA Group Ltd. The Vehicle Panel Repair segment engages in motor vehicle panel repairs. The Automotive Parts and Accessories segment provides automotive parts and accessory solutions to a wide range of customer segments, including panel repair sites, wholesale and retail. The company was founded on April 19, and is headquartered in Bundall, Australia. This browser is no longer supported at MarketWatch.

The Luna Fund is backed by large family and multifamily offices.

SafeMoon Drops As Creators Apologize Over AMA, Say Crypto Will Be on MXC, Mandala Exchanges

Despite the volatile nature of the crypto market, millions of people in the United States are attracted to the crypto marketplace because of the higher returns it offers. But, not all are veteran investors and lacks vital information and for such a group of people, AMA or Ask Me Anything session is introduced. Maybe you are looking for a profitable Crypto coin or attracting investors or buyers for your crypto coins, or wondering which crypto token to invest in; the AMA session is helpful for all crypto investors. AMA or Ask Me Anything is the online session referred to as actions where experts from a specific profession or company conduct live sessions for the crypto investors, buyers, or others to ask them any questions related to the crypto market and cryptocurrencies. But it is also conducted in selected chatrooms. The expert group comprises hundreds of experienced operators, investors, and researchers from the crypto and blockchain space.

[AMA: NOVEMBER 23, 2021, 3.00PM EAT] Ask Me Anything (AMA) Twitter Session with LocalBitcoins

The House Representatives in a letter to the US president on Thursday said, the US has a moral obligation to help the Afghan people who worked alongside American Forces and that helping the people is a national interest of the US to prevent Afghanistan from becoming safe haven for terrorists. Lawmakers also wrote that the US has promised not to abandon the Afghan people, so the promises must be upheld and gains of the past twenty years should not be let go in vain. The letter is written to Joe Biden after 40 lawmakers urged the US secretary of state and Treasury to release the assets of Afghanistan. Your email address will not be published. Friday 28 January, About Us Sitemap Contact Us.

#Altcoin News #CRYPTOCURRENCY NEWS #EDITORS PEAK #HOT #ICO #IEO #Midgard Research #POSTS. Tagged: AMA Blockchain CryptoCurrency ICO Recap.

MoonNation Live AMA Ready to Demonstrate the Latest MetaVerse Technology

DigiFinex 20th AMA has just happened! This time we have hosted the AMA on our Telegram community. Are you a music lover?

The algorithm could help market regulators predict and prevent cryptocurrency schemes that sees traders spend seven million US Dollars per month, only to find the price of their purchased currency falls as the scheme unfolds. Pump-and-dump schemes are used to artificially inflate the price of a cryptocurrency — types of virtual currency - so that scheme organisers can sell the currency at a profit. Long used by traditional financial markets, pump-and-dump schemes are now common in crypto financial markets too. Pump-and-dump scheme organisers often use their knowledge to gain from pump-and-dump events at the sacrifice of fellow pumpers, and the practice costs the cryptocurrency market seven million USD per month.

When spotting the bug, I had a mixed feeling [sic]. Ask yourself what to do had you [been] facing so much fortune [sic].

Andy Ji, took part in a special minute AMA session LIVE on Youtube to answer questions from crypto users around the world on the topic of creation and adoption of blockchain apps and services. See the full AMA on Youtube. We will release Part 2 to cover the questions that could not be answered due to time limitations. For example, staking ONT? Andy: DeFi is one of our focus areas in Actually, we have already provided loan, regulated stablecoin, payment, debit card, and wealth management products to our end users. For the next step, Ontology is going to lower the barrier to DeFi and build a real, inclusive finance ecosystem.

In the cryptocurrency industry, tons of new members join every day, and several questions are seen strolling in their minds. There are many acronyms in this space that are quite different from the traditional world. The terminology creates confusion about who will question and where to question.

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