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Here is a presentation of the BIT token on the occasion of the launch of ByBIT IEO

The cryptocurrency market is known for its price fluctuation. It can be either a decrease or an increase even up to ten times, mostly during a market bull.

Thought, it is relatively abnormal to record a ten times decrease in 30 days when the market is calm. The Band protocol is a digital project aiming at solving the oracle problem in the crypto space. It is a must-read for beginners and individuals who are inquisitive to know more about the band protocol. The co-founders worked with the team members to establish the protocol in Soravis Srinawakoon nurtured the project vision in his mind before working it out-he is the CEO of the protocol.

While still with the BCG, Soravis discovered many start-ups, including deep-fried Tofu chips, energy drinks, and even coffee. He later involved himself with crypto in on hearing that MIT airdropped Bitcoin worth USD to the undergraduates who finished a survey. Each respondent got 0. The CEO and his friends designed a crypto gambling website that became twice a Bitcoin faucet.

When the website is at its peak, Soravis sold it and invested the fund on another project known as the Band protocol. The co-founder Quora Sorawit Suriyakarn was formerly a software engineer at Dropbox. Lastly, Paul Chonpimai was a web developer and an engineer at Turfmapp and Tripadvisor, respectively. Other Band Protocol team members, as listed on their LinkedIn page, are twenty employees, including developers, engineers, and designers scattered within Asia.

It is designed to offer scalability and guaranteed transaction speed. It later developed its blockchain with the Cosmos SDK to distribute data across various blockchains. Phase 0: This mainnet was released on the 6 th of June It is the Bandchain foundational version and allows the staking and transfer of BAND tokens for validators. Phase 1: The Band protocol migrated to phase 1 mainnet on 15 th October It supports the permissionless creation of oracle scripts with customizable data for querying public and free data sources.

Phase 2: This mainnet allows the providers of API to make their data commercialized on-chain in such a trustless manner. Also enabling them to collect their revenue on-chain. It allows developers to pay or subscribe for any token of their choice. The release of this mainnet completes the decentralized oracle network of the BandChain. It will enhance the interoperability between traditional enterprise services and smart contracts.

The Bandchain is also known as the Band Protocol V2. It is customized for computing oracles, including data sourcing, settlement, and aggregation. Such as random numbers, sports, feed data, weather, and more.

The Band protocol being a cross-chain implies that it can provide data for multiple blockchains, including Ethereum. This is a rare quality in the crypto industry and a major advantage for the protocol. The group wishes to establish a general API standard that will allow easy leverage of data and APIs using blockchain applications. The native token of the protocol is BAND.

It is the major means of exchange and is used by validators in the Band Protocol ecosystem as collaterals. They stake the BAND to earn a portion of the transaction fees and as well secure the platform. The BAND is used to fulfill data requests like setting the cost for private data. A lot of Dapps depend on this latest and up-to-date data to function and satisfy users as intended.

The Bandchain blockchain is made up of a network of decentralized validators that creates blocks for validating user transactions. The good news is that the working mechanism of the Band Protocol is easier to comprehend no than before. The Ethereum version of the protocol consists of communities with multiple data having their tokens backed by the BAND token. These individual token prices fluctuate with data demand in the community.

The Bandchain consists of a network of delegators and validators, ensuring accurate and consistent external data. Then, Validators are selected pseudo-randomly based on their average stake weight to supply them data.

They achieve this by sourcing data via smart contract specified sources and aggregate these data in a smart contract specified manner. In summary, one can take this whole process to be similar to ordering snacks in a restaurant for easy assimilation.

Your first place an order a smart contract for a sandwich the data and instruct the waiter on the number of sandwiches you want the particular way you want the data to be collated. The waitress validator is randomly picked based on his ability to make a good sandwich. Maybe they have like five sandwich makers, and the best among them was absent; the second-best can be picked.

You will be required to pay for the sandwich order with BAND tokens , then you receive your packaged sandwich data. However, the entire process on the Bandchain, unlike the restaurant, takes seconds to finish. The cost is not up to 1 USD.

The BAND recorded a total token supply of ,, tokens. The first initial coin offering happened between August It sold a total of 10 million tokens at the unit rate of USD 0. The 2 nd token sale was held in —May. It realized a total of USD 2 million. It is the yielding funding round for the protocol and raised close to USD 6million. It sold It was offered for sale to the launchpad participants who used it for lottery draws. More so, a pool of , BAND tokens was shared and airdropped to launchpad members without a winning ticket.

The BAND can be purchased from several crypto exchanges, both centralized and decentralized. The decentralized ones are Kyber Network and Uniswap. The Band Protocol is developed to be more efficient and faster than normal oracle solutions. It ensures that reliable data are transferred to and gotten from various blockchains. The protocol is compatible with most smart contracts and blockchain development. We are yet to get information on how long it will take to complete and run this project. Bandcahin enables developers to create and customize data oracle scripts allowing the smart contracts access to APIs and external sources of data.

It gives specific security parameters and aggregation methods. When a user submits a smart contract, validators are selected to supply the data pseudo-randomly. This selection is solely based on the average weight of their individual stake. They achieve this by sourcing data from smart contract specified sources. Validators possess monetary rewards to correctly report data.

The Validators are also slashed if they go offline for a long time or sign transactions twice. They can fix their transaction fees for all the data they provide. Only the first validators are qualified to act and receive oracle requests on the network. In the BandChain, validators are randomly selected to create new blocks and provide data.

They are, in turn, rewarded with BAND tokens for providing valid data. The validators are also capable of placing their desired charges for the data they provide. Their stake can be affected if they stay offline for a long time, double-sign a transaction, or ignore a data request.

Double-signing means a validator charged more than the stipulated price for a data request. To be a validator, you must be a part of the top stakers in the BandChain network. Delegators donate their tokens to desired validators as a tradeoff for some commissions from the validators block rewards and data request fees.

As there are no rules constraining delegators to support validators and their data, they are rewarded in doing so. Should the validators act questionably, the delegators will also be affected by the stake slash of their staked validator. Validators and Delegators can utilize the Lite Client protocol to authenticate the data given by the validator.

The Band Protocol is an interesting project with many potentials. It offers a fast, reliable, and user-friendly platform for buying, selling, or staking its native token BAND.

Image Credit: CoinMarketCap. This Band Protocol review analyzed the protocol and x-rayed its unique features in a manner very easy to read and understand. The good news is that from a long-term perspective, it is not too late to invest in BAND. Alex Moore 8 July Updated: 8 July Top Brokers. Visit Blueberry Markets Your capital is at risk. Visit Capital Your capital is at risk. Visit eToro Your capital is at risk.

Visit Kraken Your capital is at risk. Visit Libertex Your capital is at risk. Join Telegram..

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After unboxing and looking at the SecuX V20 device, I was pleasantly surprised that the overall quality and screen size was much larger than other mid-tier devices in more info price range, such as the Ledger Nano X and the Trezor Model T. Now, those devices are classic and original devices, but they are tiny and made of a somewhat flimsy, plastic form-factor. This device has a beautiful brushed aluminum reinforced hardware wallet. It has a clean flat display and the back has a durable padding rubber-like backing that is built secux v20 supported coins abuse and stability. The SecuX V20 device is the only one with a unique form factor and octagon design that is very sleek and very durable. This device is connected by bluetooth! That means it has wireless support and can be managed with full functionality by the SecuX app for iOS and Android.

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ieo crypto v20

WOX is a new blockchain technology which aim to develop a safest transaction bridge between private and public blockchains into its native blockchain. Cross-chain decentralized exchange between Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, Litecoin, EOS, Nem and its tokens so you can make a transaction between two different blockchains cryptocurrencies with an unique address which will be generate in WOX blockchain. That is our difference, WOX is a revolutionary financial project. WOX will be the foremost decentralized platform whose objective is to change the current status quo of the cryptocurrency exchange industry with it native blockchain and native coin.

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According to Google's top-most searched list, Ethereum and Dogecoin make the top 10 most searched news terms. Solana SOL has seen a massive increase since its launch in March As Grayscale Investments adds to its portfolio, it's look. Omicron OMIC , a newly launched cryptocurrency, has seen enormous gains after the announcement of the new Covid variant. A new report has been released showing that transactions on the Solana Network are more efficient than more than two Google search.

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House Of Chimera. Amazon-owned Twitch quietly brings back Bitcoin payments — link. Amazon-owned, leading game streaming platform Twitch has brought back bitcoin payments. Oh wait it is nearby Keep such things in your mind, since it is important to understand common trends. More good news? If IEO coins do pump now, it will revive the hype - this means we can see some good gains coming in with the upcoming IEO. IF - BTC can behave and won't pump for another leg.

Every crypto trader and yield farmer wants to make substantial profits while mitigating some of the risks they tend to face in the extremely.

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Table of Contents. Band Protocol is a decentralized cross-chain data oracle platform that aggregates and connects real-world data and APIs to smart contracts. BandChain is custom-built for oracle computations including settlement, data sourcing, and aggregation. Validators stake the network's native token, BAND, the secure the network and earn a portion of the fees generated by the protocol. Band Protocol was created to solve the problem of smart contract applications lacking access to real-world data. It also intends to provide reliable transaction speed and scalability ability to serve a large quantity of data requests to multiple public blockchains with minimal latency , cross-chain compatibility blockchain-agnostic , and data flexibility ability to support both public and private data.

Thunder Tokens are the native token of the ThunderCore project, the first crypto project to be supported on Huobi Prime Lite. The project claims to be capable of running over 1, transactions per second and is compatible with the Ethereum Ethereum Ethereum is an open source, blockchain-based distributed computing platform and operating system featuring smart contract functionality.

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With the launch of its first IEO, Bybit intends to strengthen its position in the market against platforms such as Binance, Crypto. Bybit is one of the largest cryptocurrency derivatives platforms, with almost 1. Founded in March , the exchange offers an intuitive and innovative trading experience for both individuals and professionals thanks to a strong team of experts from the finance and blockchain sectors. It is a structure controlled and governed by the holders of BIT tokens, who therefore have the right to vote in relation, for example, to any proposed financing of new projects, the update of the BitDAO protocols or the allocation of cash. Bybit Launchpad is a platform to launch tokens for blockchain projects. It allows access to pre-listing operations, but also to earn tokens directly on Bybit. A prize pool of 5 million BIT tokens will be up for grabs and from September 22, to September 28, , users will be able to win up to 3, free BIT tokens.

Statecraft Technology Co. Ltd were founded in September , is a professional research and development team of blockchain infrastructure. KTrade is Taiwan's first trading platform that provides a crypto mining community, all transaction fees are reimbursed to the users. With the features of separation mechanism, we can help companies get token listed on our exchange platform.

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