Is forex trading legitimate

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Is forex trading legitimate

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Is Forex trading really legit?

The forex market is huge. That creates a lot of potential for making massive profits. You can access these profits no matter the type of trader you are.

If you are a human trader, the profits are endless. Even if you implement robotic trading for which you will need a Forex VPS , the opportunities are still very much available too. As a result, many retail investors are constantly flocking in to reap the bountiful benefits the market presents. There is an entire industry centered on enabling people to trade in the forex market. This industry consists of various participants such as educators who train traders with the skills they need to succeed.

Others, such as the brokers, provide the platforms on which they trade. Due to the size of the industry and the opportunities therein, there is a lot of scams claiming to offer these services as well. Their goal is to rip people off their hard-earned funds. This piece introduces you to the concept of forex scams in Malaysia and how to avoid them.

First, you need to know the types of those scams that exist. The first step in avoiding Forex scams in Malaysia is being able to spot them. These scams manifest in various forms and types. Thus, it is important that you can identify them. Outlined here are the most popular types of forex trading scams in Malaysia. Here, they are properly discussed:. Although forex trading can be very rewarding, it is hardly profitable for the majority of people that engage in it.

Statistics claim that the majority of forex traders, especially new traders, lose their capital in the forex market.

Hence, to become profitable in forex trading, you must first be properly educated in its art and science. You must be ready to undergo thorough and comprehensive trading education and training. You can get this education from numerous sources. For instance, some people get it from YouTube which is free.

Many free courses are online that can teach you how to trade and put you on the road to profitability. However, the fact needs to be stated. The knowledge and experience you derive from these free sources are usually not sufficient enough to make you profitable. Most forex educators do not reveal all there is to know about profitable trading. Usually, the free courses are just good enough to teach you the basics you need to get started.

But as you will agree, the basics are not enough to become profitable. Thus, you need advanced trading knowledge. Most times, this advanced trading knowledge that will make you profitable will only be delivered by paid instructors.

Almost no one teaches profitable forex trading strategies for free. That is, usually, you need to pay to a forex trading coach. Sadly, however, many persons pose as real coaches online, whereas they are not. Some may take your money, promising to teach you how to trade profitably. To lure you to pay for their courses, they tell you that they are the best in the market, and that you can become highly profitable in a short time by studying their courses.

When you purchase those courses, you discover that they are merely repackaged resources that you can get online for free. Some others get your money and do not provide any value at all.

Others even totally run away with your funds. A few even teach you completely wrong information about the forex market. These can be quite devastating to traders, especially the up-and-coming ones. However, you can protect yourself from all of these.

This you can do by being smart at identifying these scams when you encounter them. Usually, these forex education scams have some things in common, including:. Alluring promises: Those who sell scam courses usually make bogus promises of how they will make you a profitable trader in a week or two.

If you come across people making claims like these, there is every tendency that they are not credible. The truth is that becoming successful in the forex market is very tough. Many commit as much as several months, and even sometimes, years to become confidently profitable at trading. Thus, if there is anyone promising that you will gain mastery and become profitable in a short while, it is very likely they are phonies and should be clearly avoided.

No Proof of Performance : One of the effective channels through which you can get to discover these forex education scams is their lacking real track records online for you to check. This is unlike the genuine forex educators who, sadly, are very few.

The real forex coaches must have been in the business of trading for quite some time and during that time, they would have become popular in the industry.

They usually also have positive reviews and testimonials from real students who have already subscribed to their courses. However, you should note that you have to be careful when it comes to checking reviews online as there are many fake ones too.

Ridiculously Low Price of the Courses : This is actually not always the case. However, possibly, you can separate the genuine from scam educators based on the prices they charge for their works. It is almost always the case that credible providers of forex education know the worth of the knowledge and services they provide.

Thus, they usually charge more for their courses. On the flip side, knowing full well that their courses are not authentic, the scammers charge ridiculous prices just to make money. Their goal is to rip you off, so they make their courses cheap so that you can easily afford them. However, this is not the case all the time. Some cheap courses are provided by trusted educators as well.

In all, it is important that when looking out for fake forex educators in Malaysia that you consider multiple factors and not just one. This is one of the fastest-growing forms of forex scams in Malaysia. A forex trading signal can be seen as an instruction from an experienced trader telling you which trades to take.

The signal specifically instructs you as to the exact price at which to enter the trade, the direction that the trade will likely move, and also the time at which to exit the market.

Signals are very helpful, especially for newcomers, in trading. Becoming a consistently profitable trader in the forex market takes quite some time. It can run into months, or even years in some cases.

However, with signals, traders may not need to go through all of these. They can fund their trading accounts, select the signals to trade, and potentially become profitable. Nevertheless, usually, no one offers signals for free.

To access signals, traders have to subscribe to a signal service. They pay a price for this. However, just as with forex educators, not all forex signal providers are trustworthy. In fact, there are a lot of scams amongst them, much more than the credible ones. Forex signal scams manifest in the manner of scammers promising to give you access to daily profitable signals that will enable you to trade and profit.

They will tell you that the signals have the potential to make you extraordinary profits daily or weekly. Usually, all of these are not true. Some copy the signals of others and then resell them to you. And not all the signals they provide to you are well researched. Hence, the chances that you will lose your money when you use those signals are high. But should you avoid using forex trading signals?

The benefits of trading with signals, especially if you are a newbie trader, are numerous. What you need to do is learn how to spot the scams amongst them. They may even present testimonials of fake students to back things up. However, of course, most of these were fabricated. Are they traceable online? Can you verify their work in the forex community? If not, avoid them. Another quite popular method through which scammers rip people off in Malaysia is via forex investment programs.

Here, some persons pose as if they are professional traders. Their mode of operation is quite similar to the ones used by the forex education and forex signal scammers earlier discussed. They have become very popular on various social media platforms.

With these people, you get to commit your hard-earned money in the expectation of exponential returns. Another form of forex trading scam in Malaysia is forex trading robot scam.

This is, by far, the fastest growing of them all. Robotic or software trading is growing in popularity because of the bountiful benefits it offers.

Maverick Trading Reviews: Working at Maverick Trading

Knowing that FX Trading is an unregulated broker and operates from an anonymous place, we were not surprised to learn about numerous victims. Therefore, this FX Trading summary should give you a good insight into the company and some of the refund solutions. FX Trading is an anonymous trading website, allegedly based in Ireland. It offers Forex and CFD trading, luring inexperienced clients into the trap. We did find some details, and you can read more about them in our FX Trading review. There are numerous ways for fraudulent online trading companies to extort your money.

Professional traders can make a lot of money trading on foreign exchange markets. This makes forex very attractive >>>Read More.

Zenith Bank

Jane not her real name contacted the Financial Markets Authority FMA in June this year to report she had been lured into a serious investment scam after meeting the scammer in March on the popular dating app Hinge. Jane told her story to the FMA in the hope it would prevent others from falling into the same trap. He was planning to move to Auckland in June. We read the same books, had the same thoughts on the same book and similar values etc. He said he had a finance degree and learnt how to read candlestick charts. Jane did her homework before transferring any money. His Facebook and LinkedIn pages checked out, and the link to the website sent by the scammer - www. Jane showed plenty of skepticism and would contact the www.

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is forex trading legitimate

Get-rich-quick schemes are usually unregulated. Find out how to spot an investment scam, and learn how to protect yourself from falling prey to these scams. These get-rich-quick schemes often promise high profits, with small amounts of upfront cash, at little to no risk. They typically have no verifiable track records, save for "customer testimonials" on their websites. Sounds familiar?

The rise of cryptocurrencies has resulted in the growth of trading platforms that allows one to make money after investing in the network. One can use the standard currency to purchase the digital currency for trading it in a way like a forex or stock trading.

Forex Trading Scams in Malaysia

Once again, crypto is in the news — for both good and bad reasons. The good news is that the Financial Conduct Authority FCA has found the culprit in a Forex trading scam and is holding them accountable to their crime. Blockchain is supposed to make crypto a safe, unhackable online payment option. The anonymous nature of paying in cryptocurrency makes it attractive to everyday consumers but also to scammers, and the sudden rise in value attracts seasoned and novice investors alike. What happened?

Forex Trading Scam

Thinkmarkets contact. The ThinkMarkets website is secured using industry-standard encryption protocols. Premium clients are offered tailor made solutions to best match their needs. Please contact … ThinkMarkets Review About the broker. In this role, you will enhance the overall customer experience by improving the operational function of the organization's current business lines, including but not limited to OTC CFDs, FX and cash equities products.

Currency trading scam: How it worked. Regulators' investigations into giant foreign exchange trading market found traders brazenly.

At Addition Financial, we're big believers in investment and we love it when our members take steps to save for retirement or go into business for themselves. It's exciting! What we don't love is when scammers go after our members and try to take advantage of them. Forex scams are something we've been hearing about lately.

The alert details the red flags of possible forex scams, including guarantees of high returns with little risk, high-pressure sales, and a lack of disclosure, among other things. It also reminds investors to ensure that firms engaging in forex trading must be licensed by provincial regulators and belong to the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada. The central bank also said it would phase out its monthly bond purchases in March. Simplified procedures were extended for the , tax years.

FX , Trading Education. Participants in the Forex market include banks, commercial companies, hedge funds, investment management firms, brokers and investors.

ExpertOption was founded in and has built a loyal following by establishing itself as one of the most trustworthy and reliable trading platforms out there. ExpertOption processes over 30 million trades each month. It is available in over countries and has over 65 million registered users worldwide. It has some advantages that make it stand out among its competitors, like low minimum deposit, a unique platform, prompt customer service, zero fees on transactions, and high-quality educational material. On the other hand, it has some downsides. If that suits you, ExpertOption is a great broker to start trading. We listed below a brief comparison between ExpertOption and its competitors to give you a better idea about the broker.

The forex trading market is huge and trades trillions of US dollars daily as it is a substantially unrestricted market with a massive amount of money. Forex trading has its ins and outs in the market. So many people ask themselves, can they get rich by the forex market in a short time? Yes, there are financial gains, but considering it easy is not the best way to approach the market.

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