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Redd celebrates a milestone this week. Another trip around the sun. Staking participation. Whats up with that? Any tools to learn more?

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Art has always been an element of union, through art, man reaches heaven, contemplates beauty, feels gratified. We want to make art the means to bring the unencrypted world closer to the world of cryptocurrency. We do not need speculation, we want to create a community, people comming together to build a better world.

Italy always had an eye for great attention to art, so much that it has become the reason for many visits to the nice country of Italy. Many painters, sculptors, poets like Caravaggio, Leonardo Da Vinci, Raffaello, Dante Alighieri, have created wonderful works subsidized by Italian benefactors.

Today in many schools across the country they study the life of artists, works of art, work techniques simply because one day people have entrusted tasks, This realizes something for Reddcoin. Probably many people around thought that it would be useless, luckily for us they did not let themselves be convinced and also went against the current! Every work of art that comes to light has always helped to create a better world, this is what the artist wants to express.

In this third millennium we want to use this honor and give space to all artists. Reddcoin will give them a motivation, assist in seeking benefactors. All we want is to spread art because art is for each of us, we can and we must all admire it. Reddcoin4Art , Reddcoin-Alliance and Reddcoin want to be the protagonists of this. The artist should be able to express himself! Spreading Reddcoin means winning the mistrust in cryptocurrencies.

Reddcoin4art want spread Reddcoin with the art! Syncing a blockchain is always a time consuming and painful process. Fortunately, with the Reddcoin Core Bootstrap, you can speed up the syncing and staking Reddcoin process on a fresh install of the Reddcoin Core Wallet.

Download bootstrap. Extract it: — Linux: xz -d bootstrap. Copy bootstrap. Start wallet which will automatically import blockchain from bootstrap. After import is finished, bootstrap. Share this graphic socially and spread the word about staking Reddcoin to earn extra RDD social currency! We are looking forward to what will bring to the table in the crypto-space.

There is lots of interesting projects going around currently and as the potential of blockchain is realised, peoples ideas are really starting to take shape. In our own corner, we have been putting a lot of focus and attention into Redd-ID and the overall user experience. We have moved past the idea of launching as a web application and into being a browser extension that provides a more immersive experience. We have now completed the first rounds of implementing the registering of IDs onto the blockchain while making it as simple as possible for the end user.

The next steps are integrating with select social networks, and start building the foundation for completely decentralised tipping. As a progress update, we have created and posted a short min video of what we have been doing. Let us know what you think, or if you would like it posted elsewhere. Additionally, if you want to have it translated, we have the script for creating captions, or alternate voice-overs.

The next step in our development is to integrate the extension with the various social network platforms. So all the pieces are now finally coming together, and are being tested. Along side this, we are working on an information portal to educate on how all the pieces fit together. Our public slack channel is open to help fellow developer in their quest of programming excellence. We have a growing number of community members who have already joined, and looking into interfacing Reddcoin into their projects.

Discussion is open to all aspects of coding, and we have skills across quite a number of disciplines. We have provided an auto invite for easy access to the Developer Channel. The crypto currency world has not reached its tipping point yet, but when it does, it is sure to escalate at an amazing rate. There are going to be many ups and downs, and an interesting ride for sure.

If you would like to get involved and dont know where to start, reach out and we will see where you can jump in Deadpool has a great Trello site going with activities that need looking at. Thank you everyone.

We are looking forward to a fantastic year ahead. It has been quite the ride up to this point, and in this arena things move fast. We are confident that you will enjoy what we will start to deliver. There are lots of exciting projects out there, but none quite touch on the ideas we have in mind.

And from each of us here on the Reddcoin Team, I would like to take this opportunity in wishing you, your families and loved ones all the best for the Christmas and Holiday period. Where ever you are, and however you celebrate this time of year, be safe and be good to each other. And now as the holiday season is upon us and prepares to give way to , I would like to give our latest update of Reddcoin Development.

Overall, there is a lot of progress made behind the scenes. This is paving the way for the next round of Reddcoin and continuing to build the foundation. It is expected that throughout that these efforts will showcase all this good work. All the pieces are finally coming together, and are being tested. Along side this, I am working on an information portal to educate how it is all the pieces fit together.

PixelBin has been a part of and around the Reddcoin community since the very early days. His current Reddcoin related project is integrating Reddcoin as a payment channel, and I am sure he will provide some further details later.

We have opened a new public slack channel to help fellow developer in their quest of programming excellence. A number of community members have already joined who are already interfacing with Reddcoin into their projects. Thank you everyone for a fantastic year. It has been quite a ride, and I know in this arena things move fast, but I am confident that we now have solid platform on which to build.

There are lots of exciting projects out there, but none quite touch on the ideas I have in mind. I would just like to take this opportunity to extend my thanks and appreciation to all of you and also to the broader crypto community to which we belong.

As the year comes to a close and reflect back on the year that was, there has been a lot of activity and excitement with its usual ups and downs. It is with clarity that I look forward to advancing our efforts and start bridging the technology to the broader community during We are now in December and is rapidly drawing to a close.

Since the last update, all efforts are still being placed delivering on our roadmap. We want to reach our target goals as close as possible. And overall the progress is looking quite good. Redd-ID has been operational on testnet for quite some time now, and all energy is focussed on polishing the user experience. There has been a lot to cover off with this stage of the project, and it will be a momentous step which will take Reddcoin in the right direction for a truly decentralised tipping platform.

I say unfortunate because there is a technology drive to create great applications to run on a blockchain that is now gone. I cannot comment on what led to the demise of either entity, but the goal is to learn from the experience.

Ultimately, the goal of Reddcoin along with the services we are creating is to provide a social experience to reward users and encourage positive social interaction.

It is quite operational on testnet, where a user is able to create, update, transfer and revoke their ID. What currently is being worked on is to wrap this up and provide an interface that will make the first round of registrations easy and straight forward. This is being performed as a web based interface first and the goal is to launch this at the same time as ReddID. Once this work has been complete we will be opening into live testing while we migrate the platform across to mainnet.

For the launch of ReddID, we are giving consideration to the various options as to how this will transpire. As has been mentioned in previous posts, the act of registering an ID will have an associated cost in RDD. This pricing model serves several purposes. And as potential users of this system, interested in your feedback and what you feel is both fair and reasonable.

As a timely reminder for you: If you are presently staking, and you are operating an old client 1. Download the latest V2 wallet here.

While this has been on the Reddcoin team radar for quite a while now, we are still been investigating either relaunching the existing BitcoinTalk Reddcoin ANN thread, or creating a new thread. Both options are available, and all that is needed is to rework the OP Original Post with updated information that reflects the current status of work and goals, along with the roadmap.

This is an exciting moment, as we have not had a strong presence on BitcoinTalk since closing the thread almost 2 years ago. The BitcoinTalk community is strong and it would establish another line of communication with the community. Thank you for your patience. I know in this arena things projects move fast, but I am confident that we now have a platform to move forward.

The efforts are now being placed on a range of fronts in a multi pronged approach, covering a number of aspects of the Project. All the while the main focus is on delivering the project in the order laid out in the published roadmap. As you may well be aware, we have a very ambitious Reddcoin Roadmap that covers a lot of bases. The main priority is to complete the ReddID system and get it into a state that can start being used by the general public.

You may not be aware, but ReddID has been worked on over the last 12 months while development was also being done on Core and a few of our other projects. In its current form, ReddID is operating on testnet whilst development work continues, but it is expected to switch over to the mainnet soon.

Overall it is progressing very well, and at the current rate of development believe that we will hit our target deploy dates. In the spirit of trying to make the interface into ReddID as simple and attractive as possible, we are working on providing a simple API and GUI to help kick start the registration process. This will also extended to allow for 3rd party integrations.

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This page calculates the live exchange rate for RDD 1. On this exact moment the exchange of RDD 1. Reddcoin price prediction for Reddcoin is now widely known in the world of cryptocurrency with the status of being a very promising crypto. Reddcoin is a serious project, which has a strong team behind the crypto with a lot of expertise.

محفظة reddcoin الأساسية. Best 5 Wallet For ReddCoin (RDD) To Store ReddCoin Safely CoinomiReddcoin Events, News & Roadmap: Hard Fork, Halving.

Reddcoin Review: Social CryptoCurrency For Tipping

Stay in Touch With Us. Email [email protected]. Our economies heavily depend on digital forms of payment. This has necessitated the innovation of multiple payment methods accessible on our mobile devices. However, most of these payment methods usually depend on third-party companies that keep a record of all the transactions. Cryptocurrencies eliminate the need for these companies in a bid to lower transaction costs. One such cryptocurrency doing that is Reddcoin and its RDD coin. Reddcoin is an open source peer-to-peer form of digital currency that has taken the digital coin market a step further by making numerous improvements to the already existing structures of digital currencies.

Reddcoin Redesigns, Launches Website with Newly Updated Roadmap And Others

reddcoin roadmap

For the meantime I will take all of my coins later this day and then after eight hours I can be able to stake it by. Who would play what role in development and public relations bittrex to coinbase eth bitfury scaling bitcoin Potcoin Gold? For example, Bitcoin synchronization. Set staking how much cpu does slushpool use how much hash power should a bitcoin mining pool have in reddcoin.

Here we are letting our community know a list of items we are currently working on and any relationships we are building with other companies in the industry. Below is an in-depth look at all the major milestones Redd has achieved over the last couple of years.

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💁🏽 ReddCoin review – A Social Tipping Platform

Trading and investing in digital assets is highly speculative and comes with many risks. Statements and financial information on CoinCheckup. Please do your own research on all of your investments carefully. We'll open source these formulas soon. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. Read the full disclaimer here. Scoring model: Semi-centralized org. Email support reddcoin.

Reddcoin Core Team is publishing this (very) high level Roadmap for To resume this roadmap, you can expect: * Redd-ID and social tipping to be.

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Proof of Stake Velocity often referred to as PoSV is offered as an alternative to Proof of Work normally called PoW and Proof of Stake abbreviated to PoS to ensure the security of the peer-to-peer network and confirm Reddcoin transactions, a cryptocurrency specifically created to enhance social interactions in the digital period. The PoSV is designed to encourage both Stake i. Reddcoin also functions as the unit of account in heterogeneous social context.

Reddcoin Price Prediction: 2022 and Beyond

Technological advancement in the last few decades has led to the creation of some new industries in the world. A very notable one is the social media industry. The development of social media platforms has been rapid, but there are a number of human activities that are not accurately structured on those platforms. An example of this is reward for content. Good content on social networks can be liked, shared, and responded to, but can rarely be tipped. There are incentives on some social media platforms like Facebook Cash and Snapchat Snapcash, but they are limited to their respective platforms.

Feel free to explore and let us know what you think!!

Products on the Reddcoin blockchain include the Reddcoin PointOfSale, Reddcoin Core Wallet and Redd ID, a user-friendly digital wallet that allows users to reward and show appreciation for quality online content with Reddcoin with a log-in via a chosen username rather than having to remember a character alphanumeric code. Reddcoin is the original social network tipping, content creator and micro-donation cryptocurrency. PoSV 2. PoSV algorithm ver 2. The fund is used entirely for charitable causes and deserving recipients, as determined by general consensus inside the Reddcoin community. These funds are sent from each wallet to the wallet address controlled by the Reddcoin Core development team with the intention of using them in a few specific ways: To provide a financial and resource support to the further development and all operational costs of Reddcoin RDD and to ensure the fund to the Reddcoin community that can be used for compensations, if some members have losses, technical issues or otherwise problems and they have a serious reason for replacement of their coins. These technologies imply transactions high speed, active community support, the presence of microtransaction function, reliable protection system, great software interface, exclusive conditions for companies who want to integrate ReddCoin into their business, resistance to overloads, and overall network stability.

Art has always been an element of union, through art, man reaches heaven, contemplates beauty, feels gratified. We want to make art the means to bring the unencrypted world closer to the world of cryptocurrency. We do not need speculation, we want to create a community, people comming together to build a better world.

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