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By Alfredo de Candia - 2 Aug This index includes a total of 58 low capitalisation cryptocurrencies and includes, among others, Wave, Grin and Nano. Here is the complete list. Although the name may be misleading, this is a real product offered by the FTX platform, where the user can interact with many different cryptocurrencies and engage in buying or selling depending on the performance of the index. The FTX platform has followed the Alameda Research incubation program allowing the opening of this crypto platform with the Shitcoin Index and to manage an OTC Over The Counter desk, futures, indices and recently also spot and margin trading.

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Shitcoins are getting out of control; Safemoon, CumRocket, Creampye, CuteCat.. What’s next?

HyperTech represents it operates from Hong Kong. Whether Xu is based in Hong Kong or elsewhere is unclear. HyperFund was announced in mid HyperFund has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market HyperFund affiliate membership itself.

HyperFund pays returns daily in HU. Withdrawals to actual money are made through an internal exchange HyperPay. HyperFund reinvestment is made in 50 HU increments. A unilevel compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of a unilevel team, with every personally recruited affiliate placed directly under them level 1 :. If any level 2 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are placed on level 3 and so on and so forth down a theoretical infinite number of levels.

Referral commissions are paid as a percentage of daily HU earnings paid across these twenty levels as follows:. Note that each unilevel team level requires a recruited affiliate with an active investment to qualify. You need to recruit and maintain four affiliate investors to earn commissions on levels 1 to 4 etc. Again these percentages are paid on all unilevel team legs full depth , excluding the strongest leg. There is also a coded component to the VIP Reward. Affiliates sign up and invest USDT.

HU points are worthless outside of HyperFund. HyperDAO aims to establish a complete DeFi Decentralised Finance ecosystem, providing clients with a decentralised financial infrastructure. HyperTech acknowledge they are offering an passive investment opportunity through HyperFund.

This constitutes a securities offering. This means that Xu and his Hyper companies are committing securities fraud in the US. Promotion of unregistered securities by US residents is also illegal. The math behind Ponzi schemes guarantees that when they collapse, the majority of participants lose money.

In the case of HyperFund, this will manifest itself by way of HyperFund affiliates being left holding worthless HU points. In the videos and the web-site, it says: To get access to our community, contact the person who referred you to this amazing opportunity for a step-by step setup guide! I also looked up Collinstar Capital which has a partially filled out Wix web-site collinstar. Thank you for the detailed reviews and information your site provide.

Your investment of time is remarkable and highly appreciated by Consumers who are approached with financial investment opportunities. Thanks again as this review is very relative and filled with additional links for individuals to continue their own due diligence. Maybe try speaking to the people who are actually involved and withdrawing a decent weekly income from this system before labelling it a scam.

Getting input from the tiny percentage of Ponzi scammers who steal money from the majority of investors is terrible due-diligence methodology. Hyperfund is legitimate. They have partnered with some of the largest corporations in Asia to invest.

I demand the author of this article retract their statements. Just an article to create fear mongering and hate. I despise articles such as these. The very definition of a pyramid scheme is the transfer of money without a specific good or service attached to it.

HyperFund is a Ponzi scheme because of its business model. Many misread the concept. Or better yet, let me make it easier for you: digitalx. Fun fact for when you want to invest in anything. That is unfortunately correct. And South Africans have, in the past, proven to be ideal targets for any Ponzi Scheme.

Some of the sites are even the same sites that were pumping MTI. I could only really come across one news article that seems legit but that comes from a questionable source. It seems like most of HyperFunds info is focused on Youtube videos.

And Youtube videos have become a very commonly used form of self-marketing by scammers and get-rich-quick prophets. Oz : HyperFund has entered the pillaging low-hanging fruit in third world countries phase. A friend South African provided information to me of the Hyperfund investment as legitimate based on due diligence provided by Hypertech and other bogus videos reassuring investors. HyperFund et al primarily solicit investment from US residents.

Steve Wallerstein : Any thoughts? For the uninformed,like this lovely pug,Due diligence means actually reviewing Legal and Financial compliance, a la Registrations and Audits. Unfortunately this is the age we live in where geniuses think due diligence is looking at Youtube. I agree with most of it, and I think there are many really shady links.

Like collinstar. It is the same scam but there was a collapse to record between HyperCapital and HyperFund. I am confused…. Yes n No…. I am still on the fence… have a legitimate, experienced online partner who is involved and promoting this opp… we will see. Thank you for you input. There is no legitimacy in promotion of Ponzi schemes. Carl Rukavina : have a legitimate, experienced online partner. In you articles it seems its good, and its a scam.

Leaning more to scam than a good deal. And the weird gas lighting with the leadership, claiming them as some pioneers in the crypto field that everyone has heard of, except whoever is getting suckered.. And the mob that relentlessly defends the scheme, telling you how much they are making. Only took 14 months. But I will snatch my money out at the first opportunity.

Thanks again, your logic and fact checking convinced me. And still more is being collected 13 years later…. The important information, I was going to invest a large sum of money but my research halted all of that nonsense. From what I understand, even with the This crap is confusing….. HU is where the music stops. Call up your local financial regulator and ask them if HyperFund is registered to offer securities.

Rob : What if this research result is a scare tactic, What if hyperfund is what it says? Not sure if I have ever heard of a legitimate business refusing to be registered and audited properly. Ask yourself why? Brandon : So why not just put a little bit of money in to find out your self? Brandon — for the same reason you should not advise someone to put their hand in the fire just a little bit and see if it burns!

What an insanely stupid comment. By putting money in a ponzi scheme, you are encouraging the scammers, not to mention probably funding other criminal acts they may be involved in.

You posted your checklist once. No need to spam it everywhere. I guess these people might have to pay that money back, if Hyperfund is found guilty of securities fraud? I apologize… that was not my intention.

My only intention is to help protect people from this scam. But you do know the definition of spam, right? Ozedit: derail removed. Why are you obsessing on the strict definition of spam? There is such a thing as slang, you know. Not anymore, anyway. Then would you consider this compromise? Allow the post on this thread instead of the other older one?

Since this one is more current, it would be more fitting here than there. Simon most likely just like many are still doing 13 years after the Madoff ponzi of see earlier comment about this , and just like 2 of the ones I got fooled into are still being collected from the same era. So, before getting involved with ANY scheme, be sure to prove that money coming out is actually coming from real business that has real profits that is actually linked to the money….

If you cannot, then you have to ask yourself on what you are making a decision? I have first hand experience because I was heavily involved in promoting some losing 6 figures in the process.

Lighten up, Francis.

Shitcoin Index: a new crypto platform

Ive heard of pancake swap but dont fully understand how to buy it because we cant buy with our cash. Any advice? Best advice is don't. Unlike cash they are fully traceable.

cosmos team "we are sad to announce, we are just a shitcoin". 1. 2. marcusbarbosaJan @marcusbarbosa_vajpvf. Bearish. ATOM GO TO 10$ SELL NOW!

Community reacts after Dfinity token ICP loses 80% of its value since May

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Shitcoin Season: The rise of the Gorilla coin (FEG) and what the future holds

shitcoin reddit forum

Shitcoin investing is crazy. It can make you filthy rich in a matter of weeks, only to leave you broke a few days later. When I first got into this market, the biggest question I had was this: How to find shitcoins early. Here you can scroll through hundreds of shitcoins that recently launched.

Mentioning few but popular among them are, Safemoon, Safestar, doge, and the bone of contention itself, FEG token. Over the past few months, the discussion of a new crypto coin, called FEG Token, started to slowly sprinkle across the internet.

Confessions of a Miner: How Much I Made in a Few Years of Mining

By Tyler D. Summary of Best Self Improvement Podcasts. The BBC is a great place to go for cultural and artistic influences. Themes have included structure, character, elemental genres, and how to write a novel. Best philosophy podcasts reddit

30 words you should know if you are interested in cryptocurrencies

Don't care if said coins go to zero ; I want to diversify my PA and have some high-risk exposure to crypto since I have no crypto. I'm looking at it similar to an early-stage VC investment Ideal outcome would be one of the coins XX over a 5 year hold period while the other 9 go to zero. They'll probably all go to zero, but whatever. Said coins would need a small enough market cap to make XX a mathematically feasible outcome. I've been a crypto critic and haven't drunk the Koolaid to date.

From Wall Street squawk boxes to Reddit chat rooms, the question burns: Shameless promotion is a hallmark of the Shit Coin hype cycle.

Shitcoins |OT| Get Rich or Lose All Your Money Trying

To make things easier for newcomers, we have compiled a list of the most common terms you might encounter. Fiat : Fiduciary money, from governments. Dollars, Euros, Pounds, etc. Fear of missing an opportunity or missing out on an uptrend.

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Xtk airdrop date. Simply claim airdrops to receive free crypto tokens or submit the latest airdrops to our community! Regular and permanent crypto bounties, airdrops and opportunities: Crypto airdrops and bonuses that run periodically or for longer than a few months. Get XTK ». According to BeaconScan, average income has dropped over the month of January from 0.

Despite the goofy name and our choice of launching on the April 1st, we have a serious mission ahead. There is a long term roadmap and real use potential.

Topic [Call] $SHIT Shitcoin

During and after the recent bull run of —21, the cryptocurrency market has matured to attract institutional investors across the board. However, some shitcoins manage to produce phenomenal short-term returns. This guide will discuss shitcoins and their history, ways to identify them, and whether or not they are worth your investment. Shitcoins are technically altcoins but become worthless over time, due to their flawed fundamentals. The coins have little to no value and do not serve any apparent purpose. They rely heavily on misleading marketing, mainly through a network of micro-influencers on social media.

HyperFund Review: HyperTech now a Ponzi shitcoin factory

Serious question, not trolling. I'm getting varying answers depending on source. Is it the current price like fraction of cents or is it a coin that has a landing page site with a "White paper" but no usage, or something else?

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