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Unusual world coin

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Unusual World Coins (6th Edition)

The most valuable foreign coins non-U. While the United States has several coins that are worth massive amounts of money, some foreign coins from around the world have equal and even greater value. Introduced back in BC, the sestertius was a small silver coin which was issued only on rare occasions. The series of coins launched by Hadrian was the first to have a representation of the Britannia. However, after a cease in production during the 4th century, these coins became rare and of historical importance.

Between the 16th and 17th century, there was a prolonged war between the Polish and Ottoman army. Even though there was no clear winner, the Polish lost comparatively lesser soldiers during the period and were effective in stopping the expansion of Islam into Christian countries.

To celebrate the victory, the then king Sigismund III announced the minting of ducats gold coins. The date is punched on the coins with a picture of the King embossed on one side. Minted in around BCE, the Athenian Decadrachm was a comparatively widely circulated coin but has a significant history attached to it.

The coin displays a phase of prosperity for the Greeks. One side of the coin displayed the Greek goddess Athena while the other side displayed her symbolic companion owl. It was after the issuance of these coins that the Greek witnessed victories in the Persian Wars.

This Single 9 Pond coin is one of the rarest coins of South Africa. When new coins were re-ordered to be made, the Boer government thought of using old coins and punched the number 9 over old coins to reflect the year However, when they realized that the coin was too small, the process soon came to an end. Thus, this made it one of the only coins of this kind. Another two coins are with the British Museum and the fourth is in a Deutsche Bundesbank collection.

The coin commemorates the death of Julius Caesar, with his best-known assassin Brutus on one side and daggers on the other. Due to the significant history of the coin, its value will inevitably increase. The Ummayad Dinar ranges back to AD and is possibly the rarest coin in the world and one of the most expensive coins to ever be sold at auction. A year-old coin that circulated in Medieval England for over a year in is now considered one of the rarest coins in the world.

The value of the coin is mainly derived from its history. With a total of three coins of its kind, there are two displayed in the British Museum while the third was found in and then sold in the same year. When you find a coin, which is specially made to be unique and one of a kind, it has to become one of the rarest coins:. With a diameter of 21 inches and a weight of pounds, the coin is one of the largest and heaviest in the world.

If you have visited the UK in the 21st century, you might want to check your cupboards for this coin. Created in and issued primarily in , the Scotland Edinburgh City Coin has already been declared as one of the rarest coins of the 21st century. With a coin that was issued just ten years ago, you can get over 50 times the returns on this coin. Indeed, investing in coins will always be a lucrative return. The value of these coins is only going to rise. With the most valuable foreign coins worldwide, which one would you choose to invest in?

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Plus, there are those with unusual shapes or with holes at the center. World coins offer countless ways to form a collection. Here are a few examples of the.

Unusual World Coins: Companion Volume to Standard Catalog of World Coins

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9 crazy coins from around the world

unusual world coin

From creative minds worldwide have come fantasy coin issues never listed in any other comprehensive reference. Unusual Coins includes thousands of issues spawned from the non-circulating legal tender boom, but not fitting into the realm of legitimate coinage. These are real coins, created by Tom Maringer of Scottsdale, Ark. George Cuhaj is an experienced and accomplished numismatist and researcher.

From creative minds worldwide have come fantasy coin issues never listed in any other comprehensive reference.

Unusual Coins

Top 10 unusual world coins. Every year the number of unusual world coins is increased. Offbeat shape, picture, color, uncommon size — all these characteristics turn a coin into a unique art object, sometimes even endow it with additional features. Somalia is famous not only for pirates but also for its unique coins. All the 3D-coins are made in the form of various geometrical figures: pyramid, cube, sphere, cylinder, and cone.

9 of the world’s most valuable coins

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Unusual Coins ; IC 25 Gourdes Haitian Art UltraCameo 66 Proof Silver Coin · ; Togo Prism Yellow Hummingbird Francs Proof Coin · ; Fiji.

The world of finance is at least partly based on the principle of collecting money for its practical, fiscal value. Coin collecting, also known more broadly as numismatics, has been going on for thousands of years. Read on for 10 examples of the coolest and most unusual coins in the world.

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Though usually coins are circular in shape with emblems and depictions of emperors or important personalities, some countries of the world have gone out of their way to issue some really interesting ones. Though considered as illegal in many parts of the world, marijuana is featured on official coins minted by the West African nation of Benin! The issue is a Considered as one of the most innovative designs that a coin can feature, this particular one issued by Cook Island is a special one indeeed! To commemorate the 80th anniversary of the first television, the Cook Islands issued unique coins in which featured a moving image inside a television, as the coin is tilted! This 39mm copper-nickel 1 Dollar coin also features a black and white picture of John L.

World Coins. US Coins. An upcoming sale of Confederate notes grabbed reader attention, along with the anticipated arrival of the first coin of the coin quarter dollars series featuring remarkable American Women.

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