Multi coin miner 2.1.3

The Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, and the Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism have a joint responsibility to promote sustainable cultural tourism in Namibia. This project is aimed at developing strategic pillars on which Namibia will base the promotion of sustainable heritage tourism in order to improve the abilities of communities to derive maximum benefits from their heritage resources through sustainable tourism practices. The Namibian Government, through the two-line Ministries, values and appreciates the partnership developed with UNESCO over the years and hopes to continue nurturing this relationship during the rolling out of the strategic interventions identified through this policy document. In this context, the role of UNESCO and other multilateral stakeholders becomes quite crucial in shaping and redefining the role of cultural tourism in enhancing livelihoods at community level. Namibia has a wealth of cultural heritage resources, but while some history, heritage sites and events are currently featured by some tour operators, the robust scope to create a heritage tourism programme has not been developed.

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Multi coin miner 2.1.3

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Cryptocurrencies have gained increasing attention in the recent years. Especially Bitcoin is on his way from being a very little known phenomenon towards becoming a seriously recognized player in the economy.

Its origin lies in the subprime mortgage crisis of after which crypto anarchists attempted to take the matter of money distribution in their own hands. The other half has heard about Bitcoin but could not give further explanation except of identifying it as a virtual cyber currency. Cryptocurrencies are often associated with the Wild West, 11 as there are still lots of open questions concerning its nature juristically, economically and tax status.

The price of a Bitcoin has been growing with recurrences of high fluctuations in the last years and has shown similarities to the concepts of a speculative Bubble. Is this statement justified? The media either praises Bitcoin as a great innovation, 12 or demonizes it.

This work analyses the characteristics of Bitcoin and evaluates their relevance for a sustainable existence. Are cryptocurrencies just a temporary phenomenon or should we expect them to prevail in the future? The intention of this work is to provide an economical analysis of cryptocurrencies by investigating its biggest representative, Bitcoin. The main research questions are therefore:. These questions will be answered throughout the whole work.

A scenario analysis and discussion will, among other things, compare the advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin with each other and reinterpret certain perceptions.

The conclusion will summarize the main discoveries of the work. Since scientific publications concerning Bitcoin are relatively scarce, the initial research of this work consisted of reading through various kinds of newspaper articles and exploring discussion forums. As Bitcoin is based on many technological theories, much time had to be spent in order to reproduce its functionality on an easy level.

Fortunately, Bitcoin presents itself as a very transparent project, which makes it possible to study its mechanics with selected publications. Bitcoins nature is quite different compared to money that we are using everyday.

In order to be able to understand this difference, it is necessary to explore the origin and functional principles of money in general. The next step delivers a wide range of basic knowledge about Bitcoin, as of how Bitcoins are created, their characteristics and how they can be acquired and traded.

The following SWOT analysis delivers first explanations on why the opinion about Bitcoin diverges so widely. Now that a solid foundation of knowledge is established, further analyses can be conducted. With the help of theories of prestigious economists, key questions concerning Bitcoins development and identification can be approached.

For the ease of reading and linguistic simplification of this work, only the masculine form is used, even if the statements relate to the male and female form. Bitcoin in its capitalized form is used to describe the concept of Bitcoin, the entire network itself or the Bitcoin currency system.

The term bitcoin in its non-capitalized form is used to describe bitcoin as a unit of account. Additionally, the abbreviation BTC is describing bitcoin when it appears in conjunction with a value. Imagine a village with citizens pursuing professions creating various goods. This is generally known as the Barter System. Eventually, however, the situation will arise that B is not interested in any of the offerings from A.

This situation is described as a double coincidence of wants and displays the largest difficulty of the Barter System. In order to cope with this problem, a commodity had to be chosen that holds several fundamental functions in order to serve as money. In the hunting ages the skins of wild animals were used as money and during history many other commodities were chosen, such as gold, silver and eventually paper money. Apart from paper money the selection of commodity was basically always the one with a high level of necessity or beauty.

Among many different forms of electronic money there is the cryptographic currency Bitcoin. The creation of money serves more functions than presented in this section. For understanding the broader context of this work, the following are the most important. As shown above, various commodities have served as money. Substantially anything can be used as a monetary unit as long as it is generally accepted as a medium of exchange. During World War II and even nowadays in many prisons all over the world, cigarettes were and are counting as a medium of exchange.

Since apparently everything can be used as means of payment, the question is how to determine the value of the money. We use money in order to exchange it for goods, services or resources.

The amount of what we can obtain of these desired goods, services or resources determines the value of our money. Additionally this enables us to compare how much of one commodity is equal to how much of another commodity. It has been clarified that in Germany 5 EUR or the euro in general counts as a medium of exchange.

However, in order for the medium to be generally accepted it needs to provide a consistent value. Prior an exchange the new owner of the 5 EUR needs to be certain to receive an equivalent amount of value for the 5 EUR in the near future.

In combination with the functions, certain characteristics have to exist in order for money to establish itself in an economy. These count for every kind of money and are mandatory for its existence. There are six characteristics namely acceptability, divisibility, durability, scarcity, portability and uniformity. Acceptability correlates with the function as a medium of exchange. In order for money to be a medium of exchange it needs to be widely accepted.

Divisibility is important for transactional purposes. Imagine possessing a 10 EUR bill with the intention to buy an ordinary apple.

If the 10 EUR bill would be the smallest monetary unit, you theoretically had to purchase as many things until they reach the value of your 10 EUR bill.

A division into smaller denominations is therefore necessary to enable different types of transactions.

Durability is important for the fulfillment of the function as a store of value. A coin of gold for instance will keep its shape and substance for a long period of time and does not easily change its form unless being melted.

The paper used for our 10 EUR bill is designed to cope with exposures like dirt or liquids and to prevent the fading of symbols and colors that clarify its value. Scarcity is a crucial characteristic of money to demonstrate actual value. A limited amount of money has to exist in order for it to function.

Gold for instance has a natural limitation, namely as treasures buried in the ground. The amount of gold in circulation will not increase unless someone discovers additional reserves of it. This becomes more and more difficult due to its before mentioned natural limitation. Portability is necessary for convenience and to assure usability. This is why commodity money was more and more replaced by paper money.

Spending gold instead of paper money at a supermarket is more difficult due to its size and weight. Uniformity describes the situation in which same means of payment do not differentiate themselves from each other. This also includes that the creation of counterfeits is not easy or even possible in general.

In order for money to function it has to comply with the before mentioned characteristics. A highly important characteristic although is scarcity since the amount of money in the market determines its value. As stated before, in terms of commodity money such as gold and silver, nature regulates the amount supplied to us.

Paper money is a form of fiat money, implying that it is not backed up by something with intrinsic value. To cope with this situation a higher authority such as a central bank is selected to manage the supply of money. I will illustrate the creation of money based on the European economy and thus use the instruments of the ECB.

The main objective of the ECB, this also counts for other central banks, is to provide a continuous level of price stability. In order for commercial banks to receive money they will raise a credit at the ECB. Another way for the commercial bank to receive money is by selling assets such as gold, bonds and foreign currency to the ECB. Since we are living in a capitalistic economic system, steady growth is an important factor. Imagine an entrepreneur investing in its company solely by using his savings or profits.

Under these assumptions rapid and steady growth is nearly impossible due to time restrictions. The entrepreneur can overcome these restrictions by receiving quick funds in form of a credit. The question that arises is where do commercial banks acquire all that money provided to the entrepreneurs in this world.

Commercial banks have the ability to create book money. This book money is no legal tender; it is widely accepted as a mean of payment because it can be converted into cash.

He however will continue to pay his liabilities accrued by the investments with this book money as well. Eventually the situation can arise that nobody in this cycle will actually withdraw money in the form of cash from his bank account. This gives commercial banks the possibility to create money and provide it towards the market.

This also provides them with the possibility to create massive amounts of book money that is not actually backed up by sight deposits. The commonly used definition describes cryptocurrencies as a digital medium of exchange. This system allows cryptocurrencies to get created, distributed and exchanged. Every cryptocurrency has its origin in Bitcoin, which was introduced in In the context of cryptocurrencies it is important to differentiate closed source software with open source software by its accessibility see Figure 1, p.

An infringement gives the producer or developer of such closed source software the right to take legal actions. Many developers are constantly improving the software and codes are often described as seeds. The open source model in Figure 1 can be visualized as a tree. Bitcoin has a team of core developers that try to improve the code and react to environmental changes.

After consensus of the core development team these suggestions might be presented to the whole Bitcoin community, which decides on it in a democratic process.

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The usage of multiple jurisdictions based on the largest Bitcoin If the mining is not as a result of activities carried out as an employee and is.

Economic Analysis of Cryptographic Currencies on the Basis of Bitcoin

BlazepoolMiner is a really easy to use miner made especially for Blazepool. BlazepoolMiner is a fork of NiceHash Miner v1. This version is intended for experienced miners who want the quickest updates and highest hashrates, and are okay with some customization of the software and antivirus. Please follow Blazepool on Twitter blazepoolhost for updates on important information concerning the pool. BlazepoolMiner is an advanced auto-miner that supports the latest algorithms and miners. No need to go through tons of configuration files, various mining software versions, configuration tuning or cryptocurrency coins market analysis. Auto-tuning for best performance and efficiency , automatic selection and runtime automatic switching to most profitable cryptocurrency algorithm are all integrated into BlazepoolMiner and will enable you seamless, joyful and profitable mining experience. All you have to do is download, extract and run the miner no installation needed , choose the server location that is the closest to your location , run built-in benchmark and enter your Bitcoin wallet address where you want to get your coins sent at - and you are ready to start mining and maximizing your profit. Note :.

Basic Tutorial on Wireless Communication and Electronic Tracking: Technology Overview

multi coin miner 2.1.3

After recognizing the disrupting momentum that the blockchain technology generated, scientists started to develop blockchain use cases for the energy sector. However, the scientific literature so far offers only rough and incomplete estimations when questions about the current and future energy consumption of the Bitcoin network are raised. This paper introduces a new scenario model to estimate the mining power demand of the Bitcoin and Ethereum network. Six scenarios are developed on the basis of mining hardware efficiency and network parameter data.

Blockchain mining should not be a game among power oligarchs. MWPoW enables disadvantaged nodes which post only a small amount of calculation resource in the mining game to create blocks together and compete with power oligarchs without centralised representatives.

Taxation of the Bitcoin: initial insights through a correspondence analysis

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Blockchain Demystified: A Technical and Legal Introduction to Distributed and Centralised Ledgers

Try out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. In the present computational scenario, one can perceive the emergence of cryptocurrencies and the increased utilization of IoT devices, which are pushing to new challenges, opportunities, and behavior changes. It is still not known how these technologies will impact the current business and economic models. In this regard, this study proposes an economy of things architecture and an approach comparing several cryptocurrencies.

consensus through a process known as mining. Bitcoin and Ethereum are examples of proof of work cryptocurrencies. Proof of stake cryptocurrencies.

Taxation of the Bitcoin: initial insights through a correspondence analysis

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The Bitcoin has experienced wide popularity in academic and commercial spheres during the years following Research has been conducted in respect of information technology, finance and reporting paradigms, but there has been little research into the taxation of the Bitcoin.

NiceHash Miner Legacy Fork Fix v19.2 (CPU+GPU): Download for Windows.

This article demonstrates that it is particularly difficult to identify the controller in blockchain applications that are integrated in the core code of a permissionless blockchain. The P2P character of blockchains, with its broad distribution of responsibilities, makes it difficult to ascertain who is able to determine purposes and means of the processing of data. In order to structure the discussion, this article develops three conceptualizations of cooperation within a blockchain. These conceptualizations give different perspectives on the relations between the actors in a blockchain that are potential controllers. The article identifies who is most likely to be the controller in the different conceptualizations and gives indications about the extent to which the controllers are able to exercise their responsibilities.

As the root cause of illegal cyber activities, botnets are evolving continuously over the last two decades. Current researches on botnet command and control mechanism based on blockchain network suffer from high economic cost, single point of failure, and limited scalability. DUSTBot uses the Bitcoin main network as the downstream channel while using the Bitcoin testnet as the upstream channel. Furthermore, the peer list exchange algorithm based on the Ethereum block hash proposed in this paper is effective against routing table poisoning attack and P2P botnet crawling.

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