Bitcoin hard money

Interview Description Timestamps Show Notes. Click down arrow to download the file. Some of the earliest forms of money included seashells and glass beads before people discovered precious metals and began trading using silver and gold. Anything can be a medium of exchange, but the forms of money that have stood the test of time are scarce.

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Bitcoin hard money

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By Jonathan Roseland. I'm an independent researcher passionate about financial antifragility and economic philosophy, not a licensed financial adviser. This is not financial advice. Please practice skepticism and critical thinking. This is the first book I've read about cryptocurrency, and I took away from it something invaluable, hope.

Jason A. Williams , the author, gives us a lot of reason to be optimistic about a Bitcoin-powered future. The author is a And you will be too after reading this book. It will devour government currencies that are printing themselves into oblivion and it will establish itself as the next global reserve currency. Bitcoin is the best performing asset in the last five years, the last ten years. Fascinatingly, that author operates a factory where he turns old tires into Bitcoin.

Which the green crowd should really appreciate, but probably doesn't. No-one controls it. No governments, no companies, no central banks, no money printing. Not only was bitcoin the best-performing asset on the planet in , it quietly established itself as the next global reserve currency as central banks around the world desperately printed their money into oblivion.

We'll revisit this topic a little later And it only has one job: protecting hard money. Why do so many people believe so much in Bitcoin? Exchanges, wallets, and even hardware wallets have been hacked but not Bitcoin. Hackers hack everything hackable if the reward is enough.

And the reward for hacking Bitcoin would be billions. The fact that it hasn't happened speaks volumes about the antifragility of the blockchain. It's working the way Satoshi envisioned it in his whitepaper which you can listen to here , it's more profitable to validate the blockchain than try to attack it. This is one of the key things I want you to take away from this book. The best use-case for bitcoin right now is holding.

The lightning network allows you to send small amounts of BTC instantly with almost zero fees. The transaction itself is batched with others and later settled on the Bitcoin blockchain.

In other words, Bitcoin is the slow, steady, secure, reliable, settlement layer. A strong, impenetrable fortress. The foundation. And faster payment networks can be built on top of it. This is not designed for buying coffee. We have Visa, Venmo, Cash-app, Mpesa. The revolution is bigger than that. Speaking of the Concorde, are you curious why you can't fly on it anymore, no matter how much Bitcoin you have? The number of bitcoin addresses holding at least 0.

There are more people opting to store their wealth in bitcoin than ever before, validating its thesis as a store of value. The arguments made in the book are compelling, until I'm convinced otherwise I'm a "small-blocker," we need an antifragile, bulletproof store-of-value that can't be fucked with a lot more than we need another digital payment tool. For fast, low-fee cryptocurrency transactions we have Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin's integrity should not be compromised so people can buy coffee with it. One point the book really drives home is the scarcity of Bitcoin. It's scarcer than you think. In fact, it's mathematically engineered to become scarcer with time, over the course of 4-year "halvening" cycles. If you're going to get into Bitcoin you really need to have at least a 4-year vision, it may crash and lose value temporarily, but through the halvening cycles, it grows in value.

It must. It is absolutely, completely finite. Only one other thing like it exists: time. I often tell friends and family, as long as governments are irresponsible Bitcoin will rise in value. And, at this point in history, the one thing we can count on is governments being irresponsible. To America at least. It's hard to understate how badly the US government has fucked us all by printing so much bloody money About the financial crisis If people knew this was going on, there would have been riots.

Now the national debt has soared to unprecedented heights. We are right on the cliff edge. I'd disagree with the author by contending that a hard default would be great. Why the hell should future generations of Americans be made to pay off the insane amounts of debt that our idiot politicians got us into?

I don't see how a sovereign hard default could be worse than the financial straights we are in now. It's important to point out that the elites love inflation because they hold hard assets , namely real estate which just appreciates in value while the outstanding debt remains the same.

Let's say you bought a house in Berlin at the end of WW1, you had a mortgage on the property that you had to pay interest on monthly, so ten years later you could travel to America, sell your wedding ring to a pawnshop, take the dollars back to Germany and pay off your loan.

You'd be pretty pro-inflation too. The same economic incentive drives the behavior of politicians and financial "masters of the universe. More money printing in a few weeks than almost years. If you're an American reading this, please don't use those stimulus checks to go on vacation, eat out, or buy the latest smartphone.

Pay the bills you absolutely have to and put as much as you can into a hedge-against-inflation investment like Bitcoin or gold-backed cryptocurrency. I started mining seriously in and I thought I was late.

This is a long game. Expand your time horizon. Like all others in history, it will be brief, and it will end badly. In almost every way, bitcoin is harder and better money than gold. With each halvening, bigger and bigger players get in In it was institutions of high finance; banks, pension funds, and hedge funds.

In it will be nation-states Nation-states are just a group of people. If you and I are worried about fiat devaluation, then so is someone in power. One day, a legitimate nation-state will announce a bitcoin reserve and it will shock everyone.

The first legitimate nation-state to adopt bitcoin as a reserve asset will reap the rewards. Nothing to lose. A bit like MicroStrategy itself. It was never going to be Facebook that added bitcoin to its reserves first. It was always going to be the quiet underdog. The forward-thinker looking for ways to break through and innovate. The underdog I'm rooting for is Bulgaria, where I call home! The Bitcoin network will become the ultimate global settlement layer of the new digital economy.

No more power games and politics. No politics, no sanctions, no allegiances. A financial system that even enemies can agree has value. They can still convert back to their own currency at the other end. The opportunity to buy Bitcoin, hold it, and get rich will have reached its zenith when it becomes the world reserve currency.

So what the hell are you waiting for? You know what they say about the best time to plant a tree Buy Bitcoin. All the countries fighting in World War I dropped the gold standard. Germany lost the war and the economy was crippled. On top of the black hole of debt they built up during the war, Germany now had to borrow even more to pay the reparations.

It was a chokehold on the German economy and people lost all faith in the currency. During the Trump Presidency, you probably grew weary of hearing ridiculous Trump-Hitler comparisons. The much more accurate historical comparison is modern-day America and 's Weimar Germany.

ISBN 13: 9781838318406

US UK. Switching between stores will remove products from your current cart. Jason A. Great service Very happy to purchase what I want from the US and receive it in short time.

Blockchain-based stablecoins such as Tether and the upcoming Diem are the latest form of private money: Tokens that do not offer Bitcoin-type speculative.

Bitcoin: Hard Money You Can't F*ck With

This course covers the main writings of Dr. Ammous which will form the basis for his forthcoming book The Fiat Standard. The course discusses bitcoin and fractional reserve banking, different bitcoin monetization scenarios, the economics of bitcoin mining, the economics of fat food, how to really kill bitcoin, and haw bitcoin can help the developing world, and the economics of bitcoin scaling. You can see the full course syllabus here. This course is taught through ten lectures, lasting 1 hour each. This course is now available to all members of saifedean. Click below to subscribe, or make a one-time purchase allowing you access for a year. You are also welcome to join two weekly discussion seminars to discuss the material of the course, as well as a wide variety of topics, along with occasional special guests. This course is taught through ten lectures, lasting around 1 hour each, available in audio and video formats, as well as detailed class notes.

Ray Dalio On Bitcoin, Hard Money Martyr

bitcoin hard money

A debate arose about the possibility of Ethereum becoming hard money and ended up highlighting more downsides to the digital asset than anything else. In the short history of the cryptocurrency boom, many have debated the possibility for cryptocurrencies to surpass fiat currencies at some point. It is a feasible future scenario for Bitcoin, but other digital coins can only dream of it. In the case of cryptocurrencies, hard money would mean that a certain coin could not be subject to arbitrary modification. Its supply schedule has been modified more than once, which indicates it can keep changing.

Bitcoin could be one of the greatest public investment opportunities in all of recorded history. We are serious about this — and we come to that view having studied Bitcoin intently for more than two years, and global markets overall for more than

Bitcoin Hoodie, Bitcoin Hard Money, Unisex College Hoodie

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Bitcoin: Hard Money You Can't Fuck With

Home » Topics » Cryptocurrencies. The digital currencies story is a continuation of the long-running saga of economics, markets, and commodity exchange in human society. With the constant rise of the global network, we have witnessed many global services becoming widely accepted and in a way changing by adding to our experience of mutual interaction. Looking back in history of the Internet we can conclude that public-key cryptography and digital signatures make e-money possible. The main difference between e-money and virtual currencies is that e-money does not change the value of the fiat currency euro, dollar, etc , but virtual currency is not equivalent to any fiat currency. In other words, all digital currency is electronic money, but e-money is not necessarily digital currency. Electronic money or e-money in short is the money balance recorded electronically on a stored-value card or remotely on a server. E-money is usually associated with so-called smart cards issued by companies such as Mondex and Visa Cash.

Did you mean: Bitcoin hard drive computer version【Twitter∶ak】Money making money】Bitcoin lend lend【Twitter∶ak】Make money fast】mwz?

Bitcoin: Hard Money You Can’t F*ck With

Hard money originally referred to the physical properties of metallic money, which, unlike paper currency, is made of hard substances. This is the origin of the colloquial English expression, "cold, hard cash. The distinction between "hard" metal coins and "soft" paper money was borne by the fact that metallic coins are solid, physical tokens with intrinsic economic value independent of their monetary status.

Bitcoin: Hard Money You Can't F*ck With

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Consumers should be prepared to lose all their money if they invest in schemes promising high returns from digital currencies such as bitcoin , a City watchdog has warned. As the popularity of cryptocurrencies grows, the Financial Conduct Authority urged consumers to understand what they were investing in and the financial risks involved, given they were unlikely to be protected by UK schemes that help investors reclaim cash when companies go bust. The FCA said some crypto investment firms may be overstating potential payouts, or understating the risks. If consumers invest in these types of product, they should be prepared to lose all their money,. Investors who found themselves out of pocket would not be able to rely on the Financial Ombudsman Service to settle complaints or order compensation from offending firms. The FCA said the complexity of some services and products linked to cryptoassets made it hard for consumers to understand the full risks.

They talk about why bitcoin is surging in value compared to government fiat currencies, like the dollar. You make the case that the reason you want to own gold and bitcoin over government-issued currencies like the U.

First Cash, Now Gold? Another Bitcoin Hard Fork Is on the Way

Secure payment via Credit Card, Don't keep any cards information. No-one controls it. No governments, no companies, no central banks, no money printing. Entrepreneur and investor Jason A. Williams is the first author to put bitcoin in context of the crisis — a year of financial disaster and unprecedented money creation money printer go brrr! Not only was bitcoin the best-performing asset on the planet in , it quietly established itself as the next global reserve currency as central banks around the world desperately printed their money into oblivion. I am an investor and entrepreneur based in the United States.

Have you read these stories? Budget may aim to achieve fiscal consolidation Updated: Jan 29, , In view of upcoming state elections, the Union Budget for the financial year will aim at boosting growth, achieving fiscal con

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