Hodl bitcoin

From FUD to Whale, understanding Bitcoin slang can give any investor community clout during the next Bitcoin bull run. HODL is one of the most frequently used slang terms in the Bitcoin community. Seven years ago today, at am UTC, an enthusiastic Bitcointalk forum user by the name of GameKyuubi posted a semi-intelligible tirade after a few drinks, he admits about an unfortunate Bitcoin trading decision he made during a volatile price rally in December Within hours, the typo found its way onto every Bitcoin community channel in the form of memes and GIFs, catapulting HODLing into crypto-vernacular history. HODLing plays a special role at Casa , as we see Bitcoin having a greater impact on each individual that owns it, and society as a whole, when we invest in and save bitcoin for the long term.

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Hodl bitcoin

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Crypto 101: Here are 10 cryptocurrency terms people use every day from blockchain to NFT

Read on to find out where this term originated from, and why it is so important. To hodl is to hold onto cryptocurrency, despite the sharp increases and decreases that occur. GameKyuubi laid out his semi-coherent reasons for the opposite strategy, noting his previous bad luck with trying to time the market.

At the heart of the hodl mindset is an unwillingness to give up or give in. Those that hodl indefinitely believe that crypto will become the new financial system. They will hold their crypto until that happens, or until the bitter end.

Additionally, the term quickly went viral with Braveheart and memes. Then a Matrix meme appeared and countless others. But the original is a meme from , showing King Leonidas declaring that he will hodl! In crypto, many have watched as millions in value are wiped off their account in days, only for it to return even stronger.

Some hodl until they have enough for a lambo, but most hodl indefinitely. The advantage to this strategy is its simplicity. You rarely have to check the market because whether it is up or down, you will just continue to buy and hodl. That is recommended because you may be tempted to sell when looking at sharp declines or inclines. If you want to hodl, you have to disconnect from how the market is moving, and stay focused on the future. The hodl strategy is simple in concept, but can be difficult to carry out.

There are nuances in how to do this most effectively. However, this simplicity is at the heart of the hodl strategy. In order to hodl, you have to have crypto to start with. As with any other investments, only buy crypto that you understand. There are major differences between the value created by even the two largest cryptos, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

When buying crypto, you have two options. You can use lump sum investing, or dollar cost average. Dollar cost averaging DCA is all about consistency. With DCA you make modest investments consistently across long periods of time. This reduces your risk while still exposing you to the massive gains of crypto and stocks.

Choose the investment strategy that works for you and your goals. The most important point is to buy crypto. As a true hodler, you keep your crypto during the good times and bad. We recommend picking one of these two goals when hodling to give yourself a timeframe. As a Bitcoin optimist also called a Bitcoin maximalist , you believe that Bitcoin and crypto are going to make the traditional financial systems fade away.

With this belief, you want to be part of the movement, and also hang on to Bitcoin as it becomes a primary global currency. With this type of goal, you would hold your crypto indefinitely. The crypto in your wallet is your ticket to the new age of finance. The second option is to set a specific number to achieve with your crypto investments.

Maybe you want to travel , or buy your first lambo. Whatever your goal may be, write it down and find the amount you need. Once you pick your number, you need to steadily buy crypto and do not sell until you hit that goal number.

Once you hit your target, congratulations! Now go enjoy that vacation! But like true hodlers they not only held or hedl? Become a cryptocurrency hodler today!

Sign up with Coinsource to buy crypto with your spare cash. Coinsource is the world leader in Bitcoin ATMs. With a focus on compliance and ease of use, Coinsource is aiming to bring Bitcoin to the masses. How to HODL In crypto, many have watched as millions in value are wiped off their account in days, only for it to return even stronger. Buy Crypto In order to hodl, you have to have crypto to start with.

Bitcoin Optimist As a Bitcoin optimist also called a Bitcoin maximalist , you believe that Bitcoin and crypto are going to make the traditional financial systems fade away.

Select a Goal The second option is to set a specific number to achieve with your crypto investments.

What Does HODL Mean?

If you spend time talking to cryptocurrency enthusiasts, you may have been told to HODL your bitcoin. Although just a spelling error at the time, HODL has become an ideology for many crypto investors. Investors who took this advice in bought Bitcoin in the 3-digit range and have HODLed their bitcoin ever since. If Bitcoin does become a mainstream commodity like precious metals, then each bitcoin will trade for 6 figures.

“HODL” is a cryptocurrency-related slang that stands for the word “hold” misspelled. It often refers to retaining crypto assets that you own.

Eight Years Since The Meme Was Born, We’re Still HODLing Bitcoin

First, know your memes. HODL began as a typo for the word "hold" on a bitcointalk. In December , bitcoin brought seasonal cheer to investors as its price gathered pace and broke records. The heady run-up in its price had bitcoin enthusiasts making wild forecasts about its price down the line. Three months later into , their prognoses were gloomier. Since, bitcoin has been known for its wild fluctuations in price—volatility that bitcoin investors have come to expect, although that doesn't make it any less anxiety-inducing when money is involved. If bitcoin were a stock, its price movement this year would be cause for serious concern.

To HODL or not to HODL: A crypto-millionaire’s story

hodl bitcoin

Sign up for the daily Marketplace newsletter to make sense of the most important business and economic news. In February, year-old Contessoto invested his life savings in dogecoin, a cryptocurrency that started as a joke. The punchline? So, on the bad days when the incredibly volatile dogecoin loses half its value, Contessoto just keeps calm and HODLs. HODLing has cost Contessoto.

Please change the wallet network.

Cryptocurrency Terms to Know Before You Invest: A Beginner’s Guide

It all started on a December morning back in Many early adopters started to panic sell their BTC. But one Bitcoiner refused…. Instead, he would HODL. GameKyuubi stated being aware of the typo in the title, but to have gone with it anyway — and the community caught on.

Just HODL? On the Moral Claims of Bitcoin and Ripple Users

I got so many questions from my readers and national radio show listeners that I wrote an e-book about crypto to help. I demystify digital currency, mining, and how to get started trading. Tap or click here to get your copy on Amazon. Sadly, I also hear from people that got fooled by one crypto scam or another. Where there is money, criminals are waiting.

HODL is a term commonly used by cryptocurrency investors that refuse to sell their cryptocurrency regardless of the price increasing or decreasing.

The crypto selloff wiped $7 billion off corporate balance sheets

Amid the recent sharp drop in bitcoin prices, however, some miners might be forced to monetize their mined bitcoins. Furthermore, another metric that points to similar holding patterns by the miners has also reached an all-time high. This indicates that bitcoin as an asset is becoming more scarce as miners are choosing to hold onto their mined coins rather than sell them, Sotiriou added. In , when bitcoin rallied to hit all-time highs and the total network hashrate was relatively low, holding onto the mined digital currency on their balance sheet paid off for miners.

Crypto news: HODL bitcoin? Long conviction ‘uptrending’

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As more institutions and private investors jump on the rise of cryptocurrencies, many of the miners who excavate them are also seeing greater value in keeping hold of the Bitcoins they create rather than quickly moving them on. However, if some predictions over the change in sentiment from miners are to be believed, the supercars may be out of reach until the supply questions are addressed.

Bitcoin Miners Are Starting to ‘Hodl’ Again, but for How Long?

Things you buy through our links may earn New York a commission. Mike Novogratz, once a partner at Goldman Sachs who went on to be a hedge fund manager at Fortress Investment Group, has found his biggest financial success in cryptocurrency. The conversation has been edited for length and clarity. It was the biggest deal so far in the industry. Are you looking at more billion dollar deals?

More successful coins are accepted on more platforms, become more liquid and available to more investors, and rise in value. That said, with crypto ETFs now in the market, should investors buy into the craze? Because the volatility is so high, a very small investment and therefore very small risk has a chance of spectacular outperformance. So, why might investors still be wary?

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