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Brussels to Intensify Dialogue With Blockchain Industry

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The Book of Jargon® – Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Technology

June 14, Brussels Airport announced the launch of its first application using blockchain technology, strengthening their frontrunner position in digital innovation in the air cargo industry. Data will be stored only once, centrally. The app will closely cooperate with already existing apps such as the slot booking app, or future to be developed apps. Focus of this next phase is on making the import process paperless, more efficient and transparent. It fully contributes to the Brussels Airport strategic objective to have a digitalised logistical flow in place supported by a combination of applications offered via the BRUcloud platform. They are very active in the different working groups of Air Cargo Belgium but also as a company very much involved. Another strong supporter is ground handler WFS.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency industry players both from the European Union and the rest of the world have taken a keen interest in policies.

Brussels launches 'observatory' for blockchain

Blockchain and cryptocurrency industry players both from the European Union and the rest of the world have taken a keen interest in policies and regulations currently being prepared by the EU authorities. Is Brussels preparing new regulations? We are closely monitoring this industry, and it is expected that this year will bring a more intense dialog on blockchain and cryptocurrencies. At the European Commission, we are closely cooperating with other institutions that are interested in this topic, such as the European Central Bank. There are also other services within the European Commission that share our interests, and we are working with them. Until quite recently, cryptocurrencies were viewed as a separate world, but now, with ICOs attracting more interest from even some of the traditional financial institutions who want to be part of this, the situation is changing. We see more players who want to participate in ICOs, and also companies from completely different sectors, but who also want to have more legal certainty, which will secure their investments. Many of these companies associate legal certainty with more regulation. They see it as an additional layer of security for their investments. There is also an ongoing discussion by the member states on whether the infrastructure of public services could be based on blockchain solutions.

Beyond AI: Blockchain and Digital Currencies

blockchain brussels

In a five-minute pitch, all candidates get the chance to present the impact of their solutions on social good aspects and the underlying economic models, and will demonstrate how their solutions would work for people, concretely. In each session, ample time will be devoted to questions from the public asked in person, or though twitter and sli. This interactive event will bring together blockchain innovators, specialists and curious minds from all across Europe, in order to learn how Distributed Ledger Technologies DLT might positively affect our society in various application areas related to sustainability and SDGs. By awarding 5 million euro to the innovators that come up with the most promising Blockchain solutions to different social good areas, the initiative aims to motivate the development of decentralised social innovations beneficial for the European society. In , applicants from 43 different countries submitted proposals, 33 of which from non-EU countries.

A Research Centre for a top tier, Tech and Electronics Giant is looking for someone to join their team of Blockchain vanguards in Brussels, Belgium, people they can learn from while offering an exceptional salary, visa sponsorship and a generous benefits package. The experience of working for my client in your CV can change your life.

Opportunities of Blockchain for Agriculture - Brussels Development Briefing

Can blockchain technology offer a solution against identity fraud? It earned him the Janine Segers Prize, granted by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel faculty of criminology for the best thesis of the year. Blockchain can be seen as a digital certificate of authenticity, on which bitcoins, for example, are based. This technology offers many opportunities to combat identity fraud, but at present it does not receive the policy attention it deserves. Perpetrators take out accounts, loans and insurance policies in your name, and proving that others have stolen your identity is not easy. In the Netherlands, the Central Bureau of Statistics has calculated that 1.

EVENT | Blockchain Innovation

Digital-sovereign crypto assets will continue to emerge as leading stores of value and ultimately become reference units of account alongside state-sovereign currencies. Web3 infrastructure and the decentralized technology stack will allow for individual data ownership and control as well as better privacy. Open finance applications will be built on top of this infrastructure, allowing for trusted financial services accessible to a global investment public. Tioga fits this mold perfectly for Nym. We've had many insightful conversations on structuring the tokenomics, as well as on the go to market strategy and the token launch game plan e. Especially when it comes to business development, their broad network in the crypto space already opened a lot of doors for us and resulted in concrete deals and partnerships. The straightforward communication and their strong dedication to our cause really feels like they are part of the team. After writing a cheque they are fully on board and are more than keen to support us as a startup and to further mature our organisation.

Christophe De Beukelaer became the first European politician to convert his salary into Bitcoin. The Brussels MP will be converting his monthly.

Blockchain: Hype or Solution?

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And the conversation has gone way beyond Bitcoin. Some examples discussed were:. Blockchain is in its infancy as a technology. The overarching recommendation to policymakers for the moment is to continue to learn about the possibilities of blockchain and encourage its development. With such wide and diverse applications, any future policy making is likely to be sector specific and technology neutral.

November 18,

As of 20 September , the EU lobby register has changed format. Temporarily, the register is no longer providing daily data updates of all lobby data which means that the figures on LobbyFacts cannot currently be kept up-to-date. If, for example, you see a company, trade association, or lobby consultancy with " no figure available" for EU lobby costs, open the data card, and click the link to the EU lobby register where you will find the updated registration including EU lobby costs declaration. Regretably, under the lobby register format, NGOs and think tanks are no longer required to provide a figure for EU lobby costs. W e will update LobbyFacts with the new data as soon as possible. WARNING: The number of full time equivalent lobbyists declared by this organisation are extraordinarily high and may therefore have been over-declared.

One of the most tone-deaf suggestions in the Brexit proceedings so far came in August , when the UK Brexit team released a long-awaited position paper setting out its proposal on how to manage its border with Ireland. Although blockchain technology has now been around for ten years, it has not seen any meaningful implementation in global supply-chains, let alone within customs offices. In reality, questions of capacity and time constraints mean that technological solutions are actually unworkable.

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