Blockchain episode 6

Previously, she spent a decade as a federal prosecutor with the US Department of Justice, where she focused on fraud, cybercrime, and corporate crime, alongside agencies including the SEC, FBI, and Treasury. Gox hack and the corrupt agents on the Silk Road task force. While serving as a federal prosecutor with the US Department of Justice, she also prosecuted RICO murders, organized crime, public corruption, gangs, and money laundering. Katie has testified before both houses of Congress on the intersection of technology and regulation. Katie serves on the board of Coinbase , where she chairs its audit and risk committees, and HackerOne.

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As Kazakhstan Descends Into Chaos, Crypto Miners Are at a Loss

To stake or not to stake, that's the question being discussed during the Jan. Jon Quast: As we transition out of the news section of today's show, I did want to hit a couple of questions over here in Slido.

I'm going to put you on the spot here, Chris. Chris MacDonald: Yes. OHM, I know has been a big mover. A lot of those tokens have been highfliers of late. I think the passive income argument with crypto is certainly interesting. For me, when I think about passive income in the crypto world, there's maybe two sides of the coin. On the one hand, if you're going to hold this crypto for the long term, it probably makes sense to lock it in somewhere and earn a return on it.

Generally speaking, there aren't cash flows necessarily with cryptocurrencies, but there are ways that various decentralized applications can allow for income streams to be provided. Whether it's staking or what have you, there's value that can be created there and probably makes sense to capture some of that value. On the other hand, there are some risks with whether it's staking tokens or finding ways of earning passive income. Two main risks are that the platform that one stakes that tokens on could, there's always a potential loss of your tokens from whether it's a hack or an outage, what have you.

That's an inherent risk as well. There's that volatility argument. Looking at those risks is important to do. Quast: Along those same lines, Brandon Fong asks, "What are your personal thoughts philosophies on staking?

What percentage of your cryptocurrency would you allocate the staking and why? It's going to vary for everybody and we're not saying how much of Brandon's portfolio should be in staking, but do you have a personal opinion on this? MacDonald: Well, first of all, not all tokens can be staked. Like I said, there are an increasing number of platforms where you can stake tokens. Over time, I anticipate that probably most tokens will be able to staked. But for passive income generation, it's more of a complex discussion because there's actually staking on a proof-of-stake network where you're staking on a blockchain, for example.

That was the number a while back that I was looking at. For certain coins, it's impossible to stake for most people. The smaller tokens, certain platforms like Coinbase will allow you to stake just by holding on the Coinbase platform and others, you need to seek out ways of doing it.

I think as you go further and further down, the token list, let's say in terms of market capitalization, the risk goes up with staking in a particular token. Personally, I just have the one token that I stake, and just because it's easy I'm going to hold it on Coinbase. But for those holding tokens, not necessarily on a centralized exchange. Like I said, there are those risks that are involved that it really depends on what your risk tolerance.

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Episode 6: Blockchain!

Skip to Content. Politics Democrats have wanted to spend billions on pre-K for years. But a new study reveals possible flaws with those programs. Tech Neuralink former employees say Elon Musk applies relentless pressure and instills a culture of blame.

Most relevant for the blockchain industry is that the SEC proposal seeks may apply to blockchain and cryptocurrency trading platforms.

Crypto 101: Here are 10 cryptocurrency terms people use every day from blockchain to NFT

Episode Six enables financial institutions, fintechs, and other innovators to build new digital journeys that leverage real-time payment and value transfer—with any network, any system, any currency, anywhere in the world. Our platform accelerates the digital transformation of businesses by liberating them from the constraints of legacy technology—unlocking the power of creativity. You get full access to all platform components centered around our digital ledger system—making any product capability available to you. If you can imagine it, you can make it a reality for your customers. Our patent-pending technology is completely extensible and readily integrates with both legacy and new payment systems, networks, and service provider infrastructure—so you can get to market quickly and easily. Learn More. Accessible and comprehensive user guides and API reference for your developers, along with access to the E6 team, to ensure optimal use of the platform. Powering experiences for:. Infinitely Customizable.

Ep. 175 – Coadjute – blockchain platform launch & mortgage stablecoins

blockchain episode 6

Ryan Haar is a former personal finance reporter for NextAdvisor. She previously wrote for Bloomberg News, The…. For starters, they both have a cryptocurrency named after them. Actually, PutinCoin and Whoppercoin might be the only thing they have in common. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have a growing track record of holding and increasing in value over time, though recent dips have wracked the market , while lesser-known cryptos are considered much more speculative and unpredictable.

When Denis Rusinovich set up cryptocurrency mining company Maveric Group in Kazakhstan in , he thought he had hit the jackpot.

Episode 13 - How To Hack The Bitcoin Blockchain? Song | Money Shot Podcast - season - 1

Each episode of Ground Floor Consensus connects listeners with the biggest names in crypto to cover the critical concepts and ideas around digital assets. On Ground Floor Consensus, we connect with people on a personal level about their journeys in this space in a way that is transparent and most importantly, accessible to everyone. Ground Floor Consensus is all about bringing people together, getting rid of the jargon, and getting to the bottom of what's really happening here in the crypto space. He shares how he started Amber Group, discussing their services and client base, and he then goes on to explain the Asian perception of cryptocurrencies, crypto regulations in China, and what he sees as the future of crypto. Recorded in July One of the top Bitcoin podcasters in the UK, Peter McCormack, talks about his journey into Bitcoin and his transition from entrepreneur, to trader, to Bitcoin advocate, on this episode of Ground Floor Consensus.

The Podcast

Skip to main content by Spotify. Sign in Get started. The Blockchain. By Blockchain. The official podcast of Blockchain.

He isn't committing his laugh to the WAX blockchain, and featured briefly in a episode of Star Trek) and even photos from his first.

She recounts the early days and challenges of the Ethereum public blockchain, and tells us how that now colors how she advises blockchain startups. After Ethereum, Tung became the became general counsel for the DAV Foundation, a blockchain startup for decentralized autonomous vehicles. Prior to Ethereum, Tung was the securities regulator for the State of Hawaii and led a team of prosecutors and investigators. An experienced lawyer who has advised both public and private Fortune companies, Tung has expertise in regulatory affairs as well as aviation, start-up, Fintech, securities and corporate matters.

Comedian v Economist. Get Started Investing. Equity Mates Investing Podcast. Crypto Curious. Home to some of Australia's favourite podcasts; we hit all the hot topics with expert insights , and entertaining discussion that's perfect for beginners and seasoned investors alike.

In this episode, Archana shares the practical ways in which Walmart is leveraging blockchain for the benefit of the customer, one piece of fruit at a time. Heather: From financial services to retail and music, blockchain technology is transforming the way companies across industries conduct business.

Dr Ruja Ignatova persuaded millions to join her financial revolution. Then she disappeared. Jamie Bartlett presents a story of greed, deceit and herd madness. The search for Dr Ruja is back on. A lot has happened since Episode 8. The final episode takes an unexpected twist. Could Dr Ruja and the missing billions be hidden in plain sight?

We speak to Mehran Hydary from the UNICEF Office of Innovation to discuss how blockchain is being used to solve some of the world's most pressing social issues and the need to bring the user back to the center of design in blockchain. We speak to Michael Odom of TradeIX to learn how they are revolutionizing the trade finance space with the Marco Polo Network, one of the largest and fastest growing blockchain-based consortiums to date. Ashlie gets a first-hand glimpse into the key changes introduced in Hyperledger Fabric 2. Veronica Tan Infocomm and Media Development Authority of Singapore and Yi Ming Ng Tribe Accelerator describe the state of blockchain adoption in Singapore, including government involvement, stakeholders, future challenges, and government and industry responses to tackling these barriers.

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