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All Rights Reserved. Director Jack Hsu hopes his blockchain-based token project called SELF can change the way movies are funded and how consumers interact with characters in films. The SELF project plans to increase funding success and build an audience around a film project, even before shooting of a film starts, by creating what its marketers call an immersive entertainment digital asset that integrates virtuality and reality. Moviegoers and fans will be able to use the SELF tokens to exchange movie tickets, or exchange it for food and drink products at their partnered restaurants and bars in Taiwan. Hsu added that each time a customer spends SELF tokens he or she gets bonuses and points.

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How blockchain can “create an end to end money flow for the film and TV industry”

By Marco Cavicchioli - 29 Sep Mad Invest announced the launch of a new film financing and distribution model based on blockchain. In such a scenario, the use of blockchain can significantly reduce process management costs by automating transactions and ensuring trust between all parties.

Mad Invest has decided to use ERC20 tokens, based on the Ethereum network, which are issued every time an investment is confirmed, and to use smart contracts that reduce costs and human errors.

Revenue distribution, based on blockchain, is supported by Filmchain, a UK-based company, and all proceeds from the film are paid directly into Filmchain. Investors can then transfer their share of the proceeds to their bank account once the balance of their portfolio has reached a minimum of CHF Mad Investors have already had the opportunity to register in advance to buy shares of Mad Heidi, which to date has already raised , Swiss francs, but now anyone can buy shares on invest.

To start production of the film, a minimum of 1 million francs set as a soft cap will have to be raised, and to collect this amount, 4, shares of francs have been issued, equivalent to a hard cap of 2 million francs. If the soft cap is not reached, investors will receive their investment back.

The distribution of the film will be controlled by the production team in order to reduce the risks associated with piracy and the costs of distributors and agents. Investors will participate in all net receipts from the film, including those from digital streams, downloads, DVD, Bluray or other physical formats, or from cinema screenings and TV sales.

Investors who have invested more than 5, francs will also participate in the net revenue generated by merchandising sales. Her desire for freedom will be the spark that ignites a revolution. The MAD INVEST model is a first in that backers can directly participate as equals in the financing of a global movie, share in net revenues of a global film, and unlock priceless bonus rewards like being in the film, visiting the set, or even getting their name in the film credits.

By using a crowd investment model, blockchain technology, and a simultaneous global release, MAD HEIDI will also cut out the problem of piracy as well as the many middlemen like distributors and sales agents who take their cut and reduce revenue. He founded ilBitcoin. George Michael Belardinelli - 29 Jan We use cookies to make sure you can have the best experience on our site. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

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Bitcoin Caught Your Attention, Now Blockchain Is About to Catch Fire in the Film Industry

By Marco Cavicchioli - 29 Sep Mad Invest announced the launch of a new film financing and distribution model based on blockchain. In such a scenario, the use of blockchain can significantly reduce process management costs by automating transactions and ensuring trust between all parties. Mad Invest has decided to use ERC20 tokens, based on the Ethereum network, which are issued every time an investment is confirmed, and to use smart contracts that reduce costs and human errors.

Core to MovieBiz Coin's mission is the investment and support that it provides to independent movie makers. Through blockchain technology, the.

Mogul Productions to Conduct the First Ever Blockchain-based Voting for Film Financing

American Films, Inc. Through the partnership, Wazuzu plans to provide asset digitization consulting and technology services to American Films as the company accelerates its efforts to enhance the value of both third-party and owned IP as well as its film project portfolio. In addition, the company will employ a comprehensive NFT strategy around all of its prospective film projects. A non-fungible token NFT is a digital asset marked with unique identifying code that distinguishes it from any other digital replica. Wazuzu offers a full suite of technology tools and services to its clients in a regulatorily compliant manner across a variety of industries, assets, and use cases, including media, intellectual property portfolio monetization, consumer products, sports, capital markets, mobile gaming, esports, horse racing, higher education, and regulatory compliance. Its OTC trading will continue after that, however, and the company will retain its existing ticker symbol AMFL on both platforms, subject to regulatory approval. In addition to its ownership of intellectual property and development of films, American Films owns unique tools for cracking down on the piracy of copyrighted content. Its proprietary processes and technology include FACTERRA, a web-based evidence gathering program that identifies and captures instances of copyright infringement, allowing the publicly-traded company to pursue intellectual property value enhancement on behalf of copyright owners.

Is Blockchain Film Business 2.0? Part 2

blockchain film industry

The sudden onset of a pandemic can certainly bring things into perspective, revealing what is most useful and sustainable, and what adds unnecessary weight in a crisis. As we watch what happens within the film industry, we can see that the response is far more nuanced. Some sectors are doing better than ever, and others need major adjustments in order to thrive in the future. Advertising spend has also drastically changed throughout the crisis. The Big Six movie production companies may be among the hardest hit by the pandemic.

Request Investor Documents. The global market for Hollywood films and television content expands almost every year.

Blocked And Chained Entertainment Industry; Freed By ‘Blockchain’

Appropriate for both professionals and academics in the film industry as well as computer science. Poujol has given us an informed, incisive analysis of the political economy of the Chinese media industries and intriguing insights into the game-changing possibilities of blockchain technologies. Poujol presents a candid and revealing analysis in this highly interdisciplinary work, expertly integrating cultural, economic, political, and technical perspectives on sound bases of critical review and first-hand research. Filmmaking is hard to do and even more difficult to fund, and in China some of these problems have magnified greatly. There is a world of creative talent in China just waiting to be unleashed, and the author shows that blockchain technology has the potential to do just that, and usher in a new golden age of Chinese cinema.

What gaming can teach the movie industry about fan engagement

Next Set of Related Ideas. Filmio has announced the launch of its new blockchain-based entertainment platform, which aims to include fans in the greenlight stage of project development. Similar to how blockchain has decentralized financial markets and created new opportunities for the public, Filmio looks to leverage the technology to empower film and television creators and fans. Filmio utilizes third-generation blockchain technology to allow creators to connect with their fans, acquiring support for their emerging projects. The platform is designed to assist creators throughout three main stages: incubation, validation, and distribution. Creators will have a space on the platform to post and promote their projects, which will receive an AI-powered 'GoScore,' determining its potential for success. From there, investors and networks can choose from a pool of these "pre-validated" projects.

Online Film Production in China Using Blockchain and Smart Contracts The Development of Collaborative Platforms for Emerging Creative Talents.

NFT & Blockchain - New Ways to Raise Film Financing and Make Movies

Tallinn University together with Tallinn University of Technology TalTech collaborate with White Rabbit to study the ways of creating value including public value for the wider film industry and the European societies by using blockchain technologies and related open governance methods. The aim of the solution is to improve the diversity of film circulation, empower the producers with technology, make it feasible for rights owners to distribute their films to a global online audience directly — improving thereby the diversity of cultural flows in Europe and across the world. RFR is designed to deliver revenue to rights holders based on recognizing content streamed anywhere online, accumulating information about each individual film title and its ownership, recorded immutably on the RFR blockchain.

Reality show platform uses blockchain to create movies and sports shows

RELATED VIDEO: Blockchain for Filmmaking

Cindy Cowan is an award-winning producer, entrepreneur and songwriter whose career spans movies, television, music and now tech via her new venture into Mogul Productions. Her new company utilizes NFT and Defi in the film finance and filmmaking space. Bitcoin, Dogecoin and NFTs exist due to the underlying tech of blockchain. Building on past success and breaking new ground, multi-hyphenate Cindy Cowan is developing multiple projects, movies in genres like comedies and thrillers, is also involved in episodic television and is a very active philanthropist.

Devin Pinto.

The movie gets its US theatrical release and worldwide blockchain debut in June and will also be available to buy online using cryptocurrency. The technology publicly records the unique alphanumeric strings that identify buyers and sellers, allowing more transparent and secure peer-to-peer payment systems. Blockchain made its debut in as a ledger for the leading cryptocurrency bitcoin and is already used in food safety, finance and sea freight. He happens upon a letter written by a heartsick Josie Charleene Closshey to her late husband and fallen marine, and the tender missive awakens something in Sam. Funded and distributed on the blockchain via a partnership between XYZ Films, Ground Control, and SingularDTV, production is already underway with a release expected before the end of the year.

The entertainment industry is responsible for all the films you love and hate, star-studded parties with red carpets, and Charlie Sheen. But the ever-evolving landscape of film distribution has put studios in a bind. Many of them depend on blockchain technology to do it. Bright minds are inventing more equitable profit-sharing models for streaming services.

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