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Of course, this was before Trump got banned from Twitter. Now, Elon Musk is on the top of the list for tweeting quirky and funny stuff. Especially, Elon Musk is very vocal about cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, Dogecoin is also a ball that Elon Musk keeps on the court rolling. Henceforth, Analytics Insight has listed his top tweets on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies that impacted the digital currency market.

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Trump supporters are on the attack against Yoel Roth. Twitter is standing by him.

Melania Trump took to Twitter Monday to pay tribute to bitcoin's birthday as the former first lady dives deeper into the world of digital assets. Accompanying her tweet is a photo of bitcoin's genesis block , the first block on bitcoin's blockchain.

Unlike other blocks, this one is the only one without a block preceding it. This is why it is also generally described as "block 0. Bitcoin's genesis block holds significant meaning to devotees since many view this as the key to potentially identifying Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious creator of bitcoin. And while Nakamoto released bitcoin's white paper on October 28, , many crypto enthusiasts recognize the day the genesis block was minted, January 3, , as the cryptocurrency's birth.

In Trump's tweet, she also promotes her non-fungible tokens, which she launched in December. Marking her first foray into the digital asset space, the former first lady released a digital artwork titled " Melania's Vision ," a watercolor art representing her "cobalt blue eyes. Judging by the replies to her Twitter post, many were surprised with her digital asset ventures, especially considering husband Donald Trump's anti-crypto stance.

Last month, the former US president said he is not a fan of cryptocurrencies and expects a crash in the future. In June , he called bitcoin a "scam" and blasted the asset for "competing" with the US dollar. And in , he said bitcoin was "highly volatile and based on thin air.

Still, Donald Trump congratulated his wife's new venture on December 17 saying it epitomizes the "American spirit of ingenuity, creativity, and entrepreneurship. Keep reading. Search markets. News The word News. My Watchlist My Watchlist. Isabelle Lee. Former first lady Melania Trump took to Twitter to pay tribute to bitcoin's 13th anniversary. The tweet came after she released her first NFT in December. Many were surprised with her embrace of digital assets, especially considering husband Donald Trump's anti-crypto stance.

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How Trump coins became an internet sensation

We all feel terrible this happened," Twitter chief Jack Dorsey tweeted hours after accounts of Microsoft's Bill Gates and Tesla's Elon Musk appeared to have been hacked, or fallen prey to a cryptocurrency scam. Contrary to early reports, Bill Gates and Elon Musk's accounts weren't the only ones to have been compromised. In the scam, tweets were posted on behalf of Gates and Musk that stated a Bitcoin wallet address along with the promise of sending back double the amount of BTC if a user sends a certain amount to the designated wallet first. Hacked pic. With the accounts of former US President Obama being compromised as was Democratic presidential candidate Biden, Trump somehow seemed to have escaped unscathed from the hackers. But did he? Once Twitter became aware of the incident, the microblogging website limited the functionality of verified accounts for a brief moment.

A scammer portraying Elon Musk launched a crytpocurrency 'giveaway' in Donald Trump's tweet replies. The user was asking for bitcoins and.

Here’s What Donald Trump Thinks About Cryptocurrency

What Happened: An association of students who archived all of the tweets sent by Trump over the 12 years, his entire activity on Twitter, and are now auctioning them on Drumpfs. The starting price for every NFT is 0. The website explained the selection process: "All profits from Drumpf sales go towards charities that champion things Trump despises. For example, funds from tweets attacking mail-in ballots go towards the ACLU. This feature, called non-fungibility, makes NFTs particularly suitable for tokenizing real-world assets and unique digital collector's items or in-game goods. One recent example is the limited edition Lamborghini Aventador that was tokenized alongside the right to use it in both the physical world but also digital world, with future video game integrations. Download the mobile app now, available on iOS and Android.

Trump vs. Bezos: A History of Their Clashes on Twitter

trump cryptocurrency tweet

Jeff Bezos' bombshell blog post on Thursday accusing The National Enquirer of extortion and its publishing of personal messages of his as being potentially motivated by its association with President Trump is the latest skirmish between the leader of the free world and the world's richest man. The feud between the two, which mostly has consisted of critical tweets from Trump, started in December of with a tweet from then-Republican presidential candidate Trump, to which Bezos responded on Twitter with a brief sarcastic comment. Report until June , following that up with several more tweets that summer and then continuing to launch a steady drumbeat of criticisms beginning in March Learn more now. In all, Trump has posted 26 tweets criticizing Amazon and Bezos, with Bezos responding once directly and once somewhat implicitly.

I am not a fan of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, which are not money, and whose value is highly volatile and based on thin air.

El Salvador president wants Bitcoin as legal tender

A satirical video using music from rock band R. A lawyer for Universal Music Publishing Group had reached out to Twitter on Friday asking that the video -- which was first posted by another user -- be taken down from the platform, a source familiar with the situation told CNBC. The clip, which runs more than two minutes in length, plays audio from R. But, as of the early hours Saturday ET, Twitter users could not play the video posted by Trump, and many saw a message that read, "This video has been removed in response to a report from the copyright holder. The creator of the video that the president tweeted Friday, self-proclaimed Trump supporter CarpeDonktum, accused Twitter of censorship after the clip became unplayable on the platform.

Bitcoin scammers are impersonating Elon Musk and Donald Trump on Twitter to steal cryptocurrency

What does the number mean to Twitter Inc. CEO Jack Dorsey? Crypto Twitter would really like to know. Dorsey tweeted out the singular figure at p. According to Blockchain. Dorsey frequently tweets about the crypto market.

Donald Trump has criticized Bitcoin, Facebook's proposed Libra value is highly volatile and based on thin air,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

How a Trump-Loving Cryptocurrency Fan Is Taking the President’s Diss of Bitcoin

Melania Trump took to Twitter Monday to pay tribute to bitcoin's birthday as the former first lady dives deeper into the world of digital assets. Accompanying her tweet is a photo of bitcoin's genesis block , the first block on bitcoin's blockchain. Unlike other blocks, this one is the only one without a block preceding it. This is why it is also generally described as "block 0.

Twitter’s decentralized future

RELATED VIDEO: Elon Musk on Trump as President

Home » Cryptocurrencies News. Blockchain, cryptocurrency can help democratise financial services: PayPal CTO Mon, Sep 20, Digital payments major PayPal on Thursday said the technological shift brought in by blockchain and cryptocurrency can help democratise financial services and bring in greater financial inclusion. Now, Centre makes it mandatory for companies to disclose investments in cryptocurrencies Fri, Mar 26, The Ministry of Corporate Affairs MCA has made amendments to rules in the Companies Act, mandating firms to disclose their investments in cryptocurrencies, spend on corporate social responsibility CSR , and benami property transactions, among others, in their financial statements from the next financial year. Robinhood pauses instant buying of crypto currencies amid volatility Fri, Jan 29, Online broker Robinhood, which was criticized by customers after pausing trading in some hot stocks on Thursday, said it had temporarily disabled a feature on its app that allows users to buy crypto securities instantly. SC lifts RBI bar on Bitcoin, others Wed, Mar 04, Supreme Court to allow banks to handle cryptocurrency transactions from exchanges and traders, overturning a ban on such dealings by the central bank that had come as a major blow to the thriving industry.

Melania Trump has taken to social media to promote Bitcoin just weeks after the former first lady launched her first NFT non-fungible token platform. The wife of former President Donald Trump expressed her support for the cryptocurrency on the 13th anniversary of its launch.

‘Based on thin air’, tweets Donald Trump on cryptocurrency, adds a warning

Researchers involved with bluesky reveal to TechCrunch an initiative still in its earliest stages that could fundamentally shift the power dynamics of the social web. While this could protect speech from marginalized groups, it may also upend modern moderation techniques and efforts to prevent online radicalization. Jack Dorsey, co-founder and chief executive officer of Twitter Inc. Just as Bitcoin lacks a central bank to control it, a decentralized social network protocol operates without central governance, meaning Twitter would only control its own app built on bluesky, not other applications on the protocol. The open and independent system would allow applications to see, search and interact with content across the entire standard. Twitter hopes that the project can go far beyond what the existing Twitter API offers, enabling developers to create applications with different interfaces or methods of algorithmic curation, potentially paying entities across the protocol like Twitter for plug-and-play access to different moderation tools or identity networks. Social platforms like Parler or Gab could theoretically rebuild their networks on bluesky, benefitting from its stability and the network effects of an open protocol.

Republicans angry over Twitter's decision to fact-check the president seize on prior anti-GOP tweets from the company's head of site integrity. Yoel Roth is not a top executive at Twitter. He is the company's "head of site integrity," making him one member of the company's broad team dedicated to enforcing Twitter's rules. He works under Del Harvey, Twitter's vice president of trust and safety.

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