Microsoft base smart card crypto provider

Look for the values Provider and Key Container in the output from certutil:. The example shows the values for Certificate 0. Earlier versions of Windows could only use the default container for smart card login, but now you can select any certificate on the card at logon. If you have more than one certificate, look for the same values, but for Certificate 1, Certificate 2 and so on further down in the output. Note that if you delete Certificate 0 , and then runs this command again, Certificate 1 will then have become Certificate 0. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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MGTEK SmartCard Tools

Mimikatz is a great post-exploitation tool written by Benjamin Delpy gentilkiwi. Doing so often requires a set of complementary tools. Mimikatz is an attempt to bundle together some of the most useful tasks that attackers will want to perform. Fortunately, Metasploit has decided to include Mimikatz as a meterpreter script to allow for easy access to its full set of features without needing to upload any files to the disk of the compromised host.

Note: The version of Mimikatz in metasploit is v1. This is relevant as a lot of the syntax has changed with the upgrade to v2. After obtaining a meterpreter shell, we need to ensure that our session is running with SYSTEM level privileges for Mimikatz to function properly.

Mimikatz supports 32bit and 64bit Windows architectures. After upgrading our privileges to SYSTEM, we need to verify, with the sysinfo command, what the architecture of the compromised machine is. This will be relevant on 64bit machines as we may have compromised a 32bit process on a 64bit architecture. If this is the case, meterpreter will attempt to load a 32bit version of Mimikatz into memory, which will cause most features to be non-functional.

This can be avoided by looking at the list of running processes and migrating to a 64bit process before loading Mimikatz. Though slightly unorthodox, we can get a complete list of the available modules by trying to load a non-existent feature. We can use both the built-in Metasploit commands as well as the native Mimikatz commands to extract hashes and clear-text credentials from the compromised machine. The other Mimikatz modules contain a lot of useful features. Below are several usage examples to get an understanding of the syntax employed.

The service module allows you to list, start, stop, and remove Windows services. The crypto module allows you to list and export any certificates and their corresponding private keys that may be stored on the compromised machine. This is possible even if they are marked as non-exportable. Mimikatz also includes a lot of novelty features. One of our favourites is a module that can read the location of mines in the classic Windows Minesweeper game, straight from memory!


We all know that password protection alone is a poor way to secure access to the computers on our networks. Two factor authentication provides more security, and smart card technology is one of the most used methods of deploying two factor authentication, because it's considered by many to be much less invasive then biometrics such as fingerprint or retina scanning. However, smart cards have a couple of big drawbacks. One is the cost of implementation; in addition to the cards themselves, you have to purchase smart card reader devices for the systems with which you want to use them. The other problem is that users lose them or leave them at home and are then unable to access their systems. Windows 8 brings us a number of new capabilities in regard to security, and one of the most interesting new features is support for virtual smart cards.

Microsoft Base Smart Card Crypto Provider 4. Microsoft DH SChannel Cryptographic Provider 5. Microsoft Enhanced Cryptographic Provider v 6.


Free Download ». If you purchase an EV Code Signing Certificate, one of the requirements is that you use two-factor authentication using a hardware token. And even if you own a regular code signing certificate, good practice is that you protect your private keys using a smart card. For automated builds, entering PINs manually is not an option. However, there may be scenarios where this procedure does not work for you, for instance if you smart card uses the Microsoft Base Smart Card Crypto Provider or if you remote desktop to a build server. This is where ScSigntool comes to the rescue. The PIN must be stored at the following location:. If you would like to try our SmartCard Tools, we are pleased to provide you the download at no charge:. Using signtool.

CryptoAPI Cryptographic Service Providers

microsoft base smart card crypto provider

This is functioning as design after discussions with Microsoft Support. Microsoft provided the following response:. We confirmed that the smart card does not remove or move the expired certificates on the Smart Card. There are no logical containers OU's as such on the smart cards. Microsoft tested this using another smart card and driver and the behavior was the same i.

Upgrade to Microsoft Edge to take advantage of the latest features, security updates, and technical support.


Super User is a question and answer site for computer enthusiasts and power users. It only takes a minute to sign up. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. This works. However Microsoft in their tutorial wants you to connect the computer to a domain with a domain controller. And create a "certificate template" on the domain controller.

11.29.2005 - Microsoft Base Smart Card Cryptographic Service Provider Package: x86 (KB909520)

Contact HID Global. Technical Support. Customer Service. Knowledge Base. Customer Portal. Documentation Center. Account Settings Logout. All Files.

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Cryptography\Defaults\Provider\Microsoft Base Smart Card Crypto Provider\AllowPrivateExchangeKeyImport=DWORD:0x1.

Použití SmartCard

With Windows Seven, Microsoft goes one step further and mandates that every smartcard has its own driver a 'minidriver' actually, i. Everytime you put a smartcard on a contactless reader , or in a contact reader , the system tries to locate the appropriate driver, and this generally ends up with a red mark in the tray bar and this annoying message in the tray bar : " Device driver software was not successfully installed. Click here for details. According to Microsoft, smartcard -issuers should provide a minidriver for their cards.

This is the second in a series of posts on the use of cryptography on Windows. The previous blog post introduced the basic concepts related to cryptography. Here we delve into how those concepts are implemented in Windows at a system or architectural level and of course, how one accesses them from Tcl. This will lay the ground for discussing the actual cryptographic operations in future posts. First a bit of history.

The authority key identifier of the certificate in base64 string format.

Information Security Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for information security professionals. It only takes a minute to sign up. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. How can we solve CryptAcquireCertificatePrivateKey fails with 0xB when adding certificate from smartcard to local user store? In an enrollment system where users generate smartcard certificate request online to a CA, the certificate is loaded 'offline' in the smartcard, for example several days after the request was issued so the certenrolllib objects used for the creation of the request cannot be used for installing the certificate on the card and the card generated the private key which will never and cannot anyway be exported outside of the card.

Security is the cornerstone of the EPO's online services. Services used with a smart card have some or all of the following security features:. For information on cryptovision software, please see " Smart card reader " below.

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