Bitcoin twitter accounts to follow

Innovation brings along new defining metrics by which investors make decisions. Each social platform is unique in its value and operational mechanism, and discussions regarding cryptocurrencies are mostly concentrated on Twitter, as it facilitates a streamlined, open, and possibly invasive system, which helps foster beneficial discussion. Money-grabbing culture has much to say about cryptocurrencies, which leads misleading information to enter the crypto Twitter space. Additionally, social media metrics can be manipulated and project a false sense of trust towards users. Regardless, valuable information can be filtered out through Twitter to get an overarching look and feel of the event taking place in the crypto space. Below we list ten cryptocurrency Twitter accounts to get you on your way to receiving quality information and filtering through all the noise.

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Bitcoin twitter accounts to follow

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The Top 100 Crypto and Blockchain Influencers (on Twitter)

On July 15, , between and UTC , reportedly high-profile Twitter accounts were compromised by outside parties to promote a bitcoin scam. They appeared to have used social engineering to gain access to the tools via Twitter employees.

The scam tweets asked individuals to send bitcoin currency to a specific cryptocurrency wallet , with the promise of the Twitter user that money sent would be doubled and returned as a charitable gesture. Dmitri Alperovitch , the co-founder of cybersecurity company CrowdStrike , described the incident as "the worst hack of a major social media platform yet. Forensic analysis of the scam showed that the initial scam messages were first posted by accounts with short, one- or two-character distinctive names, such as " 6".

The tweets involved in the scam hack claimed that the sender, in charity, would repay any user double the value of any bitcoin they sent to given wallets, often as part of a COVID relief effort.

The tweets followed the sharing of malicious links by a number of cryptocurrency companies; the website hosting the links was taken down shortly after the tweets were posted. Some of the compromised accounts posted scam messages repeatedly, even after having some of the messages deleted. By UTC, Twitter released a statement saying they were "aware of a security incident impacting accounts on Twitter" and that they were "taking steps to fix it".

We all feel terrible this happened. We're diagnosing and will share everything we can when we have a more complete understanding of exactly what happened. In addition to sending out tweets, the account data for eight compromised accounts was downloaded, including all created posts and direct messages, though none of these accounts belonged to verified users. As Twitter was working to resolve the situation on July 15, Vice was contacted by at least four individuals claiming to be part of the scam and presented the website with screenshots showing that they had been able to gain access to a Twitter administrative tool, also known as an "agent tool", [34] that allowed them to change various account-level settings of some of the compromised accounts, including confirmation emails for the account.

This allowed them to set email addresses which any other user with access to that email account could initiate a password reset and post the tweets. The source did not believe Kirk had paid a Twitter employee for access. The " 6" Twitter had belonged to Adrian Lamo , and the user maintaining the account on behalf of Lamo's family reported that the group that performed the hack were able to bypass numerous security factors they had set up on the account, including two-factor authentication , further indicating that the administrative tools had been used to bypass the account security.

Vice ' s and TechCrunch 's sources were corroborated by The New York Times , who spoke to similar persons involved with the events, and from other security researchers who had been given similar screens, and tweets of these screens had been made, but Twitter removed these since they revealed personal details of the compromised accounts.

Twitter subsequently confirmed that the scam involved social engineering , [36] stating "We detected what we believe to be a coordinated social engineering attack by people who successfully targeted some of our employees with access to internal systems and tools. By the end of July 17, , Twitter affirmed what had been learned from these media sources, stating that "The attackers successfully manipulated a small number of employees and used their credentials to access Twitter's internal systems, including getting through our two-factor protections.

As of now, we know that they accessed tools only available to our internal support teams. Bloomberg News , after investigation with former and current Twitter employees, reported that as many as Twitter employees and partners had access to the admin tools that would allow for the ability to reset accounts as had been done during the incident. Former Twitter employees had told Bloomberg that even as late as and , those with access would make a game of using these tools to track famous celebrities though the amount of data visible through the tools alone was limited to elements like IP address and geolocation information.

A Twitter spokesperson told Bloomberg that they do use "extensive security training and managerial oversight" to manage employees and partners with access to the tools, and that there was "no indication that the partners we work with on customer service and account management played a part here". Ars Technica obtained a more detailed report from a researcher who worked with FBI on the investigation.

According to this report, attackers scraped LinkedIn in search for Twitter employees likely to have administrator privileges account-holder tools. Then attackers obtained these employees' cell phone numbers and other private contact information via paid tools LinkedIn makes available to job recruiters. After choosing victims for the next stage, attackers contacted Twitter employees, most who were working from home as a result of the COVID pandemic , and, using the information from LinkedIn and other public sources, pretended to be Twitter personnel.

Attackers directed victims to log into a fake internal Twitter VPN. To bypass two-factor authentication, attackers entered stolen credentials into the real Twitter VPN portal and "within seconds of the employees entering their info into the fake one" and asked victims to for the two-factor authentication code. Security researcher Brian Krebs corroborated with TechCrunch 's source and with information obtained by Reuters that the scam appeared to have originated in the "OGUsers" group.

The FBI announced July 16 it was launching an investigation into the scam, as it was used to "perpetuate cryptocurrency fraud", a criminal offense.

The United States Department of Justice announced the arrest and charges of three individuals tied to the scam on July 31, A year-old from the United Kingdom was charged with multiple counts of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, conspiracy to commit money laundering , and the intentional access of a protected computer, and a year-old from Florida was charged with aiding and abetting the international access.

A third individual, a minor from Florida, was also indicted but due to their age, the charges were sealed in juvenile court in Florida. A fourth individual, a year-old from Massachusetts, had been identified as a possible suspect in the scam by the FBI. Though federal agents had conducted a warranted search of his possessions in late August , no indictments have been made yet.

Affected users could only retweet content, leading NBC News to set up a temporary non-verified account so that they could continue to tweet, retweeting "significant updates" on their main account. During the incident, Twitter, Inc. Security experts expressed concern that while the scam may have been relatively small in terms of financial impact, the ability for social media to be taken over through social engineering involving employees of these companies poses a major threat in the use of social media particularly in the lead-up to the United States presidential election , and could potentially cause an international incident.

Twitter chose to delay the rolling out of its new API in the aftermath of the security issues. Though not part of the Twitter incident, Steve Wozniak and seventeen others initiated a lawsuit against Google the following week, asserting that the company did not take sufficient steps to remove similar Bitcoin scam videos posted to YouTube that used his and the other plaintiffs' names, fraudulently claiming to back the scam.

Wozniak's complaint identified that Twitter was able to act within the same day, while he and the other plaintiffs' requests to Google had never been acted upon. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. July compromise of multiple Twitter accounts to post scam tweets. A representative scam tweet, from Apple 's hacked account. CNN Business. Archived from the original on July 16, Retrieved July 15, BBC News.

July 15, Archived from the original on July 15, The New York Times. Archived from the original on July 17, Retrieved July 17, The Verge.

Retrieved July 31, Business Insider. Archived from the original on July 18, SBS World News. Retrieved July 16, FBI is leading an inquiry into the Twitter hack, sources say". It could have been. Twitter hack reveals national security threat ahead of election". USA Today. Twitter Users in a Bitcoin Scam". Retrieved July 19, The Independent. NBC News. BuzzFeed News. Retrieved July 18, Here's what we do and don't know about what's going on right now".

The Irish Times. We are investigating and taking steps to fix it. We will update everyone shortly" Tweet — via Twitter. Yahoo News. Archived from the original on July 21, Retrieved July 20, Archived from the original on July 23, Retrieved July 22, Retrieved July 23, Android Police. More updates to come as our investigation continues" Tweet — via Twitter. Ars Technica. Archived from the original on July 31, Bloomberg News. Archived from the original on July 28, Retrieved July 27, Graham Ivan Clark gets 3-year sentence".

Retrieved March 17, Krebs on Security. July 16, United States Department of Justice. July 31, ISSN Associated Press. August 4, Retrieved March 16, Retrieved September 2, The Washington Post.

IMF urges El Salvador to scale back its Bitcoin push

Corporate adoption is happening as the world continues to embrace Bitcoin and Blockchain tech. It has been boldly predicted that in Bitcoin will take market share away from gold due to digital assets becoming more universally adopted, according to Goldman Sachs analyst Zach Pandl. Bitcoin has taken the world by storm in recent years, growing from a concept in that was laughed at and faced harsh criticism, to something that many people now view as a long-term investment. To demonstrate just how popular cryptocurrency has become, uxsequence. The game also sees big tech names with their big bank accounts across the board.

In the cryptocurrency domain, Aggarwa with his group underline the relationship The Twitter follow graph is directed as the user being followed does not.

Biden, Gates, Musk: Bitcoin scam breaches some of world's most prominent Twitter accounts

A look at other regrets of businessmen. This statement was also in the context of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, in which the data mining firm misused data to try and influence elections. In his letter to the shareholders, Buffett shared his biggest investment mistakes. Branding the car as the cheapest created a negative impact on the market, he said. While answering a variety of questions, the Tesla CEO said that the biggest career mistake he made was not being more involved with Tesla in its initial days. How Zoho and Freshworks got their SaaS sizzling with different recipes. Saregama is hitting the high notes. Can it keep investors singing to its tunes? Choose your reason below and click on the Report button.

Joe Biden, Elon Musk, And Barack Obama's Twitter Accounts Were Hacked In A Bitcoin Scam

bitcoin twitter accounts to follow

India all-rounder Krunal Pandya became a victim of cybercrime after someone hacked into his Twitter account, demanding Bitcoins from the followers on Thursday. In a series of posts, the hacker said he is willing to sell the cricketer's account in exchange for some bitcoins. The hacker reportedly made unsolicited comments and sent out around 10 tweets from his account. At AM, the hacker retweeted a tweet from the cricketer's account. Later on, Krunal's account was restored and all the tweets were deleted.

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Everything we know about the Twitter Bitcoin hack

Learn about crypto taxes in the US, Australia, and Germany with insights from professional crypto tax accountants while discovering the best crypto tools in the market. Updated: Nov 16, Crypto Twitter is a brave new world. Think of FinTwitter , but much more fun. You can find a bit of everything among the list of crypto influencers we put together.

Cryptocurrency on Twitter: 12 Top crypto Twitter accounts to follow

The attack announced itself one account at a time. Elon Musk. Kanye West. Bill Gates. Joe Biden. Barack Obama.

The underlying advance is choosing which cryptographic currency you want to invest in. There are no firm principles here; essentially any token.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk warns Twitter followers about Bitcoin scams: 'This is not cool.'

Twitter recently released a new feature for users to tip their most favoured content creators — using Bitcoin. Named Tips, the feature will allow Twitter influencers to earn money from anywhere in the world without any geographical restrictions. Twitter has partnered with Strike, a platform built on Bitcoin Lightning Network, which can execute instant international payments at virtually no cost. Twitter has added a tiny money icon, which if turned on, would appear on the creator's profile, informing others that Bitcoin tips were being accepted.

Twitter scrambles to contain damage after bitcoin scam targets celebrities

Here's What Investors Should Know. Ethereum Just Hit a 6-Month Low. Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards Card: 1. There Are Thousands of Different Altcoins. John Puterbaugh is a journalist with more than 10 years of experience leading editorial teams in personal…. Alex Gailey is a journalist who specializes in personal finance, banking, credit cards, and fintech.

So why has Fantom been able to buck the trend and can it continue to outperform?

Top 100 Blockchain and Crypto Influencers on Twitter to Follow

Scammers have taken over legit Twitter accounts and transformed them to look like Musk's and get Twitter users to turn over bitcoin or other digital cryptocurrency for what they think is a business opportunity. It's not a new phenomenon. Coronavirus outbreak: Effects could slow down Apple iPhone shipments. The Independent found that several verified Twitter accounts — publisher Pantheon Books among them — were hacked and made over to look like Musk's Twitter account. Then the hackers sent out a tweet to initiate the scam: "I'm giving 10 Bitcoin BTC to all community! Evidently, a new scam invoking Musk was found recently — it appeared that Twitter had suspended the account — and that led the entrepreneur to speak up Saturday, basically invoked the concept of caveat emptor "buyer beware" for his Twitter followers. Back in September , Twitter said it was increasing its focus on fighting financial scams on the network.

Twitter blocks bitcoin addresses after hack

In recent years, Twitter has become the home of the crypto industry. As one of the earliest and most prominent voices in Bitcoin evangelism, Pomp has created a name for himself, often speaking at cryptocurrency conferences and on shows like CNBC. His content is super relevant for anyone looking to get involved in crypto entrepreneurship. With a huge following on Twitter, Tone has become the Twitter epicenter of crypto trading.

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