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But Michael Ou, founder and CEO of card-sized hardware wallet developer CoolBitX, believes the market will rise again, particularly once various countries interested in anti-money laundering regulations take steps that would help restore investor trust. Ou sees such legislation as key to a reversal. Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies keep track of all transactions on the public blockchain. Anonymity has led to accusations that Tether was used to manipulate the price of bitcoin.

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Robot or human?

Launched in , the first generation of CoolWallet was designed from the standpoint of a unique form factor supported only Bitcoin. The first generation serves as a foundational product technology in which numerous applications and products may arise. CoolBitX, founded in by Michael Ou, is a Taiwanese FinTech company specializing in manufacturing secure, US patented digital asset hardware and developing smart contract platforms for millions of users. Our designers and engineers come from cybersecurity, academia, and hardware development fields — devoted to making the blockchain community a better environment for daily users and traders.

We provide a service to the blockchain community, and never hold seeds or private keys. To this end, we consider every CoolWallet S user a team member: each contribute the decentralized nature of the blockchain by becoming custodians of their own private keys. And also, no plagiarism will be accepted. Bounties can really help a company to build brand awareness. Bounty0x is a good platform to reach cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and it would be really helpful if in the future there was a more complete review system where some of the works can be reviewed before published.

We see the crypto space growing bigger and bigger now with all these projects coming out every day. And with more and more stores accepting cryptocurrency, a world without country boundary and more personal control is just around the corner. At CoolBitX we want to be a part of this.

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Bitcoinees Project. Leighton Cusack in PoolTogether.

Bitcoinist & CoolBitX are Giving Away 10 CoolWallet S Hardware Wallets!

If you're seeing this message, that means JavaScript has been disabled on your browser. The company plans to use the new funds to expand the presence of its Sygna product line beyond Asia Pacific and continue to develop its flagship product, CoolWallet S. Founded in by Michael Ou, CoolBitX provides solutions for the blockchain industry to foster the adoption of virtual assets through its products. The Sygna line of products, on the other hand, are tailored toward virtual asset service providers VASPs , simplifying the process for VASPs to meet the compliance standards of the traditional financial industry. More information here.

CoolBitX is proud to present the only Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash mobile cold storage cryptocurrency wallet. Welcome to.

CoolBitX Raises $16.7M to Make Crypto More Bank-Friendly

CoolBitX and Changelly are teaming up to relieve key industry pain points on the road to mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. Until recently, crypto holders had to rely on insecure software wallets and cumbersome hardware options for storage. Exchanging coins from those wallets was a lengthy and expensive process. The collaboration with Changelly enables CoolWallet S users to trade between cryptocurrencies on the Changelly exchange easily and instantly through the CoolBitX native app. Changelly has attracted over 2 million registered users since its founding in This partnership promises to be a major step toward building trust-based relationships with the crypto community. The ability to swap, spend, send, and receive numerous currencies any time, any place, with anyone, instantly is imperative for the cryptosphere to win over the mass market.

SBI Holdings Investing into Cold Crypto Wallet Manufacturer

coolbitx crypto invest

Today, this vision is being realized for the cryptocurrency industry thanks to the continued adoption of Bitcoin and the proliferation of innovative financial products and services such as Proof-of-Stake PoS , DeFi and DApps that are creating compelling new use cases for cryptocurrency ownership and redefining the way we view digital assets. We are extremely proud to make this a reality with CoolWallet Pro, working with our staking infrastructure partners Staked and other trusted partners during this historic period of digital asset adoption to allow users to spend, lend, borrow, and invest their tokens at their leisure anytime, anywhere, thus maximising the value of their crypto assets. The CoolWallet was first launched by CoolBitX back in as the first bluetooth-enabled hardware wallet. It has been replaced by the CoolWallet S which reportedly sold more than , wallets, globally. Source: cryptocryptonews.

Compliance to international regulatory standards is becoming standard for cryptocurrency-related startups seeking to legitimize their business. News - season - 1, Word on the Block Forkast.

Global Hardware Wallet Market (2021 to 2028) - Featuring ARCHOS, BitLox and Ledger SAS Among Others

The new feature is an industry first that enables complete ERC20 portfolio management anywhere, any time while keeping the tokens secure in cold storage. Previously, ERC20 Token storage options were limited, and users risked losing their investments to hacks. Software wallets and exchanges are notoriously insecure, and competing hardware wallets only allow users to manage their array of ERC20 Tokens via third-parties, which require additional logins and vulnerability windows for hacks and theft, creating a major barrier to mass adoption. No one would consent to wrangle two different apps and sharing their PIN with multiple parties to manage their normal checking account. How could that be expected of crypto holders, and how could the mass market adopt such a system?


A hardware wallet is a specialized cryptocurrency wallet designed to store user private keys in a secure encrypted hardware device. Therefore, the hardware wallets are meant to enable users to store private keys at a protected area of the microcontroller while protecting confidential information. Hardware devices are intended to be immune from computer viruses that may steal or damage data in a software wallet. The hardware wallet operating on an open-sourced software allows user to authenticate the complete function of the device. The hardware wallet device utilizes technologies such as near-field communication and Bluetooth to connect with electronic applications. This device is popularly used at a commercial level, owing to surge in demand for digital currencies or cryptocurrencies for trading.

Ripple Partner Sbi invested in CoolBitX Ltd, Which will develop a Introducing The NEW cold wallet - CoolWallet (bitcoin safe).

CoolBitX Crypto for Pc

Several Asian countries, including Singapore, South Korea and Japan , swiftly responded to the token boom of with regulatory proposals and enforcement. As such, crypto companies in these regions must follow strict anti-money laundering AML and know-your-customer KYC procedures. If Asian markets offer a harbinger of industry norms, then future fiat on-ramps and cryptocurrency custody products will fall in line with digital banking norms.

With the benefit of decades of experience from the family business to tap and a keen eye for technology, Michael Ou believes he has the solution to help take cryptocurrencies mainstream. Growing up, Mr. Ou had a great introduction to banking and financial security. When he was pursuing his MBA in , Mr.

Cryptocurrency price correlations.

All Rights Reserved. Let's be in touch with a vigorous team of cryptocurrency experts led by Ms. Paphy Cai from BTC. Atthakrit Chimplapibul, a co-founder of Bitkub, Thailand's No. Moving to the side of executives, Mr. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts can check out the website AsiaCryptoInvest.

The SBI financial group in Japan has made a number of forays in recent times into the world of cryptocurrencies, and now they have made a substantial investment into a developer of hardware crypto wallets based out of Taiwan. Hardware wallets are the safest form of storage for cryptocurrencies as they are wholly decentralized and not linked to the internet, which means that these accounts cannot be hacked, unlike those of desktop or internet based wallets. Bullish Crypto History Through SBI Investment, the venture capital arm of SBI Holdings, they have established themselves as one of the first large-scale conglomerates to make a substantial investment in the cryptocurrency exchange Kraken at the beginning of They also became the leading investors in bitFlyer , which is the most significant and best-funded crypto exchange in Japan.

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