Amazon cryptocurrency domain names

Online records have revealed that Amazon, the E-commerce giant has registered three web domains related to cryptocurrency. Registered on 31st October, these domains have been linked to Amazon. News site DomainNameWire was the first to report about such registrations. However not much is known about the main motive of registering such domain names. On the other hand, this move by the online magnet could also signify its willingness to avoid confusions cropping up in between Amazon Coin and cryptocurrencies.

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Why Amazon Will Likely Make a Massive Move Into Crypto

Amazon and Cryptocurrency, two of the most colossal words in print media today. At the very least, Amazon has definitely positioned itself for this outcome by purchasing domain names like amazonethereum. DomainNameWire spread belief that Amazon was getting their ducks in a row regarding an exchange when the above domains were purchased by Amazon in November. With Amazon being known for its innovation, it would be more than likely that these assumptions are correct.

Or would it? But despite offering a large variety of payment options, Amazon has yet to allow people to pay with bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. Any cryptocurrency Amazon adopted would surely see a huge surge of support. This might seem like a no-brainer without diving into the details. But in this case, the details make all the difference. Stating that the decision to not pursue that blockchain technology integration was a deliberate one.

Amazon has decided, for the time being, to step back, where other organizations have progressed full force into blockchain development. The CEO continued to state that Amazon will continue to move forward in the tech world, just not on the blockchain platform. I reiterate, the details make all the difference. Why would a multi-billion dollar company that runs entirely on technology be hesitant to embrace blockchain?

Well, here are some possible reasons. Bitcoins transaction speed last year was 7 transactions per second, where-as Amazons transactions per second reached during one of their biggest sales. This is a pretty big one for large corporations such as Amazon. Cryptocurrency has yet to be recognized as a legitimate replacement for fiat, which causes uncertainty in its nature.

To add to the legitimacy problem, the IRS is claiming tax on capital gains regarding every payment made within the United States border. But whatever capacity Amazon chooses to get involved in with Blockchain could become a household name overnight. Posted by Ruzaan Du Plooy. Transaction Speed Bitcoins transaction speed last year was 7 transactions per second, where-as Amazons transactions per second reached during one of their biggest sales.

Business Complexities Cryptocurrency has yet to be recognized as a legitimate replacement for fiat, which causes uncertainty in its nature. Previous Post. Leave a Reply Cancel Reply.

Amazon just bought three domain names related to cryptocurrency

While no official comment has been released by Amazon on when or if they plan on entering the cryptocurrency space, it appears they've been making moves. CNBC was first to break the news Amazon acquired several cryptocurrency domain names including amazoncryptocurrency. It appears they own amazonbitcoin. We personally double-checked these domain registrations through Whois , and were able to verify these domains were purchased by Amazon Technologies, Inc. What does this all mean for Amazon and the cryptocurrency space in general? It's too early to tell what Amazon plans to do with these domains. It seems Amazon did just that when they purchased AmazonBitcoin.

Blockchain domain name provider (PRNewsfoto/Unstoppable Domains) Unstoppable Domains provides NFT domain names ending,.nft.

Amazon's cryptocurrency domain names

The domains are: amazoncryptocurrency. Here is a look at some of the possibilities:. The biggest name in retail could be looking to clear up any confusion with Amazon Coin , a digital currency that the company introduced back in Check your inbox for confirmation email. Consenting to these technologies will allow us and our partners to process personal data such as browsing behavior or unique IDs on this site. Not consenting or withdrawing consent, may adversely affect certain features and functions. Click below to consent to the above or make granular choices.

Amazon Registered Ethereum Domain Name

amazon cryptocurrency domain names

As per different records over the web, it is now known that Amazon, the e-commerce giant, has registered 3 web domains which are related to cryptocurrency. This has resulted in speculations that the company may have plans to enter this market space. It may however be noted that currently no one is clear about the main purpose and use of the newly registered domain names by Amazon. However, no representative from the legal office has made any statements to the press about this registration, as yet. The newly registered web domains are connected to a subsidiary company of Amazon.

As rumors have already been spread on the internet that Amazon might implement cryptocurrencies into their payment processes, it seems that these rumors could have a solid fundamental case as Amazon registered 3 cryptocurrency domain names on Tuesday. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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There has been a lot of rumor and speculation circulating in the crypto and mainstream media recently regarding e-commerce giant Amazon moving into the crypto-space by accepting select cryptocurrencies as payment options. While it's a virtual certainty Amazon will soon start doing that in some manner, Amazon's crypto aspirations seem much bigger and could positively impact small-business owners in the near future. To be clear, Amazon is already deep into the cryptocurrency space. Don't believe me? A quick check of its website proves it. Thousands of companies pay Amazon billions each year to "rent" access to that network rather than building their own.

Amazon gets three cryptocurrency domain names

Amazon has purchased three domain names related to cryptocurrency. This move of Amazone is making all think that the e-commerce giant is planning to move into the cryptocurrency space. It so happened that, there were reports that Amazon is accepting cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin, but the company has never acknowledged these plans and said that it is no more than a rumor. Eventually, Amazon seems intent on owning multiple cryptocurrency-related domain names. Skip to content. Amazon purchased three new cryptocurrency related domain names. Follow Us:. As per the reports, the company has registered for the domains on Tuesday.

Amazon registered a trio of cryptocurrency-related domain names on Tuesday, for no apparent reason.

WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center

Amazon lost control of a small number of its cloud services IP addresses for two hours on Tuesday morning when hackers exploited a known Internet-protocol weakness that let them to redirect traffic to rogue destinations. By subverting Amazon's domain-resolution service, the attackers masqueraded as cryptocurrency website MyEtherWallet. They may have targeted other Amazon customers as well. The malicious redirection was caused by fraudulent routes that were announced by Columbus, Ohio-based eNet , a large Internet service provider that is referred to as autonomous system

Will Amazon & Blockchain Join Forces?

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Back in when amazonbitcoin. Pay with bitcoin on Amazon? Click on image for more. While blockchain may have the ability to power efficient and secure transactions between private individuals and to automate contracts and licensing, does that solve the critical problem facing authors today? How will blockchain affect demand and discoverability, assuming it does so at all?

Apart from its already owned domain name amazonbitcoin. Well, these speculations surfaced one year back when amazon introduced two distributed ledger-based services on its platform.

Visit Us Contact Us. The Complainants are Amazon. On the same date, the Center transmitted by email to the Registrar a request for registrar verification in connection with the disputed domain name. On December 19, , the Registrar transmitted by email to the Center its verification response disclosing registrant and contact information for the disputed domain name which differed from the named Respondent and contact information in the Complaint. The Center sent an email communication to the Complainants on December 20, , providing the registrant and contact information disclosed by the Registrar, and inviting the Complainants to submit an amendment to the Complaint. The Complainants filed an amendment to the Complaint on December 20, In accordance with the Rules, paragraphs 2 and 4, the Center formally notified the Respondent of the Complaint, and the proceedings commenced on December 21,

The cryptocurrency market is slowly picking up again after a pretty poor performance this year, and is having a positive effect on all crypto coins. Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter.

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