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PayPal and Venmo will offer and accept cryptocurrency for all online payments

O , said on Tuesday it has started allowing users to buy, hold and sell cryptocurrencies on its app, a step that could inspire more mainstream adoption of the asset class.

With more than 70 million customers, Venmo is one of the most popular payment apps in the United States, especially among younger consumers who use it to pay friends and family. California-based PayPal has become one of the most active mainstream financial companies in cryptocurrencies. In October, it began allowing users to buy, sell and hold cryptocurrencies in its digital wallets and last month it started allowing customers to spend their virtual coins at millions of merchants globally.

These launches helped to fuel a rally in virtual currencies. Venmo's crypto launch also coincides with increased competition in the U. Square Inc's SQ. N rival Cash App, which has allowed cryptocurrency purchases since , has seen user growth boom over the last year.

Other financial technology startups popular with young consumers, such as broker Robinhood also allow crypto buying and selling. Crypto on Venmo is enabled through PayPal's partnership with Paxos Trust Company, a regulated provider of cryptocurrency products and services. Subscribe to our daily curated newsletter to receive the latest exclusive Reuters coverage delivered to your inbox.

Reporting by Anna Irrera; editing by Barbara Lewis. More from Reuters. Daily Briefing Subscribe to our daily curated newsletter to receive the latest exclusive Reuters coverage delivered to your inbox. Sign up.

PayPal launches crypto buying, selling in UK

PayPal said in October it will allow US customers to hold bitcoin and other virtual coins in its online wallet, and shop using cryptocurrencies at merchants on its network. PayPal gains full ownership in China. Earlier this week, Mastercard said it was planning to offer support for some cryptocurrencies on its network this year. Asset manager BlackRock Inc and payments company Square Inc have also recently backed cryptocurrencies.

PayPal joins the cryptocurrency market, allowing customers to buy, sell and hold virtual coins including bitcoin using the company's online wallets.

Mastercard to open up network to select cryptocurrencies

The involvement of the social network, whose parent company has been renamed Meta Platforms FB. O to find out more, has proven to be toxic. This is a missed opportunity to make cryptocurrencies respectable. O and Stripe, to launch a cryptocurrency then known as Libra. The group eventually decided to issue a so-called stablecoin, backed by the US dollar and other currencies, which would facilitate digital payments without the volatility of digital tokens like bitcoin. But the backlash against Facebook, which was then already under global regulatory pressure due to its size and inability to police political content, was swift. Some US lawmakers have called on the company to drop the project due to its threat to financial stability. The Federal Reserve was also critical. Visa and several other companies left the consortium. Digital tokens have sparked widespread speculative interest, but without investor protections and piecemeal enforcement of money laundering rules.

Russia Mulls Crypto Investment Ban – Reuters

bitcoin paypal reuters

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By Keith Griffith For Dailymail. The Dow Jones Industrial Average ended in negative territory on Tuesday, but finished well above the session lows in a day of rollercoaster trading.

Libra Cryptocurrency

By Anna Irrera , Tom Wilson. O decision to open its network to bitcoin and its rivals was hailed by virtual coin enthusiasts as a watershed moment for cryptocurrencies and their path towards becoming a widespread means of payment. But the move might do little to drag existing cryptocurrencies out of their niche in payments, according to many fintech specialists, as holders of such coins often view them as an investment asset akin to gold rather than as a means of spending. It is also likely to prepare the company for the advent of mainstream digital coins, like those that could be developed by central banks, they added. Such coins are a world away from the ethos of bitcoin, which sought to subvert the financial establishment by doing away with a central issuer or authority. PayPal said on Wednesday it would allow U.

Cryptocurrency: The go-to guide

That has been shown once again recently with Bitcoin, the dominant cryptocurrency dropping to its lowest level since last summer. They see cryptocurrencies as the future of financial transactions. For businesses there is the advantage of lower fees than credit cards which is important for merchants operating on a tight margin. With credit cards, a credit-card provider can demand a retailer cover the loss on a fraudulent or disputed transaction. For the customer though a credit card provides protections against fraudulent activity that are non-existent with digital currencies. Digital currencies have protections to make them extremely difficult to hack, but crypto exchanges can be vulnerable to hacking. Digital currency transactions are also slower than cash or credit card payments. The former can take up to ten minutes or more depending on network activity and the network's current hashrate as opposed to a matter of seconds for a credit card payment.

By Keith Griffith For and Reuters EST Bitcoin, which increasingly correlates with equities markets.

Bitcoin, PayPal, General Motors, the Fed and Jackson Hole: 5 Things You Must Know

By Anna Irrera. Customers who hold bitcoin, ether, bitcoin cash and litecoin in PayPal digital wallets will now be able to convert their holdings into fiat currencies at checkouts to make purchases, the company said. The service, which PayPal revealed it was working on late last year, will be available at all of its 29 million merchants in the coming months, the company said.

PayPal expands its cryptocurrency support to new regions, all you need to know

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LONDON Reuters - Tesla Inc expects to allow customers to pay for its electric vehicles with bitcoin soon, the automaker said on Monday, a move that could expand how the most popular cryptocurrency is used for real-world transactions. Although bitcoin has become more of a household name in recent years, it is still mostly used as an investment product rather than a form of payment. A handful of mainstream brands have allowed customers to make purchases with bitcoin through third-party processors, but Tesla suggested it might accept bitcoin directly as part of a broader plan to incorporate the cryptocurrency into its investment portfolio. If customers buy Teslas with bitcoin, the company may or may not liquidate those payments right away - which some experts read as an indication that Tesla might hold on to at least some of the coins and not sell them automatically. If Tesla were to accept bitcoin payments the way some other major companies have, customers would transfer bitcoins from their "digital wallets" to another entity that converts them into, say, dollars and sends the sum to Tesla. BitPay has facilitated payments for luxury auto dealers, but is not working with Tesla now, a representative said.

Investors who jumped aboard the latest Bitcoin price rally have learned the hard way just how brutal investing in cryptocurrencies can be. So far, so Bitcoin.

Home Libra Cryptocurrency. Libra Cryptocurrency. Marcus, the leader of Facebook's "F2" financial division and the co-creator of its Diem digital currency project, is stepping down. He joined Facebook in after two years as president of PayPal. Facebook selected USDP in its pilot program because of its track record, and regulatory and consumer protection attributes. Facebook is considering building products and features related to non-fungible tokens NFTs , the digital assets that have taken off with the rise of blockchain technology. Digital currency group Diem Association, formerly known as Facebook's Libra project, plans to launch a US dollar stablecoin as it scales back its global ambitions to focus on the United States, the group said.

When prices fall, people put off buying things. And when people put off buying things, companies put off investing. And then the economy slumps—and keeps slumping.

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