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Forget magazine profiles and late-night shows — the hottest booking in show business right now is a Reddit AMA. And just a few hours later, Breaking Bad 's three-time Emmy winner Bryan Cranston submitted himself for questioning. The Reddit Ask Me Anything AMA page began as an anything-goes message board for random users — parts political forum, oddball convention, and town square.

People with various strange diseases, cool or quirky jobs, incredible experiences, and particular hobbies held court, making it one of the most vibrant and varied confessionals online. It now also serves as a new age version of the Tonight Show , a required stop on seemingly endless promotional tours meant to plug movies, TV shows, books, and albums — with publicity firms and marketing departments reaching out to Reddit community managers to figure out how to set up the chats.

It's a terrific platform for engaging talent with a massive audience," says Natalie Bruss, vice president for digital marketing at industry powerhouse publicity firm ID. Back in , though, the site was just trying to court popular internet personalities and various celebrities in hopes that they'd agree to short video interviews, with questions selected from those submitted by redditors.

Back then, says Martin, it was easier to get people to agree to do a half-hour video than a two-hour, semi-live chat, and so they dutifully went to the offices of politicians like Barney Frank and Dennis Kucinich, and visited author Christopher Hitchens at his apartment.

The celebs came gradually at first: Louis C. But it wasn't until President Obama logged on to answer questions last August that the AMA really broke into the spotlight. It's a great opportunity for notable people to connect in real time with their fan base, but we only recommend it on a case-by-case basis as it does not make sense for everyone.

Indeed, some AMAs have gone better than others, with results correlating not only with the popularity of the star involved, but how willing they are to play along with dedicated redditors — who are smart, silly, eccentric, and, above all else, fiercely uninterested in being condescended to with brief, canned answers.

It's not for everybody. Ideally, this is at least more interesting, if not more fun, than your typical press junket. The other thing I tell them is that there are no rules.

True: Seth Rogen and Evan Greenberg discussed everything from their fathers' advice on strippers to their favorite weed in a chat that was peak Reddit. It's an important point, because though Bruss says ID doesn't see AMAs as promotional tools, the chats generally come ahead of a new project's release. For all its quirks, the AMA has become, for some, another stop on a press junket, scheduled to raise awareness for a new movie, TV show, or album.

Louis CK's chat — a return engagement after previous succeses — earned major coverage ahead of his HBO special in April, while Elijah Wood made a major dent in publicity for his indie film Maniac. It's also clear that the AMAs work best when someone is not just game to answer questions, but has a firm handle on the audience that they're addressing.

I'm kind of preparing myself. I'm going to be in a good place when I do that," Schumer jokes. People have been pretty good, but on reddit of course, it's total sea creatures coming out from their parents' basements.

Oh, and I promise you I'm not worried about making them feel satisfied. In a sign of just how established the site has become, Reddit just hired Victoria Taylor, a former ID employee, to serve as its director of communications. Often, there are structural advantages that help celebrities succeed with their chats.

Community , NBC's cult favorite sitcom, has a massive fan base and subreddit on the site, and when the show came back in March, its writers held an epic AMA.

The conversations can be difficult to follow, given the site's tiered comments sections that oftentimes bury answers beneath piles of other responses. But in a way, that helps amplify the AMAs' reach, as other sites rush to scour the transcript for the best bits and aggregate them into their own posts. There is also a helpful schedule of upcoming celebrity and notable personalities holding AMAs on the side of the section's home page. Gerry Butler was so blown away by the experience he recorded a separate thank-you video for the community that was completely unexpected and took on a life of its own.

And recently Hans Zimmer was having such an incredible experience answering questions that he began sharing deeply personal stories related to his music inspirations that he's never really discussed publicly. Those sort of personal admissions are key to the success of these chats. Social media like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook has allowed celebrities to take fans inside their worlds like never before, but even then, they have complete control over their image.

That's not completely the case with AMAs. The gold standard of cautionary tales occurred last year, when Woody Harrelson took a moment out of his junket schedule to talk about his indie cop drama Rampart.

He was determined to keep the conversation on the movie, ignoring anything personal and steering off-topic inquiries back toward his unsettling — though, to be fair, critically acclaimed — film. It was so disastrous, with clipped answers and increasingly angry readers, that redditors began to openly berate Harrelson's publicist, who they figured was responsible for getting him signed up for the site in the first place.

Here's how bad it got: The top comment on the AMA is now the suggestion that the publicist "will be holding the toilet paper for Woody Harrelson while Harrelson takes a huge shit on his chest. Strangely, one of the questions Harrelson did engage was about rumors that he crashed a prom and took a student's virginity, and the story took on a life of its own.

More recently, Morgan Freeman caused an outcry due to short and bizarre answers while promoting Oblivion. The Reddit team even wrote a post expressing its disappointment. Redditors were still skeptical, with threads dedicated to debunking the photo Freeman's team sent in, depicting him asleep with a printed sign on his chest. It was likely a nod to him having fallen asleep during an on-air interview with a television station earlier during the Oblivion press tour, but that didn't quiet conspiracy theories.

Ultimately, the Reddit staff has little control over who opens up shop on an AMA, since it's an open forum. But as the section gets stuffed with promotional material, those involved in the direction of the site are trying to steer those conversations toward other subreddits. Martin points out that Jay Williams, the basketball player-turned-ESPN analyst, held a chat in the site's NBA subreddit, and wants it to be known that they've been trying to get Shaq to hold court for quite a while, if he's so inclined.

Long an insulated community with its own quirks and norms, the AMAs and the site's participation in the search for the Boston bombers in April has built so much outside interest that the site has become a kind of celebrity itself. Still, given its size, deference continues to be on the side of the site's community. That sense of serendipity, wonder, chaos, and excitement is part of what makes Reddit AMAs what they are.

To wit: Right now, "Weird Al" Yankovic , an HIV-positive year-old and a constitutional lawyer have three of the top-rated chats on the site. Share This Article Facebook.

Who is Anna-Senpai, the Mirai Worm Author?

Learn about crypto taxes in the US, Australia, and Germany with insights from professional crypto tax accountants while discovering the best crypto tools in the market. Updated: Nov 16, Crypto Twitter is a brave new world. Think of FinTwitter , but much more fun.

Jesse Lund, answers questions from Reddit's /r/Stellar during an AMA live from Think during Stay up to date on all things crypto and blockchain.

BitMEX Vs. Kraken: Leveraging Your Crypto Trades

Kodowanie 0. The idea is to create a cryptocurrency platform focuses on privacy-focused coin as well as the scalable one. BEAM Coin. Beam it is traded on over more than 30 exchanges and accepted on more than stores. Beam coins are resistant to ASICs. Alex Romanov, the CTO, has worked with large teams on several complex projects. Scalable confidential cryptocurrency. Ask Us Anything!

'Star Wars: Episode VII' tells tale 30 years after 'Jedi'

bitcoin reddit ama jesse

Gaming Gossip Movies Music Television. Gadgets Medical Photography Science Space. Fashion Mens Fashion Life Style. From a fuck-you-patriarchy revenge tale to a deep-dive docs on radicals, riots and Cosby -- these were the movies that made the festival exciting, vibrant and vital this year Read More 1.

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Quora Launches Troll-Free AMA “Writing Sessions”

And 60 Other Protagonists And Observers. All presidencies are historic. The president still managed to get a ridiculous amount done, advancing an unusually progressive agenda. But however Americans end up remembering the Obama years decades from now, one thing we can say for sure is that it did not feel, at the time, like an unmitigated liberal triumph. It felt like a cold civil war. Or a never-breaking political fever.

During an AMA on Reddit, the Microsoft founder expressed his thoughts on the impact of anonymity in digital currencies.

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In order to participate in the event — which allowed other Reddit users to literally ask Shatner anything they wanted over a designated time period — Shatner had to first sign up for a Reddit account. Despite his criticisms, Shatner says he intends to maintain his Reddit membership, and hopes to become a regular, active contributor to the site. A lightweight foundation formula from makeup brand NARS that boasts an "innovative blend of makeup and skincare.

On the ground floor of a Bushwick tenement building with a staircase lined in peeling fleur-de-lis wallpaper, inside a railroad apartment and past the big bed with black silk sheets and two massive chests full of rhinestone-encrusted thongs, Stoya is perched on a metal stool in leggings and a sweatshirt, talking about the future. Then another. And another. She smokes another cigarette.

Forget magazine profiles and late-night shows — the hottest booking in show business right now is a Reddit AMA.

Imagine your avatar walking into a digital wine shop and talking to an avatar wine expert to get some questions answered. Is your brand future-proof ready for NFTs, the metaverse , and web 3. An NFT is a non-fungible token; an intangible digital asset in the form of images, video, or gaming items. These virtual assets come with certificates that show ownership and are influencing the growth of the metaverse. NFT s are bought and sold using cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. Web3 or Web 3.

Grace is a teacher who loves her job and when a student asks her if a real life story is the equivalent to something that happened in the bible, she's forced to answer with her heart and quickly Grace finds herself in a lot of trouble. Holding Christian values is an important part of Grace's life and though she doesn't teach that in the classroom, being asked provide an answer to a question is a very different scenario. Grace finds herself being reported to the school administration and furthermore she's at risk of losing her job. In the centre of a nasty court battle, both sides have a valid argument but Grace must turn to her faith and beliefs to find the strength to pull her on through.

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