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A crypto-exchange is an online platform where users buy and sell cryptocurrencies. The combined monthly trading volume of the largest crypto-exchanges exceeds hundreds of billions US dollars. That is something cybercriminals simply cannot ignore. In fact, they regularly target cyber-exchanges and many of their attacks are successful.

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Tips to building a first class cryptocurrency exchange trading platform.

Everyday, crypto exchanges are popping up for those early and eager crypto traders reading to dig into the Wild West. The phenomenon has very quickly transformed how the financial industry, and the individual, invests and makes purchases. With the increasing number of exchanges being created, it has become difficult for new entrants to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. Despite all the numerous trading platforms out there, high-quality charting and customization tools are hard to find.

The result for you as a crypto platform provider is clear—churn. You want a user interface that delivers high-quality charting, contains a library of trading and analysis tools, and is data agnostic.

Have you researched what tools your crypto traders are going to want when they use your platform? Do you have the necessary tooling it takes to meet those needs?

Check to make sure the software you choose is used by other leaders in the space — being industry tested may save you headaches down the road. And lastly, cut through the noise. There are many vendors out there claiming to have the same or better technological expertise in the cryptocurrency industry. Do your research so you can make a smart and confident business decision. To get your research underway, here are three things to consider before choosing an off-the-shelf crypto product:.

In order to get a trading platform off the ground and running, crypto exchange product teams seek out free and easy ways to implement the core tools that users typically expect to see in a trading platform. These tools being charts, order books, and a market depth charts. While free tools and rudimentary software may be a quick fix, this route will leave you diminish profits and performance in the long term.

In addition to trying to keep up with the growing demands of modern traders, inferior tools can quickly hinder the user experience and encourage your users to experiment with a host of other trading platforms offered by other exchanges. For many aspiring and established exchanges, building a front end on top of configuring the logistics and infrastructure of the back end leaves development teams scrambling.

Sacrifices are often made that compromise the vision and goals of the final product. The back end of your platform is extremely important and choosing to cut corners or save money on the front end is a mistake. Traders, and by default crypto platform providers, need a professional, intuitive user interface that visualizes the complexity of the back end.

Not every charting and trading platform provider can provide this. The last thing you want is for your traders to discover your UI is inefficient resulting in a poor user experience. Central to the trading experience is the chart. Charts produce visualizations of time-series data that can easily be broken down by traders to spot trends or to compare and contrast sets of data. Order execution and other instrument integrations should be seamless.

Building out these features on your own can take many months or even years of trial and error to develop and implement which can deflate development budgets quickly. You need to make sure that the off-the-shelf user interface and tools allow for easy customization. White labeled solutions give you the most flexibility and provide the most control over your brand and reduce the amount of headaches for your developers. If you choose a third-party product incapable of doing what is expected to do, your users will take notice and associate any bad user experience with your brand.

Exchanges, new and established, need to be vigilant of the many roadblocks free and discounted trading products present when it comes time to make small and large platform updates. This often leads to a patchwork UI and a disconnected user experience. With a white label vendor, you can create a unified, cohesive, and powerful platform experience that represents the brand in a professional manner. Having a technology option that allows you to communicate your brand can help differentiate yourself in a market that is saturated when trying to attract new users.

Charting alone is time consuming and expensive to build. In addition to the white label technology that comes out of the box, make sure there is clear and concise developer documentation , a dedicated support team , and tutorials that will help you get up and running in no time. Arguably, the best part of white labeled solutions is that your users will be none the wiser about it, and your brand reaps all of the benefits. Not only is time to market important, but having a flexible platform that scales is essential.

You need a technology provider that will grow and evolve in parallel with your company. A good vendor accommodates your needs not only today, but is prepared to handle your requirements in the future as well. As your application attracts more users, it is essential you have an elastic infrastructure in place that will allow you to easily meet growing requirements that come from user demands.

Not being able to do so can negatively impact your platform, users, and profits. If you try to add new features and functionality to a non-flexible platform, fixing of bugs and other problems will become a daily routine to the point that it could hinder delivery to your users and more importantly, innovation.

One area where crypto exchanges need to make smart decisions on is what data provider to choose and what types of feeds to plug into the platform. As the crypto market becomes more mature, options and offerings for data has also expanded to meet unique user preferences. To avoid getting into an agreement that restricts your platform, choose a solution that is data agnostic. This option allows you to have the freedom to choose your own data source, aggregate that data, and display the data on your charts any way you want.

ChartIQ has built CryptoIQ, a powerful cryptocurrency technology and user interface package, that allows you to increase your time to market, customize how you like, and give you the ability to grow your business as your user base and needs grow. For example, ScriptIQ allows exchanges and more advanced individual traders to develop their own custom technical indicators within minutes, personalizing their trade experience and increasing engagement time on your platform.

Trade From The Chart allows a trader to execute trades directly on the chart without having to leave their workflow. Other tools that are popular with crypto traders like market depth charts and order books are available as part of our crypto package.

But how do you get there? Here are five principles of good, flow-centered UX design. By submitting this newsletter request, I consent to Cosaic sending me marketing communication via email. You can unsubscribe from these communications at any time per Privacy Policy. Skip to content. Crypto August 22, To get your research underway, here are three things to consider before choosing an off-the-shelf crypto product: What unforeseen obstacles could block me from getting my platform to market?

What are the advantages to white labeled technology? Will this vendor scale with me as I grow? White Labeling and Customization You need to make sure that the off-the-shelf user interface and tools allow for easy customization. Advantages to white label and customizable solutions: Create a unified experience Attract, convert, and retain users with superior UX Brand ownership — no third-party recognition Establish credibility — software can appear to be built in-house Differentiate yourself in the marketplace Having a technology option that allows you to communicate your brand can help differentiate yourself in a market that is saturated when trying to attract new users.

Scalability Not only is time to market important, but having a flexible platform that scales is essential. Is it easy to integrate? Is it data agnostic? What sort of developer documentation do they offer for your team? What factors can make a chart non-responsive or crash? Contact us for a demo. About the Author.

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Cryptocurrency Trading For Beginners Course - Cape Town

Improve your trading results by using leverage margin. Leverage is a powerful tool that allows you to open a position much larger in value than the amount you deposited Learn more. The website primexbt. The entity falls outside the EU regulatory framework i. You will not benefit from the protections available to clients receiving regulated investment services. Read Our Terms and Conditions. Please confirm , that the decision was made independently at your own exclusive initiative and that no solicitation or recommendation has been made by PrimeXBT or any other entity within the group.

performance test; cryptocurrency exchange; algorithmic trading system; cloud infrastructure systems, platforms and libraries aimed for analyzing.

17 Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platform to Invest in Crypto

Asia Broadband Inc. The Exchange was launched several weeks ago in its initial phase of a roll out process necessary to optimize stability, functionality and integration of the various component modules and features. Exchange users are now be able to place buy and sell orders to execute cryptocurrency trades for an expanded number of trading pairs available on the Exchange platform. Then, create a temporary password for your access. Once you have accessed your wallet, click on Trade in the Menu. There, you will see the Chart with the ability to place a Buy or Sell order. The Exchange project has evolved and grown immensely in recent months to vastly improve the finished product. Many new features and capabilities have been added and are evolving to expand functionality, usability, module additions, a Spanish language version and further market penetration. The Company utilizes its specific geographic expertise, experience and extensive industry contacts to facilitate its innovative distribution process from the production and supply of precious and base metals in Mexico to client sales networks in Asia.

Our trading platform. Your way.

cryptocurrency trading platform module

Welcome to Finextra. We use cookies to help us to deliver our services. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you may change your preferences at our Cookie Centre. Please read our Privacy Policy. Setting up a crypto-currency exchange offers enormous business potential in a market where trade in cryptocurrencies is booming globally.

A few weeks ago, I read a tweet from Changpeng Zhao , CEO of crypto exchange Binance, that the trading volume overcame the one from the last Bitcoin bubble of December The total crypto market cap already exceeded all-time highs from the same period.

Cryptocurrency Trading Platform: PrimeXBT

CoinMarketCap News. Crypto Glossary. This is an invention of the API3 protocol. A shielded transaction is essentially a transaction that is between two shielded addresses. Abstract Abstract is something that exists in thought as an idea.

Asia Broadband Introduces Additional Trading Pairs To Its AABB Proprietary Cryptocurrency Exchange

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(TSE:GLXY) has about 16, bitcoins worth $ million. With this trend, the need emerged for crypto trading platforms, which basically carry.

What does it cost to build a crypto exchange? Not as much as you might think

It is a hybrid open-source software consisting of public and private libraries, designed to build a fully-featured exchange service to facilitate the trading of digital assets, cryptocurrencies, and security tokens. Enterprise-grade fully customizable SaaS crypto exchange solution that is self-hosted and managed by the organization. A turnkey white-label crypto exchange SaaS solution hosted and managed by Openware so that you can focus on your business development. Talk to technical sales for more details on platform architecture and a free cryptocurrency exchange software demo.

Itransition was engaged in cryptocurrency exchange platform development and delivered a solution that links the existing Bitcoin exchange accounts in one place to allow users trading from one web application. Based in Texas, USA, our customer is a business incubation and venture capital investment firm fostering innovative business models based on blockchain, data analytics, and machine intelligence. A project of theirs comprised the development of a universal web app integrating existing Bitcoin exchange accounts and empowering end users to trade from a single interface. Having a Play-based draft version, the customer approached Itransition for end-to-end cryptocurrency exchange platform development. Itransition delivered a crypto exchange and trading platform that connects an unlimited number of cryptocurrency exchanges to offer traders the best exchange rates available.

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Bandwith Barn View Map. Want to know how to start trading cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin? Cryptocurrencies are growing!

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