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Anybody knows how to fix this? My fpc slot 0 is offine so I've tried to open it up with request chassis fpc slot 0 online. What can I do to make it online? On some platforms, you can even try 'start shell pfe direct fpc0' - see if this give you some output. Then, unfortunately, I cannot help much - it is a software-based platform, so this could either be a problem with the PIMs or a sofware issue. Skip to main content Press Enter.

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Fpc mining software

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Mining the Key Nodes from Software Network Based on Fault Accumulation and Propagation.

See also: Multiplatform Programming Guide. Installing Lazarus on a Mac is not particularly difficult but it is critical that you do the install in the correct order.

Skipping steps will almost certainly end in tears. In brief, here is what you need to do:. On the Legacy Information page, you will see older information that may be relevant if you are using older components.

You can assist by replacing out of date information, either deleting it, or, if it may help someone working with a legacy project, moving it to the legacy information page.

In general, this is about using both the Carbon and Cocoa Widget Sets. While Carbon was once seen as a little more stable, with the release Lazarus 2. Carbon was intentionally limited to 32 bits by Apple and you should be aware that it and the ability to run 32 bit executables have been removed completely from macOS Xcode is a 12GB download which will take up 16GB of disk space. You only need to download and install the full Xcode development environment if you need:.

Xcode Note that you must first move any old Xcode versions from the Applications folder into the trash or rename the Xcode app eg Xcode. You can then select which version of Xcode to use with the command line utility xcode-select. The Xcode developer tools can be installed from the original macOS installation disks or a newer copy downloaded from the Apple Developer Connection ADC , which requires free registration.

Download the Xcode file, it will end up in your Downloads directory as a zip file. Click it. It is unarchived into your Downloads directory. You may be happy with it there but maybe not. Other users will see the path to it but be unable to use it. And it is untidy there. So I moved mine and then told xcode-select where it was moved to in a terminal -. This is shown here as a separate step because it really is a separate step. Don't confuse these standalone command line tools with the internal Xcode command line tools that the Xcode GUI will tell you are already installed if you installed the full Xcode package in Step 1.

FPC cannot use those Xcode internal command line tools without configuration changes see Xcode for details. Do the following, it is quick and easy for all macOS versions up to and including Catalina For Big Sur If you have only installed the command line tools, you should omit entering the xcodebuild command.

If you have problems installing the command line tools using this command line method eg the installer freezes while "finding Software" , you can also download and install the command line tools package by logging in to the Apple Developer Site and downloading and installing the Command Line Tools for Xcode disk image. If you are installing FPC 3. A compatible FPC and source must be installed before you install Lazarus.

You have a number of options. As these installation packages are not approved by Apple, you need to hold down the Control key, click the package and choose Open and confirm you want to install from an Unknown Developer.

Skip to the building instructions and use the Lazarus Fixes 2. When you arrive at that file area, choose the correct version of your operating system. The vast majority of Mac users should now choose the 64 bit packages in the Lazarus macOS x directory. Every Mac computer since late has been 64 bit capable. The fact that Apple has completely dropped all 32 bit support from macOS In versions of Lazarus 1. Since Lazarus 2.

Assuming you have installed what is necessary and started Lazarus, all that remains is configuring the debugger. If you don't do this now, Lazarus will try to use gdb and fail. Top right of the window now open has a label, "Debugger type and path", you must set both the type and the path.

Save those settings and you can now try to compile the almost nothing program that Lazarus has kindly provided for you click the small green triangle near top left.

Next you see a puzzling question, see image below. Choose a "Debug Format" from one of those offered -. Then, you need to enter your password, a macOS cuteness because one application appears to be interfering with another. In this case, that's fine! When running the debugger from time to time you will be asked for your password to allow debugging.

This is for your own safety. A great deal of information about using lldb appears in this forum thread. In the unexpected case of problems, it may be worth trying "dwarf with sets" instead of just "dwarf3". The "debug info" setting only affects the units directly in your project. However, units in packages may have debug info too. This can be:. If you change settings for a package, you might want to check which package you expect to step into when debugging.

Packages you do not step into, do not need debug info. Reducing the number of packages with debug info including those that default to have debug info , can shorten the debuggers start-up time. Also it may be worth comparing it has not been tested the debuggers start up time for the same settings, only changing the checkbox "use external debug info".

This needs to be only set in your project. If set in your project it will affect all packages. If set in a package it should have no affect. If you installed from source and used the bigide parameter to make , then the correct debugger will be installed, as a package, and ready to go. If, however, you installed in another way, it may, or may not be there. Shown is two lists of packages, the list on the left is installed, the list on the right is available to install.

Look for LazDebuggerFpLldb exactly that, there are some similar named but less suitable packages. This will take a little time, the IDE will shutdown and restart and all should be well. Now jump back up the page and continue configuring the debugger.

Using the Apple 64 bit Cocoa framework is now undeniably the future on the Mac. The Apple 32 bit Carbon framework, while no longer being developed, works pretty much as expected, but you are advised to try Cocoa first because Apple dropped all support for 32 bit applications and the 32 bit Carbon framework in macOS Please refer to the following table in order to find the correct version for your development environment:.

Cannot run without debugging in the IDE. Can run compiled application outside of the IDE. See Issue Choose the gdb debugger, change timeout option to false or click through five "timeout" dialogs to run with debugging in the IDE. Refer to these instructions for compiling the Lazarus IDE.

A little slow initially but very reliable and a great test of your compiler install! You will need git which is included in all recent versions of the Xcode command line tools which you should have already installed see Xcode Command Line Tools above. About svn or git: The Xcode You can install subversion via fink, ports or brew. Note: The FPC 3. Depending on your internet connection and server congestion this takes a few seconds or a few minutes. You will need svn before macOS The above svn invocation is more complex due to a bug in many versions of Subversion.

This workaround was the work of Alfred aka Don Alfredo in the Forum who is the wizard behind fpcupdeluxe. The bigide make argument adds a bunch of packages to Lazarus that many find useful and cannot do without. The packages that are added are:. There are two current non-release branches of the Free Pascal Compiler: the development trunk branch and the Fixes 3.

Developers, and those who like living on the bleeding edge and testing new features and fixes, will choose the development version; more normal users, who wish to use a stable branch with some additional fixes since the latest release version, will choose the Fixes branch.

The instructions below cover both these branches. Note that since the development version of FPC was known as "trunk" in SVN; now known as main in GIT is by definition still under development, some of the features may still change before they end up in a release version. You don't need to be root to do this. Any normal user can do this. To subsequently update your local source repository with the latest source changes you can simply do:.

For example:. Note that you will need to build a new ppc compiler if you want to continue to compile 32 bit applications by replacing these lines this is not be possible after Xcode To subsequently update your local copy of the repository source with the latest source changes you can simply do:.

Note that you will need to build a new ppc compiler if you want to continue to compile 32 bit applications by replacing these lines this may not be possible after Xcode If you are using the Lazarus IDE 2.

Using Caterpillar's Fleet Production Cost Program FPC

Along with many smaller projects, it has been used for building sequence-ready maps for human, plants, and fruit flies. A recent function has been added to evaluate and add electronic markers to the map. A second function is the ability to do a simulated digestion of a sequenced clone so that the theoretic fingerprint can be incorporated for completeness. Trait data for microarray experiments is also being added.

With two Ethernet ports, the ProtoNode FPC-N64 allows data to move their remote site ethernet devices via FieldServer for software updates and changes.

Robot or human?

At the beginning of last week, Tiobe once again threw a punch at Object Pascal. Hoping no doubt, to leave the reader with an impression that Delphi is stuck in the 90s. This is the same pattern we often see whenever Delphi or Object Pascal in general experience significant growth; or to be blunt, when the author cannot be bothered to think independently, but simply parrot hearsay and misinformation on autopilot. Just to underline the problem areas here. This type of editorial could have very real consequences — which in turn brings us to their ranking system and how they arrived at their conclusions. I would have understood their statement if it was issued between and , because Delphi was at that time transitioning between Borland and Embarcadero. But to issue something like this in ? After a decade worth of restoration, optimization, modernization and above all — forging a thriving community that goes from victory to victory month after month, year after year? It makes absolutely no sense.

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fpc mining software

V: FPC www. All dollar amounts are quoted in U. The capital and operating costs were reviewed to reflect current market conditions for labour, supplies and services. The UFS reiterates that the Horne 5 Project represents a robust, high margin, year underground mining project with attractive economics in the current gold price environment. The Project benefits from strong existing infrastructure in the world-class Rouyn-Noranda mining area.

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Crude Oil Package for Vapor Pressure

Ask Ubuntu is a question and answer site for Ubuntu users and developers. It only takes a minute to sign up. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. Now I find no way to do a clean reinstall of FPC. I suppose the problem is Ubuntu-specific, that's why I put my question here.

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The purpose of this paper is to present a detection method based on computer vision for automatic flexible printed circuit FPC defect detection. This paper proposes a new method of watershed segmentation based on morphology. A dimensional increment matrix calculation method and an image segmentation method combined with a fuzzy clustering algorithm are provided. The visibility of the segmented image and the segmentation accuracy of a defective image are guaranteed. Compared with the traditional one, the segmentation result obtained in this study is superior in aspects of noise control and defect segmentation. It completely proves that the segmentation method proposed in this study is better matches the requirements of FPC defect extraction and can more effectively provide the segmentation result. Compared with traditional human operators, this system ensures greater accuracy and more objective detection results.

structural clone detection, a prototype tool called Clone Miner that Software clones, similarity patterns, clone detection.

Sophisticated Fuel Consumption Monitoring in a Gold Mine

Important User Information: Remote access to EBSCO's databases is permitted to patrons of subscribing institutions accessing from remote locations for personal, non-commercial use. However, remote access to EBSCO's databases from non-subscribing institutions is not allowed if the purpose of the use is for commercial gain through cost reduction or avoidance for a non-subscribing institution. Abstract: The increasement of software complexity directly results in the augment of software fault and costs a lot in the process of software development and maintenance.

Adaptive-Miner: an efficient distributed association rule mining algorithm on Spark

Skip to search form Skip to main content Skip to account menu You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. Diddens Published Computer Science An investigation in the possibility to integrate fleet selection through FPC in the mine design process, allowing for the analysis of various potential haul road scenarios and from there being able to make a decision on an optimal fleet selection. Save to Library Save. Create Alert Alert.

Mining is our largest industry segment.

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Value Driver Trees are tools used to split out value-based metrics such as EVA and ROI into sub-metrics in order to determine the source of value being added. Value drivers can be measures of growth, margins, capital efficiency, and more. The consultants of FPC help their clients improve operational effectiveness and efficiency. They had long been looking for a tool to format Value Driver Trees within Excel that integrated the tree with their calculations. BigPicture for Excel allows visual shapes, called topics, to display data that calculate and update in real time as the underlying linked data changes.

Notes: This report covers accessibility conformance for the Appian product available to end users of published applications via Tempo, sites, and embedded interfaces. This report does not discuss the design environment which is only used by designers of application processes and forms when using a recommended browser and screen reader. Evaluation Methods Used: Conformance to the listed accessibility standards has been evaluated by Appian using a combination of static analysis tools and manual testing with assistive technologies.

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