Man throw away hard drive with bitcoins buy

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WATCH RELATED VIDEO: This man threw away $6 million worth of Bitcoins - BBC NEWS

Welsh man 'threw away Bitcoin drive 'now worth £75million'

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Man Accidentally Throws Away Hard Drive With Bitcoin Worth $280 Million

Image: Pixabay. Howells claims that he has spent the previous eight years requesting permission from Newport City Council to search for the missing hard drive, and he has made many promises to share a percentage of the money with the local authorities. When James was cleaning out his office in , he threw away the hard drive. According to Metro, the year-old IT worker claims that he had two identical hard drives and he threw out the wrong one.

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UK Man Dumps Hard Drive Containing Bitcoin Worth Millions Into Trash, Offers $70 Reward To Trace It

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Man offers local government $71 million to help him find drive containing 7,500 Bitcoin

man throw away hard drive with bitcoins buy

The resident of Newport, Wales has once again started his search for the drive and urged local city officials to let him dig through landfill sites. The man claims that he had two identical-looking hard drives and threw away the one which had the 'private key' required to access and spend the units of cryptocurrency stored on his computer while cleaning his office in A private key is a form of encryption, a digital signature that provides an algorithmic proof that the transaction was done by the owner. Bitcoin has a decentralised system operated by a network of computers.

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James Howells' digital currency was worth almost nothing when he got it in Now his 7, bitcoins are on a hard drive buried in a landfill. Bitcoins are a digital currency whose value has benefited from intense attention and speculative investing. They can be stored as data in digital wallets using online services, mobile phones, or computer hard drives. But he threw the old hard drive away, and now it's likely buried several feet deep in trash in a landfill the size of a football field, according to a BBC report.

Man makes last-ditch effort to recover $280 million in bitcoin he accidentally threw out

We have a system with multiple conveyor belts, x-ray scanners, and an AI scanning device that is trained to detect objects that are similar in size and density to the hard drive. Howells believes his hard drive is square meters and could be 15 meters deep, according to aerial photographs of the site. The IT engineer said:. Do you think James Howells will get his bitcoins back? Let us know in the comment section below.

James Howells accidentally tossed out the hard drive containing the crypto fortune when he was cleaning out his office back in - but.

IT worker who threw away hard drive with £230m of Bitcoin offers millions to find it

Howells, who mined 7, BTC in , is requesting the Newport City Council to allow him to dig a specific location of the landfill where he thinks the hard drive he accidentally threw away years ago can be found, CNN reported. Half of the recovered funds will go to the investors who will fund the digging of the landfill. If it is found, Howells will present it to recovery specialists who will rebuild the drive from scratch to attempt to recover the data needed to access the cryptocurrencies. When asked about his request, the Newport City Council confirmed that Howells has reached out to the city multiple times since for the recovery of the hard drive in the landfill.

Missing: hard drive containing Bitcoins worth £4m in Newport landfill site

RELATED VIDEO: Man Searches Through Landfill For 8 Years For $350 Million Lost Bitcoin Wallet

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Man seeks to excavate landfill that allegedly has half a billion dollars worth of bitcoin

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Welshman who accidentally binned £340million of Bitcoin hires NASA experts to help him find it

Newport, a seaside city in Wales, is famous for its docks and industrial heritage — and for allegedly having half a billion dollars worth of Bitcoin buried in its local landfill. Former IT worker James Howell mined the cryptocurrency back in , well before its value skyrocketed. In a mix-up, he accidentally threw away the hard drive its access key was stored on. Since then, he's been lobbying the local government to allow him to excavate tons of trash in the landfill as part of an attempt to find it.

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