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Could bitcoin mining be the salvation of the embattled nuclear energy industry in America? Last month Energy Harbor Corp. A nuclear fission start-up, Oklo, also announced last month it signed a year deal with a bitcoin miner to supply it with power, though the company has not yet built a power plant. In recent years, commercial nuclear operators have struggled to compete in competitive electricity markets against natural gas plants and upstart renewable sources such as wind and solar. Unfavorable market conditions have hastened the retirements of several single-unit reactors, such as Three Mile Island Unit 1 in Pennsylvania.

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Bitcoin Mining: How long does it take to mine 1 bitcoin?

When residents of an affluent estate community in Alberta started hearing noise from a nearby power plant, they didn't expect their complaints of sleepless nights would lead to a months-long investigation that would find a bitcoin mining operation had set up shop without approval.

Now, Link Global, the company behind the site, is being ordered by the province's utility commission to shut down two plants until it can prove it's allowed to operate — a move the company says will cost jobs and cause the oil and gas infrastructure in which it operates to sit dormant. Jeff Kocuipchyk first started hearing the noise last fall. He's president of the Greystone Manor Community Association, a small neighbourhood located in Sturgeon County, about 10 kilometres from the northwest outskirts of Edmonton.

It's just like a wave … but it's 10 times louder and times more annoying," Kocuipchyk said. We'd go sit and go, 'Hey, what is that airplane landing in our field? That's part of why you move here. There's a premium you pay for this kind of place. And then the noise starts — and it's not quiet and peaceful anymore. Kocuipchyk said the sound quickly became a topic of discussion among neighbours.

Some thought it might be farm equipment. The worst of the noise was heard along a strip of homes that had empty agricultural land to the west, home to what they believed was a defunct natural gas facility.

Vancouver-based Link Global had set up four 1. The natural gas powers thousands of computer servers that run programs to "mine" digital currency, which involves solving complex computational mathematical equations and is often energy intensive. Work on the plant began in August , and by fall — when neighbours started to get annoyed — it was operating at full capacity.

There was just one problem: The company hadn't notified neighbours of its plans. Or the county. Or the provincial utilities commission — which allows power plants to be set up without approval if they meet several conditions, including only generating power for the company's own use and proving the plant has no adverse effects on people or the environment.

Ten households from Greystone Manor, all located along the west side of the community, with backyards facing the plant, complained about the noise to the Alberta Utilities Commission AUC. Eight complainants rated the impact on their quality of life as six out of 10 or higher.

Three rated the severity as 10 out of Riley Georgsen, with the AUC, said it's not common for enforcement to be required, but when complaints like this arise, they are taken seriously. Georgsen said once each complaint is investigated, the AUC's enforcement team puts together a case, which is reviewed by the AUC commission panel. The AUC's enforcement team argued in an application filed in March that the "seriousness and the potential for ongoing harm" meant the Link Global plant should be temporarily shut down while the commission considered how to respond to the situation.

AUC investigators wrote that Link Global initially claimed it had an "extensive history" of consultation with the AUC, Sturgeon County and neighbouring residents — but provided no evidence to back that up.

A month later, in June, the company finally acknowledged it didn't notify or consult local stakeholders, as it said it was "unaware of the statutory and regulatory requirements. Link Global had told the AUC in a January letter that it had done a noise impact assessment that found no change between the plant being turned on and off.

But it didn't provide a copy of that noise assessment. The company later told AUC it would contact Alberta Environment and Parks to either seek approval that its operations don't have serious environmental impacts or to obtain confirmation that approval is not required. Stephen Jenkins, Link Global's CEO, is the first to admit the company's debut in the county didn't go as smoothly as hoped. I take full blame for it.

We did not consult with residents," Jenkins said. Jenkins said as soon as he learned of the noise complaints, the company sent out teams to measure decibel levels in the area.

The company temporarily shut down operations following the AUC order and began operating only during daytime hours, though it took a few days to wind things down — another item of contention in AUC enforcement filings. It also implemented noise abatement measures, such as a wall of straw bales and exhaust baffles.

If there's more Link Global can do to make residents happy, it will, said Jenkins. Even if it means packing up and going elsewhere. That might come as a surprise, but Jenkins said it's no trouble to relocate; that fits with how he sees Link Global operating within Alberta's energy ecosystem. Instead of coal and pickaxes, bitcoin mining involves mathematical equations and software — but critics argue the digital currency's massive power requirements make it environmentally destructive, like its namesake.

Sara Hastings-Simon, an assistant professor at the University of Calgary's School of Public Policy, said she questions the potential impacts of projects like this. But Jenkins, who has a background in forestry and international clean energy development, argues the operation can provide an environmental benefit.

We wouldn't go in and put a new well in," he said. Alberta is littered with nearly , dormant or abandoned oil and gas wells, often because they're no longer economically viable. Some of that abandoned energy infrastructure, Jenkins said, is at risk of leaking methane — a greenhouse gas more potent than carbon dioxide.

You combust it properly. You don't flare it, and you control those emissions," Jenkins said. The company is also playing around with the idea of using waste heat emitted from computer servers to power greenhouses, bolstering Alberta's agriculture industry during cold weather, Jenkins said.

And though the facility employs only four people, Jenkins said it's important to him to employ locally and give former oil and gas workers a path into other careers. The Sturgeon County plant's supervisor is a former pipefitter; he's now a bitcoin pro and an expert at keeping the plant online, Jenkins said.

The company has said for every 10 MW of power, it can generate about 1. Link Global isn't the first to test this business model in Alberta. Another company, Upstream Data, has been pairing flared natural gas with bitcoin mining data centres in the province since Nevada-based Black Rock Petroleum Company has proposed bringing in up to a million bitcoin mining machines from China — estimated to be about one-third of the world's capacity — to natural gas sites in Alberta, following the country's ongoing crackdown on cryptocurrency.

It has plants near Kirkwall in Special Area 3, and Westlock, too. The Kirkwall plant was also set up without the AUC's prior approval. Jenkins disagreed, but said in June that the company and AUC were collaborating to find a solution. If they can't work it out, Jenkins said he'll simply move the operation — to another site in Alberta, Saskatchewan or B. Perhaps one with fewer or more distant neighbours. They have to shut down operations immediately and can only resume once Link Global has proven it's either obtained permission under Alberta's environmental protection act or confirmation permission is not required.

Jenkins said he finds the AUC's decision fair and was glad it confirmed some parts of the company's operation, like the requirement that it generate power only for its own use, were in compliance. But he said the ruling likely means the Sturgeon County natural gas facility will once again lie dormant and the jobs at the site will be lost.

The company plans to submit documentation to prove the Kirkwall plant meets provincial emissions requirements to keep it up and running. And I don't think, again, we don't need to cause them any more grief. More penalties could be on the way. The AUC will now review whether specific sanctions should be imposed against Link Global for operating without approval — a decision on that is expected this fall.

Sturgeon County Coun. Kristin Toms has mixed feelings about seeing the company potentially forced out of the region. When she first learned the cause of residents' noise complaints, Toms said, "you could have knocked me over with a feather. Toms and the county are on the sidelines of the debate over how to regulate or enforce sanctions against the plant.

But when you get an oil and gas site, that falls under the purview of the province," she said. The two things just didn't meet. But Toms is hoping for a solution going forward that will work for business and residents alike. The county has seen challenges this past year, from higher unemployment to flooding from extreme weather.

The potential of more jobs is enticing. He's grateful Jenkins is offering to move — whatever will give him and his family a good night's sleep. She previously worked at HuffPost Canada.

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Calgary A bitcoin mining power plant secretly set up shop in Alberta. Now it's being forced to shut down When residents of an affluent estate community in Alberta started hearing noise from a nearby power plant, they didn't expect their complaints of sleepless nights would lead to a months-long investigation that would find the company had set up operations without consultation or approval.

Social Sharing. So Kocuipchyk decided to investigate. Front Burner Mysterious noise sparks discovery of crypto power plant in Alberta. What is cryptocurrency? Sarah Rieger Reporter. Related Stories Top stories from CBC Calgary 'Up to 1 million' bitcoin processors could be relocated to Alberta from China under energy firm's proposal The vaccine procrastinators: Why some to year-olds aren't in a rush to get the jab Minnesota Supreme Court delivers blow to Line 3 pipeline opponents Calgary EMS had no ambulances available more than 3, times this past year Rocky Mountain peak officially given traditional Stoney Nakoda name, erasing racist label.

The inside story of one of China’s last bitcoin mining tycoons

Siblings Ishaan and Aanya Thakur first learnt about cryptocurrencies from their father Manish Raj, a former Wall Street investment banker, who would tell them about alt coins over dinner and at bedtime. The stories piqued their curiosity, leading them to learn more about how to mine digital tokens. Most of the mining work involves the initial set up and fine tuning of computers, says Ishaan, The duo learnt how to mine by watching YouTube videos and reading posts on Reddit.

Knowing this, I asked Benfield if it still makes sense for individuals to mine bitcoin and other coins in ? He said: “For most people, it is.


A technician works at the Bitfarms bitcoin mine in Magog, Que. As the price of bitcoin soared over the past 14 months, Hut 8 was suddenly swimming in far more revenue than it ever had, opening up new doors for one of the oldest and largest digital asset miners to innovate, Ms. Leverton told The Globe and Mail in a recent interview. Many have seen their stock prices skyrocket, revenue and profits soar, prompting a healthy inflow of capital that is subsequently deployed into various new ventures in the cryptosphere. In a way, the maturation of crypto miners makes sense — it corresponds to the explosive, unbridled growth of anything associated with blockchain technology, a mania that some have previously termed speculative, geared just for the rich , and even worthless. Regulators grapple with growing world of cryptocurrency lending. Toronto fintech company Ledn Inc. Shares of Bitfarms , which trade on the TSX Venture Exchange, have risen about per cent this year, and in June, the company received approval to begin trading on the Nasdaq. The reason why bitcoin miners are able to expand and innovate their businesses is directly related to the price of bitcoin.

Bitcoin ban: These are the countries where crypto is restricted or illegal

new bitcoin mining site 2021

An Australian company that bills itself as a renewable energy bitcoin miner has partnered with B. Fehr and his group of investors — the Brian Fehr Group — are also behind the purchase of an old Canfor mill in Fort Nelson that will be used to build a new wood pellet producer called Peak Renewables. At a grand opening today, Fehr and Iris Energy provided a tour of a new data centre at the old Canfor site in Canal Flats that will be used to mine bitcoin. He added that other data centres for bitcoin mining are also planned for Chetwynd and Mackenzie. Cryptocurrency mining consumes huge amounts of power, as it requires hundreds of computers to create digital currencies.

The past year saw one of the biggest shake ups in mining history. Swathes of Chinese miners had to look for new homes due to the most intense regulatory crackdown in the country to date, while an ongoing global chip shortage capped the capacity of new mining machines globally.


B itcoin and other cryptocurrencies are, depending on who you speak to, taking over the world. They have erupted onto the scene in the last few years, with seeing them each new levels of exposure. They are everywhere now, and it's hard to get through a day without seeing or hearing some reference to Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. But a lot of people still have questions about them. It takes around 10 minutes to mine just one Bitcoin, though this is with ideal hardware and software, which isn't always affordable and only a few users can boast the luxury of.

Top Cloud Mining Sites? Our Free 2021 Guide to The Best Cloud Mining Sites

On a sweltering July day, an unlikely group arrived at a shooting range in central Texas. It was just one stop on a sprawling, statewide tour that spanned industrial power plants, trying on sleek cowboy hats with oil prospectors, and learning how to handle AR rifles. Poolin holds the second-largest share of the global Bitcoin hashrate — a measure of the computing power it takes to mine new Bitcoin — with a network of operations across Berlin, Beijing, Chengdu, Changsha, and Singapore. Up to that point, China had been a center of gravity for Bitcoin mining. In the weeks after the ban, all scrambled to move their hardware to friendlier jurisdictions. Some crossed the border to Kazakhstan ; others pitched up as far afield as Norway.

If the department denies the plant's permit renewal, it won't block new cryptocurrency mining sites outright, but it could set a precedent.

Will New York pull the plug on Bitcoin mining?

As we near the end of , here we list all the important events that made Bitcoin the most popular asset globally. In addition, the company also noted in a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission SEC that going ahead, it plans to start accepting the digital currency as a payment option for its products. Musk claims to be a posterchild of low-carbon technology.

Prosperous Canadian bitcoin miners buying up land in U.S. for farm expansion

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When the Commonwealth Bank of Australia took bitcoin mainstream this week, the Chook super fund trustees questioned their judgement. The Chook super fund is out of bitcoin and into bitcoin miners. David Rowe. So, when the Chook fund sold out of bitcoin, which was held through the New York-listed Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, the money was churned into two Australian bitcoin miners — Mawson Infrastructure and Iris Energy. Volatility has worked against winning the trust of institutional investors, many of whom have purchased bitcoin as an inflation hedge.

Unrest in the central Asian country — the second-largest centre for mining of the cryptocurrency — led to an internet blackout. Bitcoin took a hit on Thursday after the internet in Kazakhstan was shut down amid intensifying violence.

A Bitcoin Boom Fueled by Cheap Power, Empty Plants and Few Rules

The main product idea is effective disparate computing resources appliance. We tend to unite investors, including newcomers, on a single platform together. Bitcoin cloud mining In a time not so not ago, you could spend a few hundred dollars on specialist hardware and make a nice bit of profit mining cryptocurrencies. This is because the mining space is dominated by a small number of players — most of which are based in China. With that being said, you still stand a chance of making ongoing gains through mining by sharing your resources with other investors. Note: Cloud mining is an unregulated sector, so there are heaps of fly-by platforms that have no intentions other than to steal your money. As such, tread with extreme caution prior to signing up.

5 Best & Trusted Cloud Mining Sites In 2021

Priyo Jobs 24 December, world Leave a comment. Cloud mining is the process of cryptocurrency mining utilizing a remote data center with shared processing power. This type of cloud mining enables users to mine bitcoins or alternative cryptocurrencies without managing the hardware. The mining rigs are housed and maintained in a facility owned by mining company and the customer simply needs to register and purchase mining contracts or run a free cloud mining contract.

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