Shib shiba inu coin

New Delhi CNN Business The parody cryptocurrency shiba inu coin just climbed to an all-time high and is one of the biggest digital currencies by market value. More Videos Crypto experts explain how to regulate the industry. TV star has new role: Crypto critic. Crypto: The future of money or the biggest scam?

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Shib shiba inu coin

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Shiba Inu zooms to record highs, becomes 11th-biggest crypto coin

Please change the wallet network. Change the wallet network in the MetaMask Application to add this contract. Shiba Inu. United States Dollar. Shiba Inu is down 5. It has a circulating supply of ,,,, SHIB coins and the max. You can find others listed on our crypto exchanges page.

Once upon a time, there was a very special dog. That dog was a Shiba Inu, and this dog inspired millions of people around the world to invest money into tokens with the dog's image on it. Shiba Inu coin was created anonymously in August under the pseudonym "Ryoshi. This meme coin quickly gained speed and value as a community of investors was drawn in by the cute charm of the coin paired with headlines and tweets from personalities like Elon Musk and Vitalik Buterin.

Vitalik Buterin was long believed to be the originator of Shiba Inu, but denied such rumors on the Lex Fridman podcast on June 5, Shiba Inu aims to be the Ethereum-based counterpart to Dogecoin's Srypt-based mining algorithm. These lesser-valued tokens have attracted investors who missed the Dogecoin pump from 0. In total, there may be well over Shiba Inu copies, and the number keeps rising constantly.

On Sept. Shiba Inu has since attracted more interest from other exchanges as well. Bitso, Mexico's biggest cryptocurrency exchange, announced in September that SHIB would start trading on its exchange.

Giottus, an Indian crypto exchange, announced the same. Bitstamp, the biggest crypto exchange in Europe, said that it would list Shiba Inu for trading at the beginning of The anonymous creator of the Shiba Inu coin is known as "Ryoshi. For this reason, Ryoshi can be "pure and unbiased," getting satisfaction from Shiba "in other ways.

It has been speculated that Vitalik Buterin was behind the initial liquidity that helped set up Shiba Inu's liquidity on Uniswap. Ryoshi also stated that Shiba Inu was an experiment in decentralized community building, and he thus declined all the influencer requests and pitches from different exchanges he received.

His "job" is to defend the brand and give suggestions, although he does so very sparingly, as his last blog entry dates back to May After initially being only one meme coin of many, Shiba Inu skyrocketed to popularity after Vitalik Buterin famously burned his share of the SHIB supply.

He stated that he did not want "to be a locus of power" and thus gave the tokens away. This resulted in a temporary loss of value for SHIB, which the token later recovered from after the community agreed on an arrangement with the charity in question.

Ryoshi's goal for Shiba Inu has been to see if a perpetual decentralized organization could work with no central leadership. In a blog post, Royshi noted that the rift caused by Buterin's token donation made the community stronger and would enable it to distribute further and decentralize the movement.

His vision for the core ecosystem is to perform its utility while the Shiba Inu-own stablecoin becomes the globalized exchange of value. In October , SHIB surged on the news of a possible Robinhood listing and briefly flipped Dogecoin to become the most-valued meme coin by market capitalization. Thus far, Robinhood has not listed SHIB, despite a petition with over , signatures calling for it. Robinhood executive Christine Brown has lauded the efforts of the Shiba Inu community, saying that one of her favorite things was seeing it engage with the community to make its wishes heard.

However, Robinhood would prioritize safety over the "short-term gain" of a new token listing and has left Shiba Inu fans waiting since. The wallet owner has not been determined, although the person appears to have sent parts of their fortune to other wallets several weeks after the price explosion.

The price surge also led to increased adoption across token holders. SHIB also surpassed the one-million holder mark following its all-time high. Moreover, retailers increasingly started adopting SHIB as a means of payment following its popularity among small-time investors. At one point, the Shiba Inu community called for McDonald's to accept Shiba Inu, although the social media effort eventually fell short.

ShibaSwap is the coin's designated DEX that started as a fork of Sushiswap that has, in the words of Ryoshi, its "own little twists and elements.

That way, SHI would have collateral as a backstop that would push it back to one cent if the peg was lost. According to Ryoshi, the end goal is that SHI becomes a global stable currency "that plebs across all countries are able to use as both a store of value and method of payment.

In that case, Ryoshi expects forks of the major DeFi protocols to appear in the Shiba Inu ecosystem, which would require an immutable bridge to function. Shiba would also start hosting localized meetups and a once-a-year ShibaCon convention that would be hosted at an easily accessible location in a country without oppressive visa restrictions "for the sake of inclusiveness for global plebs.

One immediate change Shiba Inu has implemented is increasing token burns, which have sparked renewed interest in the token at the beginning of Learn more about the dog-related meme-coin craze. Learn more about trading with our definition of a dead cat bounce. Curious about the crypto space? Read our educational section — Alexandria. Want to keep track of Shiba Inu prices live? Download the CoinMarketCap mobile app! Want to convert the Shiba Inu price today to your desired fiat currency?

Check out CoinMarketCap exchange rate calculator. At the beginning of May , dog-themed meme tokens like Shiba Inu saw transaction volumes in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Shiba Inu price hit an all-time high ATH of 0. As mentioned above, on May 13, Vitalik Buterin who was given half of the token supply by the developers announced that he was donating a large amount of these tokens to a fund helping India with COVID relief. The SHIBA developers had not anticipated Buterin selling his tokens, but eventually, the two parties came to a mutually satisfying agreement.

He confirmed as much in a tweet, which caused a temporary price drop. Ryoshi announced in his final blog post to date that Shiba Inu would develop its own layer-two solution that would be more decentralized than Polygon or BSC , both of which Ryoshi regards as not truly decentralized. According to Ryoshi, Shibarium would be built by a "very competent blockchain team" with experience building such solutions.

Developer Eric M has announced in the Shiba Inu Discord server that Shibarium would launch "soon," although he did not specify a date. To check Shiba Inu price live in the fiat currency of your choice, you can use CoinMarketCap's converter feature directly on the Shiba Inu currency page.

Alternatively, use the dedicated exchange rate converter page. For more information about how to buy crypto with fiat, check out CoinMarketCap's education portal — Alexandria. Cryptocurrencies Tokens Shiba Inu. Please note that the non-ETH contract addresses on this page are wormhole addresses , which are designed to facilitate cross-chain transactions of wrapped versions of this asset.

Rank Market Cap. Fully Diluted Market Cap. Volume 24h. Circulating Supply. Max Supply. Total Supply. Buy Exchange Gaming Earn Crypto. Shiba Inu Links. Ethereum 0x95ad Shiba Inu Contracts. Please change the wallet network Change the wallet network in the MetaMask Application to add this contract.

I understand. Shiba Inu Audits. Shiba Inu Tags. Category Doggone Doggerel. Industry Memes. Trade Now Sponsored. Related Pages: Learn more about Dogecoin. Learn more about Dogelon Mars. Earn Now! People Also Watch.

A Decentralized Meme Token that Evolved into a Vibrant Ecosystem

Producer, director, actor and politician Kamal Haasan is set to become the first Indian celebrity to have his own digital avatar in a metaverse. Choose your reason below and click on the Report button. This will alert our moderators to take action. Nifty 17, Policy Bazaar Market Watch.

Meme coin SHIBA INU (SHIB) has plunged over 60% from its all-time high this October. SHIBA INU belongs to a controversial class of.

Shiba Inu (cryptocurrency)

The value of meme cryptocurrency Shiba Inu coin shot up by around 45 per cent on Monday and keeps on rising. Once again the price jump is being attributed to Elon Musk. According to Binance , the total supply of Shiba Tokens is one quadrillion 1,,,,, and the current circulating supply is per cent. The Shiba Token website says 50 per cent of the total supply has been locked to Uniswap, a decentralised finance protocol that facilitates automated transactions between cryptocurrency tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Musk bought a pet Shiba Inu in September, and called it Floki. Floki Frunkpuppy pic. The tweet did not even have anything to do with Shiba Inu coin, but it was enough to send his supporters flocking to buy the coin, therefore boosting its value. It goes without saying that any currency that can be so heavily influenced by someone tweeting a picture of their dog is far from a stable investment. While such currencies can make you money, anyone investing should be prepared to lose everything they put in.

Shiba Inu seems to be the cryptocurrency star in India this festival season

shib shiba inu coin

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Shiba Inu Price History

That made many of their early investors rich overnight. Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency that exists on its own blockchain like Bitcoin BTC. But these cryptos are often compared thanks to their meme appeal. However, just a few portfolios hold the majority of Dogecoin and Shiba Inu coins. In the cryptocurrency market, these big investors are known as "whales. According to the most recent data , DOGE's distributionl today stands at

Shiba Inu coin announces its own metaverse — welcome to the Shiberse

Join us on Twitter or Telegram. Customize Settings Accept. The hype initiated by meme cryptocurrency Shiba Inu is replicating on the general market with tokens linked to the coin emerging among the popular digital assets. Although Shiba Inu is undergoing volatility that has affected the entire market, the related assets are bracing the turbulence making minor gains, potentially explaining why they are trending. It can be assumed that the token developers aim to leverage the popularity and surge in value by the Shiba Inu token and the general meme cryptocurrency ecosystem. Notably, alongside Dogecoin, Shiba Inu was a stand-out token in , recording an influx of capital from investors resulting in staggering price growth. The conversation around the tokens is likely being driven by investors hoping to benefit in case of any price rally. Notably, for the meme coin, the value is mainly driven by the community instead of its utility.

The Shiba Inu Army is making waves in the use of SHIB to purchase goods. platform from one of the most popular meme coins in the world.

Shiba Inu coin price - What is the cryptocurrency and how to buy it?

A memecoin is typically a cryptocurrency that is associated with some theme, often as a joke rather than a serious product. Unlike Bitcoin, which is designed to be scarce, SHIB is intentionally abundant — with a circulating supply of one quadrillion. Today, there are around trillion coins of this meme cryptocurrency in circulation.

Why Is Shiba Inu Coin Going Up? Is Shiba Inu Coin Going To Be The Next Dogecoin?


Shiba Inu rose to record highs over the weekend to become the 11th-biggest cryptocurrency by market value. According to the pricing from CoinGecko. Shiba Inu tops the WazirX exchange in India in terms of volume with Tether and Bitcoin trailing behind on second and third respectively, according to Money Control. It appears to have been made in the vein of Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency that was created as a joke in

Will they get to the moon? While SafeMoon has risen to prominence over just the past two months, it's not yet listed on many major crypto exchanges.

Shiba Inu trades for such a small fraction of a penny because its supply is so large. That's not going to happen. However, there is a caveat. There are two ways for Shiba Inu's value to increase. One is that traders simply bid up the price.

As we said before the price is near a strong support zone of 0. The last candle in the weekly time Only enter the purchase by stabilizing the price.

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