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Chia is delivering critical security and compliance needed to enable safer and easier peer-to-peer transactions. With Offers, two people can propose and complete a trade wherein neither side can cheat or need an escrow. Learn More. Founded by Bram Cohen, the inventor of BitTorrent, Chia is a next-generation, open source blockchain that has been built from the ground up to meet the needs of the future of interconnected markets. Building on the benefits of existing technologies that are secure and public, we extended them and added sustainability, compliance and programmability while enhancing security. Chia is the most decentralized blockchain ever with approximately , nodes employing the first new Nakamoto Consensus since

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Earn Money by Farming Chia Coin (“XCH”)

Whelp, my thinking appears to be correct. Reasons for not sliding further? Not a lot happening right now to reverse the trend. I look at the dilemma of power consumption vs. The juice always has to be worth the squeeze.

As that juncture approaches then maybe we see a correction in the netspace. That is still out of whack. If the only messaging is about how much better Chia is over Bitcoin and Ethereum, then obviously that well has run dry.

Are we at the point where the mettle of the leadership will be tested? Or is there still steadfast belief that Chia to the moon is right around the corner?

IPO might give a boost but in the end, adoption and use cases is what makes or breaks it and that is a road that takes years. Interesting, thanks. I am hopeful that netspace does a correction because yes, I agree that these things will take time. Some earnings are better than no earnings but it would be nice if the difficulty dipped with the waning value.

I am in it for the long run, but goddamn this price action is hard to watch!!! As I mentioned earlier in this thread to much controversy is that up until recently, Chia would go up and down on a rational basis. And as I said, all of this when things should actually be bullish! I did not despair at the early plunge of XCH.

Peeps paying too much early is common and it looked to me as if XCH was settling to a more rational level. I did realize, however, that the lower the price fell the further farmers were from any ROI. My concern is that the hope was that the Chia Proof of Time and Space blockchain would offer an advantage over POW blockchains that would be reflected in long term relative value.

IMOP, large farmers who need to sell the XCH they earn for whatever the reason are the main reason for the constant downward pressure. You see the one seller plunges frequently. This downward pressure is almost inversely increased as the value of XCH goes down causing a selling spiral. What numbers were your profitability calculations done on? What electricity price? Just curious. It looked like a fantastic project. By the time we hit I had a much better understanding of Chia economics.

My hopes turned to a reasonable ROI instead of the initially miscalculated small money tree I had wished for. The one factor I never had to consider at least for my one pc, tb max farm was electricity price as I do not pay hydro in my apartment.

I only have to worry about overloading my circuits and this has never been an issue. The fact is that for me, farming Chia is becoming unprofitable even without having to pay for electricity. Worse for the majority of farmers who do have to pay. Yes this is very short term. Then again, this farmer ownership investment may make the long term viability of the coin much stronger. In spite of some concerns I am very close to jumping ship.

I am investigating further and deeply in hope of not wasting more of my time and energy. The drop in price would be nice…if netspace also dropped a bit but still no sign of that happening. From that perspective, the current price is much less important. A farm is only making money at the time you either sell or use your XCH. The rest of the time it is fictitious value. I am worried about the kwh rates coming up Currently at 0. Chia may survive, mainly on the back of the farming whales who can survive without selling their coin, but IMOP prospects for the small farmer are dim.

I am still not too concerned. I can certainly understand the pain of those who do. As I have posted before in this thread, I think there are some signs of institutional participation in the XCH market, which would be a very good thing for the project longterm. The main sign is that the accumulation pattern I mentioned earlier at a footprint left by institutions on Sep 30 worked so spectacularly for almost a month, with good bounces on pullbacks into that level.

These types of patterns are not known to most retail traders, so there is a good chance that an institution had a pocket of buy orders in that level causing those bounces. Once the level broke today all buy orders depleted there was no more demand, and we broke down.

And in a thin market like this, they should have little problem doing so. Also, it is not uncommon for a large institution to shake out weak hands with a flash sale after accumulation or a fast pop after distribution. Institutions like to take advantage of that. In markets, easy come means easy go: A fast move down is easily retraced by a fast move up. It could just be the congestion of selling through the prior demand accumulation area.

But IF that area holds on a re-test rally it would be sign of further weakness in the short term. It could be the opposite: Almost all cryptos to date have had only one single use case: Being vehicles for mooning.

Some have become really big vehicles, but they still serve almost no other purpose than speculation. In order to be taken seriously for use beyond speculation, by seriously BIG institutions, Chia Co will have to convince them that it is NOT just another flimsy moon rocket.

That bit is just my speculation. But it fits the above technical analysis. Started farming in mid-Apr and zilch XCH so far. This is still a hobby for me. Aspy, thanks for sharing your story. I apologize for my tone. I realize this subject is no joke. You are a loyal forum member and contributor, so much respect to you.

In terms of my long term thoughts, if for some reason Chia fails, I do see somebody else picking up on this. If not this Chia group then I see another upstart. Problem is when or how long that would take. Hope this never has to be a thing though. I want Chia to pull through, believe me. Yeah, I know the feeling.

If we had pooled since day one we might have over 1 or two xch now depending on plotting speed. Just Ughhhh. I never needed to sell the coin I earned, but earning little or no value just defeats the purpose even if you intend to HODL. I have been happily living with the expensive hobby mindset for months, but for me it has turned into a stupidly expensive hobby.

Chipping in late here, probably redundantly. I have my farm split between a few storage projects. Do we have indications that the team is not meeting expectations in development? That would be my signal to bail out. Chia not falling down anymore General Chia Discussion. If farming Chia is not profitable then the coin will fail.

Unfortunately, fantastic might be the correct word. I wish I had understood this then. If farmers cannot turn a profit farming Chia then they will stop farming. I will hold on a bit longer. With better luck a change in course will lead to better results.

Figure out if you'll be profitable farming Chia

Instead of trying to get "lucky" in the Chia lottery, you can start earning consistent early rewards today. Payouts are processed automatically every 24 hours. Plotting takes time and resources that can't be used after your farm is full. It is recommended to withdraw your rewards frequently and transfer it to a Chia wallet or some external exchange like OKEx. Dark Mode. Input your online power or number of OG plots Online Power.

Chia is built from the ground up for the first time since the original Bitcoin blockchain. As a result, Chia incorporates the lessons learned from dealing with.

How to buy Chia (XCH) in Australia

Chia Network not too long ago entered the cryptocurrency scene and has shortly piqued the curiosity of many miners and traders. There are a number of causes for this: First, the Chia blockchain operates using a novel proof-of-space-and-time PoST protocol, which implies that proof of the space used and time spent on the duty is required to farm the cryptocurrency. Krzysztof Pietrzak, who additionally labored on the PoST protocol, stated the unique mannequin behind Chia was flawed. Chia might be farmed with an HDD or an SSD, which is a lovely proposition for these unable to afford the most recent, best video playing cards. Hoffman defined:. To farm Chia, you can begin with simply a personal computer or laptop computer of any variety. All you want is a processor with a clock velocity of 1.

How to Farm Chia Coin, Now With Pooling

xch coin farm

Chia is a cryptocurrency that aims to be a green, eco-friendly alternative to Bitcoin. It was created by Bram Cohen, who invented the file-sharing platform BitTorrent and was launched in May On the other hand, mining Bitcoin requires access to electricity at wholesale prices, which is not accessible to individuals. Chia is designed to be a payment instrument rather than an investment opportunity.

In its testnet phases, Chia has reached as many as 1, nodes already, which is very likely to indicate something about interest in running a … What is Chia? Chia Blockchain is a new cryptocurrency that uses Proof of Space and Time.

Truly decentralized DeFi with Chia Offers

Chia Mining Cara farming chia basic , klik plot — add plot setting dah serah lu pada. Chia Mining emerged in China. The miners first wiped out the hard drives in the mainland, and now they look to the overseas shopping market. How can you mine without a hard disk that can only store data? What is Chia Coin? Specifically, compared with other currencies such as BTC Bitcoin and ETH Ethereum , mining Chia coins does not rely on computing power but depends on the contribution of idle hard disk space.

Chia Mining Tutorial Cara Mining Menggunakan Harddisk – Farming Chia XCH Basic

How long to farm 1 chia coin. To start pooling, you first need a small amount of chia in your wallet. It implements the first new nakamoto consensus algorithm since bitcoin in Chia farming requires a little effort, but more hardware in the future. Be sure to write these down in order or take a picture and store it somewhere secure, as these words are used to access your wallet.

Simple coin mining (Port 20XXX) Select any coin and check its port number. How to Farm Chia on Core Pool - YouTube. XCHPool the most reliable Chia pool!

Simply realtime chia log analyzer for chia coin (XCH) farmers

Imagine a world where mining cryptocurrencies is not an energy-intensive and complex procedure but one that is fluid, less complex, and more environmentally friendly. This might seem like a distant dream beyond our immediate grasp as our notion of cryptocurrency mining has been marked by expensive hardware and electricity. However, the introduction of Chia Coin has flipped the switch and now, our wildest dreams can be realized.

How To Farm Chia XCH On Windows?

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Whelp, my thinking appears to be correct. Reasons for not sliding further? Not a lot happening right now to reverse the trend. I look at the dilemma of power consumption vs. The juice always has to be worth the squeeze. As that juncture approaches then maybe we see a correction in the netspace.

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Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies require massive amounts of computing hardware and electricity to mine new coins. This is a causing a huge negative impact on the environment and b making it challenging for a normal person to have any chance of profitably mining most crypto coins. In the beginning, anyone could mine bitcoins from their home computers, and it was truly democratized. Having a farm on your hard drive means you have a chance of getting a 2 Chia token reward every 10 minutes, with a total of 64 Chia tokens being awarded globally every 10 minutes. This translates to 4, farms being awarded 2 tokens each every day for a total of tokens awarded every day. You can get started right now with a single plot on your computer or laptop if you have at least GB of free space. But right now, before the whales mobilize, ordinary people can have a realistic chance at farming Chia.

Run executable with path do debug. Or simply copy binary file to the directory with logs and run without parameters. Or run executable with path do debug.

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