Android document sharing system using blockchain

With Web 3. Do you know its technical advantages and use-cases? The goal of this tutorial is to introduce blockchain technology from a technical perspective by building one from scratch. Forget everything you've heard about blockchain from social media. Now, you will build a blockchain system from ground zero to really understand the ins and outs of this peer-to-peer, distributed technology.

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Android document sharing system using blockchain

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With Web 3. Do you know its technical advantages and use-cases? The goal of this tutorial is to introduce blockchain technology from a technical perspective by building one from scratch.

Forget everything you've heard about blockchain from social media. Now, you will build a blockchain system from ground zero to really understand the ins and outs of this peer-to-peer, distributed technology. Afterwards, make your own mind up about its future and advantages. Spoiler alert: you will fall in love with programming blockchain software. You will follow the story of a software developer who is looking to revolutionize his local bar by implementing blockchain technology for its payment system.

Although blockchain has several undeniable use-cases, at the moment, the number one application is payments. The story comes with a lot of fun and intriguing facts about the overall blockchain ecosystem and different protocols such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP.

Andrej is a bar owner by night and a software developer by day in a small Slovakian town called Bardejov. The tokens will represent a monetary unit within and outside the bar. The users will use the tokens for all bar functionalities from paying for drinks, borrowing and lending them to their friends, and playing table tennis, poker and kicker. Having a bar powered by blockchain tokens will generate tons of value for my customers.

Contrary to my competition and other bars on this street, where the customers only spend money and get a hangover in exchange, my bar customers holding bar's tokens will have shareholders rights.

Similar to owning a large portion of stocks in a company like Apple or Microsoft, the customers holding these bar tokens will be able to decide how the bar will operate by voting and deciding on:. Let's dive into our tutorial.

If you want to get a good quick intro to go, here's a free course that'll get you started. Because like blockchain, it's a fantastic technology for your overall programming career. Go is optimized for multi-core CPU architecture. You can spawn thousands of light-weight threads Go-routines without problems. It's extremely practical for highly parallel and concurrent software such as blockchain networks.

This article has a dedicated open-sourced Github repository with full source code so you can compile the code and run the program on your own local machine. If you get stuck at any chapter or a particular line of code, create a Github Issue in this repository describing your problem and I will help you out ASAP!

Andrej mastered relational SQL databases in the 90s. He knows how to make advanced data models and how to optimize the SQL queries. Luckily, after reading "The Lean Startup" book last week, Andrej feels like he shouldn't over-engineer the solution just yet. In the blockchain world, tokens are units inside the blockchain database. Their real value in dollars or euro fluctuates based on their demand and popularity. Every blockchain has a "Genesis" file. The Genesis file is used to distribute the first tokens to early blockchain participants.

Andrej creates the file. The tokens need to have a real "utility", that is a use case. Users should be able to pay with them from day 1! Andrej must comply with law regulators the SEC. It is illegal to issue unregistered security.

Andrej assigns a starting monetary value to his tokens so he can exchange them for euro, dollars, or other fiat currency. Andrej also decides he should be getting tokens per day for maintaining the database and having such a brilliant disruptive idea.

The token supply, initial user balances, and global blockchain settings you define in a Genesis file. After a week of work, the bar facilities are ready to accept tokens. Unfortunately, no one shows up, so Andrej orders three shots of vodka for himself and writes the database changes on a piece of paper:.

To avoid recalculating the latest state of each customer's balance, Andrej creates a. He gets his first customer called BabaYaga. She has a drinking problem. The Genesis balances indicate what was the original blockchain state and are never updated afterwards. Developers used to event-sourcing architecture must have immediately recognized the familiar principles behind transactions. They are correct. Blockchain transactions represent a series of events, and the database is a final aggregated, calculated state after replaying all the transactions in a specific sequence.

It's a relaxing Tuesday evening for Andrej. Celebrating his first client, he decides to play some Starcraft and clean up his local development machine by removing some old pictures. All his files, including the bar's genesis. While he didn't have a backup, he had something better — a piece of paper with all the database transactions. The only thing he needs to do is replay all the transactions one by one, and his database state will get recovered.

Impressed by the advantages of event-based architecture, he decides to extend his MVP database solution. Every bar's activity, such as individual drink purchases, MUST be recorded inside the blockchain database. Each customer will be represented in DB using an Account Struct:.

Each Transaction TX - a database change will have the following four attributes: from, to, value and data. The data attribute with one possible value reward captures Andrej's bonus for inventing the blockchain and increases the initial TBB tokens total supply artificially inflation.

All the transactions, previously written on a piece of paper, will be stored in a local text-file database called tx. The most crucial database component encapsulating all the business logic will be State :. The State struct will know about all user balances and who transferred TBB tokens to whom, and how many were transferred.

Afterwards, the genesis State balances are updated by sequentially replaying all the database events from tx. Andrej wants to have a convenient way to add new transactions to his DB and list the latest balances of his customers. Because Go programs compile to binary, he builds a CLI for his program. The easiest way to develop CLI based programs in Go is by using the third party github. Andrej initializes Go's built-in dependency manager for his project, called go modules :.

The Go modules command will automatically fetch any library you reference within your Go files. Go will detect missing libraries and automatically fetch them before compiling the program. You can run tbb from your terminal now, but it will not do anything because the Run function inside the main.

The balances command will be responsible for loading the latest DB State and printing it to the standard output:. Andrej verifies if the cmd works as expected.

It should print the exact balances defined in the Genesis file because the tx. The tbb tx add cmd uses State. Add tx function for persisting the bar's events into the file system:. The tbb tx add cmd has 3 mandatory flags: --from , --to and --value.

The good thing about the Cobra lib for CLI programming is the additional features it comes with. For example, you can now run: tbb help cmd and it will print out all TBB registered sub-commands with instructions on how to use them. The token supply, initial user balances, and global blockchain settings are defined in a Genesis file.

The Genesis balances indicate what the original blockchain state was and are never updated afterwards. Commit: 5d4b0b. BabaYaga invested a bit too much. She forgot her flat rent payment was around the corner, and she doesn't have the money. BabaYaga calls her flat owner, Caesar.

It was a great deal! Caesar: What the heck are you talking about? What is an ICO? What on earth are tokens? Can you pay me in some other way? BabaYaga: Oh, not again. Let me call the bar owner, Andrej, and make the transfer! Andrej performs the transfer, but decides to charge an extra 50 TBB tokens for his troubles. He doesn't want to, BUT the bar shareholders who invested in him a few years ago are forcing him to generate profit as soon as possible.

BabaYaga won't notice this relatively small fee most likely anyway, Andrej tells himself. In the end, only he has the DB access.

Commit: 00d6ed. Andrej: Happy birthday! Here you go: Crystal Head Vodka. But you need to purchase one additional TBB token. The bottle costs tokens, and your balance is

91+ Blockchain Statistics: Understand Blockchain in 2021

Blockchain can be defined as a chain of blocks that contains information. The purpose of blockchain is to solve the double records problem without the need for a central server. The blockchain is used for the secure transfer of items like money, property, contracts, etc, without requiring a third-party intermediary like a bank or government. Once data is recorded inside a blockchain, it is very difficult to change it. The blockchain is a software protocol like SMTP is for email. However, Blockchains could not be run without the Internet. It is also called meta-technology as it affects other technologies.


How To Build A Blockchain Android & iOS App?

Blockchains have been used in a number of different applications ranging from managing a new cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, to using Smart Contracts for coding ways to track transactional data between persons. For those who are either familiar with technology or are just taking a look for the first time, there are several ways in which information professionals may be able to adopt and benefit from this technology. The following scenarios are just a few examples to get the conversation started. Building a distributed, permission-less metadata archive has perhaps the most disruptive potential. A blockchain OCLC, if you will. Such a system would be accessible to any organization who wishes, with no additional expenditures. Another potentially disruptive idea for information ecosystems is that of the Digital First Sale as a result of provable ownership and digital scarcity. A rights management system built on blockchains is obvious and at the center of many current blockchain projects. Of interest to libraries, specifically, is the potential for these projects to be a lever for digital first sale rights. Jason Griffey is in the process of researching such an argument with an internationally-regarded copyright expert, and will be working on a paper arguing for such over the summer

10 top distributed apps (dApps) for blockchain

android document sharing system using blockchain

Skip to search form Skip to main content Skip to account menu You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. Okazaki Published In recent years, the amount of new malware has been rapidly increasing. Because malware has an adverse effect on the Internet, upon which modern society is increasingly dependent, its detection is very important. In addition, blockchain technology has attracted the attention of many people in recent years due to its four main characteristics of decentralization, persistency, anonymity, and auditability.

Blockchain is a technology that allows transactions to be secure and anonymous. In short, blockchain creates a true peer-to-peer secure transaction.

NFTs explained: daylight robbery on the blockchain

Blockchain apps are now developed daily and can be considered the most effective tools of the decade. Nevertheless, society still does not completely realize the brilliance of this technology, and this lack of understanding stands in the way of its ultimate success. The best way to recognize its potential is to analyze blockchain applications examples. Whatever it is you do, blockchain is able to offer exactly what you need. For software developers, blockchain is the most interesting environment since the advent of the Java language in For businesspeople, blockchain has become a powerful catalyst for re-engineering business operations and external relations.

A Blockchain Platform for User Data Sharing Ensuring User Control and Incentives

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towards dynamic health data sharing using blockchain based digital for iOS and Android operating systems, which enables users.

Blockchain: The Technology Revolutionizing Mobile App Security

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Over a million documents are share over the internet every single hour. In this superfast world we need ways to share documents easily and securely over the web. Also at the same time there is always a risk of document tampering. To solve these issues we here propose a smart android based document sharing system over blockchain technology that ensures easy document sharing along with authenticity and reliability of a tamper proof system. Blockchain technology usually involves transactions as it is the core block of blockchain. Our system includes a smart contract based system with certain rules of document transfer.

This document is a compilation of blockchain documents I find interesting pertaining mostly to health care but also to:.

DHS Informatics trains all students in Blockchain techniques to develop their project with good idea what they need to submit in college to get good marks. DHS Informatics offers placement training in Blockchain at Bangalore and the program name is OJT — On Job Training , job seekers as well as final year college students can join in this placement training program and job opportunities in their dream IT companies. TECH, M. Aiming at ensure the security and self-control of heterogeneuos alliance network, this paper proposes a novel structure of identity authentication baseed on domestic commercial cryptography with blockchain in the heterogeneous alliance network. The domestic commercial cryptographic algorithms such as SM2,SM3,SM4,SM9 and ZUC, is adopted to solve encryption,decryption,signature and verification of blovk chain , whose key steps of data layernare solved by using domestic commercial cryptographic algorithms. In addition , it is the distributed way to produce the public key and private key for the security of the keys. Therfore, the cross domain identity authentication in the heterogeneous alliance network can be executed safely and effectively.

The blockchain technology benefits several industries with transparency, security and many more features, adding value to their businesses. Thus, it is all set to transform the current working of identity management as well, in a highly secure manner. The existing identity management system is neither secure nor reliable.

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