Blockchain technology hong kong

Blockchain is one type of distributed ledger: distributed ledgers use independent computers — referred to as nodes — to record, share and synchronize transactions, instead of keeping data centralized as is the case with a traditional ledger. The Blockchain organizes data into blocks, which are chained together in an append-only mode. It has the capability to move any kind of data swiftly and securely and, at the same time, make a record of that change, movement, or transaction instantly available, in a trusted and immutable manner, to the participants in a Blockchain network. In terms of governance, Blockchain technology is decentralized. There is, however, an operator function that sets the rules for everyone in the network, along with regulators and government agencies.

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Blockchain technology hong kong

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HK Fintech Week 2021 Satellite Event: The Rise of Blockchain

Here is where you can stay up to date with our exciting discoveries, projects and other highlights. One of the reasons blockchain has become so popular is that its design prevents anyone from deleting or changing a record once it has been created.

This makes it immensely useful for applications such as cryptocurrency. Yet there is so much more to the technology — and here are a few key things you need to know about it. Business relationships change all the time — so Monash researchers are working on solutions to make blockchain work the same way. In the latest round of funding announced by the Australian Research Council ARC , the Faculty of Information Technology IT has been recognised in the field of blockchain technology and recordkeeping informatics.

Technical validation and successful pilots are helping blockchain assert its value in streamlining supply chains that extend across the world. The new Monash Blockchain Technology Centre MBTC will attract world-leading researchers in blockchain technology and push the frontiers of research in this field across Australia.

A digital tsunami is engulfing the Pacific. Undersea cables are gradually bringing high-speed internet connections, with all its thrills and risks, to remote island nations.

The emergence of cryptocurrencies has made headlines around the world. But we need to take a closer look at the risks, the rewards, and what the future is for the market and blockchain technology.

As our digital world advances, cyber risks shadow, jeopardising the operation of just about every organisation in just about every sector. A digital Australian dollar could remove the role of middlemen and create a cheaper electronic currency system, while at the same time enabling the government to fully regulate the system.

Monash University and Collinstar Capital have signed a multi-million-dollar deal to develop the blockchain cryptocurrency Hcash in a move that hopes to establish Hcash as a virtual cryptocurrency exchange. Previous menu Toggle navigation. Skip to content Skip to navigation. News Discover our latest news Here is where you can stay up to date with our exciting discoveries, projects and other highlights.

To realise their potential, business blockchains must learn to communicate 18 January In an era of life-like deepfakes, can you still trust your eyes? Monash researchers are helping lay down the law in the uncanny valley. Could Blockchain-based smart contracts eventually replace lawyers? Self-aware blockchains can monitor compliance and avoid disputes — but there is a catch. Early agricultural success is driving blockchain into Australian supply chains 26 October Researchers develop worlds most efficient quantum-safe and privacy-preserving blockchain protocol 30 September Monash launches new centre to link blockchain and industry globally 26 November World-first secure blockchain with good reputation 15 March Monash cryptocurrency blockchain pioneer wins top research award 02 November Turning the cybersecurity spotlight on the Pacific 28 August World-first program to stop hacking by supercomputers 18 July The age of cryptocurrency 09 April PolyU joins forces with Australian partners to fast track research on Blockchain Technologies 28 March Monash University leads cybersecurity into the breach 23 February What is blockchain and will it transform the energy industry?

Monash and Collinstar sign multi-million dollar agreement to develop blockchain cryptocurrency 04 October

Academic Activities

The firm's Greater China group comprises more than lawyers located in three integrated offices in Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai, making DLA Piper one of the largest international law firms in the region. The team also has extensive experience in guiding clients who are expanding and operating in Macau and Taiwan. DLA Piper is a market leader in providing legal services to fintech clients. The fintech team brings together the vast and synergistic skill sets of the firm's finance and intellectual property and technology teams to holistically service fintech clients both from a traditional finance perspective and with regard to cutting-edge technology deployment. Initially, Hong Kong largely used blockchain as next-generation infrastructure to enable technological innovations for its large financial services sector.

PolyU joins forces with Australian partners to fast track research on Blockchain Technologies. 28 March The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU).

Hong Kong's Apple Daily to live on in blockchain, free of censors

Emerging blockchain related technologies will significantly transform transactions, currencies, system operations and management in the digital era. On one hand, blockchain will play a crucial role for secure decentralization in fields such as Internet of Things, cyber physical systems, cloud and edge computing, future Internet, security, fault tolerance, next generation wireless communications, etc. On the other hand, its advance should be further refined and optimized in terms of scalability, privacy, security, fault tolerance, availability and high dependability. In the meantime, arising new applications of blockchain will bring along new requirements, research issues and new challenges for research communities. It is an annual conference organized with the objective of bringing together researchers, developers, and practitioners from academia and industry working in the area of Blockchain Technology and Applications. Conference consists of keynote lectures, oral presentations on all aspects of Blockchain Technology and Applications. Researchers invited to speak, will present the latest developments and technical solutions in the areas of: theories of blockchain and its evolution, smart contract and distributed ledger, blockchain and bitcoin security, performance optimization of blockchain and decentralized schemes and applications with blockchain technique, etc.

ICBTA 2021 @ Xi'an, China

blockchain technology hong kong

The Blockchain Summit Hong Kong covered 18 industry sectors, namely: banking and finance; supply chain and logistics; insurance; energy; healthcare and pharmaceuticals; government; transport; telecoms; HR; marketing and advertising; retail; entertainment and content; property and construction; regulation and policy; charity; legal; investor and ICO; and developer. The Hong Kong Blockchain Week saw the global blockchain community converge in a virtual setting to discuss the latest developments and insights into the evolving, real-world applications of blockchain technology in finance, investment, enterprise, socially important projects and global payment industry. Virtual assets and tokens are a growth area. As described in the response to question 10 below, saw the first SFC licensing and approval of an advisor and distributor of a Hong Kong cryptocurrency fund. On 16 December , the SFC announced it had granted its first licence to a virtual asset trading platform in Hong Kong, subject to it only serving professional investors under the close supervision of the SFC and being subject to tailor-made requirements similar to those which apply to securities brokers and automated trading venues.

November 17th to 19th , speakers and participants will assess the economic and technological rollercoaster of the year , and will discuss whether DeFi will change the game for fintech. We strongly believe we are in the early stages of a large bull market fueled by both a powerful global macro tide and growing fundamentals in the underlying technology.

Tokenization and Blockchain Technology

These are the core obsessions that drive our newsroom—defining topics of seismic importance to the global economy. Our emails are made to shine in your inbox, with something fresh every morning, afternoon, and weekend. The Hong Kong government has already shown it has no qualms about rewriting history. But, some wondered, would it really go so far as to erase history? Earlier this month, the public broadcaster Radio Television Hong Kong announced that it would begin erasing archival content that is over a year old.

Hong Kong Cyberport leads blockchain development

MediConCen Limited is an InsurTech startup bringing Blockchain and innovative solutions to serve the insurance and financial industry. Our strength lies in a combination of domain knowledge, understanding regulations and technical knowhow, with a strong mix of talents who were senior insurance executives, serial entrepreneurs, senior architect and ibanker. We provide blockchain and innovative solutions technology competitions in China, India and Hong Kong. Combining domain knowledge, understanding of regulations and technical know-how with a staff of former senior insurance executives, serial entrepreneurs, senior programmers and investment bankers, MediConCen launched the first blockchain-based medical ecosystem, providing a seamless claim experience to insurers, medical networks, doctor and general customers. With the mission of advancing the entire industry forward, HashKey Group devotes itself to accelerating innovation, promoting entrepreneurship, and contributing to the blockchain technology development.

and deepening the understanding of blockchain technology and its applications among students and alumni of HKUST and other Hong Kong universities.

AIA introduces Hong Kong's first blockchain-enabled bancassurance network

Just like the bold moves China has made in artificial intelligence, 5G networks, robotics, quantum computing and semiconductors to bolster its tech supremacy, blockchain technology looks to be another field in which the Asian political and economic giant is set to take on a leading role. The go-to technology, defined as a decentralised ledger of all transactions across a peer-to-peer network, is revolutionary, malleable technology — and China knows it pretty well. The nation accounts for 25 per cent of new blockchain projects worldwide and holds the most blockchain patents.

That program touches on the valuation of initial coin offerings ICO and the Lightning Network alongside more standard crypto modules. HKUST holds online events, open to undergraduates and postgraduates, in which guest speakers from the blockchain industry are invited to share their experience and insights. In addition, there is more than one research group at HKUST striving for the next advance in blockchain technology. The lab now organizes summer courses to teach students about blockchain.

Latham, named Band 1 for FinTech by Chambers USA , regularly serves emerging and blockchain-enabled technology companies, investors, crypto exchanges, broker-dealers, and leading global financial institutions that are revolutionizing the delivery of financial services. A dedicated global team of more than 80 lawyers focuses on tracking and analyzing developments affecting the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, spanning multiple practice areas within the firm.

The ever-expanding influence of blockchain technologies, from cryptocurrencies to other classes of virtual assets, provides significant opportunities across a spectrum of industries in Hong Kong and elsewhere. However, we are aware that these developments have produced complex legal, regulatory, and compliance issues for all parties involved. Individuals and companies need to be suitably informed when pursuing the incorporation of blockchain technologies into their business. As a law firm with experience in the crypto world, we deliver hard-headed advice and tailor-made crypto legal services to our clients that allow them to comprehend the entanglement of regulations and make informed decisions. Our knowledgeable blockchain and cryptocurrency lawyers at TITUS provide dedicated help to our clients, allowing them to navigate this complicated and fast-changing space by delivering solutions for the short-term and those that enable our clients to plan an extended future in blockchain-based industries.

The note also considers some of the data protection challenges posed by these potential applications. While the technologies and the regulatory framework within which distributed ledgers and Blockchain operates are still evolving, many companies and organisations are actively developing use cases and potential applications to automate a wide range of activities, see Practice note , Blockchain Toolkit and Video, Blockchain: an introduction to some of the key legal issues. Given the complexity of modern healthcare systems, it is perhaps unsurprising that the potential applications of Blockchain technology which, to date, have been best publicised in the financial services sector, are only now becoming apparent in the life sciences and healthcare sectors.

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