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I picked a few key points that I found to be the biggest parts of the AMA which I feel most will know already but still wanted to share anyhow. Let me know what your thoughts and opinions are of these highlighted key points from the AMA:. Enterprise solutions take time to onboard. Sunny stated that 15—20 Authority nodes will be ready to reveal who they are soon. As this is not a decision by VeChain, the announcement will come when node holders are ready! This is great news as it shows the community not only trust and transparency, but the excitement of knowing that big enterprises are utilizing the VeChain blockchain, day to day civilization will not be aware that they are using blockchain as Sunny envisioned last year.

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$ADA: Cardano-Powered DEX ADAX Goes Live, Plans to Integrate COTI’s Djed Stablecoin

Can you introduce yourself to the community? What is your background and how did you come to the idea to create your project? I have been in this industry since after I made my decision to leave traditional IT company to start business. To be honest, this industry is really exciting. To some extent, finance has not changed a lot in the past years.

But blockchain is born to solve finance problem. Hello, i am the CPO of Fusion, having spent about 19 years in insitituational finance. In , Fusion was born. I first heard about blockchain from a work colleague. I was curious, and read the bitcoin whitepaper. I found the use of technology, especially game theory, highly creative, and became a little obsessed with the possibilities this could bring. DCRM enables tokens from otherwise disconnected blockchains to seamlessly interact.

Fusion developed a suite of easy-to-use features that enable financial transaction on the Blockchain. Time-lock allows the ownership of a digital asset to be expressed over time, serving as the foundation for asset rentals, licensing agreements, financial instruments and more.

Quantum Swap facilitates any two digital assets to be exchanged with control in the hands of the user and no additional fees. This is just a few examples of what Fusion is already available on Fusion. By combining the technologies mentioned in point 1 interoperability and point 2 rich set of financial features , many interesting and cost-saving business solutions can be developed on top of Fusion.

Thanks Yona. However, in short, fusion is building the fabric of future finance. Our technology could support 1. The most exciting moment was June 30th. Our main net goes live. I have to emphasize that our main net is not a simple main net which only have token transfer function. We achieved most of the functions in our white paper.

Please feel free to access our github, website and myfusionwallet. Dec , we launched DCRM technology which did the first cross chain token transfer in the world in Julyl and currently, our dcrm. Till today, we have more than 40 parnerships in the world in real business world.

Even before our main net, there are already Today, it might be also another exciting moment. We get listed on huobi today 2 August. First hour, only in huobi, traiding volume is more than 3 million USD. Speaks to how well we tested in stage and the help of our community. So we have to be inclusive. And any projects we could collaborate with them and help them connect with each other.

But in terms of interoperability, a lot of ppl might have heard project cosmos or polkadot. They are also claiming to be focusing on solving interoperbility problem. However, the technology method we are using is totally different from polkadot or cosmos. Having said that, certianly wtih interoperability, people think of Cosmos. A big difference is that Cosmos offers a compatibiliyt standard, versus Fusion is true interoperability—being able to control assets directly in their external chain.

More importantly, DCRM offers decentraized custody—that is a product we are eager to test with the industry in Q4 of this year. What are your plans for the nearest year in terms of marketing and business development? How do you plan to expand the network, community, partnerships, etc? Marketng front, think of us from moving awareness into adoption stage. Peoplle now know of Fusion, and know of time lock. But how can it be used? I have been in deep talks with wallet, custodians, exchanges on way time lock can practicaly be exchanged and unlock value even in tokens today—expect some thought piees from us in coming weeks as we help the industry understand the value that is currenlty not fully extracted from their token.

So we have been talking to OTC providers on how to integrate with them. Partnerships , we are talking to various governemnts which always take a long time , but very exciting for me, our presence in the UN has resulted in many interesting engagemetns with companies looking to enable blockchain solutions for Latam and Sub Saharan Africa.

Let the community ask questions now! So the question here is when will it be officially completed? It is really worrying when the project does not develop in any way.

But, do you think it can compete with other famous paid-services music listening like Apple Store or Spotify while blockchain technology is still in early stage? This is the biggest challenge that royalty platforms are experiencing. That is why they are approaching from independent artists first. Some of the royaltly platforms have existing relationships with DSPs like spotify , and in these cases, the most important step is just to seamlessly replace technoloyg with blockchain without disrupting current business model.

We will be sharing more in the coming weeks on the practical aspect here. But using Fusion token asna example, today I can take the front-end time of FSN token to stake, leaving me with back-end to trade as a future.

Imagine that with any other token. How are you going to incentivize users required to share computing power and how are you planning to onboard these users?

Along with all functions well developed in fusion protocol, our focus is mainly in real business adoption. I believe in three years.

Fusion would get her deserved place in finance and blockchain world. We are looking forward to get a portion from current financial world. Actually, fusion network relies on nodes using POS consensus to keep the ledger for the entire network. They will get FSN rewards. And we are about to kick off developer program soon with huge incentive as well to encourage individual or companies to develop financial products using fusion network.

What can we do to keep increasing adoption? I foresee there will be many many chains and many many digital assets co-exist in the world. They require tokens to be issued in a certain standard so they can enter their interoperable ecosystem. Fusion approaches interoperability differently, DCRM works at the protocol level to enable assets from different blockchains to interact without needing to confirm to a particular standard. DCRM uses a very complex balance of maths and cryptography to achieve decentralized custodianship that gives way to interoperability.

Your focus is on integrators, who help you increase adoption and bring new users and clients to the blockchain. How do you ensure anyone can use your blockchain? Any new approach you are taking here? Native integration should be compared with much cheaper mid-term alternatives.

For example, you could build a two-way? Would you like or would like to introduce the threshold number scheme TSS in general in order to increase the security of a single signature and multiple signature?

Also, we continue to refine our POC with AXP and others, so that those modules can become out of book tools for integrators to use. On top of working with integrators, I would also like to add that we are super focused on increasing the size of our developer community. This is a difficult challenge, the first step is to provide easy-to-use documentation to build with our APIs. A lot of what Fusion has built has been specifically designed with devs in mind, we have reduced the need to rely heavily on smart contract development with our rich suite of API functions, create and enhance asset, time-lock, swap etc.

We will also run competition to incentivize participation and app development. How do you maintain a large digital asset ecosystem, and maintain any connections between entire digital asset protocols without competition? This is great question. What separates Fusion from other projects?

Perhaps we can start from the beginning, how did you guys come to be and what core problems are you seeking to solve? Originally, we are looking for a technology to realize decentralized custody to minimize the cost and maximize the efficiency. What future developments would you expect would be most appealing to larger institutions? As you are operating in a highly competitive sector of the market how do you plan to get ahead of your competitors?

Fusion uses a PoS consensus algo that has been powering MainNet for the last month and is supported by over active nodes from the community. DCRM interoperability solution, time-lock to support creation of financial instruments, quantum swap, HSM module for banks. Build awesome tech, by being the most connected ecosystem in the crypto landscape and work with out partners to build real business solutions.

Basically what is the incentive for a tokenholder to hold the tokens except run a node? How many business is using fusion, and how many ppl is using fusion. How did the community bring you new opportunities as a business and how did you utilize these opportunities to build the Fusion?

Our community constantly shows us interesting projects, alliances to review. Some have contacted us direclty with projects in industries they care about such as sports , and all have been helpful for us to prioritize and contact.

Most importantly, community has invaluable in testing and giving us feedback on our features. Q1: Do you think that the mentioned scalability of the network is also the main problem for corporate solutions — not necessarily financial?

VeChain AMA: 5-Personal Key Points

Sunny Lu, the co-founder of VeChain, just announced that a 25 million dollar buyback plan is on the horizon. The buyback will be used to incentivize the ecosystem builders for long term success. But the price should be on the rise partially due to news of the buyback. But a bigger price driver could be the announcement that Walmart will be using VeChain in China. Traditionally, buybacks show that the asset in question is performing well enough that the company is willing to invest more in itself. The reaction to the news seemed to be mixed. Some in the VeChain social media community applauded the transparency, while others debated whether or not this move displays confidence or worry in future prices and money flow.

30th June, Sunny Lu, CEO of VeChain conducted an hour long live AMA with an adviser and now CEO of OceanEx (Cryptocurrency Exchange) Nan.

Ambrosus AMA: Q4 2020

Namaste Tribe! Share this. I am the PAX Gold Product Lead at Paxos, a blockchain infrastructure company whose mission is to modernize finance by mobilizing assets at the speed of the internet. We have a variety of business units focusing on applying blockchain technology to real-world problems, ranging form providing a Crypto brokerage product that are used by the likes of PayPal, to tokenzied precious metals ie PAX Gold as well as securities settlement. We launched PAX Gold because we saw a fundamental challenge in the gold market. Users who were looking to own gold had to choose between a highly liquid gold product like ETFs, or ownership of the udnerlying gold ie physical gold which was more illiquid and was full of fees. We believe PAX Gold will revolutionize how gold is traded and owned, and will both enable new user experiences such as gold lending we see today as well as reduce counterparty risk since users own the underlying gold.

CoinMarketCal vechain ama

Read: At VeChain, we are incredibly proud to have amassed such a huge community since entering the public blockchain space in To facilitate further community growth and provide an even more engaging community ecosystem experience, we have decided to launch the VeChain Community Discord Server on Friday, 3 September! Discord is a place where topics and communities are easy to see and easy to participate in. The Discord will also offer casual and off-topic channels, offering a place for the VeFam to bond and hangout over non-VeChain related topics!

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【年中無休】!!ネックレス/プレート/フラワー/k10/チェーン 新作!!

Can you introduce yourself to the community? What is your background and how did you come to the idea to create your project? I have been in this industry since after I made my decision to leave traditional IT company to start business. To be honest, this industry is really exciting. To some extent, finance has not changed a lot in the past years.

SundaeSwap launches on Cardano, but users report failing transactions

Andy Ji, took part in a special minute AMA session LIVE on Youtube to answer questions from crypto users around the world on the topic of creation and adoption of blockchain apps and services. See the full AMA on Youtube. We will release Part 2 to cover the questions that could not be answered due to time limitations. For example, staking ONT? Andy: DeFi is one of our focus areas in

All the Flow blockchain projects, upcoming NFT drops, and AMA reports are available in lowercase. Flow Festival is organized to bring the.

Vechain ama

The Asia Blockchain Community, a brand operated under Blockcast. ZADA births a whole new ecosystem giving its investors the chance to build an entire portfolio of new coins and tokens from one buy. Being the first of its kind a Hybrid Portfolio Builder that rewards its holders in a multitude of ways by simplifying the investing process and building a strong and varied portfolio.

Sunny Lu: PoA 2.0 Is One of the Critical Elements to Make “Million a Day” Happen

In the interim, the delegated traders will manage the Treasury funds — until their functions are fully integrated within the DAO. Jack is an expert on DeFi strategy — and he is well known for routinely executing effective and lucrative! The Aggregated Finance core team believes Jack will help catapult the project to new heights, benefiting the community and investors alike. To help drive even further exposure to AGFI, Jack will promote Aggregated Finance on his large Discord network, composed of top crypto investors, enthusiasts, community leaders, and more. Individuals such as Murdoc have consistently influenced massive communities, resulting in large influxes of capital to projects worthy of their attention. Adding Murdoc to the AGFI team is a brilliant move — aimed at tremendously amplifying the overall community exposure to the Aggregated Finance project.

Are you worried that China may adopt its own china developed SOEs instead of by private business in the future, just like what they are trying to do with digital currency area? We are seeing a huge number of VTHO clauses on the main net.

Geeq AMA with EljaBoom – RECAP

Arket was one of the original VeChain partnerships, showcasing their sustainable origins in stores across Europe. For COS, transparency and verification is a huge part of their brand image. The brand COS uses high-quality left-over materials to produce a low-carbon fashion product, a perfect use case for blockchain verification. For public blockchain leader VeChain, this news helps to support the philosophy that open data solutions will be preferred by both consumers and brands. Ken Borey Jun 25, News.

Invest in a wide variety of leading cryptocurrencies, using innovative tools. The last known price of Star Atlas is 0. Blockchain Engineer - Solana.

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