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Blockchain is the technology defined in to create bitcoin, the virtual currency, by Satoshi Nakamoto—the nickname of a mysterious legendary figure in the virtual currency community. Bitcoin is the implementation of a concept conceived in by cryptographer Wei Dai, who published a post on the Cypherpunk mailing-list outlining a system for the exchange of value and execution of contracts based on an untraceable electronic currency. He called the currency b-money. Of cash, it could reduce the cost of credit cards and other fees in transactions, and attract those who defend privacy. The basis of the success garnered by Bitcoin, and more recently by Ethereum and many other virtual currencies, lies in the technology that supports it.

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His research interests include secure multiparty computation MPC under different corruption types, especially omission corruption. Lamprini Georgiou is a Ph.

D candidate at the School of Law. She holds an LL. Her research focuses on regulation and policy for distributed ledger technology with emphasis on cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, blockchain systems, artificial intelligence and regulatory technology RegTech.

He researches optimizations to multiparty computation MPC using techniques from program analysis, combinatorial optimizations and algorithms. His research focuses on decentralised economic trust and reputation. He models market interactions and designs reputation systems that foster online commerce with minimal need for trusted middlemen. Furthermore, he models and formalises blockchain-backed payment networks, such as the Lightning Network.

Her research interests include differential privacy, secure multiparty computation, rational cryptography, and provable security. Her research interests lie in game theoretic aspects of blockchain protocols. She is working on combining cryptographic and game theoretic tools in order to analyse incentives in cryptocurrencies. Specifically she is working on designing reward mechanisms with specific properties and on constructing a framework that allows us to study the incentives of the players of an arbitrary blockchain protocol.

She is also searching for properties that are sufficient to ensure the incentive compatibility of a blockchain protocol. His research interests includes functional encryption, proofs of knowledge and its application on blockchain technologies.

He holds a degree in Mathematics from the Ruhr-University Bochum. His research focuses on the areas of end-to-end verifiable e-voting, distributed consensus, anonymous communications, and secure delegation of cryptographic computations. Skip to main content. Search: Search. Blockchain Technology Laboratory. Contact us. Researchers and PhD students Sefa Akca. His research interests lie in testing and analyzing Ethereum Smart contracts using static and dynamic techniques.

Konstantinos Brazitikos. Her research is in cryptography. Dimitris Karakostas. His research interests include digital asset management over blockchains and provable security of Proof-of-Stake protocols.

Orfeas Stefanos Thyfronitis Litos. His research focus is on accountability in cloud computing, using cryptographic protocols, trusted hardware, and decentralised ledgers. Phil Wadler. His main research interests include functional programming, semantics of programming languages, dependent type theory and formal verification. Her research focuses on zero-knowledge protocols, secure multiparty computation and formal verification.

She is responsible for designing and implementing software prototypes and simulations that support various aspects of research in blockchain technologies. Generally he is working on the intersection of cryptography, blockchain, and financial applications of them.

One of his projects is on enhancing privacy and regulatory insight in central bank digital currency CBDC using cryptographic primitives and techniques. He holds M. His B. His research interests include cryptographic protocols and provable security of Proof-of-Work blockchain's target recalculation mechanism. Aikaterini-Panagiota Stouka. His interests include proofs of knowledge, multiparty computation protocols, and formal verification.

Top 10 FinTech Books Everyone Should Read in 2022

Wulf Kaal is a leading expert at the intersection of law, business, and emerging technology. His research focuses on decentralized autonomous organizations DAOs , DAO governance, innovation, technology, emerging technology applications, digital assets, smart contracts, technology strategy, decentralized infrastructure products, private investment funds, and dynamic regulatory methods. Kaal advises international policymaker, governments, medium to large enterprises, law firms, startups, and venture capital funds on emerging technology solutions. As an expert witness, Kaal works closely with major law firms and business consultants. As a business consultant, adviser, and mentor, Kaal focuses on creating synergies for his clients and building successful new businesses, among others, on existing solutions.

Here are 5 examples from Finance, Real Estate, Healthcare, The emergence of blockchain technology, and especially the launch of Ethereum.

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Consideration of broad range of issues faced by corporate financial managers. Impact on firm of agency costs and asymmetric information. Study of mergers and acquisitions through use of empirical studies. Security design also covered. Issues and analytical tools relevant for valuing projects, divisions and corporations. Theories of discounted cash flow valuation DCF and relative valuation using market multiples. Theories of practice to value different projects, including IPO, mergers and acquisitions, divestitures and private firms. Exploration of how real options affect investment decisions and how they can be identified and valued. Study of the advantages and disadvantages of corporate mergers, acquisitions and other forms of restructuring. Both theory and empirical studies are reviewed.

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financial technology cryptography blockchain and contracting ucla

Journal of Financial Economics accepted. Link to PDF. In a dynamic principal-agent model, the principal, financing the project, cannot observe project failure and the agent, developing the project, can hide failure. As there is a tension between incentives for disclosure of failure and project development, the optimal contract does not reward failure and incentivize disclosure of failure during an initial unconditional financing stage.

For their particularly detailed comments and willingness to engage in lengthy discussions, special thanks to Bob Hockett and Josh Macey. All errors remain my own.

UCLA Launches First Accredited Blockchain Engineering Course

In December , he became a deputy governor and was appointed Administrator of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange in July , a position he held until December Yi received a Ph. His research interests include money, banking and the Chinese economy. Mr Chan is a Certified Public Accountant. He was appointed Financial Secretary on 16 January, He also worked for a number of multi-national companies in the private sector.

Cryptocurrencies Stake a Claim on the LL.M. Curriculum

Ethereum is a platform that creates decentralized products. The cryptocurrency which powers the Ethereum blockchain and platform is Ether and is one of the two most popular cryptocurrencies used by investors across the globe alongside Bitcoin. This digital currency can […]. Nobody paid much attention to Bitcoin, the first of the cryptocurrencies, when it was invented in It was worth practically zero then. A year later, in what is considered the first real-world deal involving cryptocurrency, a programmer paid 10, […]. And, while almost everyone has already heard of cryptocurrency networks, like Bitcoin, only […].

By examining the possibilities of blockchain technologies, I introduce a in financial markets and in legislation in other jurisdictions.

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Discover the driving forces behind ongoing innovation and trends that will impact FinTech for years to come. It is worth mentioning that with so many great FinTech books out there, it is tough to choose just ten.

Get in the know about cryptocurrency, finance, and more. In this episode, Dr. In this episode, Marcus Schmalbach joins the Cryptocurrencyteens podcast to discuss his company RYSKEX and his role there, his words of wisdom as a professor, how he keeps his course material up to date, his words of wisdom for teenagers, and more. In this episode, Elena Obukhova joins the Cryptocurrencyteens podcast to discuss founding FAS Fintech Advisory Services , her inspiration for starting Flashback, her advice for teens, and more. In this episode, Jonathan Libby joins the Cryptocurrencyteens Podcast to discuss his role as CEO at Steady State Finance, why he founded Steady State Finance, how Defi is a potential solution for currency inflation and financial inequity, why Jon focused on working with Defi, his insightful advice for teens, and more. In this episode, Ed Lehner joins Cryptocurrencyteens to discuss education in crypto, his experience as an educator in CUNY, some of the exciting results of his studies — for example the findings of his research on how crypto can fund education and science research — and educational resources he recommends to teens interested in learning more about crypto. In this episode, Dave Gandhi joins Cryptocurrencyteens to discuss his experience as the CEO of Daves Imports, his experience co-founding Catalyst Ventures, advice for getting into Crypto as a career and getting into mining, his tips for investing, and his general advice for teenagers.

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