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With the Bitcoin revolution in full force, the cryptocurrency market is also booming. The crypto-economy is comprised of more than a thousand different digital currencies, many of which are essentially offered as a way to buy what amounts to shares in a company that uses blockchain technology. Every day dozens of coins see price gains at rates that are extremely rare in the traditional stock market. Each month there are at least two or three that really surge in value and capture the attention of the online crypto-community at large.

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Discord cryptoscam: A new hope

In the past few years, cryptocurrencies have certainly attracted speculators given their dramatic price moves, but is there a long-term case for crypto from a practical standpoint, and for more traditional investors? This post is also available in: Chinese Simplified German. What do you see as some of the reasons for this strong long-term performance?

Hardy: There are many factors behind the strong long-term performance of bitcoin. Demand has significantly grown over the past decade, but at the highest level, there is currently a fixed supply of 21 million bitcoins, the majority of which have already been mined. So, the price will naturally rise because of that. At a more granular level though, there is a confluence of factors driving the runup over the past few quarters.

On the macro side, there is a search for inflation hedges given the unprecedented amounts of money printing from the central banks, and also a search for returns given the low interest-rate environment and frothy equity and bond markets.

On the technology side, there are developments such as the most recent bitcoin halving, the rise of decentralised finance or DeFi—an alternate financial system using public blockchains rather than financial intermediaries such as banks—and advancements in custody that have played a role in driving up demand. On the ecosystem side, there have been announcements of large institutions investing in bitcoin on their balance sheets, popular consumer fintech apps making it easier to buy, sell, and pay with crypto, and the upcoming Coinbase initial public offering driving attention to the space.

Last, but certainly not least, there is an element of FOMO fear of missing out in the crypto market, which can also help drive crypto prices higher. Hardy: My view is that crypto is here to stay.

There will undoubtedly be future bull and bear markets, but in my view, the technological feat of solving for digital scarcity and the innovations currently happening in the space cannot be forgotten. I think we will see the birth of a new financial and internet ecosystem, but I also believe that it will coexist with the current one. Q: In a podcast from , you said companies are continuously coming up with new applications for cryptocurrencies.

What do you see as some of the most innovative ones today? Yield farming is a type of lending activity, wherein one with crypto assets lends them to someone else, in order to generate profit. Having a liquid market with active borrowers and lenders is an important building block in a financial ecosystem, so yield farming is helping to build that leg of the stool in crypto.

Non-fungible tokens are unique and not interchangeable—they take the innovation around digital scarcity and apply it to the collectibles-use case. With some of the new platforms out there, you can have a provably unique piece of digital artwork or own a clip of a famous sports moments, for example.

Q: Many younger investors in particular seem to be interested in both cryptocurrencies and environmental, social and governance ESG factors, but may not be aware of the massive carbon footprint that comes with cryptocurrency. On the other hand, blockchain technology could be used to better evaluate and manage ESG risks. Can you explain the interaction here? Hardy: A lot of attention has been placed on the fact that bitcoin mining requires a substantial amount of energy use to maintain the security of the network.

This is obviously not ideal from an environmental perspective. One response from the crypto ecosystem to reduce the environmental burden of mining is to shift the consensus mechanism for Ethereum, the second largest cryptoasset, to proof-of-stake, which is significantly less energy-intensive. Proof of stake is a type of consensus mechanism blockchain networks use, and it represents a heavy technical lift that has been years in the making.

Q: Why do you think people are investing in crypto currencies today? Do you think they understand what exactly they are investing in—and the risks? Digital store of value is the first major use case of crypto. Over the next few years we will see other use cases become more prevalent, especially as large platforms like Paypal and Square bring more users into the ecosystem and enable merchants to accept crypto as a means of payment.

This material is intended to be of general interest only and should not be construed as individual investment advice or a recommendation or solicitation to buy, sell or hold any security or to adopt any investment strategy. It does not constitute legal or tax advice. The views expressed are those of the investment manager and the comments, opinions and analyses are rendered as of publication date and may change without notice. The information provided in this material is not intended as a complete analysis of every material fact regarding any country, region or market.

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The value of investments can go down as well as up, and investors may not get back the full amount invested. Stock prices fluctuate, sometimes rapidly and dramatically, due to factors affecting individual companies, particular industries or sectors, or general market conditions. The technology industry can be significantly affected by obsolescence of existing technology, short product cycles, falling prices and profits, competition from new market entrants as well as general economic conditions.

Buying and using blockchain-enabled digital currency carries risks, including the loss of principal. Speculative trading in bitcoins and other forms of cryptocurrencies, many of which have exhibited extreme price volatility, carries significant risk. Among other risks, interactions with companies claiming to offer cryptocurrency payment platforms or other cryptocurrency-related products and services may expose users to fraud. Blockchain technology is a new and relatively untested technology and may never be implemented to a scale that provides identifiable benefits.

Investing in cryptocurrencies and ICOs is highly speculative and an investor can lose the entire amount of their investment. If a cryptocurrency is deemed a security, it may be deemed to violate federal securities laws.

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Reserve Bank warns bitcoin may plunge as 'FOMO' subsides, ASX snaps two-day losing streak

Welcome to Finextra. We use cookies to help us to deliver our services. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you may change your preferences at our Cookie Centre. Please read our Privacy Policy. Go back a mere two years and Bitcoin was a space of pure FUD in the same way that the otherwise sweet kid in Omen was pure, innocent evil. Fast forward to today and FOMO shines the kindly light upon the entire Blockchain planet, leading investors to pump a billion dollars in Bitcoin related ventures alone. This excludes angel investments, investments by banks and other market participants in their blockchain labs, cost of blockchain events, bitcoin foundation salaries and a whole slew of costs that are unaccounted for.

He concedes his own FOMO lured him into a rug-pull or three. “I guess you never know,” he reflects. “That's part of the risk you take.” Crypto.

Blockchain Standards Can Fix FOMO and FUD

Select your location Close country language switcher. Media relations and social media leader. Avid reader of anything and everything. Loves to travel. A lack of fundamental valuation and the due diligence process by potential investors is leading to extreme volatility of the initial coin offering ICO market, according to new research published by EY. These high-risk investments and the complexity of ICOs need to be managed to ensure their credibility as a means of raising capital for companies, entrepreneurs and investors alike. One of the key findings from the EY research is that there may be no business need for many of the utility tokens being offered. In most cases, however, there is no need for an application-specific exchange token. Indeed, for companies that record their revenues and expenses in dollars or euros, settling intercompany liabilities with a volatile specialized currency adds complexity and risk without significant benefits. The core technologies and benefits of blockchain technologies can be applied to business operations without having to use proprietary digital currencies.

South Africa crypto FOMO and 60k BTC prediction - Roundup #16

fomo crypto rsa

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Despite what the 'experts' tell you, the vast majority of cryptocurrencies do not have solid, fundamental and sustainable reasons for existence and will not survive in the long term. Granted, you can make money in the short- or medium-term if you are lucky.

FOMO could bring more stock records in 2020

S are Millennials between ages years. The expression is used to refer to the feeling of anxiety and fear for missing a potentially lucrative investment or trading opportunity. The concept of FOMO is directly extracted from a personal human emotion. It is the fear of missing out on something that others enjoyed. Undeniably, the crypto market thrives more on emotions than fundamentals.

Orbis: Crypto – currency or collectible?

It is widely accepted that distributed ledger technology, such as blockchain, has enormous potential. Like many new technologies it could be truly transformational for many industries and have a meaningful impact on how business is conducted globally. Instead, the focus for investors at this point of the current crypto price cycle should be on how best to value cryptocurrencies, and what a reasonable expected long-term return should look like. Shane Woldendorp, from our offshore partner, Orbis, offers a view. The price that you pay for any asset is what really matters over the long term for an investor and has also proven to be a reliable indicator for future returns. But how should you, as an investor, attempt to estimate what something such as Bitcoin is really worth?

According to Google Trends, Nigeria and South Africa take the number one, and two, spot for searching the term Bitcoin in the last year.

Best crypto auto trader

The cryptocurrency market is alive and constantly improving. There are new development every day, people are always looking for a way to make money from Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. People want to utilize the Bitcoin price to their own advantage.

Crypto trading

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Negative emotion, positive consequence? Will the cryptosphere see a cryptocurrency rush in , with investors increasingly afraid to miss out on the opportunities offered by bitcoin BTC and its younger siblings? This fear could actually be a driver as well as a brake on the adoption of cryptocurrencies. FOMO and cryptocurrencies: driving the adoption of bitcoin and its younger siblings In an interview of December 17, with Yahoo Finance , the co-founder of the BlockFi platform, Flori Marquez, cited factors that would favorably contribute to the adoption of cryptocurrencies in Marquez mentions the arrival of qualified experts in the crypto industry, regulatory clarity, as the engine of cryptocurrency growth for next year.

Worse, what if by sticking with a bank in you'll be eroding your potential employability in a future that's all about DeFi?

Bitcoin searches are also high in the Netherlands and Austria, although that could also coincide with the fact that both countries are hosting major Blockchain events this week. Could be. The FUD pedalers remind Bitcoin investors to be cautious and warn that this is a mere temporary breakout. Moreover, slapdash investors from remember getting burned buying BTC at an ATH and are still waiting to recoup their losses. But for those who watched their friends raking in the dough practically overnight, such high search results for Bitcoin could indicate that more users are about to get on board.

Visa has launched a new consulting practice to support financial institutions, retailers, and other organizations with cryptocurrency initiatives. Visa will now work with clients to help them advance their crypto journey — with offerings across strategy, capabilities assessment, business cases, and go-to-market approach. Visa views digital currencies as a new opportunity for growth beyond its core business in card payments.

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