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You may have heard of a new cryptocurrency called Grin , or maybe Grin Mimblewimble, or maybe even just Mimblewimble. There has been plenty of talk around these terms in the cryptoasset space; on websites, on YouTube, on Twitter and Reddit. But what are Grin and Mimblewimble? Is it the same thing? Mimblewimble is a pretty new style of blockchain, first conceptualized in by an anonymous contributor. Jedusor, however, just popped into a Bitcoin developer chatroom, dropped off a whitepaper, and left - and that was the end of him.

So, Mimblewimble is itself really just a concept, one particular mathematical method - one style - of doing a blockchain. A Mimblewimble-style blockchain differs from a Bitcoin-style blockchain. Bitcoin is both a style of blockchain and an actual blockchain in a number of critical respects. But it should be said here first and foremost that, Mimblewimble was conceived from the very beginning to be extremely private. One critical difference is that Mimblewimble blockchains do not overtly keep track of all the coins that everyone owns.

Rather, they only make sure that no new coins have been created. The ownership of coins is only known to the owners themselves - it is, in a very specific sense, not known to the blockchain. This is not to say that users reveal their private keys to each other - they do not, and the possibilities for developing new styles of transaction in Mimblewimble are pretty much open. The upshot of a Mimblewimble blockchain is that there are no public addresses, nor transaction sums to track, at least for individual transactions.

Publicly, the blockchain looks like one giant transaction. All of this equates to an attempt at very rigorous privacy for those transacting with Mimblewimble. These privacy features are built-in and fundamental to Mimblewimble, not added at great computational expense. And because much transaction information about the blockchain is, in a sense, just guaranteed to have happened rather than actually stored, Mimblewimble blockchains are very efficient - in terms of the disk size of the actual blockchain file - compared to other privacy focussed chains like Monero and ZCash.

To recap, the two most important features of any Mimblewimble blockchain are privacy and space efficiency.

So now we know kind of what Mimblewimble is. It is a style of doing a blockchain, whose principal features are always privacy and space efficiency.

Mimblewimble was first released as a concept in a whitepaper - not as an actual product. Here is the original whitepaper, by the way.

This is where Grin comes in. Grin is an actual product, a live, living blockchain. The Grin team, which is an open development of open-source code, have implemented the concepts of the Mimblewimble whitepaper into reality. There a couple of key characteristics of the Grin project that seem to define it, and define its sub-characteristics. Nearly everything about Grin has the feeling of the original Bitcoin project: a non-profit, non-corporate, grassroots, open-source development where everyone is invited to participate.

Coins are only created by mining, and the miners get all of the rewards. Development is funded entirely by donations from the community. Grin has no such investors. The other major feature of Grin is its planned emission structure - meaning how many coins will be produced in the future. The Grin team are very adamant regarding this key aspect of their cryptocurrency, in that it should be a currency rather than a store of value as many believe bitcoin currently is.

The thinking behind this decision is documented in detail here. And while emission will remain fixed, the rate of emission versus existing supply will eventually diminish to a marginal amount. Grin is one of the first implementations of Mimblewimble.

In its philosophy, it is minimal, lean, and simple. It wants to be more like money, and less like a Bitcoin-esque store of value. It is free of corporate and investor interests, and - for better or worse - has tied its fate to the whims of community donations and support.

It offers very high privacy on a very efficient, small blockchain. And currently, it is rather hard to use the wallet and transact in Grin, for the non-tech-savvy. At time of writing, Grin trades on Poloniex , Bgogo , Gate.

The Grin team do not now, and will probably never pay for exchange listings, so it may take some time for the cryptocurrency to hit bigger exchanges -- if ever. This website is only provided for your general information and is not intended to be relied upon by you in making any investment decisions. You should always combine multiple sources of information and analysis before making an investment and seek independent expert financial advice.

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A Mimblewimble-style blockchain differs from a Bitcoin-style blockchain Bitcoin is both a style of blockchain and an actual blockchain in a number of critical respects. Grin So now we know kind of what Mimblewimble is. Most everything about Grin flows from these two features. Pure Nearly everything about Grin has the feeling of the original Bitcoin project: a non-profit, non-corporate, grassroots, open-source development where everyone is invited to participate.

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Learn about BTC value, bitcoin cryptocurrency, crypto trading, and more. Grin (GRIN) is a decentralized coin and its privacy-preserving.

Grinning from peer-to-peer

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Grin (GRIN) price

grin coin in

Grin coin is privacy focused cryptocurrency that is aiming to offer the community a product based on ideas and technology rather than hype and ICO marketing. The Mimblewimble blockchain is being utilized by Grin developers to ensure a leave of privacy and scalability they claim has not yet been offered. The whimsical name is inspired by Harry Potter and its wizarding Gringotts Bank. To maintain a level of transparency and show the community that they are truly building something of value, the project is totally driven by donations.

GRIN is one of the newest cryptocurrencies that have emerged in the crypto world and that has attracted attention due to its interesting working scheme, high scalability and focus on privacy. Recommended Previous Content.

GRIN Review: MimbleWimble Based Privacy Focused Crypto

Publically launched a year and a half ago, Grin Coin GRIN was lauded for its potential to bring ironclad privacy crypto transactions at scale. Starting with its publically traded price, GRIN has not unlike most altcoins completely collapsed in the past year or so. The steep drop off may be explained by the scheduled changes in mining algorithm, which has occurred every six months since Grin went live in an effort to slowly phase-in ASIC miners and give GPU miners a chance to mine their fair shares before industrial mining dominates. Indeed, we see a steady decline in the number of Github commits in the last year. Despite all this downtrending, however, Grin is still alive as a project.

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Grin is a privacy cryptocurrency based on the MimbleWimble protocol whitepaper. Grin is an open source privacy cryptocurrency based on the MimbleWimble protocol whitepaper that officially launched on January 15, Grin seeks to fill in the gaps of the private and light weight MimbleWimble blockchain protocol in oder to deploy a fully functional Grin blockchain and cryptocurrency platform. The Grin cryptocurrency is made to be private, scalable, and open source. The Grin project is fully funded by donations, and did not hold an initial coin offering ICO , pre-mine, or founder's reward. Christine Kim.

RVN is the abbreviation for Raven Coin, has updated the mining algorithm on May NBMiner is a closed source NVIDIA and AMD GPU Miner for ETH, RVN, GRIN.

A new Harry Potter–themed cryptocurrency is like a more private version of Bitcoin

On January 15, , the new Grin cryptocurrency was launched, the release of which was accompanied by optimistic forecasts from analysts. And despite the fact that cryptocurrency is still in test mode, a month after the official release, it was repeated on the list of the most popular coins. The Grin story is not typical for a number of reasons, which you will learn about below. The first difference from most coins is the financing format.

Grin Coin (GRIN) is Growing on Work not Hype

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Grin 24 Hour Volume Hits $1.87 Million (GRIN)

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Grin Coin Mimblewimble Blockchain CrytpoCurrency Project Essential T-Shirt

You may have heard of a new cryptocurrency called Grin , or maybe Grin Mimblewimble, or maybe even just Mimblewimble. There has been plenty of talk around these terms in the cryptoasset space; on websites, on YouTube, on Twitter and Reddit. But what are Grin and Mimblewimble? Is it the same thing?

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