How to sell my cryptocurrency for cash resonance

The currency is our newest symbol of luxury, a badge of the elite—at least on paper, as it were, and at least for the moment. Rappers name-drop Bitcoin in songs, Paris Hilton promotes obscure virtual coins, and young visual artists are incorporating the technology into artwork. You just have to know when to buy and when to sell. In , Crispin came up with an idea for a sculpture about the apocalypse—which at the time seemed nigh: The end of the Mayan calendar threatened universal extinction.

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How to sell my cryptocurrency for cash resonance

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Resonance Capital investment/crypto, ICO and mining pool.

This essay was written by Piers Kicks. Piers focuses on all things gaming and NFTs at Delphi Digital , a research-driven firm focused on the digital assets market. The Metaverse: a persistent, live digital universe that affords individuals a sense of agency, social presence, and shared spatial awareness, along with the ability to participate in an extensive virtual economy with profound societal impact.

This piece aims to set out an overview of why crypto is integral to the emergence of an Open Metaverse. I begin this essay with a brief reflection on where we are on our journey as a digital species, as well as the role the games industry is playing in it. From there, we will touch on the origins of the concept of the Metaverse before exploring its more recent incarnation. Despite aspects of it gradually coming into focus, it remains a nebulous idea. As such, we look at some of the core characteristics that the internet of tomorrow is likely to possess whilst recognizing that the evolution of technologies are usually unpredictable.

Having established an idea of where things could go, I will explain why I think the tools afforded by crypto are necessary to get there. From there we explore areas of application, paths to adoption, new business models being unlocked, and how the investable surface area is expanding.

I close out with some key areas of focus for various parties that may be interested in the hope it provides someone with something of use. Crypto is laying the foundations for a self-sovereign financial system, an open creator economy, and a universal digital representation and ownership layer via NFTs non-fungible tokens.

The Metaverse is coming; trends indicate our direction of travel. Our next great milestone as a networked species awaits us: 7B digital souls with the option to exist almost exclusively online and participate in a virtual economy with societal impact. More time spent online will lead to more value created and consumed digitally. In order to maximize willingness of individuals to allocate serious time and capital to virtual environments, establishing trust in their durability as well as economic robustness is paramount.

As education of web 2. All of these threats are only amplified by increasingly immersive, pervasive, and interconnected digital environments. Decentralized networks provide a unique and unmatchable degree of assurance, whilst a universal erosion of trust in institutions is forcing the desire for alternatives. Early breakout successes will drive FOMO as onlookers scramble to understand the new tool sets available. The network effects of these protocols prove difficult to overcome; their open nature compounds permissionless innovation incredibly quickly as each additional creator builds on the shoulders of all who came before.

Owning core pieces of these new worlds brings great financial returns to those who believed; many of whom will be from emerging markets who were quick to move on the opportunities available. Beyond wealth, the initial players are granted additional advantages.

As pioneers of a variety of new business models and technologies, their accumulated IP and know-how provide a significant moat.

In the same way the rise of mobile forced large buyouts and talent acquisition, so too will the rise of crypto across gaming and the creator economy. These events took place on the year of the moon landing, a full 20 years before the emergence of the world wide web. The impact of this technology has turned out to be truly astonishing, yet we are undergoing further acceleration. Right now, digitally transmitted words that represent ideas are forming inside your head that were typed by a completely separate member of your species with whom you have no physical contact.

The capacity for complex communication is the primary differentiator between us and other living beings; it is the core foundation of society building organisms. The grand web of information that we have built throughout our brief existence is absolutely fundamental to humanity. Over the years, both the nature of and our relationship to that web of information has evolved dramatically.

From the earliest transmissions of knowledge from our ancestors through cave drawings and storytelling, to the emergence of written language eventually leading to the Gutenberg revolution. More recently, photography and telephony unlocked ways to transmit information through time and space that were strange at first. Covid, of course, served as a useful reminder to many of our sheer dependence on it.

Yet still, there is little pause for reflection on the remarkable digital tapestry of modern life woven by the hands of almost 5 billion people.

We regularly record and transmit information to one another all around the globe without an inkling of where the recipients might be, oftentimes who they might be, and even when they might exist. The degree to which information is both preserved and accessible is simply unprecedented. Connecting with ideas and others is becoming increasingly easy as well as vivid.

Historically, a letter may have been your best bet. As communication technologies have evolved, perhaps a phone call with a loved one brings you closer together due to the higher empathetic bandwidth of voice. Better still, we can now video conference and see those with whom we are speaking.

If that evolves to become a dominant communication technology, what else has to change with it? What might come next? One of the applications of the internet that appears to have resonated the most with us as a species is the ability to play with one another at scale. Its wide appeal has been a primary driver in the evolution of networking and graphics technologies.

There are presently over 2. Every day, the veins of the web pulse with information as ever-improving experiences absorb attention and capture an increasing portion of the global mindshare.

Throughout the history of gaming, despite the ebbs and flows of trends both ephemeral and sticky, the concept of video games and virtual environments has reached an unimaginable audience. We have observed radical changes ricochet throughout the industry as new business models have demanded the delivery of entirely new infrastructure sets. Perhaps most potently, the increased feasibility of digital distribution paired with the advent of mobile in the late noughties drove drastic advancements in what it meant to be a developer.

Suddenly the arsenal of a large game publisher grew to include: data science tools, massively scalable synchronous web services, widely accessible low latency databases, live operations including customer support, content management and live-service updates, and high-impact marketing campaigns as increased optionality began to reveal the fickle nature of gamers.

This dramatic increase in sophistication and complexity has led to something of an efficiency plateau, where design has grown stagnant, growth has started to slow, and the industry overall has needed to consolidate.

Free-to-play games have come a long way, but incremental improvements to design and economic models are yielding diminishing returns for developers. At the same time, players feel an increasing dissonance with their real world intuitions about transacting for value in these games, and directing their own effort and choices in game economies.

Once more, currents are stirring in the deep. Major titles feed us the same reskinned formula year after year. Out on the fringes, new crypto technologies are emerging that afford us tools that can be applied to this industry in interesting ways.

The new design space can enable both the standardization and true ownership of in-game assets, new monetization mechanisms, new customer acquisition tools, cross-game economies, multi-directional value flows publisher to player , universal identity layers, and more.

For context, that is 2x the revenue of film and music combined. The opportunity is there. With the ever-improving user experience of virtual reality, rapidly growing esports viewership, and the next generation of consoles being deployed, it is highly unlikely that the formidable trend the industry has set will cool any time soon. It is still early in the transition, but the stats reflect the direction of travel: people will spend an increasing amount of time in these virtual worlds.

Whilst the exact adoption dynamics with which certain technologies, or combinations of technologies, evolve are often very difficult to predict, the broader trajectory can often be foreseen years in advance. For example, Marshall McLuhan provided rich commentary on the evolution of our communication mediums right at the dawn of the Information Age, long before the invention of the World Wide Web.

As a philosopher and professor of media theory, he viewed human history through the lens of four distinct eras: the acoustic age spoken word , the literary age written word , the print age post-Gutenberg , and the electronic age which we have barely scratched the surface of. When an important new medium arrives, it can reshape who we are as both individuals and as a society. Some of his further thoughts would turn out to be eerily prophetic.

Leasing our eyes and ears and nerves to commercial interests is like handing over the common speech to a private corporation, or like giving the earth's atmosphere to a company as a monopoly. Those words were written 20 years before the first personal computers came to fruition, almost 30 years before the invention of the web, and 40 years before Facebook came online. His writing now seems a prescient warning of the raw power of information technology being harnessed by private companies, who in turn could exert great influence over society.

The concept wore other masks for a period of time, with William Gibson first referencing it in Burning Chrome as cyberspace—a mass consensual hallucination in computer networks.

It would go on to be a core theme in his famous book Neuromancer Cyberspace has since evolved through common use to simply mean the internet. Whilst the true extent and form of the Metaverse are both elusive, increasingly rich ideas are beginning to coincide with increasingly powerful technologies that will likely deliver something monumental in the coming decades.

Beyond mere speculation, there begins to be experiences that push the boundaries of what we thought possible and force those curious to look further down the road. The event was a thrilling fusion of popular culture, video games with deep social elements, and cutting-edge concurrency infrastructure.

It has become a game that turns players into celebrities and celebrities into players. The varied allusions of recent decades seem to be coalescing around accepted definitions.

He points out that for this thing to fulfill its potential, it needs to take off on an unprecedented scale and deliver a next-generation successor to a lot of communication media that came before it.

This is not an incremental improvement to our existing digital experience. The Metaverse represents our next great milestone as a networked species.

Matthew Ball , an excellent author and source of great inspiration for me, has likely done more than most to crystalize thought around this strange, nebulous idea. Broadly speaking, we expect the Metaverse to be:. Beyond these anticipated characteristics, there remains some debate about the exact manner in which the Metaverse will emerge.

If Facebook were to build it as a closed platform, would it count? If not, how decentralized must it be? Could it perhaps be governed and operated by its inhabitants on a global scale? Is there a standard universal identity layer, or do different ecosystems have different logins? Can it exist on top of current internet architecture, or must we develop a more native support of many-to-many connections? Could the actual compute itself happen on decentralized networks over the long term?

How do modern organizational structures translate into it, if at all? What degree of anonymity is permissible and for which functions? Who decides? The last question is one of particular importance. Decisions were made at the advent of the internet about critical things such as security, privacy, user sovereignty et cetera without any form of democracy. As we now know, many of these choices had profound, often irrevocable, consequences that will reverberate throughout the digital world for decades to come.

In the same way, we are on the brink of augmenting our environment at an unprecedented scale as we project ourselves deeper into the digital realm. Crypto presents potential solutions as we shall explore, but it only goes so far.

Decentralized technologies certainly can limit the potential for foul play whilst providing incentive structures to coordinate desirable behaviour at massive scale, but design decisions will still have to be made about where and to what extent they are implemented.

Here are the top-performing technology stocks of 2021

Bitcoin is making my days pass in a pretty entertaining way. Anyone else playing with it? What are you involved in…. Really looking at whats going on between WallStreet and the subreddit wallstreetbets, really entertraining, Im sure they will do a movie about it. Yes im using CashFX which is entry level stuff, bunged in some cash last year and have trebled that… Gone bigger with Hyper Fund and thats set for greatness, so far its all looking good.

Medical staff members transfer a patient with COVID into a Magnetic resonance imaging system at an ICU of an hospital in Krasnodar.

What Makes Teens Tick

This site requires JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript before proceeding:. Internet Explorer. November 11, December 8, November 5, June 8, August 31, September 8, June 11,

Resonance Eduventures delays IPO; PE investors eye stake sale

how to sell my cryptocurrency for cash resonance

Once you buy Bitcoin, you utilize the BTC for the following:. As engaging as oblique Bitcoin investing is, some Bitcoin exchanges make it very easy to purchase Bitcoins, making direct Bitcoin investing accessible even to complete crypto newbies. Coinjoker - As a number one Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Script Provider, affords custom-made and sturdy trade options to construct your individual alternate webpage like Paxful. Chris Burniske, a accomplice at Placeholder Capital, defined:? If China?

Stock Score is the Average Score from Stock Reports Plus by Refinitiv which combines quantitative analysis of widely used investment decision making tools.

Russia’s daily COVID-19 count soars above 110,000

From the Wall Street Journal :. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. From a technology perspective, Samsung is the nearest rival. In addition to manufacturing chips under its own brand, Intel Chief Executive Officer Pat Gelsinger last year decided he wants to take on TSMC and Samsung — and a handful of others — by offering to make them for external clients. But Intel trails both of them in technology prowess, forcing the California company into the ironic position of relying on TSMC to produce its best chips. Gelsinger is confident that he can catch up.

Russia's daily COVID-19 count soars above 110,000

This essay was written by Piers Kicks. Piers focuses on all things gaming and NFTs at Delphi Digital , a research-driven firm focused on the digital assets market. The Metaverse: a persistent, live digital universe that affords individuals a sense of agency, social presence, and shared spatial awareness, along with the ability to participate in an extensive virtual economy with profound societal impact. This piece aims to set out an overview of why crypto is integral to the emergence of an Open Metaverse. I begin this essay with a brief reflection on where we are on our journey as a digital species, as well as the role the games industry is playing in it. From there, we will touch on the origins of the concept of the Metaverse before exploring its more recent incarnation. Despite aspects of it gradually coming into focus, it remains a nebulous idea.

engages in the manufacturing and sale of chemicals. Its products include pyridines, picolines, cyanopyridines, lutidines & collidines, and active pharmaceutical.

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Stock with good financial performance alongside good to expensive valuation. Strong Performer Stock with good financial performance alongside good to expensive valuation. Note : Support and Resistance level for the day, calculated based on price range of the previous trading day. Note : Support and Resistance level for the week, calculated based on price range of the previous trading week.

ITRC: Identity Crime Predictions for 2022

Financial Innovation volume 5 , Article number: 2 Cite this article. Metrics details. In the context of the debate on the role of cryptocurrencies in the economy as well as their dynamics and forecasting, this brief study analyzes the predictability of Bitcoin volume and returns using Google search values. We employed a rich set of established empirical approaches, including a VAR framework, a copulas approach, and non-parametric drawings, to capture a dependence structure. Using a weekly dataset from to , our key results suggest that the frequency of Google searches leads to positive returns and a surge in Bitcoin trading volume.

Samson Amore is a reporter for dot. Samson is also a proud member of the Transgender Journalists Association.

Resonance Field 2.0 visualizes human behavior in working environments

Earlier in July, the crypto expert polled his Twitter followers, asking what price they expect BTC price to be by the end of What a difference a month makes! Nairametrics believes this present bullish cycle, gives BTC the chance to prove itself as a legitimate macro asset for conservative, institutional investors and ultimately overtaking gold to become the dominant safe-haven asset. Download the Nairametrics News App. As the sell pressure reduction from each halving cycle reduces, the impulse has less strength. Olumide Adesina is a France-born Nigerian.

By Ben Thompson

But if we want to see mesmerising and complex beautiful structures, one need not go much further than our planet, and the living creatures inhabiting it. A Stanford University School of Medicine researcher recently shared a picture of a detailed human cell model. The creators of this fantastical structure are scientific and biomedical animator Evan Ingersoll in association with Harvard Medical School faculty Gael McGill. The creation of this single image relied on datasets from x-ray, NMR Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and cryoelectron microscopy.

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