Safe moon coin up

With the growth of the cryptocurrency market, lots of new digital currencies have been appearing. One such example is SafeMoon. While it is unclear who originated the phrase, it has probably raised the support level for the coin. Competing and bracing in the challenging markets, SafeMoon is a cryptocurrency that refuses to bow down to central government pressures or be chained in defective and regulatory monetary shackles.

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Safe moon coin up

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The Utah-based company is less than a year old but has gained an impressive following, with millions of users holding SafeMoon tokens or coins. Ever since Bitcoin came into being several years ago, thousands of entrepreneurs have created their own cryptocurrencies.

SafeMoon is one of these thousands and has had success in part because their push on social media platforms got millions of retail investors on board. Now with SafeMoon, you have more SafeMoon after that year.

Karony has heard these critiques of SafeMoon before and counters that the company has products in the works. Within three months we were top of the charts, we still are. This is just the beginning, Karony promises, and his emphatic safemoonarmy fanbase on Twitter are diehard supporters.

Still, it might be too early to predict success. But maybe that emphatic fanbase will be just what ultimately helps it succeed. Karony, his leadership team, and the 2. That connection to the SafeMoon community will help Karony and the rest of the leadership team fulfill the vision described above, which Karony says, more than money, is the main motivation for the company.

Karony is looking to fulfill that mission in Utah, with expectations to hire locally. Thank you to the safemoon team for all that you are doing to better the world. Many thanks. Incorrect value of 1 quadrillion. The correct value is 1 trillion. Safemoon v2 has been implemented, Safemoon v1 will be phased out in a months time or so.

The Safemoon community is another mind blowing asset that the Safemoon company has… We are undoubtedly heading to the moon. Good god this cringe worthy. They were so lazy with this scam they failed to remove some of the competitors code that includes their name. Your name says it all. You have no clue.

We have a great leader and the best community in Crypto! The crazy thing about safemoon is, people are allready wealthy because of it. They allready get hundreds of Dollars per month as so called reflections just for Holding safemoon. This project is getting more and more serious. The perfect standing is to have about 1 Million Tokens v2! I am pretty Sure everyone who has 1 Million Tokens now will be Millionaire in 5 or more years and earns thousands of Dollars per month passive income.

Best Project of How much did 1 million tokens cost you to buy 4 months ago? Only reflection that should be done is reflecting on why you believe this scam artist is t in jail. LOL, so true. I have no idea how these people can be so delusional.

This project is going nowhere. They act like a 6 month delayed wallet is such a big deal. What a joke, every project has a wallet and does not take ages to make. Safemoon will help change the world for the better! It is not special, just desperate people and sleek marketing. Many of your statements are misleading and if you did some actual research you would easily see that fact. Please DYOR next time. The article was about a 5 out of 10 but SafeMoon is a 10 out of Everyone should get a second chance so Im sure you will do better on your next SafeMoon article.

We are SafeMoon Army. Thank you John and the team for the vision and the bright future ahead for this project we all love you! And we are evolution the future. SafeMoon will change the world. Will be the best blockchain innovation company in !!!

I believe!! In two years time Safemoon, John, Ryan and the Army will show the crypto world what the best investment of was. Wait for it. So much has happened in the first 10 months. The V1 contract was created by a completely different team.

The current team is absolutely committed and unstoppable. There is much more coming than just a token that went viral. This company is going to change the world. Thanks for picking up this story. I would advise everyone to keep their eye on SafeMoon in Forget the extra technology safemoon starts to work on, Safemoon blockchain alone will be massive. It will come with better scalability speed and efficiency. With tokenomics holders gain reflections just for holding.

With this generated wealth holders can keep their bags and cash out or reinvest with the reflections gained. Not to mention once the Safemoon Blockchain and Safemoon Exchange are launched with Safemoon Cryptonomics in play holders of all coins can gain reflections on that coin not just Safemoon!!

The Safemoon team is assist The Gambia with future projects. Nothing but a long term investment here! SafeMoon won Community of the Year!! We have been through so many ups and downs within the first 9 months that nothing can stop us.

As long as our CEO and dev team continue to deliver, we, as a community will continue to support SafeMoon cause we are the future and evolution. Safemoon is here to stay, and will change the way how currency works. This is a hard fact. This company has massive potential.

Green Energy Blockchain Ecosystem with a deflationary token as the fuel. Hop on board the rocketship! Came for the money, stayed for the tech and the hope of beeing a part of making the world atleast a tiny bit better and equal place to be at.

If your into Crypto stay right away from Safemoon. I have invested Thousands to see it basically wasted. An interesting project and some very interesting goals, definitely worth getting a piece of this cake! All projects have their fair share of ups and downs but this one has so far held its own through all challenges and has a very promising future! A massive shout out must go to all of the community moderators across Discord, Facebook, Reddit and Telegram.

They are volunteers who give a tremendous amount of time to support the safemoonarmy. Exciting times ahead for this start up Blockchain Technology company. This could really change lives. Yes, wealth can change lives but this change is betterment of the human experience for many without infrastructure period. Safemoon can change that. Been holding since March In the Discord channel most nights.

Game changer. This is not a meme coin or just a token. But a tech company with plans to help the world. Mark mye words. The moon, here we come! I hope they can find value, and utility. I have been invested in SafeMoon since March this year and most say that the future looks bright. We are Safemoon, we are family. Safemoon Hans a huge following around the world UK one here Regardless of the hype, Safemoon has realised real world products and is developing those same products with much more in the pipeline Positivity works much better than negativity!!

NFA but this is long term and it will be great. Innovation meets tech. Beware of the next years!!! It will be a big thing in crypto and tech business! Holder since March.

What is Safemoon and how does it work?

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These claims have hyped up people everywhere and even more, Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Shiba Inu, Safemoon & Binance Coin – 5 Things About These.

Safemoon Whales Joins Bitrise Coin After A Meeting On Zoom Call

But while other coins are now rebounding , SafeMoon is only sinking further. Nomics has it at , for example. The wider market is mostly booming. Where SafeMoon varied from some of the past pump-and-dump tokens is in the way it incentivizes investors to hold on to the token long-term. Essentially, SafeMoon users earn passive rewards simply by holding the token, with no need to actively stake holdings within the network. The SafeMoon subreddit is awash with posts about whales dumping their holdings, based on public blockchain data, and a wave of panic-selling could be amplifying the recent price drop. Still, despite all of that, the overall sentiment on Reddit is largely positive. After all, everyone else gets a small cut of those big sale transactions, even if the value of those tokens is dwindling. Otherwise, most of the recent messaging concerns the impending August 28 release of an official SafeMoon wallet app, which generated some buzz when it was first launched into beta testing in June. In brief SafeMoon, a crypto token that gained popularity via social media this spring, continues falling in price despite a recent market upswing.

How can I buy SafeMoon and is the cryptocurrency worth it?

safe moon coin up

All rights reserved. Charles St, Baltimore, MD The altcoin, launched only weeks ago, is facing backlash from a Reddit Ask Me Anything that has users wondering if the SafeMoon crypto is a scam. SafeMoon launched in Q1 as a moon-bound rocket in the shape of a decentralized finance startup. In fact, the SafeMoon model punishes those who sell their tokens with a tax of sorts, which is then redistributed as a reward to SafeMoon holders.

Its rapid development trend is also very surprising.

Where to Buy SafeMoon? – Beginner’s Guide

The SafeMoon price in the last 24 hours has gone parabolic; you can see it right in the price chart. Is now too late to buy SafeMoon? The price of the SafeMoon is going up, but where can this cryptocurrency go in the future and does it have some significant potential? The prices have gone parabolic in the last 24 hours. The good news is that these fluctuations are extremely exciting.

How to buy SafeMoon — the easiest way to buy the lunar-inspired crypto

SafeMoon, a cryptocurrency, has recently more than tripled in price in the last month or so. SafeMoon is a budding cryptocurrency, having been founded in March However, with a massive run-up in April, it instantly began making headlines. SafeMoon was created to persuade early investors not to sell their shares. SafeMoon looks to be a high-risk speculative investment at the time. This cryptocurrency has a recognisable brand. With over 13, cryptocurrencies available and new ones appearing on a weekly basis, the most important aspect of SafeMoon at this moment is most likely its ability to be recognised. Top-performing cryptocurrencies, like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, have created cult-like social media followings in order to stand out from the pack, and their brands have spread like wildfire online.

SafeMoon today trades around a coin with a market capitalization of about $ billion, sharply lower than its high of almost $6.

There are numerous cryptocurrencies out there and each one of them is different from one another. No wonder Bitcoin and Ethereum are among the favorite cryptocurrencies and have gained attention. But there are some new digital currencies that have grabbed eyeballs from everywhere possible. One among them is Safemoon.

Signing out of account, Standby A new cryptocurrency is getting ready for a shot at the moon like Dogecoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum. But is it really primed for prominent success? Launched in March and having racked up more than one million users already, SafeMoon is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency similar to Dogecoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum, but with a few key differences. The founders noted some key issues with many digital currencies that they wanted to fix, such as price volatility. Half of these fees will be distributed to existing coin owners, in the form of a dividend paid in additional coins.

An engineer uses a drill to carry out maintanence to a mining rig draw housing graphics processing units GPU at the Evobits crypto farm in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, on Wednesday, Jan. Though the price of the four-month-old token has dropped since then, more than 2.

Where is the middle ground? Where is the due diligence? The first thing I like to do is poke around on the website to get the overall concept before diving into the whitepaper. When it does it is a very simple WordPress website. Some points such as Community Owned and about the passive income, then some stats, a roadmap, and some news and logos. There isn't much to judge yet but one thing completely lacking is who is behind this.

You can read a more detailed breakdown written by far more capable minds here. Similar to Bitcoin , Dogecoin , and even Gamestop , SafeMoon has been launched into the stratosphere by a community-backed groundswell garnering huge followings on Twitter and Reddit and amassing over , holders since launch in March. The community has helped spread the word bolster FOMO via billboards, campaigns, leadership, and via personal contributions to fund and develop a SafeMoon exchange.

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