Binance wallet address not showing

The Binance Exchange is a leading cryptocurrency exchange founded in in Hong Kong. It features a strong focus on altcoin trading. In , it moved its company headquarters to Malta, EU, in response to China's strict regulations on crypto exchange businesses. As of August , Binance. US tells Investopedia that it is no longer allowing trades on its platform.

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Binance wallet address not showing

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WazirX Customer Care

Have a question about this project? Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. Already on GitHub? Sign in to your account. I am having an issue receiving STX into my stacks wallet.

I have the latest version of the wallet as of today 3. I have tried restarting the wallet, resetting the wallet, and waiting as others have suggested in other issues. I'm using it with a Ledger device. Is there any way to retrieve my funds which show up in my wallet but are still showing as "Invalid" and unspendable?

The text was updated successfully, but these errors were encountered:. Can you confirm your wallet's address? I'm unable to pull up any activity for the one you've listed:. I see the transaction you've here for a week ago, however without any indicated STX transfer:. Sorry, something went wrong. Yes, that's correct That's another issue I'm using the latest stacks wallet with Ledger Nano S:.

Showing zero stacks balance, though even though the transaction is showing on the wallet. The transaction was invalid, and the explorer did not pick it up.

The wallet will show you invalid transactions. Best to follow up with Binance to resend the transaction. I will attempt to follow up with Binance to see if they can resend the transaction. We shall see. Thank you! After waiting in queue for Binance Chat Support for about 6 hours, I finally was able to speak with a very cordial and helpful person.

They were NOT, however, able to resolve my issue. They were saying that because the transaction looked okay from their end and because the BTC transaction did confirm as I saw , they would not be able to help resend the transaction, and they would not be able to return my funds. I fear that the funds that I sent to the wallet are now lost, and I wish in retrospect that I had sent a smaller amount to the wallet to test it first before sending a larger amount.

Not sure where the funds went, but maybe into the great void. As BTC blockchain gets busier and busier in the next year or so I fear that this may be a more common occurrence. Have you tried looking at the transaction id in explorer. May have to refresh, but I bet you do see this in Explorer like I do mine.

First I show an unparsed address to, then the following which appears BTC sent back to sender in this case Binance. Hi castadream2! I do see the BTC transaction in the blockstacks explorer, however, I do not see any transactions to my address in the explorer.

In my case, however, the BTC was never sent back to Binance. It looks like it's still sitting in my Stacks wallet right now. Please see comment for related information. Please try again with the new Stacks Wallet if needed now that the network has upgraded to Stacks 2. Skip to content. Star New issue.

Jump to bottom. Transaction from Binance to Stacks Wallet "Invalid" after 8 days. Copy link. Hello, I am having an issue receiving STX into my stacks wallet. They're blaming some sort of bug in either the blockchain or the wallet. As BTC blockchain gets busier and busier in the next year or so I fear that this may be a more common occurrence Thanks again! Thanks again, Matt. Sign up for free to join this conversation on GitHub. Already have an account?

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'How I lost £25,000 when my cryptocurrency was stolen'

Binance is an exchange and not a stall where you can just go and buy Bitcoin or any of the other cryptocurrency using cash. You are going to need to first buy Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency at a place like Coinbase then jump in here. Step 1: Go ahead and select Funds at the top of your screen and then Deposits Withdrawals. I am going to deposit my Litecoin so I tap on Deposit right next to it. Finally, you will be shown your Deposit Address.

Trust Wallet is a popular mobile-only wallet owned by Binance. While it supports multiple blockchains, including Ethereum, its association with.

Use Binance Chain Extension Wallet

It's even worse when you realise there's little chance of getting it back. This is the story of how I got my fingers burned in the murky of world of cryptocurrency investment. After a decade as a tech journalist, I liked to describe myself as a "lunchtime-adopter", somebody who acted faster than many, but would never be as smart as the early adopters. So it was with cryptocurrencies. I had heard about Bitcoin, but it was one of those technologies where I nodded my head sagely whenever I was in the same room with those talking about it. As for investing or speculating, I had absolutely no intention of doing so. And it wasn't just Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies interested me, such as Ethereum.

Can You Buy BNB On Trust Wallet? Trust Wallet Faces Binance Coin Shortage

binance wallet address not showing

You prayed every game to avoid those pesky terminator teams or that backline plant strategy, and now you are happy your MMR is climbing and you farmed a lot of that precious SLP. You checked the crypto market and saw that the SLP price is climbing. Yes, now is the time to bring that SLP into your bank account. It is very important to be knowledgeable about the different methods when it comes to exchanging your cryptocurrencies.

Trade over 50 cryptocurrencies with low trading fees including Bitcoin, Ethereum, VeChain, ChainLink, Litecoin and more, directly with your bank account.

BitMart says it will compensate victims of $196 million hack and restore trading by Tuesday

Whenever you want to deposit, withdraw or buy any cryptocurrency, you need your Binance address. The Binance platform allows its users to have full control of their crypto transactions in their Binance account. If you want to receive a coin, you need to send the other person the correct wallet address so the deposit can be made without complications. The address of your wallet is the only way you have to send, sell, withdraw, buy, deposit, exchange, and even trade a specific cryptocurrency. Therefore, this information is crucial if you want to learn how to manage each transaction correctly.

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Go to the Phantom and copy your wallet address. After copying the Phantom wallet address, go to Binance exchange and paste the address under the Withdraw option. Alternatively, you can also deposit by scanning the QR code instead of copy-pasting the wallet address. Hence, the growth of both Phantom and Binance is clearly upside. Once you download the Phantom wallet extension and set it up, you are ready to use your wallet. Click the Puzzle Icon on the top right of your chrome browser and click on the Phantom wallet. In the case of Firefox, click the Phantom wallet icon on the top right in your browser window.

The wallet address, which had $8, worth of SHIB last year, the link below to create one for free. com etc) to your wallet but not seeing them there.

Wallet Address Not Showing?

Portfolio Markets News Hot Airdrops. Has anyone else had the issue of their wallet address for all coins not appear? I click deposit and where the wallet address should be, nothing appears.

Crypto traders want payback after losing millions to Binance glitches

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But since at least late Binance users from the U. The names of all clients cited in this article have been replaced by pseudonyms to protect their privacy. Take Gregory Hitchens, for example. Hitchens paid the chargeback to reconcile his balance on Feb.

If you still have questions or prefer to get help directly from an agent, please submit a request.

CNBC reached out to Bitmart to ask about the multimillion dollar discrepancy, but the exchange declined to comment on this point. Bitmart wrote in an official statement Monday morning that it had completed initial security checks and identified the affected assets. The exchange said the security breach was mainly caused by a stolen private key, which affected two of its hot wallets, but other assets were "safe and unharmed. The affected ethereum and binance smart chain "hot wallets" carried only a "small percentage" of the exchange's assets, according to the company. Cryptocurrency can be stored "hot," "cold," or some combination of the two.

Sable Martin, 25, a biology graduate and expectant mother in Atlanta, spends her days trading stocks. On May 19, everything changed. She started seeing reports that Binance, the world's largest crypto exchange by trading volume, according to CoinMarketCap , was crashing and preventing people from moving their money, while others were saying their accounts had been closed with no explanation. She quickly logged on to Binance.

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