How to sell your crypto kontur

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How to sell your crypto kontur

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The company was established in SKB Kontur develops programs for electronic document management , accounting and enterprise management. The SKB Kontur ecosystem allows business to simplify interaction with the state and counterparties and make internal processes transparent. SKB Loop Group of companies continues to expand its business both through organic growth and through. TaksNet This is one of the significant players in the reporting market and. In , million electronic legally significant documents passed through the services of the Circuit against million in and million EDI documents against million in The flagship of the direction is Kontur.

In , more than 1. External The total document flow with government agencies amounted to million documents, of which 54 million were reports. In many companies, this is not done by accountants, but by personnel. So, now they have become permanent participants in EDO with the state. Due to the pandemic, additional types of document flow between business and regulatory authorities appeared.

So, through Kontur. Extern , it was possible to fill out and send an application for a subsidy for companies from the most affected industries.

In May-June , thousand companies and individual entrepreneurs sent these statements through Extern. Another trend that Extern picked up is self-employed. The service has a convenient solution for self-employed accountants, which allows them to account for their customers. In , marking started in six product groups at once : shoes , tobacco , medicines , perfumes , cameras, tires, clothes.

For business, this is an incentive to switch to EDO. According to the law, data on the turnover of marked goods should be transferred to the GIS " Honest Sign.

How the operator of EDO Kontor interacts with the "Honest Sign": documents on marked goods that users send through Diadoc are transferred to the state marking system. Due to the requirements introduced, others business processes in the companies are changing, so the service Contour.

Marking launched at the end of continues to actively develop. It automates the operation of labeled goods in production, warehouse, during the import of goods and can be used at data collection terminals SDTs. The solution includes a module for, 1C connectors for, API and a web version. Adapted for labeling and solutions for retail - and. Market Contour.

The circuit entered the market of accounting automation for catering. To the previously developed solution for working with the cash desk and EGAIS , specific opportunities for catering were added: working with tables and forming lists, printing an order in the kitchen in workshops, working with technological maps of dishes, calculating the nutritional value of dishes according to built-in directories, calculating losses in processing ingredients, writing off and tracking the remaining ingredients, calculating the cost at the cost of ingredients.

According to Kontur. For operating companies, economic risks have increased. To help reduce them, the Kontur. Focus team launched the "Field Checks" service. Experts travel to the company's legal address, communicate with company employees, interview neighbors and compile a report with photos and videos. The real estate market is also moving online.

At the end of , the service Kontur. It helps to draw up real estate transactions in electronic form. In , the service has grown more than three times compared to In , a popular opportunity appeared in the service - Expert verification. The inspection expert collects information about the seller, buyer and real estate object in one report and highlights possible risks during the transaction.

First of all, the product is useful to realtors and lawyers. Due to the crisis, management accounting has become relevant for many companies.

In December , Kontur released a service that closes this task for small and medium-sized businesses - Kontur. The service analyzes bank statements, planned budget, upcoming payments, indicates possible cash gaps, helps track actual profitability in the context of business, branches, projects, divisions. The school caught a wave of online education. With the benefit of training accountants and bidders, the team launched areas of labor protection and marketing. An additional training format appeared - a lecture hall.

These are 8-hour author advanced training courses. In SKB Kontur , two top managers were replaced. The company announced this on January 12, The changes affected the main production unit - the software products department, as well as the personnel management. Positions were taken by employees who have been working in the company for many years. The Software Products Department is the key manufacturing division of the company. This is development, technical support, marketing , sales methodology.

From January 1, , the department was headed by Ilya Bublik. Earlier, the department was led by Vladimir Bublik. Leaving the position of director of the department, Vladimir Bublik remains in the company - now he will fully focus on working on the board of directors.

Together with Vladimir Bublik, Anton Sabitov, commercial director of the department, leaves his position. Anton will deal with strategic issues in the software products department. The HR director was Alexandra Batina, who previously headed the client service department. Alexandra joined the company in as a technical support specialist and for a decade and a half studied almost all roles in the department, including those related to recruitment, training, motivation and career growth of employees.

The successor to Alexandra in the management of client service was Evgenia Gilenyuk. Svetlana Slipkova , who headed the HR department earlier, will work in two positions at once. The second is the role of adviser to the Director General on social responsibility. One of our activities is the development of a comprehensive solution for Financial monitoring and identification of dubious transactions - Kontur.

During the speech at the Banks IT Day conference , the types of sanctions regimes, problems of compliance with the sanctions legislation will be covered, the decision of the Contour will be presented. More details here.

According to him, SKB Kontur can receive funds in exchange for a minority stake. Its size is not specified. The RDIF only noted that investments will help the development of the company's business, while none of it comes out. According to Dmitry Marmorov , chairman of the board of directors of SKB Kontur, the pandemic spurred demand for electronic document management systems.

Dmitry Marmorov confirmed negotiations with the RDIF and other participants in the platform, but said that they are at the initial stage. The list included organizations. Industry departments should monitor them financially - economic the state, and the government will make decisions on support measures based on these reports. The list of systemically important enterprises appeared in , when due to the crisis, many companies were on the verge of bankruptcy.

Against the backdrop of the crisis in the global economy caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the government undertook to update the list. In , million electronic documents were transferred through the company's systems - against million in The main trend of the year was the transfer of industry business processes to EDO : logistics translates typical technological work order into electronic form, construction - acts KS2 and KS3.

SKB Kontur launches industry solutions for the needs of such companies and individual roles. For example, Diadoc mobile application is designed for people who work not in the office, but in warehouses or behind the counter.

The second trend is the introduction of EDO in electronic trading. From January 1, , electronic purchases became mandatory Federal Law of Electronic trading platforms can themselves become EDO operators, and can cooperate with other operators.

SKB Kontur also entered this market: three electronic trading platforms use Kontur. Diadok to fully conduct document flow from application submission to contract in electronic form. Transboundary EDO is developing. But while the technology works for countries and companies that recognize Russian unskilled electronic signatures. In , the third wave of transition to online cash desks ended: the equipment was connected by retail without employees and services with employees.

The market stabilized, and developers focused on integration solutions, sales analytics , and niche products. So, Kontur. OFD , based on big data from checks, forms analytics for manufacturers of goods, and Kontur.

Market has completely updated the cash program and added opportunities for the service sector - car services, hairdressing and dental clinics. In , labeling of tobacco and shoes began. Participants in shoe turnover began to receive codes in the Honest Sign system for marking goods for import, production and marking of residues.

The tobacco and shoe industry began to transfer information about the turnover of marked goods to the Honest SIGN. Experiments on labeling in dairy products , wheelchairs and bicycles are ongoing. SKB Kontur has developed solutions that close all business processes affected by the marking: production, import, export, shipment, acceptance, sale, marking of balances and storage. Through SKB Konturs can be registered with the Honest Sign, and then all the necessary information can be generated and transmitted to this system.

The trend was the verification of partners in international transactions.

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Ubt polygon. What are validating and delegating? The project is led by the German company SPO Consulting GmbH, which has more than 20 years of experience in the field of business integration. Lets go ETH 2. Price change, high, low, volume on multiple timeframes: 1 hour, 24 hours, 7 days and 30 days.

million from investors in China, Europe and Russia during its Token Sale. The developers of this high-speed blockchain plan to spend the funds.

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I agree. FAQ Contact. Agriculture And Food. Automotive And Motorcycle. All Motorcycle Products. Car Accessories. Car Accessories Products. Car Parts.

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how to sell your crypto kontur

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The company was established in SKB Kontur develops programs for electronic document management , accounting and enterprise management. The SKB Kontur ecosystem allows business to simplify interaction with the state and counterparties and make internal processes transparent.

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That experience has given him more insight than the average CEO as to what goes into designing and setting up a new office space. But during the process of designing workspaces for his many companies, Ryan says he saw first-hand the challenges that architectural firms and their clients face. For instance, pulling different examples of furniture and other installed items can take a firm hours to collect and curate. That means when they return to their customer with product examples, they end up pointing those clients to the individual vendor websites, which is also time-consuming for the clients to sort through. Meanwhile, though many people today collect design-related imagery and ideas on the social service Pinterest, that site itself was not built with the needs of this industry in particular in mind.

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The minister of informatization and communications of Tatarstan met with the representatives of Kazan media. Minister of Informatization and Communications of Tatarstan Roman Shaikhutdinov has recently met with the representatives of Kazan media. The journalists asked him whether he had bought bitcoin and whether new blockchain projects were to be introduced in the public sector of our republic. Read the minister's answers to these and other questions in the material of Realnoe Vremya.

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