Morgan silver dollar value

The bottom line is that Morgan Dollars in Uncirculated grades are very, very common, so be aware of this when you go to buy Morgans. The Voss Law Firm, P. We proudly serve companies and individuals along the Gulf Coast and around the globe on a contingency fee basis. Our law firm collects nothing unless we recover on our client's behalf.

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The United States Mint first minted silver dollars in and produced them continuously through It stopped for a period of time, but production resumed again in and continued through Upon Congress passing the Bland-Allison Act of February 28, , the mint was authorized to resume producing silver dollars. In , the United States saw some prosperity and some difficulties.

By , Cripple Creek would be known as the richest gold district on earth with over 50, citizens residing there. Financial conditions remained difficult in the prairie states, and many homesteaders gave up their efforts and headed back east.

Politicians believed if the government would buy silver on a limited quantities conditions would approve. Treasury vaults. However, the declining financial situation in the United States led to reduced mintages of silver dollars until when large-scale production of Morgan silver dollars resumed. The obverse of the Morgan silver dollar features a personification of Lady Liberty facing left, while the reverse features a heraldic eagle surrounded by a half wreath.

Additional specifications include:. Many Morgan silver dollars were stored in canvas bags by the United States Treasury Department and by banks that used them to back paper money.

Therefore, many of the surviving specimens today are covered with bag marks and other surface imperfections that are evidence of their movement between bank vaults. Other coins have beautiful toning on them that adds premium value to the coin. The first few strikes off of a fresh set of coin dies have proof-like surfaces and increase the value dramatically of the coin.

Additionally, uncirculated examples grading MS and above, are craved by collectors and carry a premium value. In addition to producing business strike quality coins for circulation, the mint facility at Philadelphia also struck Proof coins. A total of proof coins were produced throughout the year. Beware of altered or counterfeit Morgan silver dollar Proof coins. Make sure you buy your proof coin from a reputable coin dealer. Although no Proof coins were produced in Carson City, some coins may have a proof like look to them with mirrored fields and frosted devices.

The mint facility at New Orleans produce the second-highest circulation strike Morgan silver dollar coins in Unfortunately, most of the coin struck did not have adequate pressure to bring up the finer details of the coin.

The mint facility at San Francisco struck slightly over 5 million coins. Most of these coins were well struck and have the finer details that one would expect in a properly produced coin. Advanced collectors of Morgan silver dollars search for die varieties that identify an individual coin die pair that was used to produce a particular coin.

This collecting technique was pioneered by Leroy C. Van Allen and A. They began to photograph and catalog these differences to identify the different die varieties in the Morgan and Peace silver dollar series. Some of these differences can be seen without magnification. Other ones are so small you need a high-powered loupe or microscope to see them. Van Allen and Mallis assigned a unique catalog serial number for each date and mintmark combination that identifies a unique die pair.

Coin collectors started to use slang terms to identify popular VAMs based upon a particular look of the coin. Here are the top five VAMs for the Morgan silver dollar:. Read More.

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A few weeks back the U. Mint dropped sales totals for their privy-marked Morgan Silver Dollars by nearly 4, each. Their latest sales data shows another series of sharp declines but this time for a different pair of silver dollars. Released Aug. The other three Morgan dollars and the single Peace dollar declined again as well, but more modestly. Their losses ranged from 71 to In its latest report, the U.

Recent auction records show that prices for PCGS MS CCs tend toward $4,, with an example selling this September for $3, August.

Morgan dollar

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1879 Silver Dollar Value And History

morgan silver dollar value

FREE deluxe display box. Due to their exceptional rarity and high costs, some years of minting of Peace and Morgan Silver Dollars are not included in this collection. Each coin is encapsulated in a clear tamper-proof holder, making it easy to see both sides while preserving its beauty and value. The FREE deluxe wooden display box with its gleaming title plaque is the perfect way to organize and showcase your coins. Heavy collector interest is expected, so hurry.

Alvin Goodley July 21, Stuff.

Before You Invest in Morgan Dollars, Consider These Points

Compare the best online dealer prices before you buy Morgan Silver Dollars Random Years coins. The Morgan dollar was a United States dollar coin minted from to , and again in It was the first standard silver dollar minted since production of the previous design. Circulated Morgan silver dollars often maintain their value with a premium over spot price compared to other circulated coins and "junk silver". The prices on our site for silver bullion and coins are updated hourly and adjusted with silver spot price.

The triumphant return of the Morgan silver dollar

Welcome to the first page of tables for Morgan Silver Dollar values. You will find data on past and present Morgan Dollar values. Price movements from to the present for individual dates in this popular collector series are reported. The tables are structured to help collectors sort out those Morgan Silver Dollars which have demonstrated the strongest percentage gains over a long period of time. These same coins are the most likely to do well in the future, thanks to consistent demand from collectors. The links below are set up to help numismatists easily navigate through the Coin Value Tables. There is one table for each and every date, covering a range of grades, from Fine to Proof. If you're looking to isolate the key dates quickly, we recommend you pay a visit to our analysis of Morgan Silver Dollar values , where dates having the strongest records of appreciation are summarized.

Estimated Price Range: $ - $6, Comments: First Year Issues are always highly sought after. Don't let this high mintage fool you; the coin is very scarce.

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There are very few joys as exciting as finding an absolute gem within a pile of old junky coins. Unfortunately, finding coins worth more than their face value often takes quite a bit of searching. Using just a few tips can help anyone become an expert at quickly identifying valuable coins. With any coin, determining values is a matter of identifying the design, year, and mintmark of the coin. All of these factors and more can contribute to the overall value of the piece.

Many date and mintmark combination are worth well above minimum value.

The United States Mint first minted silver dollars in and produced them continuously through It stopped for a period of time, but production resumed again in and continued through Upon Congress passing the Bland-Allison Act of February 28, , the mint was authorized to resume producing silver dollars. In , the United States saw some prosperity and some difficulties. By , Cripple Creek would be known as the richest gold district on earth with over 50, citizens residing there.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. T he Morgan Silver Dollar series carries the distinction of being the most collected series of coins ever produced by the United States Mint. Holding a Carson City Morgan Dollar brings you back to a time and place of lore and legends.

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