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Across the US, there are amazing Black startup founders who are building great companies yet are locked out of access to the funding that is critical to their success. Acclinate is a digital heath company diversifying clinical trials. Del Smith, co-founder and CEO of Acclinate, is a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about using business to make a positive societal impact. He has extensive experience in healthcare, IT, higher education, and government.

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How to buy Swipe (SXP) in Denmark

Across the US, there are amazing Black startup founders who are building great companies yet are locked out of access to the funding that is critical to their success. Acclinate is a digital heath company diversifying clinical trials. Del Smith, co-founder and CEO of Acclinate, is a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about using business to make a positive societal impact. He has extensive experience in healthcare, IT, higher education, and government. His related research has appeared in several leading publications.

Del earned his Ph. AfriBlocks is a SaaS-enabled freelance marketplace. AfriBlocks connects talented freelancers from Africa with gigs across the globe. He is also the founding board member of STEM advocacy organization Rythm Labs, where he has created and curated resources to increase participation in the global tech economy throughout the African diaspora.

In addition to being a founder, Roger is also an active angel investor and VC scout; these roles allow him to support resilient founders and innovative startups. He is a recipient of the James P. He credits his upbringing on the westside of Chicago and his time as an undergraduate at Howard University with sparking his passion for entrepreneurship and public service. BestFit addresses basic needs like housing and food insecurity for students who cannot afford to stay in college, even with financial aid.

Asha Owens is an award-winning product designer and software engineer committed to building equitable, community-centered technology. She is a former Columbia University Design Leader, 4. Throughout her career, Asha has utilized her interdisciplinary background in Neuroscience B. At BestFit, Asha has led the team to design and build EdTech tools that received national recognition.

In , BestFit was awarded the Rise Prize Early Stage —a prize for innovative solutions supporting the postsecondary success of student parents. Billseye offers the first and only real time mobile call billing solution.

When Alcide proposed the idea for Billseye, Armond's response was, "we can do that". The rest is history, as the brothers have successfully built the world's most innovative billing platform for mobile calls.

What's next? The complete disruption of the mobile voice communications industry. The current iteration of Billseye is just the first step on a path towards a future where our users can regain control of the time they spend communicating on their mobile devices.

Billseye will make the saying "time is money" a tangible reality for anyone running our software. Alcide is especially grateful for the opportunity to realize a lifelong dream of building a business with his brother.

Devin is a serial entrepreneur and developer. Over the years, he has started several companies such as Sprout Connections, an app to help people find relevant connections at professional networking events, which he grew to 60k users. Devin's ability to write code, lead teams, and sell products make him a formidable company builder. Blue Studios is a live and on-demand Pre K to 12th grade STEM edutainment platform leveraging automation, synthetic media, and game design principles to create content cheaper, faster, and better, while also enabling the middle class of creators in the passion and gig economy.

Kelley is a graduate of Howard University with a B. Boddle is a gamified education platform for grades K-6 that leverages AI and gameplay to transform digital learning content into engaging learning experiences that are simultaneously fun, personalized, and effective.

Edna Martinson is the co-founder of Boddle Learning. Prior to starting Boddle, she worked in operations, marketing, and market analysis for companies in edtech, commercial real estate and higher education. Recently recognized in Forbes Next , Edna has always been a big believer in the importance of education and a solid foundation at a young age, and this passion to help young kids succeed academically has fueled her passion for the edtech space.

BoxedUp is an on-demand equipment rental marketplace. A Seat Pleasant, MD native, Donald is a self-taught coder, 3x founder, and a long time operator with more than 13 years in both startup and Fortune enterprises. After nearly four years leading teams and building customer solutions at Amazon's Business Marketplace, he and his team are scaling BoxedUp, an on-demand equipment rental platform disrupting the billion dollar sharing economy.

COI Energy is a digital energy management platform that detects and eliminates energy waste in buildings. SaLisa L. She practices the Platinum Rule in all that she does, "Do unto your customer as they would have you to do unto them. Since , SaLisa provided over 50 scholarships to high school and college students. In , she established the Karl H. Lewis Engineering Impact Alumni Endowment at the University of Pittsburgh for minority students enrolled in Engineering with four scholarships disbursed to date.

In , she was appointed to the Board of Trustees at the University of Pittsburgh. One of SaLisa's core values is philanthropy. Her mission in life is to positively impact the space she occupies by leaving it better than she found it. With experience at some of the most notable coupon and advertising companies, Hakeem utilized his natural talent for linking the technical and commercial industries in order to launch CX.

His vision is to give everyone access to customer data, particularly local mom-and-pop restaurants that may not have the resources to leverage a sophisticated digital platform. Hakeem volunteers annually with mentorship to youth via Kappa Alpha Psi's Kappa League in his free time. DOSS is a voice-activated digital real estate assistant designed to radically evolve the way people search, service, and transact real estate. For the last five 5 years, he and his team have been obsessed with creating and developing an End-to-End Fair-Priced Digital Real Estate Marketplace that will radically evolve the way people buy, rent, search, sell, and service real estate.

He has approximately 21 years of real estate experience. The idea of building an Intelligent Personal Assistant exclusively for the real estate industry happened in when he saw IBM Watson play against the two 2 winningest players in Jeopardy history. Months later, Apple introduced the world to Siri. He wanted to empower everybody to speak, text, or type any question about any property to get accurate, easy, and instant answers.

Bobby Bryant has built the ideal team, the best technology, and at the right time. EyeGage increases the speed and accuracy of drug detection with computer vision analysis of the eye. Her expertise lies in the areas of artificial intelligence AI and eye-analysis technologies.

She has developed a robotic engagement model based on user eye gaze and pupil size dilation and constriction. This engagement model has been applied to both math education and physical therapy to improve learning outcomes. Over the past decade, the robotic engagement model and eye-analysis software has been published, patented, and licensed for commercial use. After living with a loved one with an alcohol addiction, Dr. Brown has now applied the aforementioned eye-analysis techniques to individuals under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

A platform for hosting live talk shows between VIPs and fans from anywhere, broadcast everywhere. Adam Jones is cofounder, CEO, and CTO of FanFest, a "Clubhouse meets Twitch" platform where fans virtually "hop on stage" with VIPs, which the biggest names in entertainment use to create interactive experiences personalized to each fan with 2 lines of code unlocking x incremental revenue per fan.

Prior to FanFest, Adam spent 8 years in strategy consulting for Fortune tech, media, and healthcare companies at PwC. Fourth Party is the most feature-rich practice management solution for mediators, arbitrators, and negotiators.

Melissa co-founded Fourth Party, a scalable Saas application, to provide a more efficient practice management solution for negotiators. Melissa is also an accomplished fundraiser who leverages her extensive experience as a grant writer, and an events and digital fundraising strategist to coach leaders and teams who serve mission-driven organizations. She resides in Atlanta. She founded her company after witnessing an investor shame a group of Black founders for not being able to raise a friends and family round.

On that day, she made it her purpose to create friends and family capital for every Black Founder. She takes a nurturing, collaborative approach paired with group economics in helping founders secure the capital they need to be able to fulfill their wildest entrepreneurial dreams. It takes a village to raise a Founder, and Renee is on a mission to create that village for 10, Black Founders.

FundStory is an all-in-one solution to help founders access and manage non-dilutive capital. Before founding FundStory, Bobby entered the technology industry as an early sales hire at CartsGuru.

Shortly after, began his entrepreneurial career focused on software, internet services, and mobile technologies as co-founder of two consumer-focused startups. From these experiences he learned early on that not every tech business is a good fit for venture capital. This amongst other insights, led to a mission driven purpose to help founders access capital while avoiding dilution.

GeoCloud enables personalized and enriched, location based experiences. Abiodun Johnson is a co-founder of GeoCloud, a location intelligence platform that solves location based and near-me area network problems through software applications. Prior to starting GeoCloud, Abiodun co-founded COSIGN, a tech platform that allows brands to create, distribute and monetize visual content through social media influencers and brand advocates.

Born in Memphis, Tennessee, Abiodun moved to Nigeria as a child and returned to the states at the age of six. His passion for technology started at a young age and brought him to New Hampshire, where he majored in Engineering Sciences at Dartmouth College. Abiodun is a natural leader with an extensive background in tech, with more than a decade of experience building software products in artificial intelligence, machine learning, digital marketing, eCommerce and social commerce for B2B and B2C customers.

In addition to his devotion to tech and entrepreneurship, Johnson is passionate about empowering others to achieve success.

He currently resides in Manhattan, where he enjoys traveling and exploring different cultures, spending time with his family and practicing Muay Thai in his free time. Greentop Gifts brings diversity to every celebration. Launched in by Jackie Rodgers, Greentop Gifts has become a go-to brand for celebratory inclusion and representation.

As a graduate of Clark Atlanta University, the HBCU alum is on a mission to bring diversity to all celebrations by making them culturally inclusive in an era where representation matters. What originally began with Christmas products solely for her two-year-old son turned into a company bringing joy to thousands of other households across the United States with their unique and captivating gifting products that include birthdays and special celebrations. Journey Foods solves food science and supply chain inefficiencies with software to help food and beverage companies efficiently feed billions better.

She's currently an angel investor and former Google Entrepreneur in Residence. She is one of just a few dozen black women that have raised more than a million dollars in venture funding. Riana Lynn is a Chicago native and Austin-based entrepreneur who enjoys growing fruit trees, writing film scripts and exploring black culinary and architectural heritage sites worldwide. JusticeText improves criminal justice outcomes for low-income Americans by expediting the review of body-camera footage, interrogation videos, jail calls, and other audiovisual discovery.

He received his BS in computer science from the University of Chicago in His feature launches and experimentation there have generated millions of new revenue for Google photos, contributing to its long term financial health as a stand alone product.

PancakeSwap (CAKE) Review: Everything About CAKE Explained

Springer Professional. Back to the search result list. Table of Contents. Hint Swipe to navigate through the chapters of this book Close hint. Apart from healthcare industry, even finance industry makes use of blockchain technology.

Overview information for Swipe (SXP) including News, Charts, Discussion and more. Website: safe-crypto.me Crypto Village Accelerator Gold (CVAG).

Bitcoin Reward Firm GoSats Announces India’s 1st-Ever Bitcoin Cashback Rewards Card

Binance Labs identifies, invests, and empowers viable blockchain entrepreneurs, startups, and communities, providing financing to industry projects that help grow the larger blockchain ecosystem. Binance Labs is committed to supporting fast-executing, technical teams who positively impact the crypto space and build the decentralised web. Email us at labs binance. Empowering The Decentralised Web Binance Labs invests in technical teams that build and support the decentralised web. About Binance Labs. Our Story Binance Labs identifies, invests, and empowers viable blockchain entrepreneurs, startups, and communities, providing financing to industry projects that help grow the larger blockchain ecosystem. Star Sharks Community-driven Shark Metaverse. Melos Studio Innovative Web 3. Highstreet Commerce-focused Metaverse.

RegTech Universe 2021

swipe crypto accelerator io

Officially open today to applicants, Pluto Booster will support early-stage crypto projects that solve real problems in innovative new ways. Supporting Pluto, the first round of the program will provide grants for 10 projects that demonstrate pioneering concepts to support decentralized technology infrastructure. All applications are encouraged and no project area is prohibited, whether they focus specifically on DeFi, NFTs, token issuance, exchange, data processing and market analysis, or the wider crossroads between these segments. Candidates will then be given 30 days to present the formulated idea and MVP.

Questa pagina calcola il tasso di cambio dal vivo per SXP 1. In questo esatto momento il cambio di SXP 1.

Binance Chain and Binance Smart Chain – Exploring the Binance Ecosystem

RegTech Universe has been saved. RegTech Universe has been removed. RegTech Regulatory Technology is more than a buzzword, it is a very real movement that is already having an impact on regulatory compliance. Discover our RegTech Universe, where we are compiling a list of RegTech companies along with the technologies and solutions they are offering. In this report, we aim to illustrate the factual value that more than RegTech solutions can deliver to businesses across regulatory reporting, risk management, identity management, compliance and transaction monitoring.

Securing Healthcare Information Using Blockchain Technology: A Deep Insight

Effective date : A technique is introduced that can securely displaying decrypted images while preventing these decrypted images against an attempt to capture such. Some aspects of the technique include loading a cryptographic shader into a graphics processor unit GPU in the recipient's computer device separate from the CPU in the recipient's computer device. In some embodiments, the cryptographic shader that is loaded includes instructions that implement a white-box cryptographic algorithm to decrypt encrypted images. A cryptographic key is integrated within the white-box cryptographic algorithm so that the cryptographic key is protected from extraction.

safe-crypto.me is committed to rigorous editorial standards. attributed to its acceptance and promotion by the Binance Accelerator Fund.

How Zam.io is Reshaping Crypto Investing and the CeFi World

Infura, a ConsenSys service that provides a suite of blockchain developer tools, today announced the public release of its Ethereum transaction ConsenSys, a leading Ethereum software company, today announced its strengthening the capabilities of their blockchain solutions by collaborating with Microsoft. Klaytn, the public blockchain project of Korea's Internet giant, Kakao, has announced that it is strategically partnering with ConsenSys, a

The collection of early-stage startups on day one-of-two alone numbered in the hundreds, meaning that we had to assemble a team here at TechCrunch just to cover it all. But before we get into notes on each company that presented, a few notes on the cohort itself. Per Y Combinator leadership, the ! The international breakdown of the batch parallels that of this past winter. TechCrunch will follow up this post with a list of our favorites.

GoSats is a bitcoin stacking app that lets users earn bitcoin cashback when they shop with partnered merchants. AA Do you need any more proof that this is the year that digital assets became mainstream?

Binance is often referred to as the world's number one crypto exchange platform in terms of trading volume, however, this crypto giant offers far more than their reputable centralized exchange. Binance has created its own blockchains; decentralized exchange, charity and funding schemes, education academy, Trust Wallet, alongside research monitoring the latest innovations and market analysis within the crypto industry. In this article, we dive deeper into the services offered by Binance, explain how the protocols work, and the different ways to get involved in cryptocurrency through various platforms in the Binance ecosystem. If you want some background to Binance, Binance Chain and the entirety of the Binance ecosystem, you should enroll in Ivan on Tech Academy. Ivan on Tech Academy provides you with a wealth of both basic and advanced blockchain information, as well as pedagogic blockchain courses. Supercharge your crypto and blockchain education today with Ivan on Tech Academy!

Make your crypto asset visible on 1M-traffic portal that tracks cryptocurrencies since Of course not. Every blockchain startup needs to bring in new visitors, users, and investors.

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