Setup aeon mining pool

Toggle navigation ergo. We have reduced the block unlock time from to 72 in order to pay the miners faster. Miners will receive funds in the wallet 10x faster. HeroMiners is your new home for Ergo Mining! Easy and profitable mining pool for Ergo coin.

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Setup aeon mining pool

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How to Mine Aeon: A Beginner’s Guide

Sam has been mining Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies since Monero XMR is a unique cryptocurrency with several features that make it popular to mine. Unlike many public ledger cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, the source and destination addresses of transactions sent using Monero remain private.

Mining Monero can be a fun and easy way to generate some extra income using the computer hardware you already own. Since you won't need to invest in expensive ASIC hardware which can quickly become obsolete , your risk of losing money is limited. While it is possible to mine for Monero on many different operating systems, this article will focus on mining using computers running Microsoft Windows Before considering an upgrade, I recommend running XMR-Stak to determine the hash rate your current hardware can generate.

You can then use this information as a baseline to determine if you should upgrade your hardware. Mining profitability calculators can help you estimate your potential earnings from mining, while taking into account factors such as electricity costs and mining pool fees. Before you can start mining for Monero you will need to create a wallet to store your earnings. If you already have a Monero wallet you wish to use then you can skip this section.

The official Monero wallet software can be downloaded from getmonero. Download the Windows bit version of the Monero client. The first time the Monero GUI is launched it will begin the initial setup process.

Select "Create a new wallet" to create a new unique wallet ID. I highly recommend adding a password to prevent your wallet from being an easy target for attackers.

A strong password should be at least 8 characters long and contain letters, numbers, and special characters. When creating a new wallet a mnemonic recovery seed will be generated. The recovery seed is a list of words that can be used to recover a lost wallet file. I recommend printing the recovery seed and storing it in a safe location such as a fire safe, or bank deposit box.

Once the wallet setup process is finished the client will begin synchronizing with the network. Click on the receive tab on the left-hand menu to locate your wallet address. The wallet address is listed at the top of the receive tab under address. Keep this address handy since it will be needed to configure the XMR-Stack mining software.

The wallet address can be found on the receive tab of the Monero GUI client. XMR-Stak is a highly optimized, open-source, stratum-based pool miner. XMR-Stak is very beginner friendly since it requires no manual editing of config files to get started.

It also generates higher hash rates than many other mining clients. If you wish to change the donation level or disable it completely, then you will need to edit donate-level.

Click on the xmr-stack-win Launch the xmr-stack. Launch the xmr-stak. When XMR-Stak launches for the first time the configuration wizard will start.

Enter the information below to configure the miner. These settings will configure the client to mine at the popular SupportXMR mining pool. SupportXMR charges a very competitive pool fee of. A list of alternative mining pools can be found at moneropools. The first time XMR-Stak is launched it will begin the initial setup process.

Once all of the settings have been entered, XMR-Stak will attempt to connect to the pool and begin mining for Monero. The client will display the message "Pool logged in" if the connection was successful. After a few minutes of operating you should begin seeing messages that indicate "Result accepted by pool. XMR-Stak Miner in operation. When XMR-Stak is successfully mining you should begin seeing messages that state "Result accepted by the pool" from the client.

You can monitor the status and performance of your miner at the SupportXMR website. Enter your Monero wallet address in the "enter payment address" box at the bottom of the dashboard page, then click "track live stats. The live stats tracker will allow you to monitor your current hash rate and hash rate over the last 24 hours.

You can also use this page to see how much Monero XMR you have earned so far. Visit the SupportXMR dashboard page to monitor the performance of your miner. Once you have earned 0. The minimum pool payment threshold can be lowered to 0.

After the Monero has been transferred to your wallet, you are free to transfer it to any of the cryptocurrency exchanges that support XMR , where it can be exchanged for Bitcoin or another currency. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. Answer: Yes, instead of creating your own XMR wallet you can use the wallet address for your exchange account to receive payments if you wish.

Just retrieve the wallet address from your exchange account and set that as your username in the xmr-stack configuration. Starting a Business.

Business Names. Business Plans. Workplace Issues. Human Resources. Company Culture. Business Certifications. Public Speaking. Frugal Living. Free Stuff. Conserving Resources. Buying Used. Personal Finance. Getting out of Debt. Real Estate.

Places to Live. Running a Home-Based Business. Micro Jobs. Finding a Job. Career Changes. Life Planning. Monero Mining Rig. Read More From Toughnickel. What Is Booktok?

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AEON Mining Performance

Strictly speaking, it is impossible to set out to mine exactly 1 Bitcoin BTC in a given timeframe. While it used to be possible to mine Bitcoin yourself on your home computer, those days are long gone — the amount of energy and equipment required is now far beyond what you can do on your personal laptop. If you're really invested in mining crypto solo, it is possible — you just have to choose a cryptocurrency that is realistic for a solo miner to mine and that, unfortunately, is no longer Bitcoin. It's possible to mine this following list of cryptocurrencies solo, as their mining difficulty makes solo mining realistic: Zcash, Ethereum, Monero, Dogecoin, Grin, Beam, Bytecoin, Vertecoin, Ethereum Classic and Aeon. Mining solo might not be able to get you as high of a reward as you would get by mining in a pool or with cloud mining services, mining solo is still possible if you look outside of Bitcoin. A strong reason to operate as a mining pool rather than as a lone Bitcoin miner is that the efficiency of Bitcoin mining depends to a great extent on the type of mining hardware that is used.

Now that you have your miner software, your wallets address and you have picked your mining pool & port. Lets put it all together and setup your miner.

A-Calc XMR Monero Miner

So, as we have already found out, as a member of the pool, you provide the server with the computing power of your equipment and in return you receive your share of the mined coins. The contribution of each participant to the closing of the block is estimated in a ball from the English "share" - a share, part. The ball is part of the work of finding a solution to the block signing hash function, which is issued by the pool to the miner. The task of the mining pool is to collect shares from miners and check their validity. When the pool server sees that a ball satisfies the current complexity of the network algorithm, it claims to have found a block. For closing a block, the mining pool receives a reward, which it must subsequently distribute among the miners participating in the pool. There are several approaches to distributing remuneration:. It is also worth noting that the server owner charges a commission from the reward that the miners participating in the mining pool receive for closing a block.

CryptoDredge Miner: Step-by-Step Guide

setup aeon mining pool

The idea never found a truly useful cause until when bitcoin was created. Bitcoin itself utilizes this protocol in its transaction blockchain and thanks to this we can witness the growth in bitcoin mining. The base idea of this lies in a challenge and proof or response. The challenge is a transaction, which is a specific cryptographic puzzle.

Aeon is a privacy coin that was designed to be a lighter, and more mobile friendly version of Monero. Aeon also allows for traceable payments as well as private payments.

How to Mine Monero on Windows Using XMR-Stak

A simple and smart app for mining various Cryptocurrencies with your PC. Earn Cryptocurrency while sleeping You can select the total threads for mining. Of course to use the miner, you must be constantly connected to Internet calculated hashes should be verified by an Mining Pool. Translate to English. Skip to main content.


Digital assets are fast becoming an integral part of the financial scene, and cryptocurrency mining may be the key to digital asset availability for many. At the same time, mining can be perceived as a technical challenge. Fortunately, mining newer digital assets such as AEON is not as hard as you might think. Basically a fork of privacy-centric Monero, AEON was created to lighten the burden of crypto enthusiasts by creating an avenue where the demands of anonymous, private, but transparent transactions can be met in a better way. Designed with the PoW CrytpoNote-Lite algorithm, confirmation verification of transactions is faster and also entails a pruning system that disallows expansion of the blockchain beyond control. It is important to make sure the latest versions of drivers for the GPU are downloaded. Lastly, you can join a mining pool, after which you can configure your miner appropriately.

Then, on your return, we can go and set up home together of our own. The hunters, foragers and hoe farmers pool the food they have found.

XMRig Miner v6.16.3: Main features - Download and install - Settings

I know that regular income is something everybody wishes for. Fortunately, they are achievable when mining Aeon, if you join a pool that is. Doing so, you will be rewarded for each new block found.


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In this how to we will be setting up Monero mining pool with node-cryptonote-pool. We will be using Ubuntu

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Posted March 12, On our getting started page fill in the form fields with your details and the config will be tailored to you. Posted January 16, Posted July 21, The only real difference between solo and pool mining is the number of people involved and the rate of return.

According to IBM Managed Security Services MSS data, there have been peaks reaching more than a sixfold increase in attacks involving embedded mining tools in the eight-month period between January and August This is not surprising, since a recent third-party report noted that detections for cryptocurrency mining Trojans has risen significantly in the last few years. All of the attacks analyzed by IBM X-Force during that period involved the same mining tool with the capability to mine several different coins.

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