Bitcoin time traveler reddit

Curtis, who is the founder of news aggregation site Fark. Admission: I'm a time traveler from Enjoy — it's as good as it gets for awhile. On TikTok , Curtis is even something of a celebrity due to his seemingly accurate prediction.

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Bitcoin time traveler reddit

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Rumour: Bitcoin time traveller called out the Epstein death and arrest 8 months ago

Rather than praising the benefits of bitcoin, the user revealed himself to be a BTC bear all along and criticized the currency for its negative ecological impact. I am sending this message from the year Things are looking bleak here, and some of you will carry blood on your hands. From here onwards, there's no good way of expressing its value in dollars, as the dollar is no longer used, nor is any central bank issued currency for that matter.

There are two main forms of wealth in today's world. Land and cryptocurrency. While the post was considered tongue-in-cheek at the time, the Redditor has returned to warn of the dangers of bitcoin.

In particular, the user lamented the waste of electricity involved in crypto mining and its ecological impact. As a Bitcoin investor, you're paying for Chinese businesses to waste electricity by solving an abstract math problem that is designed to get continually more difficult.

Besides ensuring that many people lose vast sums of money while a small minority of early adapters is enriched, Bitcoin causes tremendous ecological damage in an era when we should be focusing as a society on reducing our carbon emissions. Featured Image Credit: Photo via Pixabay. Related Articles. You Might Like. Ads by Cointraffic. Most Read.

Reddit traders lament losses as meme stocks like GameStop are decimated

A Reddit user claiming to be a Tesla software engineer posted about the company's massive bitcoin investment last month but was laughed at and largely ignored. A moderator for the Tesla forum appeared to delete the post after fellow Reddit users mocked it, with one describing it as a "dumb post". We did this with a bot, which we developed with Python and NodeJs," the person wrote. Thank me later.

October was another record-setting month for cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin (BTC) surpassed its previous all-time highs and the overall crypto.

Choosing the best cryptocurrency exchange — your options and how to pick between them

For one, he loved the Reddit community surrounding the digital coin, as its base had grown substantially since dogecoin's creation as a joke in He also appreciated that it was inspired by the Shiba Inu "Doge" meme, he says. And like many holders of dogecoin , "a reason why I put my savings into dogecoin is Elon Musk," who has repeatedly tweeted about the cryptocurrency. Though it's unclear if Musk's tweets in support of the coin have been serious, "I think the guy is a genius," Contessoto says. Above all, Contessoto is very bullish on dogecoin's growth, and thought that it could help him build "generational wealth" to pass on to his future family. Contessoto who works at a music company in Los Angeles says he didn't have disposable income to buy dogecoin, so he took a huge risk. Contessoto not only used all his savings, but he also sold all the stock he owned, including shares of Tesla and Uber, and invested on margin by borrowing money from Robinhood via the app, he says.

Is this guy actually a time traveler? The internet thinks so

bitcoin time traveler reddit

Tokens related to the Avalanche blockchain-based protocol, one of the larger community-governed DeFi applications since its launch in September, have tumbled in value in the last 24 hours. A decentralised-finance project called Wonderland is being rocked by controversy following the disclosure that it was being run in part by a felon with ties to one of the biggest cryptocurrency scandals. Patryn, who also formerly went by Omar Dhanani before legally changing his name on two occasions, spent 18 months in US federal prison and was deported to Canada after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit credit-and-bank card fraud in , and burglary, grand larceny and computer fraud two years later. The fiasco is another example of how investors in loosely-organised and under-regulated corners of the crypto market are being forced to reckon with growing pains as the industry matures.

Another tumultuous year is coming to a close.

Thai cafe serves up crypto advice with coffee and cake

If I were a time-traveler from to , and things were roughly as described, you can bet I would go straight to Reddit and tell, in lurid detail, the tale of this digital dystopia. Not because I expect it to change the outcome. Time travel doesn't work like that. No, I would do it because I would need to do it -- because in a sense, I had already done it. I would, in all likelihood, already be aware of having done it, because during the time leading up to my temporal voyage, I would have read the words time-traveling me had already written.

3 Altcoins to Watch Closely in November

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If I were a time-traveler from to , and things were roughly as described, you can bet I would go straight to Reddit and tell.

The Bitcoin Time-Traveller has returned, so what further information about the future can he bring? Turns out, none… as he reveals himself to be just some guy with a beef about Bitcoin. It emerged from a reddit post, purportedly from a future time-traveller living in a dystopian world, destroyed by Bitcoin. Most governments no longer exist, although that of North Korea inexplicably does, and holds , BTC the largest remaining accessible stockpile.

Posted by Zachary Mashiach Jul 11, On Aug. Magnotta claims to be from the year , a time when the world is on the brink of nuclear war thanks to Bitcoin BTC. Apparently, according to Magnotta, after , it became nonsensical to express the value of Bitcoin BTC in terms of fiat currency since fiat currency hyperinflated and collapsed around that time.

Here's What Investors Should Know.

By Keith Griffith For Dailymail. The small traders who touted meme stocks such as GameStop last year are now tallying punishing losses as their favorite assets plunge amid wild market volatility. On Reddit 's WallStreetBets forum, which was at the center of the GameStop saga last January, bearish sentiment has taken hold ahead of the Federal Reserve policy meeting this week. With benchmark interest rates set to rise soon, riskier assets with long-deferred payouts have lost their luster, resulting in a brutal sell-off in meme stocks like GameStop, which dropped 11 percent on Monday and is down 35 percent this month. Similarly, Bitcoin has plunged nearly half from its November peak, entering what some are calling a 'crypto winter. I'm just gonna get high about it. On Reddit's WallStreetBets forum, users lamented their misfortune as their favorite meme stocks suffered particularly brutal sell-offs amid market volatility.

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