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WATCH RELATED VIDEO: RIPPLE XRP: Wallstreetbets Reddit Telegram Group PUMP Price prediction 2021

wallstreetbets pump telegram

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Early Uber Backer Calls XRP “a Disaster” That Is “Clearly” Going to Zero

Coordinated buying attacks are multiplying and spreading throughout the cryptocurrency sector inspired by members of a Reddit Forum called WallStreetBets. Over the last week, traders have been emboldened and inspired by a group of amateur day traders based on a Reddit forum called WallStreetBets WSB , who recently launched a coordinated buying attack on the video game retailer Gamestop, triggering a short squeeze and inflicting heavy losses for hedge funds like Melvin Capital. As WSB traders put the short squeeze on hedge funds with their coordinated buying attack on GameStop and AMC stock last week, exchanges came under pressure to halt retail trading. On Jan. DOGE hit a peak on of 0. Ripple filed an official reply to the lawsuit it faces from the United States Securities and Exchange Commission SEC —demands the agency to release documents explaining why Bitcoin and Ethereum — the two most popular cryptocurrencies - are not securities. Ripple filed a page response on Friday, January 29 in a Manhattan court.

Stay tuned for our NFT launch, find out first on Telegram and Twitter where we post Top 5 Crypto Games — How to Win Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP.

XRP Posted Biggest Single-Day Gain in 3 Years in a Coordinated Buying Attack

Don't have Telegram yet? Before it disappeared, the Telegram channel reposted content on trading strategies from a 17, member, non-jihadi Telegram group that teaches people how to make money using trading bots. Note that you need an existing account to log in to Telegram Web. Crypto telegram groups have large amount of subscribers such as icospeaksnews k , ieopools k , btcchamp k , icospeaks group 70k, icolisting 25k subscribers, simple to find and join the best telegram crypto groups you need search them in telegram app. One of … Here we share Telegram Group Links with you with the help of which you can join and enjoy the Telegram Group of your choice. XRP price shows a substantial uptick per a Telegram group's plan to pump the cryptocurrency on February 1. Does anyone know of a good UK based crypto telegram group that I could join? In a group, all the people can message, share files and respond to each other. Crypto trading telegram group.

Robinhood, GameStop frenzy players face Congressional questioning

wsb xrp telegram

Rebases are triggered 24 times a day. Convert PooCoin to Forest Knight. Buy and participate of history! Market Cap of Poocoin.

The U.

XRP to rally tomorrow? WSB and Telegram hopes so

Silver short squeeze. The altcoins market is bustling with new all-time highs and crypto scammers are once again round the corner. The dump could be in. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. The upsurge is linked to a group of inexperienced followers of the asset. This is the same thing that has happened with XRP.


Coordinated buying attacks are multiplying and spreading throughout the cryptocurrency sector inspired by members of a Reddit Forum called WallStreetBets. On Jan. The GameStop and Dogecoin stock showst that the current price spike may be far from over. After a group of determined traders set out to send GameStop Inc NYSE:GME stock prices to the moon, squeezing Wall Street hedge funds in the process, it seems that the group of rogue traders is continually realizing the full extent of its potential power. Over the weekend, something miraculous happened to Ripple XRP. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts The cryptocurrency community, known for its anti-establishment views on global finance, has eyed WallStreetBets as their cue to orchestrate similar mob-led bullish frenzies. Members of 1 Telegram group that has over , individuals in it have named XRP as a cryptocurrency to purchase. Exodus sets record Reg A fundraise, Uniswap v3 is live, and Dogecoin is still howling at the moon.

Pls join their telegram channel for further info if you would like to lend your light/support for this movement. Buy and hold xrp. Caution.

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If you join these groups you will notice no one can talk in this group only admins can. The group already has , members and could have an impact similar to WallStreetBets. Image: Shutterstock. Telegram does not share your phone number with us.

WallStreetBets Members May Have Lost Over $2M to Telegram Crypto Scam: Report

RELATED VIDEO: XRP x WSB x Telegram Pump and...?

XRP rallied hard on Saturday in a move similar to a crowd pump recently observed in out-of-favor stocks such as GameStop. That was the biggest single-day percentage gain since Dec. Classic pump and dump tactics are not new to crypto, particularly for XRP, which has a strong army of followers. However, their morale may have been boosted by a group of amateur day traders based on a Reddit forum called WallStreetBets, who recently launched a coordinated buying attack on the video game retailer GameStop GME , triggering a short squeeze and inflicting heavy losses for hedge funds.

Pump XRP on Feb.

Plus, the parabolic SAR has reversed from bearish to bullish. While these signs are very positive, there are a couple of negative signs that the Ripple price has already flashed. Firstly, the relative strength index RSI has crept into the overbought zone, which shows that the asset is overpriced. Plus, the 4-hour chart is on the verge of flashing a sell signal in the form of green-nine candlestick in the TD sequential indicator. It looks like this Ripple price pump was done by a Telegram group with around , members. It seems like the XRP community is capitalizing on the anti-Wall Street movement, which boosted the price of Gamestop stocks and Dogecoin.

The investor was annoyed by the severity of the pending litigation against Ripple and the irony of the crypto token increasing at the same time. Calacanis noted :. XRP is a disaster is clearly going to zero… pending some miracle. The pending litigation obviously put things in context for a lot of crypto users, but Ripple was standing up when it reacted to the SEC yesterday.

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